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Chapter 1 - Cat got your balls?

After being foiled in a heist one too many times by Spider-Man, a frustrated and vengeful Felicia Hardy, AKA the Black Cat, seizes the chance to follow him home to his apartment. Learning his true identity as Peter Parker, Felicia decides to blackmail him into staying out of her way, and becoming her personal boy toy.

Peter learns that dealing with criminals, even the sexy ones, can be a dangerous business.

Chapter 1 - Cat got your balls?

Chapter 1 - Cat got your balls?
It used to be the case that getting to the roof meant she was home free. The relatively difficult part, by the Black Cat’s standards, used to be just getting into the target building, achieved by applying years of finely-honed skill and instinct to carve a path for herself. The building in question belonged to the Roxxon Corporation, and her prize was a USB stick that contained a tantalizing smorgasbord of sensitive financial information that would have been very interesting to a competitor considering a hostile takeover.
Felicia double-checked that she still had the USB before taking a running leap off the side of the building. This was the point where the Police, and the rent-a-cops that passed for “security” in places like this, usually lost her trail. With a grace that she knew made it look so easy to anyone who wasn’t an Olympic-level acrobat she fired her grappling hook at the edge of the highest rooftop it could reach, all in mid-air. She used it as leverage to swing herself onto the top of another building. This was the part where the security would watch slack-jawed and dumb-struck as she gracefully disappeared into the concrete jungle.
Once she was four blocks away she stopped. From here she would change directions sharply back to her apartment, any good thief knew never to make b-line from the scene of the crime to the base of operations. She paused to once-again examine the USB stick, retrieving it from its new home between her cleavage.
“Not as pretty as my usual takes.” She mused aloud before her full lips spread into a satisfied smirk. “But a ticket to an easy few million all the same.”
It was then that she heard the one sound she had hoped to go the rest of the evening without hearing. A loud “thwip” cut through the urban ambience as the stick was yanked out of her hand.

“Wow, a few million? Just how much Pizza do you think you can buy with that?” She looked up and saw Spider-Man, perched atop a water-tower. He held the USB stick, her USB stick, in his right hand, twirling it between his fingers, his webbed mask and it’s weirdly expressive lenses probably hiding a look of insolent smugness. “Damn, now I’m starting to crave Pizza.”
“Spider,” Felicia said through gritted teeth. “Couldn’t you have taken tonight off?”
“Not if I want to get my overtime pay.” The wall-crawler shot out a web and swung off the tower. “Heh, pay, could you believe it?”
Felicia wasn’t about to let her paycheck slip away. She fired her grappling hook, intercepting Spider-Man in mid-air, her elbow very deliberately making contact with his chest. The web-slinger let out a loud yelp of pain as he lost his grip on the web, falling back to the roof, landing painfully on his back. Felicia, by contrast, managed to perfectly stick her landing.
Rounding on Spider-man’s sprawled out form, a look of fury in her eyes, Felicia began to stalk towards him.
“I mean it, Spider, I’m really not in the mood to do this dance right now.”
Spider-Man pushed himself up with a pained, groan. “Good, because I was just thinking I would take that USB stick back to whoever you stole it from and-“
“You son of a bitch!” Felicia screamed as she bounded forward, with her claws out.
“Whoa, language!” Spider-Man leapt out of the way, leaving the Cat’s claws to slash at thin air. “You seem a little on-edge tonight, Cat.”
“Really, what makes you think that?” Felicia’s voice dripped with venomous sarcasm. She charged Spider-Man again, swinging her talons wildly, aiming for the areas she knew would cause him the most pain. Each time, however, he managed to narrowly sidestep her strikes, which only made her more frustrated. “Stay still, Spider, this will only hurt a lot.”
“I have a better idea,” Spider-Man said, jumping back, putting several meters of distance between himself and the enraged cat burglar. As soon as his feet hit the ground he bombarded Felicia with balls of webbing, his rapid-fire strategy overwhelming her. The barrage pushed her back until she had her back to the wall, which after seconds she found each of her extremities, stuck in place. Spider-Man stood with his arms crossed. “That’s a good look for you, Cat, sitting perfectly still while I call the police.”
“Wait Spider!, maybe I overreacted just a little.” She shouted just as he pulled out a smartphone. “Like you said, it’s a lot of money we’re talking about, here.” As she spoke her claws were slowly getting to work cutting the webs that encased her wrists and hands from the inside out, but it would take time. Her only chance she had to keep her prize was to keep him talking long enough to scratch her way out of his web. “I can vouch for the deep pockets of my clients, and believe me when I say they want what’s on that drive.”
