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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Shantae decides to take on a part time job as a dancer for hire to earn money for her very own bath tub. However her clients turn out to be a very unexpected group.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1
In the great expanse of the continent of Sequin Land most cities and towns had their very own Guardian Genie in the past.  Women with fantastic magical powers that allowed them to perform feats beyond that of normal humans and battle against the various monsters and villains would would terrorize the general populace for their own gain.  However due to necessity after battling the great evils of the world the majority of the genies either passed away or returned to their own magical realm, leaving behind only their half-genie offspring.  While humans were reliant on themselves now to protect their world from evil threats, a few rare towns were lucky enough to have those half-genies present to protect them from the dark monsters of the world.  

At least Shantae thought the town was lucky to have her.  She'd managed to not only save her home Scuttle Town more than once but even all of Sequin Land itself from the machinations of villains looking to take control of it.  Still she often found her daily life to be very much like that of any regular non-magical human.  She had to use her salary as a protector to buy her own food, pay her own rent and get soap to wash her own clothes.  Luckily she had her home in the town's lighthouse to look out for trouble but this still didn't give her much space to live in.  This day to day existence also meant she had to rent out time to use the city's public bath for her grooming needs.

It wasn't that she disliked her life and she enjoyed her city and the people in it.  But out of all the daily chores aside from paying bills she was most bothered by the public bath house.  While it was big there wasn't a great amount of space so on a really crowded evening you could barely get enough room to rinse yourself off.  In a way it was supposed to be a social gathering spot but sometimes a girl just wanted to relax and soak and you weren't going to get that with so many people in one spot at the most popular times of night to use it.  Besides she always felt kind of paranoid that there might be someone spying on her while she was in there.  Her clothes didn't leave a lot to the imagination to begin with but still she wanted her privacy.  

"Is it so much to ask for one night where I can take a bath in peace?"  Shantae complained out loud as she laid back in a huge nest made out of straw that was intended for a large egg in the future.  Normally an odd piece of furniture for someone to relax in if it hadn't been inside of her best friend's home.

"This again?"  Sky asked as she fed her pet war bird wrench some chopped up meat.  The blonde girl was used to having Shantae over when she was home looking after her belongings.  Having made her money in both training birds for hunting and fighting along with collecting various rare eggs through Sequin Land.  This put her out in the wilderness a lot but she still had to spend some days at home to run her business.  It also meant that like Shantae she was often performing very physical activities and while the girls bonded through this it left them both a sweaty, dirty mess by the end of most weeks.  

"I mean I'm the town's guardian genie.  I'm not asking for a lot here.  Just some time to soak in the water, you know?  It takes a lot of work to clean up this hair, especially when it's my primary weapon."  Shantae said, playing with the end of her long purple pony tail.  

"How come you just don't use the late night bath?"  Sky asked as she finished feeding Wrench and put his plate away, letting the bird off her gloved forearm and back to his perch.  

"Because the last hour for the public bath of the night is for the guys to keep them from waiting outside for the women to leave."  Shantae complained.

"No no no, the LATE night bath.  The after hours one."  Sky corrected and Shantae's pointed genie ears perked up at this suggestion.

"Wait a minute, what late night bath?  I thought it closed down after ten?"  She asked and Sky came to join her sitting in the oversized nest next to Shantae.  

"The one at midnight.  The lady that runs the bath house never told you about it before?"  Shantae shook her head and Sky just smiled as she continued.  "Oh it's the best!  Because I come home real late some nights she let me in on it.  You have to pay extra because she's staying open later than usual but it's worth it to get that private time in."  

"A private late night bath!?"  Shantae asked, her eyes practically sparkling.  "That's the kind of thing I've been dreaming about!  I'd gladly stay up past bed time to get one of those."  

"Want to come with me tonight?"  Sky asked.  "I already set up a reservation for it.  I'm sure if you pay too she'd be happy to let you in."  

"Really!?"  Shantae asked and hugged her friend.  "Sky you are the best girl in the whole world!"

"Sure, it would be fun to have you there.  Sometimes it's boring at night anyway just by myself you know?"  

"Late night bath!  Late night bath!"  Shantae sang to herself happily.  "Oh I can't wait!"

