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Chapter 0 - Never fuck someone on the first date

Hell Knight Ingrid corners a young anti-demon hunter and decides to have some fun. This turns out to be a bad idea. 

light fem-dom
orgasm denial
dark skin
size difference
Extreme insertion
Two cocks
cum inflation
mind break

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Chapter 0 - Never fuck someone on the first date

Chapter 0 - Never fuck someone on the first date
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Heavy footsteps echoed through the alley as a young man clad in tight fitting armor, the only visible feature on him that wasn’t covered was his blue eyes and short brown hair. Light reflected off the ceramic plating as he tried to make his escape from his botched assassination attempt. Looking over his shoulder to see if he was still being tailed was turned out to be a bad idea as his foot tripped on a discarded brick causing him to lose his balance.
The armored man found their body twisting as he fell on his back, his head slamming against the concrete floor. Trying to push the pain way, the man tried to pick himself back up only to find something sharp slam against his chest, causing him to collapse back into the ground. Looking down, he saw a black stiletto shoe pressing against his chest with a brown delicate foot filling it.
“Anti-demon hunters are recruiting younger people by the day, it would seem.”, the man heard a husky voice caused him to look up at the face of his captor. Sharp, golden irises looked down on him over purple lips that formed a scowl as the person regarded him. Pinkish-red hair stood out against her cocoa skin as it traveled its way past her head. It was at this moment he knew who was on top of him and cursed his poor luck.
Hell Knight Ingrid. To the ill-informed, she may appear as a normal human but she was a demon with immeasurable strength. She was also a personal bodyguard and right-hand woman to Edwin Black, a vampire that ruled the city at night. Demon and human alike that have attempted to take down Black have all met a grisly fate by her hands.
Looking down, the demon hunter noticed that she wasn’t in any battle armor of sorts. Instead simply wearing a black secretary outfit, complete with a thigh length skirt. He was thankful for the mask covering his lower face as his cheeks started to glow red. The Hell Knights current outfit did a horrible job of hiding her assets. Her clothing seemed a size or two too small for her as they clung to her curves, showing off her voluptuous hips and very ample chest.
What’s worse was that most of the buttons on her vest were not fastened, causing her to show off an absurd amount of cleavage. It also showed that the demoness didn’t even wear a bra as he could see the darker skin of her areola showing with her nipples threatening to peek out. If the demoness thought her features scandalous, she didn’t show it.
“Trying to assassinate Master Black all by yourself and at his place of business.”, Ingrid noted as she brought her hands to her flared hips, giving off a sigh of annoyance. His failed assassination attempt could hardly be labeled as such considering the fact all he did was try to enter the main building without even a disguise. If she wasn’t nearby to call him out, he probably would have died the second he entered the complex. “I can’t tell if you’re really brave or just naive.”
“Get off me, demon whore!” the hunter shouted as he tried to push himself up despite the sharp pain of Ingrid’s heel digging into his chest. “You will not stop me from putting your master’s head on a-OOF!”
The anti-demon hunter’s tirade was interrupted as Ingrid pushed him back done with a little bit more force, knocking the wind out of him. The Hell Knight brought a hand to her temple as she could already feel a headache coming on. She really didn’t need to hear some human’s revenge story.
“You’re lucky it was me who stopped you. If it were any other demon, they would have torn you to pieces without a second thought”, the hell knight chided the young man, crossing her arms under her chest, causing her huge bust to wobble a bit.
“I…I don’t need your sympathy.”, the anti-demon Hunter said, sounding flustered. He couldn’t help but steal a few glances at her breasts. Averting his gaze, he continued, “Go ahead and kill me! I’m not afraid.
Ingrid really would prefer not to kill the young man. His death might cause tensions to rise with the Anti-demon hunter organization and could provoke a counter attack, meaning a bigger headache for her. Besides, he was pretty much harmless and didn’t pose a threat to Black. But she couldn’t just let him go either, he could just do this again and again until Darwin’s law took effect.
Lopping off a leg would work but was probably a bit extreme for this case. The Hell Knight would need to put a little fear in the man to deter him from doing something like this again. Seeing how the hunter acted while squirming under her foot, an idea came to mind that could work. Ingrid saw the subtle motions on his face. Half of it may be covered but the eyes said it all. He found her attractive and she could use that as a leverage. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact she found him cute and for it being a long time since she got any action, Ingrid would have never considered this idea.