“And all that stands between me and that payday is becoming the criminal the Bugle accuses me of being on a daily basis? Gee, Cat, you make it sound so simple.”
“Don’t be that way, Spider. There are perks that come with this job... in and *out* of costume.” She said, flashing him a wolfish grin.
Spider-Man stroked his chin in an exaggerated gesture of mock contemplation. “You know, Cat, that’s a really tempting offer, but there’s the whole PR angle to worry about. Plus I’m not big on selling my soul for some dosh, know what I mean?”
“You’re making a mistake, Spider.”
Ignoring her, Spiderman dialled the phone. “Hello? 911? My emergency? Well, you could say I caught a stray.”
“Fuck you!” Black Cat roared, struggling against her sticky bonds as Spider-Man jumped into the air and swung away in the direction of the Roxxon building, her score in-tow.

Felicia managed to break free just before the Police arrived. She seethed as she jumped across the rooftops and scaled the walls of the Big Apple. By now the webhead would have delivered the USB, either to the cops or directly to Roxxon. She couldn’t go back to the building to steal it again, it would be crawling with security and even they wouldn’t be dumb enough to let her slip past a second time. All that was assuming they wouldn’t have moved the stick to a different location or uploaded its contents somewhere else.
She landed on the roof of a midrise, confident by now that no one was following her. Felicia let out her barely suppressed fury, kicking an air vent while letting out a scream of rage. Once again the webhead had cost her a hugely rewarding potential windfall. She sighed loudly, sitting down against a skylight. Her relationship with Spider-Man had been a tumultuous one, to say the least. After her first-ever run-in with him Felicia had been intrigued and her interest quickly turned to excitement. The thrill of the chase was a form of sport she’d never known she’d needed before she met him. Usually the fun sense of danger came from sneaking in and out and not getting caught. The experience offered by the charming, wise-cracking mystery man, who so exquisitely matched her in athletic ability was something else entirely. It took all of her speed and reflexes just to stay ahead of him, and the rush she felt in those moments where she almost fell into his grasp was like nothing she’d ever experienced.
Then there was the romantic, or, to be more honest, sexual component to their relationship.
She’d lost track of how many times she had come home from one of their encounters, heart-pounding and her crotch area soaking wet, immediately falling back onto her bed and fingering herself to multiple orgasms. She could tell he felt something on his end too, he, of course, pretended to be aloof and put up his comedian facade, but she could tell he was attracted to her. Honestly, why wouldn’t he be? Felicia knew she was a drop-dead gorgeous woman, and she was always ready to flaunt it; a form-fitting, black leather costume with a neckline that gave a generous view of her prodigious cleavage wasn’t an incidental design choice. For her part, Felicia was attracted to the mystery that surrounded the man. He could have been anyone under that mask, but she had a few clues. For one she knew he had a significant other, possibly even married. Felicia was able to glean that much from certain things he’d let slip during one of their encounters. The fact that he was “taken” didn’t discourage her, however. In fact, she was incredibly aroused by the idea of being the illicit lover of the city’s biggest web-slinging celebrity behind his partner’s back.
That was then, however, and now Spider-Man was becoming a persistent thorn in her side. She wasn’t pursuing her chosen career path solely for the thrills, and the truth is that Spider-Man was making her business a lot less profitable than it used to be. But none of that meant she didn’t still want him, but now it was in a different way. She wanted to dominate him, break him, make him her bitch. The fantasy of the two of them carrying out a passionate affair was gone, replaced with a burning need to own the webhead and grind him down with every sexual skill she’d learned since her highschool days. The mental image of her sitting on top of whoever was behind that mask, pathetically screaming her name was all it took to get Felicia’s juices flowing.
Deciding it was neither the time or place to start touching herself, Felicia stood up and walked to the edge of the roof. Before she could leap off and fire her grappling hook she caught sight of a red and blue shape coming down the street. Thinking on her feet Felicia ducked behind an air-conditioning unit. Luckily for her he just swung on by, apparently having not seen her.
Cautiously emerging from her hiding place Felicia’s first thought was to book it back to her apartment, but then she was struck by a different idea. By the end of every meeting with the wall-crawler Felicia’s chief concern was that she wasn’t followed home, the idea of following him hadn’t occurred to her, until now.
This was a perfect opportunity, one Felicia may never get again. She ran after him, keeping to the rooftops, which would be less conspicuous than swinging with her grapple. As she ran, jumped and climbed her way through her path, any sound she may have made drowned out by the noise of the traffic below, giving Spider-Man no reason to look up. She took care to stay close enough not to lose him, but not so close that she set off that annoying sixth sense he’d shown himself to have before. Felicia’s heart thumped with anticipation, maybe this evening wouldn’t be a total loss after all.