The rest of the day proceeded as it would normally go and thankfully without any pirate attacks or monsters showing up Shantae and Sky had an easy time just relaxing through the hours.  So when midnight finally rolled around the girls gathered their things to hit up the bath house well past the normal time anyone would be out.  Sure enough the woman running the bath house was waiting for them, taking their payment and giving them exclusive access to the bath.  Shantae was doing her best to contain her excitement as she didn't want to act like a fool in front of the lady giving them a special favor.  

"I'm going to be back in my private quarters while you two enjoy yourselves."  She explained to the girls.  The dark haired woman who's outfit seemed to be made entirely of blue towels waved to them as she retreated into her own room, leaving Shantae and Sky to undress themselves.  

"Say, did you ever get her name?"  Shantae asked as she wiggled her hips out of her pants.  

"Actually no, now that I think about it.  Everyone just calls her the Bath Lady.  We should probably ask sometime."  Sky agreed and began the process of removing the various wraps and cloths she kept around her body.  While they might have looked like their outfits revealed a lot of skin there were many small intricate details they included to try and appear their best.  Once every piece of clothing, accessory and jewelry was removed the girls crept into the hot water and let out a sigh together.  "Finally!"  

"This is the beeeeeeeest."  Shantae said as she dipped all the way into the water past her head.  Pulling her head back out she sat on the built in seat under the water and enjoyed the soak.  "Thank you so much for bringing me along, Sky."  

"Any time.  We should make this a regular thing we do for ourselves."  

"I agree!  Now I'll be able to shampoo my hair in peace without having to rush through because it's too crowded."  

"Oh, I'll help.  If I do yours will you do mine?"  

"That sounds fair."  The girls agreed and Shantae produced the bottle of shampoo she'd need to wash her hair.  Considering how much she usually had to use to clean the whole thing she didn't do it all the time but this was a special occasion.  Having it applied to her hair and sitting down Sky stood behind her and lathered it up.  The feeling of fingers against her scalp and through her long strands was like heaven.  "I'm so happy right now!"  

"Heh, glad you're enjoying this so much."  Sky said as she worked at the long purple hair before her.  "You know I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of what you've got here."  

"Jealous of what?"  Shantae asked confused.  

"All this hair.  It's so pretty and long.  I could only dream of having hair like this.  I've gotta keep it wrapped up all the time for when I'm out in the wilderness working with my birds."

"You shouldn't be jealous though, your head wrap and hood look good on you.  Besides people can see the blonde hair you let poke through."  

"Yeah but it's nothing like all of this."  Sky said as she ran her fingers all the way through Shantae's hair, making the half-genie coo in delight at the feeling.  

"Well it's a pain to manage really.  If I'm not cleaning junk out of it here I have to use a barrel of water at home and hold my head over it.  I'd probably wrap it up too if I didn't need it."

"Guess that's easier.  Be a shame to not show all of this off every day."  Sky complimented and Shantae felt a little embarrassed at the kind words.  "Okay, I think that does it."  

"Your turn!"  Shantae said as the girls switched positions, Sky getting her hair wet to be shampooed as well.  Her long blonde hair free of its wrappings and the girl enjoying the pampering herself.  "You really shouldn't be jealous you know.  Your hair is really pretty when you let it out.  Has a great color too.  

"Thanks.  Sometimes I wonder if it's too plain though."  

"Nah, it looks beautiful!"  Shantae reassured her.  "How come you seem so worried about this stuff anyway?"

"I dunno, I guess maybe that... seeing you like this kinda makes me realize I'm plain looking."  

"Seeing me like this?"  Shantae asked confused.  

"Well yeah you've got all that pretty hair and you're really good looking.  Not to mention being an exotic half-genie with those dancing hips."  

"I don't think anyone really sees me that way..."  Shantae said trying not to sound insecure.  "I mean you're a lot more of a capable lady than me.  You've got a job that doesn't pay like dirt and you're a lot more womanly in figure too."  

"Guys tell me I smell like a barn."  Sky complained.  

"Well... they're jerks then!"  Shantae blurted out in response which got a laugh out of both of them.  After a rinse with a bucket Sky's hair was cleaned out as well and the two girls relaxed into the bath water together.  The gentle current of the water flowing into the bath and out the drain pulling the locks of their hair in a similar direction as they soaked in the heat.  "Hey Sky, are you really worried about guys not liking you?"  

