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Chapter 1 - Omnipotent Love

Tousec and Blackwing, two omnipotent being with a deep attachment for one another.

Chapter 1 - Omnipotent Love

Chapter 1 - Omnipotent Love
The black metallic wings of the god glimmered in the moonlight as he sat, looking out into the eternal black ocean of stars. The beauty of the stars above reminded him of the one he care most about, Tousec, his immortal lover. His mind would often wander to think of him when there was nothing but the god and himself.

He heard footsteps behind him before a smaller figure leaned over and into his line of sight, “Hello Blackwing,” The figure spoke, “I am back,” It was Tousec. A smile grew on Blackwing’s face as he slowly sat up from lying down and turned to see Tousec, “How are you?”

“I am better now,” Tousec giggled at his response, “It is true, I am lonely without you and my days get much better when you are around, Tousec.”

“Stop being so blunt, will you?” Tousec rolled his eyes before heading back to the home they shared, “Did you just laze around all day laying outside?”

“Not exactly,” Blackwing said as he rose and followed the smaller man back to their home. They were in the vacation resort of Zeminal Prime, the crown jewel of the empire the smaller god originated from. This had led to Blackwing staying with his smaller lover. They were both ascended creatures, two gods among men, immortal and easily with enough power to crush the world they stood upon, and anything beyond it, cosmic scale, and even beyond infinity itself. The larger god’s mind had wondered once more before something snapped him back to reality, Tousec’s voice. In the air, their home was made of floating cabins with sharp appearance of the architecture extending from the exterior and interior walls of the luxurious lodging. It was a warm metallic gold color with Obsidian Blackish blue tron lines flowing through it, resembling the coloration of Blackwing’s body.

“Blackwing, get in here,” His voice was like music to the tall god’s ears and he followed the lyrics of the music. Blackwing slightly lowered his head to clear the doorframe of the back door of their home and spotted Tousec laying on the large bed they shared, his clothes on a pile on the floor, his well-defined muscular body revealed to Blackwing. The display was inviting as the larger god took the invitation and slowly peeled off his clothes and folded in his metallic wings before approaching the taunting figure of his lover.

Joining him in the bed, the larger god turned over the smaller god and held him close, spooning him as his hands gently felt the ridges and forms of his toned body, the large hands delicately feeling up and down the Tousec’s perfect figure, toned by the ascension that Blackwing had performed on him.

Despite how little he showed it, Blackwing knew he mattered to Tousec while to his lover, it was very obvious that Blackwing cherished every moment he had with him, nothing could get his mind off of Tousec when they were together, it was him above the rest. The smaller hands lay on the larger god’s hands and gently grasped them, both could feel the other’s heat on their skin, their hearts beating in time as they lay together, holding each other tightly.

Both of their members stiffened as Blackwing’s member pressed up against the smaller back of his lover’s body, the heat and gentle throbbing directly against Tousec’s skin, “You are lovely today,” Tousec whispered, making Blackwing lean forwards to hear, “Did you not hear me?”

“I didn’t what did you say?”

“I said you were lovely,” He pulled the metallic god’s head down as his lips met Blackwing’s and their eyes closed. Slowly, Tousec guided the larger hand down his body and gently placed it over his member that was dwarfed by the hand’s size, “I know what is on your mind, darling,” Blackwing couldn’t deny that his mind was stuck thinking of his lover all day and with him pushing for him to do what he wanted, it only increased the desire to do so.

The larger god gently took hold of Tousec’s member as his other hand felt the defined chest of the smaller god, their lips still pressed together. The hand slowly started to move as Tousec gasped slightly.

The beating of his lover’s heart was ever so present under the feeling hand that enjoyed the form of his lover’s body. The gentle throbbing rod between his hand was as hard as it could get and its pulsing quickened. The giant god pushed himself into Tousec slowly before moving from their spooning to sitting with his smaller lover on his lap and his cock inside of him. The combination of the gentle bouncing of his body and the hand firmly jerking his dick made the smaller lover moan and breath heavily as Blackwing enjoyed pleasuring his god.

He could feel precum dripping from the end of Tousec’s manhood as he slowly increased both the pace of his hand and his hips as his cock tickled Tousec’s prostate and the smaller god’s body pressed back against Blackwing and his hands reached up and held the strong arms of the giant god. His moans were growing louder as Blackwing’s joined in with his in an erotic symphony. As the throbbing of his partner’s cock increased, he could feel his own limits arriving as he would burst from Tousec’s tight body, “I am, I am.”

“I am nearly there too,” Tousec moaned, “Just cum inside of me, I want to feel you,” Blackwing kissed his neck before holding him down on his cock as his hand sped up, both moaning at the same time as they broke together. A few spurts of white cum shot out of his lover’s cock as his hand slowly let go, releasing Tousec’s manhood from his pleasuring hold. A flood of thick, golden cum pumped into Tousec’s body as he could feel the hot, gooey liquid flow into his body before dripping out of his body, “Is this another big load?” Blackwing nodded as he continued to cum, his large cock filling up his lover’s body and pumping so much that it began overflowing from his body, dripping back out of his butt and onto Blackwing, “I love you, Blackwing,” He leaned back and reached up, his hand caressing his lover’s cheek.

“I love you as well, Tousec.”


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