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Chapter 4 - Vetra Nyx (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Exactly like it sounds, a series of one offs about girls from all sorts of games getting fucked, and knocked up. Incredibly kinky, fetishistic, and all round good fun.

Totals updated when I feel like it (Voting re-opened Apr 11th);  Voting Closed, Chapter in Progress...

Chapter 4 - Vetra Nyx (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Chapter 4 - Vetra Nyx (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
List Qualifier: Believe or not, I was getting requests for a Vetra gets pregnant chapter long before this story came out, so she definitely had to make an appearance; and sort of inadvertently inspired this whole story. Additionally, while ME:A may have had a mixed reception to say the least, Vetra has emerged as a steadfast crowd favorite (citations available).

Important forenote: It’s worth mentioning that debated for long while on how to approach this chapter. At first I was simply going to make M Ryder turian and that would be that, but the more I thought about it the worse an idea it became. Thus, I decided to keep Ryder human, and given the some of the other pregnancies depicted on HF, I think we all can suspend our disbelief a little bit.

Eagerly, Vetra almost sprinted up the Tempest’s loading ramp and into the ship’s cargo bay. The turian’s footsteps echoed against the metal floor, temporarily replaced by a resounding thud as she caught her foot on a stray box. Vetra cursed under her breathe, but didn’t stop, even as she was reduced to a rapid limp. Hurrying down the hall to Pathfinder’s cabin, Vetra paid little attention to the hssss of the shower in the crew’s quarters, and even less attention to the blinking light on her omni-tool; indicating she had a call waiting.

Usually, shore leave was a time for R&R, but not for Vetra. The Tempest’s unofficial quartermaster had had her omni tool buzzing the whole week with requests. For the last several days, Vetra had been swamped trying to get something from this asshat or that, only to have a handful of other requests slated by the time she’d sorted one out.The situation was disheartening enough, but the fact that Vetra was supposed to be on vacation made it downright infuriating. Finally, Vetra quit answering incoming calls, and run off before anyone could try to meet with her in person. She fled her apartment on the Nexus to a place where she could actually get some R&R.

Stopping for the first time since leaving her apartment, Vetra gave a few quick knocks on the pathfinder’s door. “Ryder?” she asked, opening the door before her knocks had finished echoing. Just as she’d hoped, despite the late hour, Ryder’s cabin was empty, and as the door shut behind her, Vetra began undressing. In her brisk walk over to the Tempest, Vetra didn’t form much of plan, but figured surprising Ryder with a naked girl lying on his bed was an effective place to start. Without sitting down, Vetra pulled off her boots, and nearly fell over in the process. Her pants followed, landing on the other side of the room as Vetra tossed them away. However, just as she was hurriedly ridding herself of her panties, Vetra heard the door opened behind her.

A familiar voiced gasped behind her, and Vetra felt a chilling sense of alarm roll up her spine. The turian spun around, and saw she wasn’t the only one who was half naked. Standing damp and dumbfounded in the doorway, Ryder wore the startled expression of a man who returns home to find a sexy, half naked intruder standing in his living room. Caught off-guard and barely dressed, Ryder’s hands unsuradly fondled the towel around his waist as he waited for Vetra to say something that might set his mind at ease.

Unfortunately, Vetra was just as bewildered as he was. Her mind had been moving so fast that an abrupt stop caused the turian to freeze up, and while she managed to remember her ultimate goal, she didn’t have a clue of how she might convey it. Moreover, shock born of surprise caused Vetra’s hands to instinctively cover her privates; an odd, misleading gesture since not only had Vetra undressed specifically for him, but Ryder was intimately familiar with her privates.

For good while, the two of them stood in silence as Ryder didn’t know what to make of the situation, and Vetra didn’t know how to explain it to him. Finally, it was Ryder who broke the silence, not with his words, but with his actions. In continuing to fiddle with it, Ryder’s hands caused the towel around his waist to come loose and fall away. The sensation of falling away registered too late for Ryder to save it, and the off white cloth collected around his ankles. As Ryder tried to rangle the loose towel, Vetra couldn’t help but snicker.

“What’s so funny?” Ryder’s voice was apprehensive as he tried to casually cover himself.

Vetra covered her mouth with her hands to try and hold back the giggles. “I’m sorry,” she exclaimed, lowering her hands as her giggles faded, “it’s just funny to see someone lose their towel. Especially like that.”

