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Chapter 787 - Nasandra Confirms Something

Step into the world of Lorivas and face a mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the balance! Will you find your way through this perilous world, or give up partway?

(This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for 100 fans. Thanks a lot, guys! Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses!)

Chapter 787 - Nasandra Confirms Something

Chapter 787 - Nasandra Confirms Something
                “You’ve already saved my life, Nasandra. I trust you completely.” You nod your head firmly, and let your hands fall limply at your sides. Worst case scenario she beheads you or something – and she already told you before that she knows how to remove heads, reattach them, and keep the person she did that to alive. You’re in good hands. “But…can you define how you expect me to react, so I know not to?”

                “For now?” With one powerful stroke Nasandra drives her sword tip-first into the floor. You blink at the sudden, abrupt violence, and then look back at Nasandra as she steps closer to you, her immense, gleaming golden breasts heaving hugely in her top, her cleavage bulging both on the underside of her tits and the top. “Just don’t move.”

                She stops directly in front of you, her tits sloshing forward, straining in her top only an inch from touching your chest. And then Nasandra drops, her powerful, toned legs bending to either side and her huge, thick ass catching her skirt between its enormously round cheeks, stretching it tight across her right ass cheek as her left, bare cheek glistens in golden, perfect roundness. Her hands catch the hem of your pants as her tits heave downwards and jiggle in place. With a sharp tug she jerks your pants down, and you flush, your eyes bulging in shock as your still-hard cock swings free, slapping wetly against Nasandra’s heaving golden cleavage!

                You do your best to stay still as Nasandra had asked, as her thick bubbly ass squishes against her high heels, and her heels in turn dig into the floorboards. She stares at your cock for a moment, her lips clamped firmly shut in concentration – and then she wraps both hands around your monstrous member, and shoves the head into her mouth! Her lips spread achingly tight around you, digging into your shaft’s immense, scale-lined girth as her tongue shoves against the tip, writhing against you.

                “Nghk, mngh…sssshhhhlllup.” Your body shudders as you hear Nasandra suck on the tip, her cheeks indenting way, way in as she does so. Her hands drag down to the base, and then she spreads her fingers against you, wrapping only her index fingers and thumbs around your cock as she sucks, and sucks, her lips inching up your cock as she feeds more and more into her throat.

                “Mnngh! Mn…shuuuuulpp.” She grunts, her thighs flexing and her ass bouncing against her heels as her throat starts to bulge around you. Her tits bulge between her arms, mounding up against each other as she leans further and further forward, forcing her throat to fill with cock! Her back arches and she pumps her legs, bouncing her ass up to jiggle against her lower back as her tits ripple against your thighs, her throat stretching pink-tight around you as her lips suck loudly all the way to the base!

                You gasp as you feel your cock completely fill her throat, throbbing, throbbing and throbbing as you feel her start to swallow around you. Unconsciously you ball your hands up into fists as she sucks back to the tip, her lips stretching down along your cock, bulging and dripping with your oil as she’s forced to lean way, way back to get all of your immense shaft out of her! She stops at the tip, her deliciously plump pink lips squishing against it, kissing it – and then she shoves forward, using your cock to force her lips open! “MMmnn.”

                “Gh-ukkjg!” There’s a quiet thud as her forehead connects with your abs, and her throat bulges around you again! She chokes, quietly, her back, thighs and ass twitching as she does so, and then she slowly turns her head, grinding your cock around inside of her throat as her tits tremble against you, either immense sphere of golden flesh already dripping with sweat. You grit your teeth as your cock starts to swell, your balls clenching up as you start to cum – and then she suddenly pulls back, releasing your cock with a loud, echoing slurp. “Shhlluuuphh-ah!

                “Ugh. Still…impressive.” Nasandra wipes her lips with the back of a hand, her lavender eyes glaring down the length of your hurting-hard cock. Your right eye twitches; she got you so close, and then she stopped at the last possible second! GAH!

                “Go and lie down on the bed.” Nasandra stands up and gestures over a shoulder to the massive bed at the back of the room, her thighs giving a small, blissful shudder. “On your back.”

