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Chapter 310 - Reunion Atop the Cerulean Sea

Step into the world of Lorivas and face a mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the balance! Will you find your way through this perilous world, or give up partway?

(This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for 100 fans. Thanks a lot, guys! Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses!)

Chapter 310 - Reunion Atop the Cerulean Sea

Chapter 310 - Reunion Atop the Cerulean Sea
                Your eyes flutter, and then you look ahead at Yehira and the pale woman in red. You feel as if you’ve lost a few seconds, but that could just be because you’re suddenly feeling really lightheaded. You stagger, clutching your head as you unintentionally bump in amongst the crowd, then drop to a knee. You haven’t had vertigo like this since that time Clare accidentally knocked you off a horse!

                You rub your forehead in an attempt to steady yourself, barely aware of the Footsteps drawing closer.  Then Yehira and her stern companion draw even with you, and you look up, wincing painfully as you look into the green and pale blue pairs of eyes glancing down at you. Yehira…she looks alright, at least. You’d been a bit worried about her after the fight with Leo, but in the chaos of your last few hours in Vallont, you hadn’t managed to find time to track her down. Still…why is she here?

                “What an unusual-looking man.” The black-haired woman shrugs, dismissing you, then starts walking on down the road. Yehira holds back, her brow creasing in confusion as she looks at you. You start to call out to her, but a sudden spike of pain shoots through your head and you double over with a pained grunt instead.

                “Strange…you are the one I saw…” Yehira mumbles and extends a hand towards you, but as you crack an eye open to regard her, she stops. A shiver runs through her as your electric blue gaze reflects in her eyes, and she yanks her hand back and hurriedly turns away. You struggle to your feet as she runs, her heeled boots clicking quietly on the stone beneath her as she rushes to catch up with the woman in red.

                You stand in the middle of the street and watch as both women walk on. Yehira throws one final, nervous glance your way as she turns down a side street, and then she’s gone, and the people around you begin to stir. Some laugh in relief, and others rush off, as if they’re worried the women they’d given way for might come back. Then, as you stare around absently, a bony hand suddenly tugs at your over shirt and you look down into the face of a short, elderly woman with a black bear fur scarf. “Boy, that was a foolish thing you just did! Didjn’t thah guards at the gate warn you about Cornelia?”

                “The who?” You raise an eyebrow, then blink, realizing what she means. “Oh…guards at the gates? We came in along an unusual route, so…I guess we skipped them.”

                “How in the worjd didja skip…never mind about thah guards, then! I’ll tell you nice a plain…that woman who just walked past was Cornelia, the red witch and thah head of the Lodge of Sorceresses!” You shrug, and the old woman hisses irritably. “Don’t give me that shiftin’ shoulders nonsense, now! You foreign boys never know what’s best. I know what’s best, and what’s best is to duck down and never attract Cornelia’s attention! Bad things happen to people she notices, kiddo. Real bad things.”

                “I see.” You nod, not really seeing at all. She’d looked a bit stern, but surely Cornelia can’t be all that bad. What would she have done if you’d stayed out in the street? Killed you? That doesn’t seem likely. “Thank you for the warning. I’ll be careful.”

                “You’d better!” The old woman sniffs irritably, then turns and shuffles off into the crowd. You scratch your head as she leaves, a bemused frown on your face. So…avoid the lady in red. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? All you have to do is not look at her when she shows up…or just head the other way, which would be straight towards the harbor, in this case. You spread your hands dismissively, then turn and continue on down the road.

                As you walk, the road slowly turns to the right, and the crash of waves and the smell of surf grow more obvious. Then, abruptly, you pass out from between two buildings, and the left side of the street is open air! The road itself is built atop a tall sea wall, outside of which you can see a series of long stone piers connected to a stairway. Dozens of small boats are moored along the piers closest to you, and their crews shout and tromp about as they unload sacks of fresh fish or make ready to sail.

                Strangely, there don’t seem to be any large cargo ships, though the piers are clearly built to accommodate them. Not that it matters that there aren’t any particularly massive ships, for the largest ship in port, and the only ship you care about, is The Lazy Seal. Your heart skips a beat when you see the ship bobbing alongside the farthest pier, and you speed up, breaking into a jog and then a run as you race towards the ship. Maylis is there! And Kyuma! And Osma, and Lunette, and…it’s strange, but you’re eager to see all of them!