"Hm?  Well... I guess sometimes.  Even if I'm more 'womanly' in figure I kind of act like a tomboy too, y'know.  Always fighting bad guys and exploring."

"But I think those things are what make you great."  Shantae said with a smile.  "You're brave and strong.  Smart too!"  Sky blushed at all the compliments and tried not to get flustered.

"Thanks.  If that's the case then you should have guys knocking down your door.  You're the bravest and strongest girl I've ever met."  

"Well that's not really that special, I'm just doing my job."  Shantae said.  "That's expected of a guardian genie right?  And I've been fired like four times already."  

"Then re-hired almost right after.  That's just cause our mayor is a dope."  Sky said with a scoff thinking of how much the rotund official of the city had caused them trouble in the past.  "You're a gem, don't let anyone tell you different.  Plus you got those sexy dance moves."  

"I just dance for magic.  And fun sometimes.  It's pretty easy."

"I couldn't do it."  Sky admitted.  

"Sure you could!"  Shantae argued.  "Anyone can if they want to try."  

"I dunno..."  

"Okay, right here and now I'll show you.  Stand up."  Shantae said and stood in the bath.  

"R-right now!?  Here!?"  Sky asked embarrassed.  

"Why not?  It's just the two of us and we rented the bath to ourselves.  Might as well."  

"Well... okay."  Sky admitted and stood in the bath as well.  "Don't get upset if I'm bad at it though."  

"If you're having fun there is no bad dancing.  Now let's start from the top."  Despite being thigh deep in water Shantae was able to still move her body in ways that were rather mesmerizing to watch.  Sky did her best to copy her but found her coordination wasn't quite as up to par with Shantae's in body movement.  She managed to get the hip shaking down but anything else beyond that threw her off her game.  After a few simple silly motions they both agreed to give it a break, Sky panting hard from trying this in the steaming water.  

"Wow!  That was... more difficult than I thought."  Sky said sitting down.  

"I thought you did just fine."  Shantae said sitting next to her with a bright smile, not seeming to be tired at all.  

"Thanks.  But um... what do you do about... y'know, your girls shaking."  Sky asked as she held down one of her breasts to accent her point.

"Well... you kind of just... let them go with the flow."  Shantae admitted bashfully.  "And make sure you wear a top that keeps them more in than out."

"See, braver than me."  Sky said with a smile.  "Though with dance moves like that you could probably earn some extra money entertaining at parties and celebrations."

"Use my dancing for entertainment?"  Shantae contemplated, while she was thinking Sky scooted closer to her and leaned on Shantae to relax herself, still a little out of breath.  Shantae leaned back against her as well, finding the contact comforting.  "I never thought of that before."  

"I bet any place would be thrilled to have you there.  You're an expert at it after all."  Sky suggested.  

"Wow, I wonder if I could?  I could actually make some money to buy more clothes if I did that!"  Shantae thought happily, her friend smiling at her enthusiasm.  Under the water Sky took Shantae's hand in hers and the girls gripped them together, enjoying the support each was giving the other.  Some time passed in the water and Shantae considered getting out before they overstayed their welcome for the night but Sky spoke before she could.  

"Hey Shantae, have you ever kissed anyone?"  The blonde woman asked and Shantae's eyes opened wide at the question.  

"Wh-what!?  I mean... where is this coming from!?"  

"I was just wondering."  

"Well... no, I haven't."  Shantae admitted with some embarrassment.  "Honestly, I've never even been on a date."  

"I haven't either... not really anyway.  I got coffee with a guy once and that ended in disaster."  

"Yeah."  Shantae recalled with Sky's unfortunate luck with the one guy she'd met in the past that had agreed to date her.  "Why did you ask though."  

"Well I was just thinking when I was watching you dance that... since neither of us have before... do you want to try?"

"Try... kissing!?"  Sky nodded.  "Each other!?"  Sky nodded again.  "While we're naked!?"  

"That would be the whole situation, yeah."  Sky said.  "If you don't want to that's okay."  

"Well... I mean I just... how come you want to?"  Shantae asked, not really sure how to answer but for some reason telling her no didn't come to mind right away.  