Reassured that Vetra was laughing at his uncontrollable towel and not at something else, Ryder smiled and discarded the towel once more. “Really? Well…” Ryder paused, adopting a more confident posture as he thought of what to say, “I was just following your lead.”

Ryder’s remarks, and gaze, reminded Vetra that she was exposed from down. This time, however, Vetra’s mind much more relaxed, and seeing Ryder standing entirely naked before her made it much easier to come up with the right words. “Well, if you had come in just a few minutes later you would’ve had a lot more to follow.” Vetra’s tone was sultry as she turned and walked to the bed, but didn’t break eye contact with Ryder.

“Yeah,” Ryder attempted to sound cool and collected, but a bit of excitement snuck through as he followed Vetra to the bed, “would I have seen you on your hands and knees like a good little girl?”

“More like…” pausing as she came up to the bed, Vetra turned and sat on the edge, loosely crossing her legs, “this.”

“Mmmmm” Ryder moaned, placing his hands on the insides of her thighs and slowly uncrossing the turian’s legs. Vetra’s mandibles twitched excitedly as he spread her legs, and they twitched again as her gaze drifted downward and saw Ryder’s own show of ‘excitement.’ Seeing Ryder’s hard, exotic cock caused Vetra to salivate, so much so that she had to swallow hard to keep it from it spilling onto her chin. Noticing her pronounced swallow, Ryder quickly stuck two fingers in the turian’s mouth, and before she could wonder what he was thinking, Ryder gave her simple one word instructions, “Suck.” And suck she did.

Grabbing Ryder’s wrist, Vetra sucked with a vengeance. The turian sucked with six days worth of pent of passion and eagerness. She closed her eyes, and pretended it was Ryder’s cock in her mouth. Vetra disregarded the differences between Ryder’s fingers and his dick, and only focused on the similarities as she ran her tongue along the long, fleshy shaft in her mouth. Sucking like a complete whore, Vetra went hard with the imaginary promise that if she did well enough, she’d be rewarded with a salty treat. However, Vetra longings were brought to a halt and her eyes jerked opened as Ryder pulled his fingers out of her mouth.

Using the turian spit as lube, Ryder began to liberally coat his cock, before getting pelvis deep in Vetra’s cunt.

Vetra opened her mouth to gasp, and when she did, Ryder stuck his tongue down her throat. Feeling a second tongue in her mouth as Ryder’s lips latched onto her mouth, Vetra’s eyes shut and her hands tightened around his buttocks. The shock was short lived as Vetra’s eyelids grew heavy and her hands wrapped around Ryder; one hand on the back of his head and the other resting on the small of back. Their tongues wrestled like two serpents each vying for the upper hand. They were restless and sloppy, spit collecting and dripping off their chins, some of it landing on Vetra’s still covered chest, but most of landing on Ryder’s stiff prick.

With the speed of man who hadn’t gotten any in several months, Ryder fucked Vetra with every inch he had to offer. Seven inches rapidly disappeared, then pulled back out of the turian’s slick cunt. With every thrust, Vetra’s butt would sink into the bed, only to slowly spring back up as Ryder pulled away for another thrust. The thrusts were fast enough that the bed began to groan its approval, and powerful to the point that Vetra was in danger of sliding up the bed and away from Ryder. However, so long as Ryder’s hands were mount her by the ass, holding her steadfast like two meaty vices around her taught, round cheeks, Vetra wasn’t going anywhere; and was pleasantly forced to take everything Ryder had to offer.

Had Vetra been on her hands and knees, Ryder would’ve slapped her on the ass; spanking her like the naughty little turian they both knew she was. Had Ryder been eating her out, his hands would’ve divided and conquered; one thumb teasing Vetra’s clit, while the other would threaten to slide into her backdoor. However fucking Vetra as she laid flat on the bed, their bodies pressed together, meant Ryder’s hands never left her butt. His palms cupped her cheeks, as his fingers spread her ass and anxiously brushed against the puckered rim of asshole. He spread her wide, taking every bit of her plump cheeks in his hands. 