                You reach the gangplank and start to climb up towards the ship, and then, abruptly, a green-skinned, black haired woman with wonderful green eyes leaps over the side and slams into you, nearly knocking you over as she cries your name. Her powerful, toned arms wrap around you, and she buries her beautiful face in your chest and lets silvery tears of happiness spill down her cheeks. Maylis drags her head up with a shuddering sigh, her tremendous mass of green cleavage rippling against you as she looks up into your eyes. “I’ve missed you greatly!”

                Without a word you kiss her, your arms dragging her muscular, curvaceous body against you. A sudden gust of wing blasts your cloak out to the side as her sweet, dark green lips work passionately, squeezing tightly to you as your tongue slicks along hers. A grunt of surprise sounds in her throat as your tongue coils around hers, and then she moans happily and sags against you, her dense, thickly defined abs pressing hard to your stomach.

                You hear the loud clunk of boots hitting deck behind Maylis, and you break the kiss to look over her shoulder at yet another orcish beauty. Lilika tucks a lock of red hair behind a pointy ear, then grins, a faint flush coming to her cheeks as she waves to you. You smile and return the gesture as the soldier slings her rifle over a shoulder, and then turn back to Maylis. “There’s trouble, isn’t there? Where are the rest of the crew, and the captain?”

                Maylis’s eyes tighten, and she slips her hand into yours and takes a fluid step back. “Come, we shall explain where prying eyes cannot see.”

                Lilika waits as Maylis guides you aboard, then follows closely as you walk into Kyuma’s cabin. It’s about how you remember it; there’s a large bed along the back wall with the window behind it, a breakfast table to the left, and a large, ornate shelves to the right. But there are fewer things on the shelves, now, and a few old, dirty plates rest on the breakfast table. The bed’s blankets look as if they’ve been thrown back in a rush, and there are muddy boot prints on the rug.

                You can see vast, clear ocean water out beyond the window, and an island only half a mile or so off the coast as well. You frown at it; there’s a pretty big stone building on it…but with a firm tug at your hand, Maylis turns you away from the window and pushes you down to sit on the edge of the bed. You blink and look around as Lilika shuts the door and sets her rifle down beside it, and Maylis drops her cloak beside the bed.

                “This is private enough, right?” You swallow as Maylis sits beside you, her firm, taut-skinned breasts rippling hugely in her top. The tiny, hardened leather corset she wears really, really makes it hard to ignore her breasts! But, as you tear your eyes up away from Maylis’s rippling bosom, you feel another soft, curvaceous form press against your other side, and turn to see Lilika on the bed beside you. Her skin-tight black suit lies discarded on the floor, leaving her naked save for a slim pair of pink panties and a sweated out tank top that clings wetly to her breasts. “Um…shouldn’t we…talk about…”

                “Later, after we’ve…gotten acquainted. I’ve been dreaming about that promise you made me, you know.” Lilika licks her lips hungrily, and abruptly you realize she wasn’t being shy out on deck – she was just holding back from jumping you right then and there!

                With an amused chuckle, Maylis and Lilika seize your shoulders and shove you back, pinning you to the bed. Instantly they turn, their lips seeking yours as their round, thick asses ripple into the air above them, their thighs flexing thickly. You feel your belt pop open as Maylis’s lips win out over Lilika, and one, then two sets of orcish fingers slide in to seize your rapidly hardening girth. Sweet lips caress yours, and then Maylis groans in pleasure as your tongue coils around hers, twisting and pulling powerfully at her as you force her lips against you.

                “Ohh, this is better than I expected.” Lilika’s sultry, deep tones make your ear twitch as she whispers to you, one of her hands stroking your cock alongside Maylis’s as the other thrusts up to grip your chest. “All of this is so yummy.”

                Lilika’s tongue licks along your cheek, and with a small moan, Maylis’s gives way, and Lilika grunts with pleasure as she kisses you instead. Your tongue fills her as Maylis’s lips smack quietly along your cheek, your cock throbbing hard as both orcess’s fingers pump up and down your length. You drag Lilika’s tongue in, wrapping it up tightly with your own as you slide your hands down both beauties backs, then take a jiggly, bouncy ass in one hand and a firm, toned one in the other. Both women moan quietly as your fingers dig into their big, delicious asses, their hips twitching back and forth and setting their cheeks rippling in your grip.