“What is that? smells delicious.” MJ remarked as she stepped back into her apartment, the warm, pleasant odour from the kitchen being the first thing she noticed.
“That would be one chicken curry with a certain redhead’s name on it.” Her boyfriend’s voice called back.
MJ hung up her coat and went to join him in the kitchen.
“I don’t have to get the building evacuated, do I?” She asked.
“You are never going to let me live that down, are you.”
They shared a brief kiss.
“You really don’t have to do this, Peter.”
“Well aside from one cat burglar and a few of the usual street-level goons the city’s been quiet tonight.”
“Well, I’m more than happy to have the city’s hero to myself for one night but-”
MJ stopped, setting her eyes on a collection of dirty plates, chopping boards, bowels and cutlery sitting in the sink. She looked disapprovingly back at Peter who gave her a familiar deer-in-the-headlights look.
“I was... gonna get to that.”
MJ giggled and rolled her eyes. She walked over to the sink and started washing up.
“You know you really didn’t need to do this, Peter, you have enough to do as it is.”
“You’re talking like you’re not the one who brings the most money home.”
“And you’re talking like you’re not the one who puts his butt on the line on a daily basis.”
“It’s fine, MJ, really,” Peter assured her.
As MJ began to wash the dishes she decided to let Peter know what she’d been spending most of the day thinking about.
“So, while we’re on the topic of money...” She could almost feel Peter become tenser, she knew his experiences of this kind of conversation with his aunt and uncle had never been particularly uplifting. “Since I got the job at Stark pay has been good, really good.”
“Well, that’s... great news.”
“And I think we can now afford a much-needed vacation.”
“A vacation, you mean one of those things normal people do from time to time?”
MJ chuckled. “Yes, Peter.”
“So where’d you have in mind?”
MJ smiled to herself, slipping off her washing gloves. “Oh... I dunno. She sauntered up behind Peter, sliding her arms around his waist. “Somewhere hot, sunny, with a beach, so I can try out the collection of sexy bikinis I’ve been building up.” She whispered breathily.
“Y-you do realize if you do, I’ll have to fight off every guy there?”
MJ turned Peter’s head to look him straight in the eye. “Shouldn’t be a problem for Spider-Man.”
They shared another kiss, this time for much longer, and with an awful lot of tongue.

Felicia knelt perched on the edge of a building, looking through a pair of sophisticated binoculars. She was a few blocks opposite the apartment she had followed Spider-Man to.
She didn’t know what she had been expecting but she still found it somewhat surprising that the Spider’s life seemed to be... average. He himself was a boyish-looking young man with a head of unkempt brown hair, probably in his late twenties or early 30s. She wondered if he lived alone until she saw his girlfriend arrived. Felicia found herself become a bit resentful. The redhead was hot, by most standards, but Felicia still felt she had her beat in every department. What had she been doing wrong that she hadn’t made Spider-Man jump at the prospect of leaving this broad ages ago?
She continued to watch as they had dinner, she wished she could have planted listening devices at the windows, but it was too risky to do while they were home.
Felicia was amused when they went to have sex. She switched the binoculars to an infrared/x-ray mode to be able to see through the curtains. She learned several important things while watching them, first was that the webhead’s dick was just “ok”. Pretty average in size and girth, not the kind that meant she absolutely had to get in bed with him, she had plenty of other reasons for this.
Another discovery was that his girlfriend’s tits had nothing on Felicia’s. The redhead’s D-cups were nice enough, Felicia would be confident in saying her firm D-cups had them beat.
Most interestingly she found their sex life was pretty vanilla, with a lot of missionary and one occasionally going down on the other. Neither of them lacked for drive, but there just wasn’t much spice. Spider-Man’s webs alone could have easily pulled double duty as BDSM gear.
In any case, Felicia now knew the secret every two-bit crook in the city would have liked to have known for years: the true identity of Spider-Man. True she didn’t have a name to go with the face, but she knew where he lived, anything else she wanted to know was at the tips of her fingers.
She had unravelled her mystery man, now she could have her way with him.

Leaving his apartment with a nearly empty web cartridge was a real rookie mistake. To make matters worse by the time Peter realized how little fluid was left he didn’t have enough to get home, meaning he had to make it the rest of the way on foot. As he took the elevator up to their floor he felt thankful that MJ was at work, the whole thing was downright embarrassing.
“Well, you’re back early.” A female voice called from the bedroom.
“Yeah well I-“ Peter stopped, MJ was at work, right?