Uncoiling one of her arms from her chest, she snapped her fingers in the air causing a brilliant golden glow to surround her body. The hunter tried his best to avert his eyes from Ingrid but the glowing light caused him to draw his gaze upon her body. Just as quickly as the yellow light appeared, it vanished with all the Demoness’s clothes.
Eyes went wide as the young man saw the Hell Knight in all her naked glory. Her breasts bounced slightly as they were freed from the tight-fitting clothes. The brown orbs seemed to defy gravity, not sagging in the slightest despite their apparent massive weight. A Dark nipple jutting out on top of each orb, almost as thick as a pinky. Looking further down, past her trim waist, he saw her motherly like hips being supported by thick brown legs and between them was her bald cunt. Every inch of her body looked soft to the touch. Any fat she had seemed to gravitate more towards her hips, thighs and her tits thus giving her a voluptuous form. Freed from her clothing, Ingrid brought one hand down to her voluptuous hips while the other draped over a breast.
“Like what you see?”, the demoness asked with a coy smile. The young man was silent but his eyes looked at her with lust. Ingrid dragged the foot that was pressing against her chest up to his face. Dexterous toes grabbed on to the cowl that covered his face. The hunter didn’t move as he felt his mask being pulled down, fully revealing his face. The Hell Knight’s smile grew a bit wider as she saw how flushed her prey looked. He looked quite adorable, looking flustered as he is. It only made her more committed to her little plan. A husky giggle left her lips as she continued, “it seems that you do.”
“I…I won’t be lured by some succubus whore!”, the hunter's voice cracked as he tried to deny the demoness’s discovery.
“Don’t be like that.”, Ingrid said, sounding like she was giving an order instead of a request. She brought her delicate foot back up as she rubbed the sole against his face, making the young man groan as he felt degraded. The hunter turned his head to the side as tried to hide his own arousal from Ingrid and to simply get his face away from her foot. Feeling her dominatrix side come out she continued, “You should be grateful that I’m exposing myself to a cute boy such as yourself instead of killing you outright.”
Ingrid was feeling her own arousal building and decided to step it up a notch. Feeling the demoness’s foot leave his face, the hunter looked back up to see what was next only to see Ingrid’s large rump above him. Before he could say a word, the chocolatey orbs descended upon him. The young man’s head almost disappeared as Ingrid sat on his face. His nostrils were immediately assaulted with a honey sweet smell that was emanating from the hell knights cunt as juices were dribbling out from those dark lips. With her knees on the concrete ground, Ingrid started to slowly grind her cunt against the hunter’s face.
“Here’s the deal, young man. I’m not going to kill you,” Ingrid stated as she gyrated her hips. “but if you don’t please me to the best of your abilities then, I can assure you, there are fates far, far worse than death.”
The Hell Knight emphasized her point as she leaned forward to grab the young man’s crotch, easily finding one of his testicles through his clothing, and squeezed down on it with enough force that she hear a muffled yelp. Seeing that he didn’t have much of a choice, the hunter dragged his tongue against her dripping folds as he attempted to please her.
Ingrid cooed at the young man’s skillful tongue as it ran across her cunt, taking deliberately slow licks against her vulva. His actions were bearing fruit as more of her feminine juices secreted from between her lips and her clit slipped out of its hood. He avoided the little pearl as he licked up the honey tasting liquid, occasionally dipping his wet digit into her cunt to capture more of the tantalizing juices.
A moan left the Hell Knight’s lips as she laid her body down against his, pressing her heavy breasts against the hunter's lower abdomen. Bringing her face close to his crotch, she bit her lip as she saw a bulge straining against the young man’s pants. Eagerly, she undid the zipper that was keeping the beast at bay only to have it pop free from its restraints and slap here in the face.
A groan left the young man’s lips as Ingrid wrapped her fingers around his cock. She inspected his size, appreciating that it was large but not absurdly so, before diving in and sticking the cock head in her mouth. Her thick purple lips stretched around the head as her tongue swirled around the tip. She lapped up the pre-cum that was seeping from the cockhead, enjoying the salty taste.
