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Chapter 572 - Discrepency

Step into the world of Lorivas and face a mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the balance! Will you find your way through this perilous world, or give up partway?

(This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for 100 fans. Thanks a lot, guys! Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses!)

Chapter 572 - Discrepency

Chapter 572 - Discrepency
                You cock your head to one side, considering the gigantic metal carcass. You could just walk around the lodge with it. You doubt very much that you’d be considered even close to the strangest sorceress in the lodge for doing so…but then again, it’d probably be pretty inconvenient for getting through doors and stuff.

                Instead, you glance back towards the moat in the midst of the greenhouse, where you know the hidden entrance to the Lodge’s underground green wing lies. Leaving the body out unpreserved down there for a few hours should be fine, right? No one will just casually stumble across it, and no one in the lodge can head in through the moat entrance to mess with it, either. The fact someone did get their hands on the egg from the green wing bothers you a little bit, but…you’re not going to take that long to talk to Cornelia. No one’s going to run off with a four ton corpse in the meantime. Plus, the green wing’s exit leads out right beside the Siren’s Love, so you can swing by there afterwards and see Amber and Aina about the bullets Aina said she’d make for you.

                You turn back to Aldrika, and nod. “Yeah, I think I’ve got a place to leave the body. Give me a minute to dump it, and we’ll go.”

                Aldrika shivers slightly as you turn away, dragging the metal carcass’s long, slender tail behind you. Thinking on it, you could probably have contacted Vanna, Kirshei, Halina, or anyone else you’ve got a mental connection with and asked them to come pick the body up from out front of the lodge, but…no. You’ve got no need to bother any of them over this.

                You reach the moat and wade in, heading straight for the concealed, camouflaged hatch. You kick it, and it springs open, revealing the dimly lit stairs beneath you’d once been trapped on. You shake your head at the hatchway and its magical, water suspending barrier, and then dump the creature’s body shoulder-first onto the stairs and watch it slide down out of sight. You toss the head in after it, and then you shove the hatch shut and turn back to the others.

                Aldrika gives a small sigh of relief as you return sans carcass, and then nods to you, Serene, and Hode. “Very well. It’s somewhat far, and through the…less well laid out part of the lodge, so please follow me closely. It would not be hard for you to get lost if you stray behind.”

                You follow after the senior librarian, Serene and Hode flanking you as she leads the way out through the west exit of the greenhouse, and immediately up a flight of stairs. As you walk, you glance between your half elf and Nai’Ghul lovers, and frown. “So, why were y’all so milquetoast about me walking up with a giant monster on my back? I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually done that kind of thing to either of you before.”

                Serene shrugs, her eyes flashing as a sorceress in a blue robe nearly runs into her. The unfortunate woman gives a small peep of shock, and hastily scrambles out of Serene’s way. “I’ve heard a great deal about your fights from Raine and the others. I honestly expected something even worse when our librarian friend there screamed.”

                Aldrika’s ears turn bright pink as she flushes in embarrassment, but she pointedly walks on, refusing to acknowledge Serene’s comment. Beside you, Hode cocks her head to one side, frowning at you. “Why should I have reacted? I could see the thing was dead, so there was nothing to worry about. I am a little curious where it came from, though. I don’t think that was a natural creature.”

                You snort. “I guess I’m not natural, either, then. That thing was made from a sample of my blood, by Mira the Reckless.”

                “What?” Aldrika stops on the spot and whirls around, her pale blue eyes wide in shock. “Impossible. In what way are you some kind of horrifying metal lizard? That is simply preposterous.”

                With a squeak your boots slide a halt, stopping you just short of walking head-first into the shorter, blonde-haired woman. She stares up into your eyes, her lips twisted into a stubborn frown as she clasps her hands together before her. Impossible, she said? You shiver, looking to one side as it really starts to sink in just how alien your blood is. If just a sample of your blood produced that thing, and it was as unaltered as Mira claims, then…then why aren’t you a monster, too? What is it that’s in you which defies the genetics in your blood, such that you look mostly human?

                Aldrika swallows, and then gently pats you on the arm. “Now, now…I didn’t mean to upset you. Come, let us continue on, and forget about this whole thing, for now.”