He ran into the bedroom and did a double-take when he found none-other-than Black Cat, smirking at him, standing confidently in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips.
“What’s wrong, Spider, expecting someone else?”
“I... Cat... I... what?”
“Or should I call you Peter Parker?” She said, her smirk growing wider and more predatory.
“H-how did you find me? How did you figure out who I was?”
“I followed you home, honestly never would have expected that to work. Perhaps you’re getting sloppy... Parker. And as to your name, well...” She nodded toward his laptop, which was open, with a number of tabs up which collectively showed an array of personal information. “Let’s say I’ve been reading up on you.”
Peter felt his heart start to thump faster as the gravity of the situation dawned on him, one of his enemies had learned his identity, this was always the worst-case scenario. He was vulnerable and the next move was hers.
“What do you want, Cat?”
Cat’s expression suddenly turned deadly serious. “First let’s talk about what happens if I don’t get it.” She said darkly. “This address, your name and face, along with your girlfriend’s, plus more personal info than you want to know, has been uploaded to several clouds. If I don’t  log-in to them at certain times the contents will be sent to a number of major players in the city’s underworld.” Peter gulped. “And if they don’t scare you it will only be a matter of time before the freaks with Octopus tentacles or Rhino costumes find out.”
“Ok, you made your point, Cat!” Peter insisted. “Just tell me what you want!”
Her smile returned. “I want you, little Spider.” She advanced on him, her hips swaying seductively, Peter, in turn, moved away until his back was against the wall.
“Cat, what are you-”
Peter was struck silent by the back of her hand striking him across his face.
“You’ve been a real pain in the ass lately you realize that, Spider?” As Peter reeled from the surprisingly painful strike she gently touched his chin and moved his head until their eyes met. “But from now on this city will be my playground, and all its riches are mine to sample as I please.”
“So if I hang-up the webs you’ll keep my secret to yourself?”
Black Cat laughed. “Oh Spider, credit me with just a little imagination.” She leaned in closer, he could easily smell her perfume. “Like I said, I want you, Spider.”Peter felt something press against his dick, which started to stiffen in spite of himself. “We could have been great together you know.” She looked down and Peter followed suit, her knee was gently rubbing against his groin.
“Cat, stop...”
“You and me, Spider, just think; this city could have been ours.” She brought her hand up to gently cup the side of his face. “Now you’re just going to be my bitch.” She said, her tone both soft yet menacing.
Then she kissed him, aggressively and possessively. Her mouth attempted to devour his while her tongue explored to its heart’s content. Of all the things Peter could have imagined happening moments after someone learning his secret, making out with a woman he’d fantasized about almost as much as he’d done with Gwen and MJ in back when he was in high school wasn’t one of them.
MJ had never kissed him like this before, it felt like the Black Cat had totally taken charge of him. Even as he involuntarily started to return the kiss he couldn’t match her passion.
She pulled away briefly, smirking arrogantly at him.
“Have to be honest, Spider, you kiss like a virgin.”
“Cat, can we just-”
Cat shut him up by kissing him again, like a lioness returning to her feast. Peter found himself quietly whimpering as he the pleasurable sensations of both the kiss and Felicia’s knee rubbing against his rapidly hardening member. She noticed and decided to have some fun at his expense.  The Cat started moaning loudly and lewdly, anyone who walked past the door to their apartment would probably hear.
Breaking the kiss again, Felicia grabbed the front of Peter’s shirt with both hands and, using her talons, tore the fabric right down the front in one swift, clean motion. Peter looked so flustered with his chest exposed, Felicia absolutely relished the sheepish look on his face. Noticing how rigid his nipples were Felicia reached up and gently pinched his left one between her finger, rolling it between them.
“Hey, don’t... ah... OH!”
Felicia found nipples were always a sweet spot, for men and women, it seemed Peter was particularly sensitive in that area. Deciding to intensify her assault Felicia lowered her head to his other nipple. She kissed, licked and suckled on it, which elicited louder moans from Peter. As she did this Felicia lowered her free hand to his crotch, she could feel through his pants that his cock was almost fully hard. As she felt it grow stiffer she decided, as much as the idea of making him cum simply from a bit of nipple-play would have been a real ego-booster for her, that she still had plenty to do with him.
She again gripped his torn shirt and pulled Peter towards the bed.
“Alright, Spider, time to slip out of the rest of those clothes!” Felicia insisted.
“I... I can’t... MJ and I.”
“There are worse things to break than her heart, loverboy.”
Cowed by her implicit threat Peter started by reluctantly slipping-off the torn remains of his shirt.