                You feel your cock twitch at the priestess’s words, and hurriedly you walk to the bed and roll into it, ending with your cock standing straight up. Almost immediately Nasandra joins you, her left leg sliding across your thighs, spreading her pussy open as she pulls her skirt off and drops it on the floor. Her immense, jiggly golden ass cheeks clench as she presses both hands against your chest, her broad, shapely hips flexing as she drags her pussy against the tip!

                “Unngh.” Her round tits hang down heavily between her arms, bulging through her double cutout-top as Nasanda closes her eyes, and slowly shoves her ass down, forcing your cock into her pussy. She stretches open around you with a groan, her tight, sweet pinkness stretching more, and more, and more as Nasandra grunts and groans further, struggling to take it all in. Her ass twitches, either toned cheek bouncing in place as her back arches in pleasure! “Mn. Ungh…Uh.”

                Her teeth grit, her plump, succulent lips pulling back as at last her ass squishes against your thighs, her toned abs bulging subtly around your immense, pussy-dominating fuckrod. Her thighs clench thick and round, bulging against her calves as she sits for a moment and just twitches. But inside, she’s not just twitching; you groan under your breath as her pussy pulls and pulls, every tight pink coil within her dragging your cock against her womb harder and harder and harder, as if her pussy is trying to pump your cock all on its own. It’s maddening! It takes every ounce of willpower you have not to grab her ass and fuck her as hard as you can!

                Nasandra swallows, and her purple eyes slowly drag up, locking together with your electric gaze. A small shudder passes through her, and then, slowly, she starts to pump her hips up, her pussy fiercely fighting to cling to your cock even as she does so. She groans as inch by inch your shaft slides out of her, her pussy folds releasing you in slow, shuddering spasms that set her ass twitching and her tits rippling, leaving your cock dripping with pussy juice. At last she reaches the tip and holds there, her glorious golden thighs trembling and her back twitching as her pussy lips suck at the head. Her belly clenches, and slackenes and clenches again, as her pussy desperately tries to pull you back in!

                “Ohhh.” Nasandra moans as she gives in and slams her pussy down, her juices spraying out around your cock as she forces it in six inches at a time! Her head jerks back, her back arching anew as she pumps her hips down again, swallowing more of your cock into her pussy with every pump until her ass slaps against your thighs. Immediately she rocks forward, her huge, round tits jiggling forward between her arms as she drags your cock forward inside of her, and then shoves it back, her ass clenching tight every time she does. You can feel her pussy spasming around you, clinging harder and harder with every shake of her hips as she grinds the head against her cervix! “Oh, yes…this feels perfect! More.

                As soon as she speaks your arms reflexively jerk up, and before you realize you shouldn’t be moving, both of your hands dig into Nasandra’s thick, toned golden ass, her awesome, squeezable ass-flesh swallowing up your fingers! She grunts, her eyes widening in shock as the moment you touch her ass her pussy clenches wildly, clamping down, forcing her abs to flex as a wave of ecstasy rushes through her body. And then her eyes partially roll up, her lips gaping open as the priestess cums! “OOHHHHH!”

                “MN, MN, MN, MNG!” But she doesn’t even wait for her orgasm to pass before she forces her hips up, her deliciously bouncy ass flexing in your grip as she pulls off, and immediately slams right back down, pounding your cock against her womb as her pussy coils achingly tight around you! She grunts through gritted teeth as she slams down and down and down, her pussy spraying sweet female cum around you on every stroke as Nasandra’s incredibly tight pussy wraps around you and her huge, plump tits bounce forward, either green-bound glistening swell heaving up right in front of your face. You can’t withstand it! Your back arches and you thrust your hips up, yelling as your cock swells with cum!

                “OOoooOOoOOOHH! UGHHH!” Nasandra screams along with you, her silver hair flying wildly around her as she jerks her head back, and cums once more! You drag at her ass, forcing your cock skin tight against her womb – and then your first load blasts into her, bulging through your cock, stretching her pussy even tighter around you! Immediately it overflows her pussy, spraying out in thick strands around your cock, splattering across the bed as Nasandra’s screams of ecstasy are almost drowned out by the sound of her belly clenching as your seed pours into her!