“Ah, fuck!” Vetra threw her head back, breaking their sloppily long kiss. Opening her eyes, Vetra was forehead to forehead with Ryder as she spoke. “Yeah, you like fucking that tight turian pussy?” Vetra tried to sound sultry, but like the rest of her body, her her voice quivered with every thrust. She opened her mouth to say something else, but quickly shut it again as the fire in her stomach grew to envelope the rest her body. “Fuck me like… like…” Vetra’s mind was moving a mile a minute, and whatever words she was looking for, her mind raced past them. Her hands tightened around Ryder’s midsection, and the muscle’s in Vetra’s legs tensed as she anxiously awaited Ryder’s final thrust.

Finally, Ryder let loose with a thrust that threatened to move the bed itself. He buried his face in the base of Vetra’s neck as he came deep inside the turian’s cunt. His tensed like pythons around the small turian’s back, refusing to let her move an inch away from him. However as energetic as Ryder felt, Vetra was driven close to madness as she felt his hot spunk being pumped into her womb.

“OH SPIRITS! YES...YES...YES!” Vetra’s eyes were shut tight as she screamed at the ceiling. Her screams visceral, frightening even, as the fire in her stomach grew, driving her to a point never insanity. Even as the intensity of her orgasm faded, her mouth didn’t close; her screaming devolving into ragged breaths that bordered on gasping. Her deep, shuddering breaths continued even as Ryder’s arms loosened, and Vetra fell back on the bed.

“Oh fuck…” Vetra’s voice was barely whisper. She opened her eye a crack, watching ryder settle down on beside her on the bed. “Thanks, I needed that.” Vetra wanted to punctuate her remarks by patting him on the stomach, but missed and ended up gropping his softening cock.

“Anytime,” Ryder’s voice was soft, slightly thrown off by Vetra’s unexpected grab, “you wanna go again?”

“GIve me a second, I’m wiped.” And with that, Vetra’s head rolled to one side, and she quietly fell asleep; her hands gently resting on her midsection.

“And you’re sure OK?” Two feet from the door, Sidera Nyx paused one time to make sure her sister alright.

“For the nineteenth time, Yes, I’ll be fine,” Vetra placed a reassuring hand on her sister’s shoulder, and resumed escorting her to the apartment door, “like I said, Ryder’ll be here in a little bit.”

Sid let out a long sigh, “Yeah, it’s just that… yeah.” Sid looked like she wanted to say something more, but whatever it was, Sid held it back. She gave her sister a quick hug, and left without another word.

With her sister finally out the door, Vetra turned and retreated to the bedroom. She longed to move with haste and swiftness, but with a belly like she smuggling watermelon, Vetra was reduced to a slow, deliberate pace. By the time she reached the bedroom, Vetra was panting, and had to brace herself against the doorframe; one hand holding onto the frame like she afraid it was going to run off, and the other hand supporting the underside of her belly. The turian was still clutching the door frame as she heard the front door open.

“Damn it!” Vetra silently cursed the situation as a whole. She cursed her pregnant belly for weighing her down like an anchor. In the last several months, her pregnancy had from a minor inconvenience, to a genuine detriment which prevented her from doing anything. Of course this was to be expected, but it was never the less aggravating as being pregnant made it impossible for Vetra to everything from working to walking, even to getting laid; and it was this last item that was really starting to get to her.

The last time Vetra had gotten any action was the night she had gotten knocked up, and that was four months ago. Though it wasn’t her lack of effort that had prevented Vetra getting any; almost every night for the past month, she had not so subtly begin sending Ryder messages. However, awkwardness superseded lust and kept Ryder from riding her. Finally, after a fourth months and hormones like volatile chemicals, Vetra had made up her mind, and she was gonna get laid tonight, awkwardness be damned. Thus she found herself in the bedroom, but before she could even enact the first steps of her plan, Vetra heard the door open.

“Vetra?” Ryder’s voice echoed through the apartment.

“Fuck!” Vetra cursed under her breathe, the called out to her boyfriend, “I’m in here!”

There a few moments gap between calling out and Ryder appearing, and Vetra capitalized on it; using the handful of seconds to mentally rewrite her plan. In five seconds, Vetra retooled her plan to account for Ryder being present, but in keeping with the last few months, her body betrayed her. In trying to strike a sexy pose, Vetra lost her balance and had to grab the door frame with both hands.

“Hey!” alarmed, Ryder rushed to help Vetra regain her footing, “You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah” Vetra panted between breathes. It took her a moment to collect herself as Ryder eased her over to the bed, but once she did, Vetra was right back on track; with one goal in mind. “You’re so strong.” the turian tried to sound sultry, back internally winced at the clunkiness of what she had come up with.