Both parties attempted to outdo each other as each ran their tongue against sensitive flesh, pleasuring each other to the best of their ability, but Ingrid seemed to be more enthusiastic about it. She audibly moaned as she sucked on his cock. Her hands joined in as one pumped the meat that wasn’t in her mouth and the other massaged one of his balls, trying to coax more of his delicious precum out of his dick. The anti-demon hunter responds in kind as he sunk his fingers into her fat rear and tried to lick up all the juices secreting from Ingrid’s cunt. His tongue occasionally lashed out at her clitoris, making the demoness groan.
Ingrid didn’t seem to notice that the pre was gushing in absurd doses or just didn’t care as she eagerly swallowed the heady stuff all the same. She could feel herself losing control as she shoved more of the hunter's cock down her mouth, feeling it bashing its way against the back of her throat. Obscene gagging sounds left her cock stuffed lips as she repeatedly jammed the meaty shaft into her gullet, feeling an intense need to fuck her own face with it.
But a much greater need was starting to grow between her legs. The hunters were doing amazing work with his tongue as he made broad strokes against her cunt, dragging it from top to bottom. In between strokes, he would lash his tongue out against her clit making her cunny twitch and spasm as her climax was building. His tongue felt amazing but she needed something more.
Ingrid tore her mouth away from the young man’s dick with a gasp. The cock pulsated as it spurted out precum, upset that the tight confines it was enjoying were now nowhere to be found. She came back down to give the head a reassuring lick before raising her ass off the young man's head, a shiver going down her spine as she got another helping of his pre. His face, now freed from the brown orbs of her ass that had been suffocating him, was beet red and covered in spit and feminine juices.
“Oh, you naughty boy. Now look what you’ve done to me.”, Ingrid’s husky voice was filled with lust as she reached down to her cunt, dainty brown fingers spreading her vaginal lips to reveal in her pink inner chamber. Cunt juice dripped from the clenching hole, falling on the young man’s face. “Your perverted tongue has gotten me all riled up. You had better take responsibility for this.”
The young hunter didn’t know what she meant by taking responsibility until the Hell Knight shifted her body to have her dripping cunt right over his throbbing member. With her back still facing him, Ingrid lowered herself till her pussy fully enveloped his cock. Moaning, Ingrid enjoyed the demon hunter’s size. It was thick enough to stretch her cunt without causing pain.
Her desire to cum was intense as she wasted little time and eagerly began bouncing on his cock. Slapping sounds echoed throughout the alley as her rear collided with the hunter’s hips. She moaned and cried in lust at the feeling of the cock rubbing against her sensitive walls. It felt amazingly intense, like nothing she had ever felt before.
“So good! This…feels too good!”, Ingrid cried out as she rode the hunter's cock. Her climax was building higher as she applied more force with each thrust, causing her fat rump to jiggle with each bounce as she tried to get herself off. Delicate brown fingers traveled her heavy breasts as she tweaked her fat nipples, causing lustful moans to leave her lips. The hunter made no motion to move, his body stiff as he was totally absorbed by the amazingly tight folds wrapped around his cock.
The demoness’s moaning soon turned to grunting as her climax was building still. Then to snarling, as felt her release nowhere to be found. Ingrid was slamming her crotch into the humans, no doubt leaving bruises, as she became more sexually frustrated, unable to understand why she has yet to cum.
“I’m…I’m gonna cum!”, Ingrid heard the young man groan behind her.
“Don’t You Dare! Not Yet!”, the demoness snapped back. She pressed her hands against the concrete floor as she continued her abusive assault on the man’s dick. The demon hunter tried his best but the exquisite feeling of Ingrid’s cunt became too much. His body tensed up as he thrusted hips upwards, cumming into the demoness’s tight folds. Ingrid howled in surprise and anger as she felt his seed fill her pussy. So much was produced that it quickly spurted out and made a mess of their crotches.
“You…YOU LIMP DICK SHIT!”, Ingrid sounded vicious as she looked over her shoulder. It felt like her climax was just on the edge and she would be damned if this human left her this horny. “YOUR DICK BETTER STAY HARD OR I’LL-HA AAH!”