                Maylis makes a small, impatient noise in her throat, and Lilika pulls back, her lips gaping open as she lets out a long, ecstatic breath. Hungrily Maylis kisses you again, a low, eager moan reverberating through her mouth as she works her lips against you, her long lower canines adding an exciting contrast to her soft lips. Lilika chuckles, then licks your ear, sending a sudden, powerful jolt of pleasure surging through you that makes your cock pulse in her hand. You groan, both women’s hands dripping with your aphrodisiac as they stroke your shaft from tip to base, their arms pumping powerfully.

                You clench your fingers, earning a grunt from Maylis, then abruptly shove the fingers of your left hand in between Lilika’s cheeks. She gasps as you stroke the lips of her pussy from behind, her big, fat breasts twitching against your chest as she gasps, then grunts, her head dropping to rest on your shoulder. As she moans, her pussy dripping wetly against you, you take your hand off Maylis’s ass and slide it down her thick, iron-hard abs. She blinks, then moans, her eyes bulging in surprise as you shove your fingers down the front of her leather panties, and dig them deep into her plump pink pussy.

                “Uuhhmm!” Lilika gives a cry of excitement and shoves up, then drags her soft, jiggling tits across the bed as she slides down even with your crotch. She licks her lips, stroking your shaft once more with her hand, and then she drops her breasts onto your left hip and licks the tip of your throbbing, monstrous rod. With a tiny mmf of pleasure, she kisses the head of your cock and shoves down, spreading her plump lips skin-tight around your girth.

                You groan as Lilika’s ass bounces against her heels in time with her short, powerful sucks, her cheeks molding to your cock. Slurping, hissing sucking sounds fill the cabin as she sucks you against the back of her throat over and over, her eyes glazing over as she gags and groans pleasurably. Then, with a loud pop, she pulls off and sits back, her breasts heaving. “So...sweet. Your pre-cum…it’s like cream and honey, but so, so much better.”

                Lilika pitches her head forward, stuffing her lips all the way down to squeeze against Maylis’s hand and forcing the head of your cock into her throat with a dripping wet choke. She gags, then moans, her hands digging into your pants as she forces her head to stay down. Opposite her, Maylis slumps to her side, her lips still working against you as she takes excited moans in through her nose. Her powerful hips thrust in time as you dig two fingers deep inside of her, stroking the soft, plump pinkness within as her thighs and ass flex again, and again, in perfect rhythm with Lililka’s sucking.

                Abruptly it’s too much for her, and Maylis breaks the kiss with a wild, breathless cry. Her hand leaves your cock, and Lilika gives one final suck as the muscular orcish warrior sits up, and then she pulls off and sits back with a giggle. Maylis’s cheeks burn bright red as she slings a leg over your crotch, your gargantuan length dragging up one of her thighs and rubbing against her pussy as she does so. She has just enough patience left to plant her hands on your abs, and then she shoves her hips down as hard as she can!

                You groan, fingers twitching as Maylis’s insanely tight pussy spreads around you, the first six inches of your cock squeezing powerfully into her as she sits atop you. She wheezes, her eyes glossing over as she twitches in place, and then she screams and shoves down again! You gasp and slap your hands into her ass, her tight, thickly muscled cheeks bulging between your fingers as she yelps in shock, her pussy clenching around you in response.

                Maylis forces her eyes shut, and with gritted teeth, she pumps her hips forward and back, her pussy grinding audibly around you as she forces inch after inch of your cock inside. With each pump of her hips she sinks lower, her abs clenching and froth forming on her lips as she pants in strain. Her pussy spreads more and more as her tremendous thighs flex powerfully, her ass rippling in your grip as she forces herself down with almost insane stubbornness. She’s so tight you couldn’t pull out if you’d wanted to…so tight that you can feel her pussy digging into your cock, squeezing and caressing it in ways you haven’t felt since Gelethe. She’s tighter than Isha, a woman half her size!