“Oh for God’s sake, Spider, show a little more gusto!” Felicia said before pulling her jumpsuit down around her shoulders, proudly exposing her prodigious tits. Felicia stood with her chest puffed out for several moments, enjoying Peter’s obvious gawking. “How many times have you thought of these babies while you were with her?” Peter simply averted his eyes from her in shame and embarrassment. “Peter, look at me,” She said, her tone both commanding yet gentle. With the grace and seductive of a practiced stripper, Felicia slid her jumpsuit off, revealing the rest of her body, including her pussy, wet with anticipation as it was at the prospect of having her way with Peter. “Your turn now, Spider.”
“Can we at least do this somewhere else?”
“I decide where we do this, Spider, and we’re going to do it in the same bed you fucked your redhead in last night.”
With a defeated look on his face, Peter awkwardly shed his remaining clothes. Confirming again that his penis was about average size. Normally Felicia would be disappointed to find a partner, even the masked mystery man who dominated her fantasies for months, had anything less than a monster between his legs. But what she had planned for Peter wasn’t about enjoying a great fuck, or even about romance. It was about making him hers, grinding him down until there was nothing left but a pathetic shell of a man wrapped around her finger. He was going to pay for all the times he crossed her with his body and his dignity.
“My, my, Spider, that’s all you have down there?”She remarked snidely as she sauntered over to him. “What would the city think if they knew their hero was so... average.”
Peter gritted his teeth, for the first time she’d said something that actually hit a nerve. Felicia clearly noticed, as her smile widened.
“It’s good enough for MJ!” Peter insisted.
Felicia threw her head back and laughed hysterically.
“Oh Spider...” She said with an amused sigh once her laughter subsided. “You’re lucky she’s still with you. If she really thinks that it’s because she hasn’t had anything better yet.” Peter huffed and looked away from her, a look of bitterness on his face. “But then again...” Felicia began, continuing her approach to Peter until she stood right in front of him. “Maybe you haven’t had better either...” Peter gasped when she suddenly grabbed and began to fondle his genitals, his legs nearly buckling from her casual but deft manipulation of his balls and shaft. “But I’ll fix that.” She whispered before kissing him on the cheek and letting go of his now freshly-hardened dick.
Peter stood panting before sitting down on the edge of the bed. What was he doing? He’d almost cum twice now after a mere few seconds of being touched by a woman other than his girlfriend. Remembering what his Uncle used to say about responsibility, and it didn’t get more irresponsible than being unfaithful to the woman you loved. Uncle Ben said there were two types who did that: weak men, or scumbags. Given Peter seemed to be letting Felicia handle him like a ragdoll, he was mostly feeling like the former. What choice did he have, though? She knew his secret and had the means to release it, that meant he would never know another moment's peace again, MJ and Aunt May would have targets painted on their backs for some of the worst people in the city.
“Ah, there you are!” Felicia exclaimed.
Peter looked to see Felicia, who had been rummaging through the bag he had been carrying his suit in, holding his mask. She walked back over to him and held it out to him.
“Put it on.” She commanded.
Felicia rolled her eyes and sighed.
“Because this next activity is for Spider-Man, not Peter Parker.”
Obviously Felicia was going to have her way with him with, or without the mask, so Peter decided to obey. He put the mask on and waited to see whatever she had in mind.
Felicia looked down at Peter, staring into the white lenses of the mask’s eyes. This was perfect. Her little Spider, the annoying, quip-spewing thorn in her side, naked and at her mercy. She bit her lip and let out a quiet moan of anticipation, this was going to be so good.
She got onto the bed and sat on his lap. Peter grunted slightly, she was heavier than noticeably heavier than MJ, not surprising given that Felicia was as tall as he was and her athletic physique provided a fair amount of muscle.
Peter wondered if this was it, she was going to make him perform the ultimate betrayal of MJ. Her sopping cunt sat so agonizingly close to his throbbing dick now, all she had to do was push her hips forward and then down and they would pass the point of no return. It didn’t feel right to rationalize that he wasn’t married or that he was being forced, but those all felt hollow to him. He could have tried to resist her, he knew from experience that the Black Cat was no slouch in hand-to-hand combat, he’d seen her skillfully take down crooks, cops and security guards twice her-size on many occasion. But she’d discarded her costume and it’s gadgets (aside from her goggles) and Peter’s Spider-strength would probably have given him the edge in the end. But that wouldn’t stop her from letting his secret get out. The least he could do was try to offer a little resistance and not give her the satisfaction of blowing his load too quickly.