Before she could finish her threat, Ingrid cried out in shock as she clutched her abdomen. The pleasure in her pussy felt more intense than before, impossibly so. Her cunt squeezed down on the still spasming cock, causing huge spikes of ecstasy to wrack her brain. Whimpering, Ingrid tried to cope with this sudden intense sensation but what was worse was even with this new wave of pleasure bombarding her, Ingrid still didn’t cum.
“W-W-What did y-you do t-to me!”, Ingrid tried to sound angry but the shaken tone made it lose any intimidation. The hunter only responded with a laugh that sounded distorted and inhuman. Knowing now that something was wrong, Ingrid pressed her hands against the concrete floor as she tried to rise off the throbbing cock. Waves of pleasure wracked her mind as inch after inch slowly left her folds. Her teeth clenched tight as she tried to suppress the whining leaving her lips. Before the cockhead left her cunt, the demon hunter grabbed her hips and slam her back down on his crotch.
Ingrid couldn’t stop herself from crying out in whorish tone. Her voice losing her husky tone, sounding higher in pitch, as spikes of pleasure raced up her spine. Desperation started to kick in as she brought her own hands down to the hunters and tried to remove them but was stopped as another pair of hands latched onto her arms and slammed them to her sides.
“Going somewhere, Hell Knight?”, Ingrid felt the young man’s chest pressing against her back as she heard him whisper in her ear. His voice sounded dark and low, his breath smelling of charcoal. Before she could respond, air escaped her lungs as the demon hunter’s cock suddenly lurched forward and smashed against her cervix. Whimpering, the demoness looked down in disbelief to see a bulge pressing out against her belly. A squeal left through gritted teeth as she suddenly felt it grew once more.
With each passing second, the cock continued to expand. It’s girth widening out by the second, her vaginal lips stretching further to accommodate the ever-increasing size. The cockhead continued to push deeper into her cunt, her cervix quickly losing strength against the growing length that was pressing harder against it by the second. The fleshy barrier couldn’t hold back the expanding cockhead as it pushed through the weakening wall and filled her womb to the brim. But it wasn’t settled with that as it expanded further, stretching her uterus and vaginal walls. Ingrid cried and squealed as the cock continued to stretch her pussy far beyond what she was normally used to. But it wasn’t out of pain, it was out of mind shattering pleasure.
The anti-demon hunter's shaft wasn’t the only thing that was growing. His legs grew out and became larger, tearing the fabric he wore. Ingrid’s own legs were forced to spread wider in response, her knees leaving the ground as the changing human's thighs slowly thickened to the size of tree trunks. Muscles strained as the Hell Knight was forced into a spread-eagle pose, her feet not even touching the ground as her legs draped over the massive quads.
His testicles were growing fatter by the second, quickly passing the size of grapefruits and continued to grow further than that. Hands wrapped around Ingrid’s hips and arms grew larger, digits becoming thicker and longer as the nails elongated and turning into claws. Soon enough, the growing digits holding onto her frame were now almost encircling her body, her arms trapped in the huge clawed fingers holding her upper body. The entirety of his body visible to Ingrid was becoming dark, turning obsidian, as scales soon replaced flesh.
Ingrid never tore her eyes away from the bulge as it grew to stretch out the entirety of her belly. She could feel the cockhead change shape, becoming flared like that of a horse. Its girth was now as wide her own thigh and its length reached up to her chest, the wide head pushing aside her heavy breasts. Looking past that, Ingrid saw the creature’s obsidian testicles splayed out on the concrete floor. Each orb was massive, almost bigger than a watermelon.
Ingrid was left gasping with strands of her peach blossom hair clinging to her sweaty face when the anti-demon hunter's body finally stopped growing. The cock pulsating inside her cunt, the hands restraining her form, the mass of muscle that was pressing against her back. They all felt so hot as if there was a fire burning from beneath this monsters flesh. But she didn’t find any pain from it, instead, she found nothing but undeniable pleasure. She tried to stifle a whimper from her lips as she felt the huge shaft twitch inside her stretched-out cunt, the action sent sparks of ecstasy into her already overstimulated brain.
“HAHA, who knew the mighty Hell Knight Ingrid was such a whore that she would fuck some random human she met.”, Ingrid heard a low and rough voice from above her. Ingrid tore her eyes away from the bulge that was ruining her body to see who the culprit was, raising her head up to the sound above her. Yellow eyes widen as a draconic visage appeared in her view, a muzzle filled with sharp teeth smiled down at her as glowing red eyes bore its way down into hers with large majestic horns adorning its crown.