                You pump your hips again, your cock emptying of the last of your seed with a final, pussy-stretching spurt. And then you drop back flat to the bed, and Nasandra slumps forward atop you, her cheek pressed to your chest. You pant in time with her, letting the silver-haired priestess’s pussy slowly release your cock – and then she abruptly sits upright and climbs off. You watch her from the corner of an eye as she crawls across to the edge of the bed opposite the wall, her huge, thick golden ass bouncing and jiggling with every motion.

                She sits up on her knees and drags her top off, her boots joining it on the floor a moment later. And then, fully, gloriously naked, she stands on all fours and spreads her juicy thighs, her entire body dripping with sweat as she looks over her shoulder at you. “Now, do the same from behind so that I cannot see your eyes during.”

                “What kind of…uh. Sure.” You start to question what kind of ‘confirmation’ this is, exactly, but you think better of it. You roll forward, standing on your knees behind the golden, glistening woman, and grip her broad, jutting hips in either hand. Nasandra moans, rolling her head to one side as you shove the tip against her, and then she gasps as you thrust forward, pumping half of your length inside of her with one push!

                “Nnnghh!” Her arms fold up beneath her, her huge, bare bronzed tits squishing against the edge of the bed as you force the rest of your cock balls-deep inside of her, straining her cervix against the tip! She grunts, her slender back arching and her abs flexing as you clench your cock within her, feeling her ass mold against your crotch. Then you drag back, her cum-stained pussy squelching as you pull out to the head – and spasming as you slam right back in! “OH!

                “Ohhh, this f-f-feeeeels…Ooh!” Nasanda cries out, her sweet, melodious voice filled with bliss as you stuff your cock inside of her relentlessly. Her ass slaps against you and rebounds, jiggling forward to ripple against her lower back even as her thickly toned thighs flex, pumping her forward, pulling her pussy up your cock. In the next instant she stops and shoves her hips back, slapping her ass against you as you thrust in time! Every thrust molds her pussy tighter and tighter around you, as her huge golden tits squish forward on the bed and drag back beneath her with every thrust! She moans in pleasure, her eyes half-lidding as her belly bulges around you again and again. “It’s just as good as before!

                “Mmmnnh, I could learn to loveUGH!…this. You are…ah?” Your cock thuds home within her, wrenching a strained grunt from the priestess’s lips and interrupting her words. But, before she can hardly say two utterances more, you growl in her ear and roll backwards. She gasps as you lift her off the bed, your back thudding against a wall as her thick ass squeezes tight in your lap, her own back thudding into your abs! Nasandra cries out in shock as you seize the backs of her thighs and pull, spreading her wide, wide open as either of her juicy thighs bulge in your grasp. You force her knees up, leaving her feet to hang limply in the air to either side of her head.

                She stares down between her own heaving cleavage, her purple eyes wavering as she watches your cock throb inside of her pussy, stretching her pussy lips tight around you. You want in, all of the way! With another, louder growl you flex your cock, forcing it to bulge thicker than ever before, straining Nasandra’s pussy! She screams, her head jerking back to thud against your chest as the tip suddenly surges against her cervix, straining against it harder and harder until at last, your cock slams through into the waiting womb beyond!

                “Mnnmm!” Nasandra moans in shock as her belly suddenly bulges hugely around you, the head of your cock completely wrapping her womb around it as your entire enhanced shaft stuffs her clinging pink pussy to the limit. You can feel her belly spasm, her abs clenching as she cums again – and you take that cue to powerfully pump your hips, cramming your cock in with all of your strength, straining her womb and pussy alike! Nasandra grunts, her ass reflexively clenching and jerking up and pulling slightly off your cock, but almost immediately she lets her bodyweight drag her right back down your monstrous length! “OHhh! Oohhh, yes!”