"Because we should know how to do it before we go on a date, right?"  

"But isn't it kind of dirty to like... kiss each other if we're not dating?"  Shantae asked innocently.  

"Not if it's for practice.  Besides how can it be dirty if we're in a bath?"  

"Well, I guess that makes sense."  Shantae relented against such air tight logic.  The two girls sat up from where they were and faced each other.  "So we just... lean in?"  

"I guess so."  Sky agreed and the two girls leaned forward, kissing each other on the lips for a moment before separating.  "So... that's it?"  

"It didn't really feel like anything special."  Shantae admitted, not disliking it but not feeling anything odd either.  

"Want to try again?"  Sky suggested and the leaned in close to each other once more.  This time letting the kiss linger for longer as they got used to the feel of each other's lips.  Shantae felt Sky's hand rest on her hip and it made her jump but not pull away, instead they let it linger longer before breaking apart.  

"Umm... okay.  That felt like something."  Shantae admitted with a blush.

"Yeah... like a lot of something."  Sky agreed.  "Do you want to... try some more?"  

"Well do we have time?"  Shantae asked looking at the door of the Bath Woman's private room.  

"We have lots of time."  Sky assured her and Shantae could feel her heart pounding but this was kind of exciting.  She'd never done anything like this with anyone before and she did trust Sky.  "I think I know a better way to do it too."  

"How's that?"  Shantae asked and Sky guided Shantae over to her, having her sit on her lap so they were facing each other.  It was a much more intimate pose than she'd been expecting and Shantae couldn't hide her embarrassment.  "Is this really something people do together?"

"I read it in a romance novel once."  Sky said.  "Just try it and see."  

"Well, okay.  Just for practice."  Shantae said as if that somehow made everything okay.  Though she had to admit this position let them kiss much more intimately with her hands resting on Sky's shoulders.  Sky's own hands resting on Shantae's hips as the two of them continued to press their lips together.  She didn't notice it at first but soon Sky's hands hand slide over her behind and then her lips parted, Sky's tongue pushing against Shantae's lips to kiss her more deeply.  Not knowing how to react Shantae let her do so, her own tongue being played with by her friend who she felt was much more experienced than herself in all of this.  

Sky reached up and pulled one of Shantae's hands down over her breast, the half-genie girl feeling the handful she got when her palm rested against her chest.  Her other hand did the same and she could feel Sky moan a little into the kiss.  Not really sure what to do she just kept her hands gripping and kneading at Sky's breasts, her friend seeming to enjoy the attention as she rubbed her own hands over Shantae's behind.  Her body was getting warmer and it wasn't just the steam from the bath that was causing her to feel this way.  When her mouth finally pulled away from Sky's her hands stayed where they were and the two girls looked into each other's eyes.  

"Sky... should we... be doing this?"  Shantae asked but felt it was hard to pull away from her.  

"Why not, you like how it feels, right?"  Sky asked and moved in to kiss her neck, the small peck on that part of her skin making Shantae shiver from head to toe.  "Wow, you've got a sensitive spot here."  

"No one's ever kissed me there before!"  Shantae admitted and Sky gave her another kiss, Shantae letting out a little moan she couldn't hide.  "Isn't this more than practice?"  

"Maybe... but I'd like more."  Sky admitted and nuzzles Shantae's neck.  "Sometimes you just want more, y'know.  It sucks being single all the time.  So why not just..."  She kissed Shantae's neck again, the half-genie girl barely able to fight against the intimate contact.  "I really feel like I need more."  Her hand slide around from Shantae's behind, going over her thigh slowly and touching between her legs.  Shantae gave out a little shocked cry at the touch but didn't pull away.  "Do you want it too?"  

It wasn't like she hadn't explored her own body before.  Every girl had to at some point or another if they were even slightly interested in sex.  Though she never considered doing it with another woman, let alone her best friend.  Still if it had to be any girl Sky was probably the one she wanted it with.  The person she trusted most.  So she nodded her head and Sky kissed her on the lips again, guiding her friend out of the tub.  Laying out her towel on the tile of the bath house she kissed Shantae deeply again before guiding her to sit.  "What are we going to do?"  Shantae asked in a hazy state.  