“G-GENERAL HORAS!”, Ingrid cried out, half in shock and half in anger. “W-why did you try to assasi-GAH!”
Ingrid was interrupted as the draconic demon caused his dick to twitch, making her cry in a rather lewd manner.
“Enjoying yourself, demon slut?” Horas's smoky voice asked as he started to slowly gyrate his hips making Ingrid whimper. The massive demon continued, “I think you’ve heard about my cum, dear Ingrid. How it acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, causing my victims to writhe in pleasure from just the barest touch. How they cum wildly even if their bones break and flesh tear.”
The draconic demon emphasized his point as the claws wrapped around her chest began to push down, the sharp tips pressing against her brown mammaries. One claw was lucky to find her thick chocolate nipple and dug into it, threating to pierce the nub. Ingrid immediately threw her head down causing her long hair to bounce in the air lightly as she tried to hide her face. Her eyes rolled up to the top of her head as she gritted her teeth, drool dripped down her chin as she desperately tried to stifle a cry. Horas was amused by her actions as he saw her body react from the undeniable pleasure. Toes curling, fingers balling into fists, body shivering spastically.
“Hell, even my precum has almost half of the addicting effect. You know, the same stuff that you eagerly gobbled up moments ago when you were fucking your face onto my cock.”, the demonic beast continued as he eased his grip. A shiver ran down his own spine as he felt the spastic squeezing around his shaft. He could feel the liquid excitement escape from his cocktip and smear against the roof of Ingrid's uterus. “The same stuff that is pouring into your whoring womb as we speak.”
“R-Release me, you bastard!”, the demoness rose her head as she tried to make her voice sound commanding but it was difficult to stop herself from whimpering.
“Now now, Ingrid. I still haven’t gotten you to cum yet.”, the massive beast responded with a chuckle. “After all, I must take responsibility for getting you so excited.”
“I’ll n-never cum from a d-disgusting prick like yours!”, despite her voice cracking, Ingrid had venom on her tongue as she snarled.
“You got part of the sentence right.” Horas’s voice sounded foreboding as he shifted his lower hands from the Hell Knight’s hips to her thighs, the huge digits easily wrapping around their thick feature.
“W-what? What do you me-HAA AAAHHHHHH!!”, Ingrid howled as she made the horrific discovery that the horsecock shape wasn’t the only feature Horas’s dick had as he began to pull her off his cock. The entire surface of his shaft was covered in barbs as they scrapped, scratched, and dragged against her super sensitive cunt, rubbing the walls raw. They didn’t cause an ounce of pain, though, due to the aphrodisiac. It was changing any form of agony she felt into a mind shattering pleasure.
A low growl emanated deep from Horas’s chest as he felt his own arousal stirring. Precum spurted out of his pisshole in large wads as he began to pull his shaft out, the content already matching how much a human could cum in a week. The hot liquid was left swirling around inside Ingrid’s pussy as the massive shaft left her gripping walls, incapable of escaping.
Ingrid tossed her head back and forth as she cried out, a tear fell down her face as she tried to deny the unbearable pleasure. Horas slowly pulled the demoness up, wanting her to feel every barbed inch of his cock. He enjoyed seeing his newest toy shake and writhe, trying futility to break free from his grasp. Ingrid’s belly slowly returned to normal as the draconic demon continued to pull his shaft out till only the flared tip was left. He made experimental tugs to pull the head out, chuckling as he saw Ingrid’s vaginal lips distend as they clung tightly to the wide gland.
Strands of the Hell Knight'ss peach blossom hair hid parts of her face as she gasped for air, trying to fill her sore lungs from all the screaming she’s done. But her wailing began anew as Horas reversed course and forced her back down on his cock, slowly forcing her belly to bulge out once more. Thankfully, there were no barbs tugging against Ingrid’s walls this time. But the sheer size alone was making the demonic vixen squeal as she felt her vaginal walls stretched to their limit. Precum was squirting out from between her vaginal lips as she descended further down the monstrous cock, the liquid heat finding little room left as the massive fucklog reoccupied her womb. Their pelvises became sticky with the gooy content as their hips finally met and pressed into each other once more.