                “Amazing.” Lilika whispers in shock, her eyes fixed on the compressed, vein-covered length slowly squeezing deeper into Maylis’s pussy. “How can you take a cock that huge inside you, just like that?”

                “N-not…in…yet.” Maylis groans, sweat dripping from her body as she freezes, her pussy twitching around you. She shudders in place, her eyes shaking as the head of your shaft pulses against that tightly closed entryway within her, refusing to open. But, as her pussy clenches around you and her breasts jiggle subtly in her top, you slowly tighten your grip on her ass, and drag her down with all of your strength. Maylis twitches, then throws her head back and screams as your first pull shoves the head of your cock between her cervix, and  your next pounds  your tip right up into her womb!

                Her ass slaps loudly against your thighs and Maylis instantly cums, her entire body spasming with pleasure, but even as she cums she starts to roll her hips! You grunt in shock as she grinds her ass forward, rolling your cock inside of her as she pump forward so hard that her breasts nearly pop out of her top, then slams back, her thick ass cheeks slapping against each other. She pants wildly, her tongue slowly sticking further out of her mouth as she grinds your dick inside so hard that you can see its outline bulge through her abs.

                Maylis cums again and her pussy spasms weakly around you, loosening just enough for you to drag her ass up and thrust thunderously up into her pussy, sending her juices spraying around you with a loud squelch. She screams, her eyes rolling up completely, and then her scream fades into a tiny peep, and she slumps forward on your chest. Her eyes roll mindlessly in her head as you slam her ass down and force your cock up in time, her pussy dragging skin-tight around you with every body-shaking thrust.

                Maylis’s fingers twitch against your chest as she shudders in orgasm, and then, finally, you slam her ass down and hold. She gasps, then groans as your thick cum floods into her womb, filling her in two, three, four powerful, ab-straining pumps. Then, as she quakes in place and her pussy spasms around you, she gives a final elated gasp, and slumps limply against you.

                Lilika licks her lips as Maylis quietly slides off of you and slumps in a panting heap on the bed, revealing your arm-thick, rock hard cock. The orcish warrior chuckles, attempting to hide the mounting nervousness within her with false bravado as she sits up on hands and knees, her ass thrust towards you. She drags her panties down, slipping one leg out to bare her ass and pussy completely, and then she looks back at you over her shoulder. “Come here and give me that incredible cock! Fuck me! Fill me up with that thing until I cuAAH!”

                Lilika’s head jerks back as you slap her on the ass, sending her thick, jiggly cheeks bouncing wildly, and then you plant your palms on her cheeks and tuck your fingers in along the curve of her thighs, spreading her ass and pussy wide open. She gasps and stares back open-mouthed as you line your cock up, her thighs flexing powerfully as she feels the tip shove inside. “Wait, let me-OOooOOOHH!”

                You slam home in one massive thrust, Lilika’s fatter, jigglier ass rippling forward against her back, then jiggling softly against your abs as your cock throbs against her cervix. Her jaw hangs open as she twitches in place, her shoulders and hips jerking weakly as her pussy trembles around you, Then her head jerks back as you pull out to the head, and she screams as you shove in, her pussy squirting around you as she cums! Her arms shake, and she collapses forward, her legs spreading out beneath you as you sit on the back of her thighs and shove forward, forcing her face-first into the bed.

                But rather than stop and let Lilika regain her composer, you shift your grip to her hips and immediately pump your cock in and out again, pounding all the way into her womb! Lilika’s teeth click together and she jerks her head to the side, a shocked wheeze escaping her as you slam your cock inside over, and over, her huge ass bunching up against her back, then jiggling in place, only to repeat it all again as her huge, fat tits squish beneath her, each so large that you can see them bulging out along her sides.

                Bambambam, your cock slams into her so fast she doesn’t even have time to gasp between thrusts, her pussy clenching over and over again as orgasms take her one after the other! You feel her ass slap against your abs and her thick, plump thighs flex beneath you as she clenches, and then, with a deep groan, you slam in and hold. Lilika grunts, then screams, her tongue draping down her chin as she feels her womb fill with seed. Gushing, pumping loads fill her up, stretching her womb so much that her tight, toned abs bulge subtly as she babbles. “So much! Oh…so much cumfillingohhhhhh!”