Once again Felicia kissed him, planting her full lips on his mask. It was weird for Peter, usually when he and MJ made-out while he was in-costume she would pull his mask up first. It didn’t seem to bother Felicia though, who pressed her lips against the fabric of the mask with the same enthusiasm she had shown earlier. Indeed, she found the feel of her tongue running over the ridges of webbing that crisscrossed the material oddly pleasant.
While she continued the unconventional kiss Felicia was met with the pleasant feeling of a warm liquid running down along her inner thighs and onto Peter’s legs. Felicia had always been “productive” in the pussy juice department. Even slightly aroused her cunt became a profusely leaky faucet. She didn’t mind at all, it made her feel sexy, virile and potent.
She pulled away and cupped Peter’s face in both hands.
“Do you remember that auction with those gems from Thailand?”
“The auction, Spider, do you remember?”
“Yeah, you tried to steal those gems.”
Felicia put smiled as she wrapped her arms around Peter’s shoulders and pulled him closer to her. She then gently pushed his head down to rest against her bosom.
“50 million dollars, Spider. That’s what I could have fenced them for... 50 million.” She whispered as she cradled his head against her breasts.
“Well... uh, you know what they say about crime not paying,” Peter said, chuckling at his own lame joke.
“You son of a bitch!” Felicia grabbed the back of Peter’s head, holding it tightly in place. She began to twist her chest from side to side, using her breasts to repeatedly bash into his face.  “Do. You. Have. Any. Idea. How. Many. Scores. I. Lost. Thanks. To. You.?” Every word was deliberately punctuated by one of her tits bumping into Peter’s face as she used them to “beat” him with wild abandon.
Peter tried to say something but he was interrupted by a sudden pain in his back as her right hand came down and her fingernails into his skin, while her other hand continued to hold his head in place.
“Remember the... ah... Vanderheim fortune? The Jade Buddha? That gold... Oh... gold bullion shipment from S-s-Switzerland? You think I... mmmm... you would get away with fucking up... ah... oh yes... fucking up my business for me forever?” She said between pants, gasps and moans. Not only did she find the act of bitch-slapping Parker across the face with her tits to be incredibly cathartic, but it was also arousing her tremendously. Her hips bucked back and forth almost involuntarily, humping thin air, occasionally her pussy lips would gently bump against the tip of Peter’s still mostly-rigid member, causing both of them brief spikes of pleasure.
Peter didn’t know what to think, getting Felecia using his face as an apparent punching bag for her huge, firm breasts was both demeaning but, despite himself, very arousing, and fortunately not painful in any real sense. Her fingernails pressing into his skin was a different story. Suddenly, however, her hand moved back up to his head and she pushed is face right in-between her breasts, so firmly between them in fact that it was hard to breathe.
“You... ooooh... you have been... God yes... such a... such a pain in the ass.” She stammered between numerous pleasured vocalizations as she kept his head pressed tightly between her boobs. The air was getting thin enough for Peter that he had to hold his breath if she kept him there much longer he’d need to break free. “I should... ah... I should just... Oh... OH... Yes... God... Yes, YES, YES!” She cried out as she began to thrash about and scream like a wild animal, releasing peter in the process who inhaled and exhaled loudly, like a diver coming up for air.
Felicia roared in pleasure, having poured so many bent-up frustrations into her obscene assault on Peter it had apparently been enough to trigger one hell of a hands-free climax. Peter had to admit he found her furious cries of pleasure both arousing and a little scary, he and MJ never got that... primal when they reached orgasm. Peter felt a warm liquid splash across his crotch and inner thighs. He looked down and saw a stream of clear juices spraying out of her pussy. He’d been with two women in his life, MJ and Gwen, and neither had been squirters.
Felicia panted loudly as she sat with his eyes closed and her head back as she basked in her post-orgasmic high.
“So... are we done?” Peter quipped dryly, pretending to himself and to her that he hadn’t been turned on.
Felicia’s head snapped forward and she glared at Peter with undisguised menace. She suddenly pulled her arm back and delivered a surprisingly hard punch to his face, which sent him falling back onto the bed. Clearly, she still had stamina to spare.
“OW!” Peter shouted.  He reached up and felt his lip, it was bleeding. “If you wanted to sucker punch me there are easier setups.” Felicia lunged forward, she was now looking right into Peter’s eyes with an almost crazed look of lust on her face. She pulled his mask off and kissed him again. Peter felt her lick at the bleeding cut. After a few seconds, she pulled away, closing her eyes and moaning in satisfaction, apparently savouring the taste of the blood. “Ok... major red flag.”
She grinned down at him evilly. “Oh, Spider, I’m definitely the kind of girl your mother warned you about.”  She looked down at his semi-hard member. “I can’t help but notice someone didn’t get off yet.” She said teasingly.
