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Ara ara, he/Got a dong like a tree trunk/I'mma hop on that.

Or just do you, friend.
Even fat-dicked tomboys need some lovin', but for Ryuko it comes from the most unexpected of places: her best friend Mako.

Uh! Dead memes.
When Zone-tan goes on vacation, she brings only the choicest studs to keep her company. After all, no beach break is complete without sun, sea, and tons of semen.

Touma likes them big momma tids, he don't gotta explain nothing.

Based on the character by

While getting swole at the gym, Meru is hounded by loving fanboys who tend to her every need. Things get WET when one frustrated patron turns his lust upon her.

While hunting for Ganon, Midna and Zelda separate from link and find a nice, cozy corner to settle down and fuck each other into a slutty haze.

Being a superhero can be stressful, and what better way to work off that stress than by fucking each other's brains out?

Kengan Ashura's pretty great.

Anyway here's a crazed, busty assassin fucking an American street fighter into submission.

Vidya game babes are getting transported out of their universes - and into a world of nonstop fuckin'. Midna and Hex Maniac are the first victims, but they won't be the last.

When the bustiest members of the Strawhat crew find themselves captured by Mad Treasure, they soon realise there won't be any last-minute escapes: they're gonna be yar-har-hoes for life.

...Get it?

Gather round, travelers, for a spooky tale of dongs and boobies. I hope you have the STOMACH for it, or else you'll end up with wet nightmares! WoooOOOoooOOoo!

I've watched about two minutes of Aggretsuko and have never written furry before, but anyway - here's a commission about Mr Ton being a horrible boss and fucking the shit out of Retsuko.

Griffith is thicc as fucc and has a massive dicc.

In this one, he gets his groove on with an equally-thick Princess Charlotte.

While you're reading this, keep in mind that somewhere else in the world, Guts is shivering in a ditch.

Maka and Black Star FUCK and get KINKY.

When a busty reporter takes an interest in a certain Tomb Raider, things are bound to get steamy.

Involves shemale, foreskin stuff, cumming on a priceless statue, and lots of fuckin'.

Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura are just a couple of (dick)gals trying to get fit. Once the blood's flowing and the sweat's oozing, inhibitions loosen, and they fuck harder than any two pornstars on Earth.

Another collaboration between everyone's favourite writer and artist, based on this picture.

Nothing too fancy, plot-wise. Ruby and Nora get slamfucked by a horny Grimm - what more could you ask for?

The Major needs maintenance. Unbeknownst to her, the nearest cyborg repair shop is run by the horniest, most ravenous, well-endowed shemale virgin she's ever encountered.

Virgin size-queen Momo is sick and tired of getting her pleasure from oversized toys. After witnessing Midnight riding the everliving fuck out of Izuku Midoriya's monsterdong, she decides to jump on the bandwagon, and know.

Some good old roughfuckin' featuring Natsu and Juvia from Fairy Tail.

(Legend of Queen Opala comm)

When a pair of bountiful fantasy babes get transported to a modern world, they need to blend in - and why not stay healthy at the same time, with a gym membership?

Despite their best efforts, the pair get noticed by my usual brand of towering studs. Dicking ensues.

I think this is a sequel to something I wrote before, but I can't be bothered to look for it.
I don't usually do these, but here goes. A commission starring Tali and Miranda.

When Sheperd's brother - named after a piece of kitchenware - appears uninvited, it's up to Sheperd's two wives to stave off the newcomer's pig-headed affections.

Except obviously they get fucked silly.

Guts gets fucking pwned by Slan and then goes on hiatus to play Idolmaster for ten years.

My Naruto harem stories are getting pretty convoluted, huh?

The thick asses substitute proper character development.

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