                You pull out and thick, churned lumps of cum immediately erupt from Lilika’s pussy, then drip to the bed beneath her as you sit back against the headboard. For a few short minutes, you sit and pant quietly as Maylis sits up, and then Lilika slowly drags herself up onto hands and knees, and looks groggily towards you. Her eyes widen as she sees your cock, still throbbing before you as you gaze at her curvaceous, delicious body.

                “So…what happened?” You look at Maylis as you speak, but you can’t help noticing Lilika crawl towards you. Her back flexes, her green skin showing right through her pink top as her tits slosh back and forth beneath her. She slumps forward into your lap with a giggle, then drags her tongue up your length, her bright blue eyes gleaming as she looks up at you.

                “Yes. We agreed to explain.” Maylis coughs in embarrassment, then  blinks as Lilika’s juicy lips wrap around your shaft. You swallow as Lilika starts to suck, her fingers massaging your balls and stroking the base of your cock as she slurps loudly at the tip.

                “What happened was…um…the captain…” Maylis’s eyes waver as Lilika pulls off, then shoves your cock up against your abs, her tongue dragging down and down your enormous, scale-lined shaft until it settles between your cock and your balls. You squeeze your eyes shut, then blink quickly as she breaths deeply of your scent, her pussy gushing with new, fresh pussy juice as her tongue digs at the base of your shaft. “…the captain and the lodge…oh, my!”

                Lilika’s tongue pushes into the tiny hole between your cock and your balls, and explosively your second cock thrusts our and straight down her throat! She gags, her eyes crossing in shock as your cock stretches her throat around it, and then she seizes your hips, her ass clenching as she shoves it up in panic. She screams into your shaft, her hips shaking back and forth, and then, slowly, she calms down, and wraps her lips around you again. You grunt as she sucks, then drags back to the head, and plunges your cock into her throat again. “That…that’s very distraAAaacting, Lilika!”

                “Indeed it is!” Maylis growls, and with a yank, she pops her colossal, full tits out of her top and lunges towards you! Lilika jumps in shock as Maylis squeezes in beside her, her own mouth gaping open as her gleaming, plump green lips part around your shaft. You groan, your head thudding back against the headboard as both orcish beauties suck back and forth, one pair of lips sucking up one shaft as the other slurp down the other!

                Dual, powerful mouths suck down your cocks as Maylis and Lilika stuff you inside, their throats bulging and emptying over and over again as they swallow, hard, their eyes staring up at you. Abruptly it’s too much, and you seize them both, slamming Lilika’s red haired head in beside Maylis’s dark one as your cocks swell hugely within them. Both women’s eyes shake, then roll up as your seed pumps between their lips, filling their throats instantly! Thick streams of cum pour down their chins as they gulp down load after load, their throats bulging in time as they try and fail to drink it all!

                You drag both woman’s heads back and they gasp, their breasts heaving as they sit back, asses squeezing against their heels. Then, with an impatient moan, Maylis shifts forward and plants her ass in your lap, her pussy swallowing your cock all at once! You groan as she wraps her arms around your neck, her sweet, tight pussy sucking your cock all the way into her womb as she braces her knees either side of you, and then she pumps her ass up and slams back down, your second cock popping between her cheeks!

                “I love you!” Maylis cries, her fantastic tits flopping up in front of your face, then slapping back against your chest as her ass slaps into your crotch. Her firm, toned ass-cheeks wrap tightly around your second cock, squeezing it as it schlocks up and down between them, her already sweat-drenched cheeks gleaming with pre-cum and oil. “I love you so much! I never want to be apart…I…I love you!”

                You seize Maylis’s hips, then groan as orcish fingers abruptly drag your second cock away from Maylis’s ass. Lilika pants, her legs shaking as she straddles your legs, and then, with a wild, joyous cry, she slams down, taking your cock deep into her womb as her thick, jiggly ass squeezes hard against Maylis’s bigger, firmer butt. Your eyes shake wildly as they slam down one after the other, their tight, orcish pussies gushing as they twist, caressing and clenching around you at once!