                Over and over you pump up into the priestess, sending her entire, glistening body surging up in time. Her tits jiggle up together and then roll apart, slapping against one another freely with every thrust. Her thighs jerk, her feet wobbling submissively in the air as she screams in time with your thrusts. She moans, rolling her head back in complete ecstasy as your cock plunges into her pussy, sending her juices gushing out around you in an endless, belly-stretching rhythm.

                She stares up at you, tilting her head back so far that Nasandra’s chin faces straight out from your chest. With a low, lustful moan the priestess’s lips part, her tongue thrusting out hungrily towards you – and you oblige her, craning down to press your lips against her fuller, plumper ones. Immediately your long, inhuman tongue slurps into her mouth, coiling round and round her tongue, forcing her cheeks to bulge around you as Nasandra’s entire body hums with bliss. “MMMMmmmmnnn!”

                Her pussy clenches as you kiss her, and aggressively you speed up, slamming up into her pussy faster and faster until she’s held permanently in the air! She screams louder and louder into your mouth as your hips slam against her ass and her tits bounce back and forth wildly on her chest, her pussy emptying and filling with cock so quickly that her belly doesn’t even have time to clench again between strokes!

                “MMNNNNGGGM…mmmn.” Tears of utter bliss drip down her cheeks as at last you slam in and cum deep, deep inside of Nasandra’s womb! An immense lump of seed pumps up your cock, stretching her pussy lips open and passing in a bulging wave into her pussy. You can see her belly bulge as it pumps towards her womb – and at last fills the priestess’s belly with cum! She goes limp, her eyes glazing over in complete, utter bliss as your cum pumps and pumps into her womb, swelling her around you until her belly stands out in a beautiful, glistening golden cum-filled sphere.

                You break the kiss and let out a long groan of satisfaction, relaxing against the wall – but only for a moment! You yelp as Nasandra almost immediately pulls off of your shaft, her fat, cum-filled belly sloshing as she turns to face you and drops to her hands and knees again, her lips wrapping around the tip of your cock. You watch as she slurps loudly down to the base, your cum pouring out of her pussy faster with every inch she swallows. Her tongue shoves against the underside of your cock, and you groan as she sucks back to the tip, forcing every last drop of lingering seed to pour out of the tip in a thick, tongue-coating load in her mouth.

                She gulps, loudly, her eyes shimmering with pleasure as she swallows your seed, her belly already flat and firm again. You blink at her, more than a little confused as Nasandra slips a hand under one of the bed’s pillows, and produces her belt, on which her golden ring hangs. She snaps it loose with a sharp tug, and smiles at you. “I was right. This is the reason I desired you.’

                “That is?” You swallow, staring as Nasandra takes your right hand in hers, the golden ring you already wear on your pinky glinting identically to her own. “The ring?”

                She nods, and then with her eyes still shimmering with pleasure, she slips her ring onto your middle finger. “As the middle priestess of the High King, I do bequeath this ring to you, and with it my life, loyalty, and love.”

                Your eyes narrow as the ring fits snugly into place on your hand. Bonnie said something almost just like that when she gave you her ring, didn’t she? That’s some kind of religious ceremony, from the way it sounds. And…a marriage ceremony of sorts, too. What are these rings?

                With a frown you look at Nasandra as she lies down beside you, her head resting against your chest. She smiles absently up at you for a moment, seeming almost as if she’s lost in a daydream, and then she shakes herself, and looks at your ring-laden hand instead. “I apologize for being guarded with my reasoning. I needed to confirm that my attraction to you was genuine, and…irrelevant of the effect your eyes seem to have on me. Feeling the pleasure you’ve given me even when my eyes did not meet yours was all I needed to know that my ring belongs with you.”

                “Belongs with me?” You exhale sharply, your brow furrowing in confusion. “What do you mean? What are these rings, really?”

                “That is a complicated thing to answer.” Nasandra frowns, and then slowly sits up straight. She looks you straight in the eye, and sighs. “There is a great deal to tell, enough that I am…lost as to where to begin. Perhaps if you were to ask some questions first, that might help me decide?”

What will you ask her?

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