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DBZ - Futadom mom

Taking place a year after the event of the cell saga, this is the story of a young boy a bit older than gohan and how his friendship with the worlds strongest led him to places he never thought he'd be.

Starts with ChiChi and I plan to add Bulma, 18, and maybe Videl to the mix. Hard Futadom content ahead so if that isnt for you beware.

Story development in chater 1, after that its far more focused on the sex. Please try to push through it if you can, I promise it gets to the action.



Chapter 1 - The start of the summer.
Submitted: August 13, 2015 • Updated: August 17, 2015
Word count: 11203 • Size: 56k • Comments: 0 • views: 12219

Chapter 2 - Sunbathing isnt safe
Submitted: August 13, 2015 • Updated: August 13, 2015
Word count: 2952 • Size: 15k • Comments: 0 • views: 5675

Chapter 3 - ChiChi bottoms out
Submitted: August 13, 2015 • Updated: August 13, 2015
Word count: 4938 • Size: 24k • Comments: 0 • views: 7019

Chapter 4 - A early dinner!
Submitted: August 14, 2015 • Updated: August 15, 2015
Word count: 3869 • Size: 19k • Comments: 0 • views: 4422

Chapter 5 - Their confession.
Submitted: August 15, 2015 • Updated: August 15, 2015
Word count: 4763 • Size: 24k • Comments: 0 • views: 4065

Chapter 6 - Roadtrip?
Submitted: August 15, 2015 • Updated: August 15, 2015
Word count: 2212 • Size: 11k • Comments: 0 • views: 2795

Chapter 7 - Not exactly a meeting of minds. Part 1
Submitted: August 16, 2015 • Updated: August 16, 2015
Word count: 4259 • Size: 21k • Comments: 0 • views: 3445

Chapter 8 - Not exactly a meeting of minds. Part 2
Submitted: August 17, 2015 • Updated: August 17, 2015
Word count: 2933 • Size: 15k • Comments: 0 • views: 2845

Chapter 9 - Bathtub tryst
Submitted: August 22, 2015 • Updated: August 22, 2015
Word count: 3490 • Size: 17k • Comments: 0 • views: 3023

Chapter 10 - A hard days night.
Submitted: August 26, 2015 • Updated: August 26, 2015
Word count: 4046 • Size: 21k • Comments: 0 • views: 2773

Chapter 11 - A walk in the park
Submitted: September 2, 2015 • Updated: September 2, 2015
Word count: 2766 • Size: 14k • Comments: 0 • views: 2177

Chapter 12 - Caged
Submitted: September 11, 2015 • Updated: September 11, 2015
Word count: 7012 • Size: 36k • Comments: 0 • views: 2599

Chapter 13 - 18s crush on Caz
Submitted: September 17, 2015 • Updated: September 17, 2015
Word count: 4984 • Size: 25k • Comments: 0 • views: 3092

Chapter 14 - Up late
Submitted: September 22, 2015 • Updated: September 22, 2015
Word count: 3108 • Size: 16k • Comments: 0 • views: 2122

Chapter 15 - The best prize of all
Submitted: October 18, 2015 • Updated: October 18, 2015
Word count: 7585 • Size: 39k • Comments: 0 • views: 3656


Comments (57)

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Juliodragon69 on August 22, 2019, 10:11:49 AM

Juliodragon69 on (Chapter: index)
Juliodragon69What a wonderful story you are an excellent writer !!! It's a shame you stopped writing, such a good story shouldn't end with so little. I hope you finish it again. aproposito has some story ideas you might like.
Forgive the typos, I don't speak English.

duckfucker on August 21, 2019, 11:45:51 PM

duckfucker on (Chapter: index)
duckfuckerWill this be continued?

mortl on February 21, 2017, 10:25:39 AM

mortl on (Chapter: index)
mortlpls tell me its not finished

blkmage on June 20, 2017, 11:24:49 AM

blkmage on (Chapter: index)
blkmageNo, I got 3 chapters done already. I just keep looking at the older chapters and ask myself why I didn't do a 2nd or 3rd draft or run a spell check and feel awful for not trying harder. I just feel bad for this and lose steam, but I do want to finish because as awful as I feel about my poor writing quality it felt amazing to have people ask "Is more coming?" and I really don't want to let those people down more than I have. Sorry for the late reply but when I look at this page I just feel pangs of emo kid guilt :P

UrDoomsday on August 16, 2019, 6:16:21 AM

UrDoomsday on (Chapter: index)
UrDoomsdayIs more coming?