                You close your eyes, snorting quietly. Aldrika’s really book smart, but she’s terrible at making people feel better! Still, as she turns and starts to lead the way, you follow, putting your monster-birthing blood out of your mind. After taking a hundred turnings down identical, seemingly random passageways of fine stone, you reach a doorway of plain, oaken construction. Aldrika knocks, and after a short pause, you hear Cornelia call out from within.

                You and your companions are led into a decent sized, bleakly decorated office. The walls are bare, save for a small window that looks out over the Lodge’s grounds, and there is no furniture other than a large, plain desk, a stiff-backed chair, and a pair of wooden benches set up in front of the desk. Several floating globes of light hover near the office’s ceiling, illuminating the solid stone floor and sloped walls, as well as the red-clothed form of Cornelia as she pads towards you with a smile on her lips.

                “Master!” Unreservedly the formerly heartless sorceress hugs you, her curvaceous body squeezing against yours as she tucks her chin into the crook of your neck. “I’m glad to see you.”

                “You had something you wanted to speak with me about? Aldrika sent to me and let me know you wanted to meet.”  She pulls back, and you nod, gesturing to Serene. Immediately Cornelia stiffens slightly, and with a tight smile, she gestures to the benches. “Perhaps we’d better sit, then.”

                You sit with Serene and Hode, and after a moment, Aldrika joins you, looking slightly flushed. You watch as Cornelia sits heavily behind her desk, her huge, firm breasts bouncing up and settling roundly in her too-tight top. Then she looks at you intently, and you begin to explain. “Serene wanted to come try to set things straight between the lodge and herself, which, as we found when the guards at the front gate tried to arrest her, is very much in need of happening.”

                “Indeed.” Serene agrees, her eyes narrowing. Cornelia glances at the purple-eyed Nai’Ghul, and then sighs, sitting back in her chair.

                “I suppose it’s no trouble to rescind my orders regarding capturing the Witch of the West.” Cornelia cedes. “But I sense there’s more. I know your methods enough to know what else it is that you seek, Nai’Ghul, and that will certainly be more troublesome. What will the younger sorceress’s think, if the Lodge allows one of our staunchest and most damaging enemies to simply set up shop in the middle of Mith’Nessad?”

                “Damaging?” You raise an eyebrow and look at Serene, and the sorceress coughs, pointedly.

                “I may have…done a few very small, inconsequential things. But as the Lodge is in the process of mending its ways, such acts are in the past, I assure you.” Serene crosses her legs, bracing both hands on her raised knee as she speaks. “And yes, as you’ve guessed, I do wish to establish a door in the city. With your permission, of course, Red Witch.”

                “Don’t call me that.” Cornelia’s right eye twitches furiously, and then she lets out a short breath, and places both hands on her desk. She closes her eyes, calming herself, and then looks up at you and Serene once more. “Alright. You can have your door, as long as there’s no more trouble. And on condition that you act in an advisory capacity with affairs of magic that fall into your sphere of specialization.”

                “Deal.” Serene holds out her hand, and with a small groan of reluctance, Cornelia takes it, and they shake. Serene grins as she settles back, leaning against your side triumphantly. Is she…gloating? You raise an eyebrow at your bonded one’s body posture, not quite sure if she’s just being her usual prideful self, or if leaning on you like this is some kind of declaration of ‘oh look, I’ve won him, and I’ve got my place here in your town, too!’

                Then, just as you’ve decided Serene really is trying to rub this in Cornelia’s face for some reason, Hode speaks up. You turn to her as she quietly explains the corrupted balance of nature she’s seen in Mith’Nessad, and Cornelia nods, frowning in response. “I’ve seen a whole round of reports on that very problem over the past few months. As far as I know, no one has actively tried to do anything about it, but I did intend to bring it up with Kallista at some point. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but she’s the witch of the East, the homeland of druids. Her knowledge of nature and its intricacies is peerless – and I say that knowing that Ethelde exists.”

                “Ethelde?” You glance at Aldrika in confusion, and the librarian steeples her fingers across her lap.

                “Ethelde is something of an expert on the East, including both the druids and this phantom continent of Mu she obsessively researches. But, despite that, I do agree that Kallista knows more than Ethelde in this particular regard.”

                “I see.” You frown, folding your arms beneath your breasts. Kallista did say she was expecting you to talk to her, so this is as good an excuse as any to do so. Still…you have more to talk to Cornelia about before you run off, right?

What will you do? Speak more with Cornelia? Go to Kallista? Go to Ethelde? Blow the flute?


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