Luckily it seemed to go unnoticed by Ryder as he continued to walk her to bed. “Here we go,” Ryder’s voice was gentle, though a little strained as he lowered Vetra onto the bed. “Alright, I’ll be in the living room if you need anything.” Ryder made like he was going to leave, but before he could anything, Vetra planted a hand on his hip and physically prevented him from turning.

“You sure?” Vetra’s eagerness was betrayed as her hand slipped off Ryder’s hip to unceremoniously grope his crotch.

Shocked by the hand suddenly grabbing his dick, Ryder instinctively moved to pull her hand away. “Woah, Vetra I…” But before Ryder could finish whatever counter-argument he had planned, Vetra grabbed him once again; this time, balling up the center of his t-shirt and pulling him down almost to her level.

“Listen,” Vetra’s voice was firm as she spelled it out for him, “I’m not letting you leave this room until you’ve fucked me.”

Even with her, ‘no is not an acceptable answer’ stance made clear, Vetra didn’t let Ryder go. There’s was substantial silence as his face paled, then returned to normal. Vetra could almost see the gears turning in his head. She knew the dry spell had weighed just as heavily on him, but still she worried that her statement hadn’t swayed him; or she did, right up until Ryder grabbed her by the back of the neck and stuck his tongue down her throat.

At last Vetra released her grip of Ryder’s shirt, letting her hand slip downward. When her hand came to waist band, Vetra began, rather awkwardly, trying to relieve Ryder of his pants. Fortunately, Ryder was partial to idea; taking over for Vetra and quickly dropping his pants to his ankles. If Vetra thought Ryder was raring to go before, once his cock was out, Ryder surpassed even her enthusiasm.

Breaking what had been a short kiss, in one, reasonably shift motion, Ryder hoisted Vetra to feet, spun her around, and bent her over into a standing doggystyle position. As Vetra braced herself against the bed, Ryder tore off his shirt, and kicked off his pants before turning his attention to Vetra’s clothes. One moment Vetra felt a pair of hand wrap around the waist of her pants, and the next, her pants and underwear were bound around her ankles. The turian shivered excited as she felt the cool air caress her buttcheaks, and she shivered again as she felt Ryder’s stiff cock separate them.

A weird ambivalence came over Vetra in few moments as Ryder hotdogged her asscheaks. Of course, Vetra had intended, and wanted, for him to fuck her cunt, but as she felt the head of his cock brush up against her bare asshole, she found that wasn’t as opposed to the idea as she once was. In truth, Vetra had tried something like this once before (with Ryder), and while it had been somewhat harrowing, she had also arrived some pleasure both from the act itself, and the richly dirty nature of what was happening. Embracing this aspect, Vetra decided if this was what Ryder needed, she was ready; and her resolve came not a moment too soon as Ryder was done teasing.

“Ah fu-uck!” Vetra closed her eyes and moaned as Ryder sunk his full length in her asshole. Like a mantra, she repeated it with every thrust. Getting fucked in the ass was very different from how she remembered it, but in a very, very good way. Of course, being pregnant, Vetra expect to noticeably different, but not in this way. The pain wasn’t as nearly as bad as she had built it up in her mind, while the pleasure was far greater than she imagined. 

The pregnant turian gripped the edge of the bed so tightly her knuckles changed color. She wanted to look over her shoulder, to gaze at Ryder as buttfucked her, but weather it was due to her nullified ‘condition’ or the position itself, Vetra just couldn’t bring herself to bend that way. Not that it matter that much, the feeling was more than enough, and if anything, it was heightened by not being able to see it; letting the imagination fill in the gaps. 

All of the sudden, Ryder let out what had to be the loudest grunt of his life as his hands clamped down on her hips. Deep her anus, Vetra felt a bizarre, yet all too familiar, warm sensation and it was all she could do not to scream out at the top of her lungs. The culmination of a long overdue orgasm, and the rich memory of that warm feeling in her gut threatened to drive Vetra insane. It was seven seconds, but it felt like years, leaving them both on the verge of expiration. 

A few moments later, Vetra laid trying to give herself up to the calm embrace of sleep, while Ryder lay next to her; on hand on her swollen stomach. 

Sorry this took way longer than expected, but… well, I won’t bore you all with production horror stories. The point is… 

*Hydra List Updated


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