ShadeSlayer on June 21, 2019, 7:03:30 AM

ShadeSlayer on (Chapter: index)
ShadeSlayerAre you planning on continuing this?

JamesW324 on April 9, 2018, 1:21:03 PM

JamesW324 on (Chapter: index)
JamesW324Please make more I need more

neoncamo on October 29, 2017, 11:47:03 PM

neoncamo on (Chapter: index)
neoncamoJust found this story about a week ago and have been loving every single chapter, amazing work!

JesterLoki on August 26, 2017, 3:02:26 AM

JesterLoki on (Chapter: index)
Comment Deleted

mortl on September 18, 2017, 2:29:19 AM

mortl on (Chapter: index)
mortlYou should never criticise the author for writing about his/her kinks. That´s just stupid. If the story doesn´t fit with your own preferences, then you´ll have to find some other story. Otherwise criticise about the writing style, the mistakes you think were made, etc. BUT to criticise the story because you don´t like the genre/tags. Nah that´s really dumb.

wannabechick on February 14, 2016, 6:15:11 AM

wannabechick on (Chapter: index)
wannabechickI love the story and can't wait for more. Please write more.

blkmage on February 14, 2016, 10:28:09 AM

blkmage on (Chapter: index)
blkmagePlan on it. I've been writing a different story for a few months now and while it's slow going it is coming along. After that I'll start putting out these again!

DeschenesR on November 16, 2015, 12:29:39 PM

DeschenesR on (Chapter: index)
DeschenesRhey are you going to add any alien girls to this story or will it be all earth woman.

blkmage on November 17, 2015, 12:20:48 AM

blkmage on (Chapter: index)
blkmagePretty much just earth gals. I can't recall any alien women that are well known in dragon ball. Can you think of any?

DeschenesR on November 17, 2015, 3:15:47 PM

DeschenesR on (Chapter: index)
DeschenesRwell there is an alien girl in the Bojack unbound movie but other then that i'm not really sure i'd have to look into it.

thr33than on September 17, 2015, 11:37:22 AM

thr33than on (Chapter: index)
thr33thanGreat story so far, just two questions
Is Chichi thinking about caz carrying her child in the earlier chapters hinting towards gendebending Caz?
Is Caz's ass going to get any fatter?

blkmage on September 17, 2015, 12:14:17 PM

blkmage on (Chapter: index)
blkmageSo glad to hear you like it, cause man I look at my writing some times and think "You can do better". But if people are happy I'm happy.

As for your questions.


Is ChiChi thinking about Caz carrying her child forshadowing? Yes she for shiz wants to knock him up, I don't think that would be the end of the story either we would see lots of ChiChi getting horned out by his legit preggo belly and fucking him on the spot. So that would roll into the next question as he would put on baby weight. Junk will be added to that trunk! He plumped up some from his first round of cum diet and will continue to get soft curvy. To clarify I don't actually know how I'll have him get pregnant, because the idea of him having a vagina would take away from his shame of being a boy, and boys are supposed to do the fucking instead of getting fucked by girls. Maybe like butt birth, but even as I type that I giggle so hmmm. Figure that out when we get to it, but its comming. I've been taking my time to flesh out the characters and still have tons of fetishes to try out.

Fidel2323 on October 31, 2015, 12:13:04 PM

Fidel2323 on (Chapter: index)
Fidel2323We are talking about DBZ. Mouthbirthing is always a possibilty :D Like Piccolos early Evil-Version before he reincarnated himself.

Your Story is awesome!!! In-fucking-credible. The Way you built it up is truly genius. A Masterpiece. Please continue right now!

blkmage on November 1, 2015, 4:46:38 PM

blkmage on (Chapter: index)
blkmageI have at least a few more chapters planned out but its a little slow going since apparently second semester is where 3000 word essays are due each week in each of my 3 writing classes. That wouldn't be so bad but what I'm asked to write about 3000 words is stretching it so something like 70% is me just bullshitting my way through making shit up as I go. Funny thing is I've only been called out on that once out of something like 9 or 12 different projects.
This will get finished, its just slower than it was since I'm so slammed with writing. And hey thanks for the thoughts mang, it helps a lot! I'm glad you enjoy :)

Fidel2323 on November 1, 2015, 11:00:53 PM

Fidel2323 on (Chapter: index)
Fidel2323Holy Shit, thats a lot. I wish you Luck with your essays.

I like to give my thoughts :D How about eggs?

thr33than on September 17, 2015, 4:14:33 PM

thr33than on (Chapter: index)
thr33thani'll vote for butt birth :)

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