Seeing a chance to get in a not so subtle joke at her expense, Peter took it. “Maybe you’re not as good as you think..?”
Felicia’s eyes narrowed as she glared dangerously at Peter. She painfully pinched his nipple and he gasped in discomfort. “I’m a better lover than you and that redhead bitch of yours put together.”She declared. “But you know what they say: show don’t tell.”
In one graceful movement, Felicia slid back down off the edge of the bed so that her head was level with Peter’s cock. In one go she was able to take the whole length into her mouth. It wasn’t difficult; Peter was, as she’d already noted, average in the size department, and she’d enjoyed some real monsters in her time.
Peter let out a decidedly unmanly cry of surprise and pleasure at his cock being suddenly engulfed. Felicia began to bob her head rhythmically up and down Peter’s shaft. It felt incredible, and after being at or near full mast for a good few minutes now, he already felt ready to burst. With her lips firmly planted around his shaft, Felicia pumped it mercilessly, eliciting a series of pleasured gasps and moans from him. The only time she let the whole of his cock out of her mouth was to quickly plant a quick kiss on the tip.
He didn’t last long at all. Peter cried out desperately as he came, pleasure wracking his body as his hands tightly gripped the bedsheets. He bucked his hips but Felicia didn’t release his cock, she simply moved her tongue to catch as much of his spurting load as possible.
One he was done with his orgasm Felicia withdrew, closing her eyes and moaning loudly as she made a show of savouring the taste of his cum.
“Mmmmm... You taste good, Spider.” She remarked after swallowing. “I think this kitty’s found her new favourite treat.”
After the orgasmic high passed Peter suddenly felt dismayed. She’d done it, she’d made him cum in about a minute, maybe less. He hadn’t cum that fast since his first time with MJ. The whole “forced” excuse could only go so far.
Felicia climbed back onto the bed next to Peter, resting her head on the pillow, her beasts level with his head. He looked up at her, she smiled down at him warmly, almost tenderly. She gently tilted his face to look at her breasts. “Suck” she commanded softly.
Peter saw no point in resisting anymore and did as instructed. Tepidly bringing his mouth to Felicia’s left tit, he began to awkwardly suckle on it. Felicia let out a sigh of pleasure as she basked in the feeling of her tit being sucked. Peter soon settled into a rhythm and found himself actually getting into it. He’d never done this with MJ before, he would occasionally lick, nibble and fondle her tits, but she’d never had him nurse on them like a babe. It felt so submissive, yet so... good.
“Oooooh, such a good little Spider.” Felicia cooed softly. Peter felt her upper leg start to grind against his cock, which again started to stiffen. “You like them don’t you, Spider? Mmmmm... yeah... you like my big tits.” Peter simply moaned around her nipple, which he continued to eagerly suckle. “Suck it, Spider, suck it like a good little bitch.” She murmured huskily. “how many times have you... mmmm... dreamt of this? How many times did you... ah... pretend not my costume with its... mmmm... deep cleavage didn’t turn you on? You’ve been jacking off to the... aaahhh... the thought of my boobs for years, now here you are sucking at them like the slut you are.”
Felicia’s dirty talk, while obviously meant to denigrate him, turned Peter on even more, before he knew it his dick was at full mast again. Felicia sat up and rolled Peter onto his back. Peter immediately missed the comforting feeling of having his lips clamped onto her ample tit-flesh.
“Cat... what..?”
“You really are a desperate little slut, aren’t you?” Felicia said with a mocking laugh. “Don’t worry Spider, you’ll be spending a lot more time with these from now on.” She cupped both breasts and jiggled them for emphasis.
Felicia then grabbed both Of Peter’s wrists and Lifted herself on top of him. Peter saw her dripping pussy hovering just inches above his rigid cock. Peter’s eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen: he was wrong before, this was the point of no return. He was about to copulate with another woman in the same bed he shared with MJ every night, and he knew he wouldn’t do anything to stop it happening. The only question was if he could convince that he was going along with it reluctantly.
Before he could say anything to delay the inevitable Felicia pushed her soaking pussy down onto his length. They bothered let out gasps of pleasure. Felicia grinned down at him triumphantly as she began to ride him. He didn’t know if it was because he was used to missionary, or if it was because Felicia was heavier and had more stamina than MJ, but the feeling of Felicia’s warm, wet pussy lips sliding up and down the length of his cock was more intense than most sexual experiences he’d had. The only thing he could think of off the top of his head to equal it were his first times with Gwen and MJ.