                Then, with a roar of pleasure your cocks swell, and Maylis and Lilika scream in unison, their hair whipping back to flow together as they each cum in time. Their pussies stretch, visibly widening around your cocks as cum pumps down your length in waves of hot, creamy semen, filling their wombs, then stretching them more, and more, as your seed keeps on flowing. Maylis’s hardened abs strain against your tidal wave of cum, and then, with a deeper, more overwhelmed cry, her back sags against Lilika’s as both orcish women’s bellies swell.

                “I love you.” Maylis slumps against your chest, her head tucking comfortably into the crook of your neck as her swollen belly brushes against you. Then, with a tug, you jerk your hips down and Lilika and Maylis pop off, their pussies suddenly flowing with seed. They moan and shudder with pleasure as their bellies slowly empty, returning to firm tightness and hard, chiseled muscle as your seed soaks into the bed.

                Lilika crawls towards you, and Maylis slides over, tucking her body into the crook of your  right arm as Lilika slumps into the other, their hard and soft bodies each settling against you. You sigh and hold them close for a few long, warm minutes, and then Maylis slowly sits up.

                “We must speak.” Maylis blushes as you raise an eyebrow at her, then shakes her head. “There will be no distractions this time, my beloved, so listen well.”

                “Things went poorly almost the moment we came to port here in this twisted place. There were technicalities which Captain Kyuma was not aware of, and which were used to ensnare us in a web of treacherous false laws.” Maylis bows her head solemnly as she speaks, her legs folded beneath her and her hands pressed to her knees. “The first mate and Kyuma were to pay a simple fine, but then a red-skinned woman with strange eyes came from the walled-in place in the north west.”

                “The Lodge of Sorceresses?” You blink, surprised. No one had really tried to describe the lodge to you, so you’d kind of been imagining a hut in the woods, or something.

                “It’s more like a gods-damned war camp than a lodge.” Lilika sits up with a groan, then slips out of bed and staggers over to her discarded suit with a low grumble. “My ass is numb…”

                “Indeed, it seems to be more like a royal quarter than a gathering place. I have been seeking…but we can speak of that later.” Maylis shakes her head, her long, intricate braid shaking behind her. “The red-skinned sorceress fought with Kyuma and Osma, and yet, despite their power, she restrained them and took them into the lodge.”

                “But why?” You shake your head and sit forward incredulously as Lilika tugs her suit back on, her ass shaking back and forth as she wiggles it up onto her hips. “What possible reason could they have to just abduct Kyuma like th-“

                You freeze mid-word, suddenly realizing that there very much is something about Kyuma that might interest the lodge: Delmi! If they had someone with them who could detect the patron spirit of the Lazy Seal, then…could they have seized her for that?

                “We have been attempting to negotiate with the lodge, but they refuse to acknowledge that anyone was even taken away.” Maylis’s eyes tighten. “They are dishonest, and dishonorable!”

                Lilika nods sharply, then zips up her suit. “And in an impregnable fortress, too. We’ve been trying to find a way to break through the Lodge’s wall, but it’s impossible. The stupid wall attacks you when you try.”

                “Thus, why the rest of the crew are absent.” Maylis nods, and looks at you with her big, deep green eyes. “Only member sorceresses may enter freely, and though all of us have attempted to find someone to help us, we have failed. No one we have approached has been willing, though Lunette and Rivka are seeking a potential ally presently. Nalini has also gone to seek out a rumored fortune teller, though I doubt how much use that will be.”

                “You could probably track ‘em down, if you wanted to.” Lilika shrugs, then sits down on the bed with a yawn. “Mith’Nessad isn’t that big. But Maylis and I have to stay here and watch the ship, whatever you do. We promised, and besides, I’m exhausted.”

                “Isn’t it kind of dangerous on the ship, though? I had a dream about a big centipede attacking last night.” Maylis and Lilika exchange surprised glances.

                “How is it that your dreams could have shown you something so factual?” Maylis cocks her head to the side, then shakes off her curiosity. “Regardless, while it does seem quite dangerous after dark, the ship has yet to be approached during the day. The city, too, is safe so long as you do as the people here do, and avoid speaking with the sorceresses too suspiciously.”

                You grimace and look at your lap. The lodge has Kyuma, and for the past few days Maylis and the crew have been trying unsuccessfully to save her. But…Maylis can punch through stone, and Lilika has a sniper rifle! If neither of them could get in, then what chance to you have to help, before the compulsion forces you to leave?


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