"I want to practice more of those hip moves you showed me."  Sky admitted with a blush as she took Shantae's hand in hers and sat across from her.  Spreading their legs and pressing their hips together they began to grind their pussies into each other.  The pressure against each other felt good and their skin was soft and wet from the bath and their own excitement.  Shantae already knew how to make it even better as she anchored her leg and foot to allow her hips to move in a rhythmic fashion against her friend.  

"Oh wow!"  Shantae said as they kept a firm grip of each other's hands to keep pulling closer.  Sky trying to mimic Shantae's movements but unable to keep up at the same pace.  Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard feeling the pleasure of having themselves grinding their sensitive parts together.  She noticed Sky's breasts shook more than her own as they moved and Shantae picked up the pace of her lower body to watch her friend jiggle in amusement.  "This is a lot better than when I do it by myself."  

"Nngh!"  Despite it being her suggestion Sky seemed unable to keep up as easily.  She was gripping onto Shantae's hand hard as she panted deeply, tongue hanging out and enjoying the friction and pressure her friend was applying to her.  Seeing how much she seemed to be having fun Shantae changed the rhythm and speed of her hip movements a few times to keep Sky off balance, the girl moaning through each change of pace.  "You're... incredible!"  Was all she was able to manage through the grinding, her fingers holding onto Shantae's hands for her life.  When her half-genie friend suddenly moved at a much faster pace Sky wasn't able to keep her grip any longer as the climax that passed through her body made her shake and fall back onto her towel.  

She liked watching Sky feel good.  There was something really beautiful about her friend being so lost in the moment.  Shantae didn't want to be left out though so she scooted herself closer to sky and hugged her arms around her leg, gripping it against her chest as she continued to rub herself against Sky's pussy.  Through the passionate grinding she caught Sky playing with her own breasts, watching Shantae use her until finally coming to her own climax.  Hugging her leg hard Shantae rubbed herself against Sky's body until she felt the climax pass, letting her go and also resting on the towel of the bath house floor.  They laid in a heap of their own passion before finally pulling themselves up onto their knees and exchange a friendly kiss on the lips.  

Another fast washing later the two girls were back into their normal clothing and thanking the Bath Lady at the door of her establishment for allowing them such a wonderful time tonight.  She assured them it was fine and if they wanted to set up another appointment in the future just to let her know.  Despite the somewhat awkward events of tonight Sky and Shantae hugged each other tightly and said their good byes, both heading in the direction of their own homes.  As Shantae walked back to her lighthouse she started to ponder about a lot of things.  Not just the fact that she'd just had sex for the first time with her best friend, but that she was told she was both attractive enough and a good enough dancer that she could make money on the side that way.  Minus the sex part of course, she wasn't really looking to do THAT all over again with clients for hire.  

"Maybe... Maybe if I did a side job like that I could earn a lot of money!  Not just for new clothes but maybe I could get my own private bath tub!"  That would solve all her bathing problems right there.  In fact if she got a big enough one both her and Sky could use it in the privacy of her own home.  "I think I just figured out what to do with my time between pirate attacks."  

So fixated on her new goal was Shantae that she didn't notice the third person exiting the bath house that night.  A blue haired boy with a yellow bandana who her and Sky would have been very familiar with had they caught him sneaking around this time of night.  

"Coast is clear."  The bath woman said to her other client as he walked out.  "Well didn't you get a show tonight, Bolo."  

"I uh... I wasn't really expecting all that."  Bolo admitted.  

"I really should charge you to keep this a secret.  Having you pay me to let you peep on pretty girls is one thing but getting a show like that should cost you extra."  

"Whoa whoa whoa!  Hold on, don't got telling on me!  If Sky and Shantae found out I'd seen them doing that they'd murder me and drop my body in the ocean!"  Bolo pleaded.  "I didn't know it would turn out this way!"  

"Hmmm... I suppose that's a fair point.  Very well, keep my secret and I'll keep your secret.  Just make sure you have the money the next time you want to visit."  The bath woman said with an evil smile, having collected four times her normal rate tonight from her three clients all together.

"Yeah yeah, I gotta go... take care of something."

"I'm sure you do, have a good night."  The bath woman waved to him as Bolo went to process his "feelings" at home about what he'd spied on tonight.


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