For her part Felicia rode him with confidence, her posture and body language indicated she was in complete control. She had him mewling in pleasure from the practised movements of her hips while keeping his dick firmly in her cunt. She was enjoying herself too, equally from the power she felt she had over him as from the intercourse itself. Every now and again she would lean down to dominantly kiss or lick at his face and neck.
As things progressed Felicia’s movements and gyrations became more aggressive and, predictably, elicited louder moans from Peter. As she felt her orgasm approach she worked to sped-along his, she wanted them to cum at the same time. Soon enough her sensual moans had turned into animalistic howls, each one signalling her building pleasure. Exactly as she intended both their orgasms arrived simultaneously.
Right as Peter’s cock began to spew and his body entered the throes of orgasm Felicia lifted herself off his cock and thrust her pelvis forward as her juices sprayed from her cunt. She bucked wildly roaring in pure, animal satisfaction. Her clear, watery cum landed across Peter’s chest and face, absolutely soaking him.
Peter sputtered at the unexpected dousing, especially when some of her juices got in his mouth.
“What the hell was that?” He demanded once his own intense orgasm had finished.
Felicia smiled to herself, she had marked him as her territory as far as she was concerned. After several seconds of contentedly basking in the afterglow, she leaned down and gave Peter another long, deep and dominant kiss.
Once she pulled away she closed her eyes and moaned loudly. “Mmmmmm... I taste good.” She was telling the truth, Felicia often found tasting herself on her lover’s tongue to be incredibly sexy.
Felicia climbed off the bed and picked up her costume off the floor.
“So what now?” Peter said as he wiped some of her cum of his face.
“Well...” Felicia began while she put her jumpsuit back on. “They’re displaying a number of *very* nice Peruvian emeralds at a gala downtown tonight and I think I just have to have one.”
Peter looked over at his mask, which lay discarded on the floor. “And I suppose you don’t expect to run into Spider-man,” Peter remarked, his implication clear.
Felicia, now once again in full costume, smirked at Peter. “Very good, Spider, I’m glad we understand each other.” She walked up to him and bent down to kiss his cheek. “The things I’m gonna do to you, Spider...”
“Mind letting me in?” Peter’s tone was deadpan.
“Not yet, Spider.” Felicia strode toward the window. “And don’t worry about your wall-crawling double-life. Spider-Man still has a future but on my terms.” She was about to leap from the window when she paused and looked back at Peter with a devious grin. “You may wanna clean yourself up unless Red likes the scent of better women coming off her boyfriend.”
At that, she leapt out the window with the grace of an Olympic diver. Venturing into the city in search or her next score. Now liberated from the problem of the webhead’s interference the whole of Manhattan was her oyster.
She was right, if MJ didn’t recognize the heavy smell of pussy juice she would certainly know the scent of perfume, the bedsheets could have done with a wash too.
In the shower, Peter reflected on everything that had happened. Every time Peter felt he’d fucked up in the past he remembered there was always something MJ would say to him: “don’t beat yourself up over this, Tiger”. She would always say it the same way: same tone, same inflection. He doubted he would hear her say it about this, though.
Of all the things Peter could have imagined, in his darkest moments, happening if one of his enemies learned his secret, being blackmailed into sex was not one of them. How had he let it happen? He should have expected something like this. If anyone would have been able to follow Peter home without him noticing it would be a skilled thief like the Black Cat.  And now he was in the absolutely fucked up position of having to betray MJ just to keep her, and everyone else important to him, safe.

MJ, fortunately, got home by the time he had everything cleaned up. Peter could hide the evidence of what he did from her but not his mood. She noticed something was off and prodded him on it. He just assured her that his alter-ego had gone through a hard day.
His inner turmoil was made all the worse by the fact he didn’t know what to do next. Should he have had dinner and gone to bed as normal? Was that truly the way to make up for what he had done? Perhaps they should have made this night like the last and had sex? On one hand that meant his experience with Felicia hadn’t made him any less willing to make love to MJ. On the other having sex with your girlfriend after you’d cheated on her, consensually or otherwise, as though nothing had happened felt “wrong” on several levels.  He morbidly wondered which would give Felicia the most satisfaction, on one hand, she may take not having sex with his girlfriend as a sign that she simply didn’t satisfy him enough. On the other, she may have been watching them, and he wasn’t about to put on a show for her if he didn’t have to.
In the end, MJ didn’t make any invitations, and without her lead, one way or the other Peter couldn’t bring himself to broach the topic of sex of his own initiative. They went to bed normally, without doing anything sexual. It was after the lights were out that Peter noticed, to his embarrassment and shame, that his dick was semi-hard. It remained that way until he finally went to sleep, all the while unable to bring himself to face MJ’s side of the bed.


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