Tears streamed down Ingrid’s face as she was left hyperventilating. Despite the unbearable pleasure crashing down on her, she did not cum at all. But it wasn’t from her will power, she just couldn’t reach climax. Even with her orgasm just on the edge, it never spilled over.
“W-W-WHY?! I-I-I CAN’T… I-I-I CAN’T…!”, Ingrid babbled, sounding half delirious and half enraged.
“It must feel like torture not being able to cum.”, the massive demon toyed with his plaything. “I’ve heard it’s like having a tight ball build in your core, growing tighter till you feel like you could burst.”
“WHAT DID YOUUEEEEAAAHH!” Ingrid’s demand for an answer was cut short as the Horas lifted her again, making her squeal as her brain was bombarded with spikes of pleasure once more.
“Well, my seed has another effect.”, Horas said with a chuckle as he slowly brought the small demoness almost completely off his cock. “Not only does it change anything you feel into mind-numbing pleasure, it also alters your brain as well. It stops you from cumming unless, of course, I give you permission.”
“Now say please like a good girl and I’ll let you have that sweet release.”, Horas continued as he brought the dusky demoness back down on his cock, making her cry out in a mixture of frustration and pleasure.
“BASTARD!”, the hell knight snarled before shuddering some more. In any other situation, Ingrid would have rather died than beg for sexual release. But the maddening pleasure and constant denial of a climax were driving her insane. Desperately, she tried to swallow her pride and form the words needed. “Ple…ple..GUAHHH!”
Horas was rather cruel as he lifted Ingrid once more, his pace much faster than the previous times. Ingrid howled as she threw her head back, feeling like her brain was going to shatter to pieces as tears and drool poured down Ingrid’s face. Her body shook and writhed as she desperately tried to form the words in her head that would end her insanity but only came out as animalistic noises.
Horas firmly planted Ingrid's crotch to his as he pushed his enormous cock as deep as it could go. The obsidian demon continued to torture Ingrid as his upper hands released her arms and wrapped them around her heavy breasts, the clawed digits sinking into the fat orbs as he squeezed them. With thumb and digit, he found her erect nipples and began to pinch them with his sharp nails. Ingrid began to sob as she futilely pulled at Hora’s arms with her own, brown fingers barely wrapping around the huge obsidian digits. She felt her orgasm building ever higher and release seemed nowhere in sight.
“Come now, Ingrid.”, Horas taunted the writhing mess between his legs. “It’s just one word.”
“PLEEAAAAAHHH! HAA! PLEEEEEEE!”, Ingrid howled incoherently as she tried to say the word but her pleasured wracked mind couldn’t form them.
“Say it, Hell Knight,” Horas ordered as one of his lower hands decide to join in on the torture, the obsidian claws dragged against her cunt till it found her clit.
“Say….”, two sharp nails positioned around the little nub.
“Please…”, slowly, they squeezed down.
And with that, Ingrid’s mind finally found the willpower to howl the word.
“PLEEEEEASE! AHHH HA HA! PLEEEEASE!!”, tears poured down Ingrid’s face as she sobbed, begging for release.
Horas could only chuckle at how easy it was for him to break in the Hell Knight. A large hand left one of her sweaty breasts to wrap itself around her throat as he tilted her head back to look up at him. Lowering his own, hot air brushed against Ingrid's visage as the draconic demon opened his maw to show rows of sharp teeth. A long, thick tongue slithered out of Horas’s mouth to run along the side of her face, leaving behind a trail of hot saliva, as the poor thing in his grasp continued to convulse and sob quietly.
“please…please”, Ingrid whimpered with fresh tears streaming down her face, the claws wrapped around her sensitive nubs continued to squeeze and twist them cruelly. Horas enjoyed hearing her voice. Her once low and sultry tone that commanded attention was now sounding like a submissive high school girl about to receive her first ever climax. The demon adjusted his head till his snout was right against her ear, ready to reward his little toy.
“Cum, Whore.”, the demon ordered.
Hearing those words made Ingrid’s body rigid. Her voice nothing but a whimper as her orgasm started small, like a painfully tight knot that was unraveling by the second. Her voice crescendoed into a howl as ecstasy began to flood her brain. Her cunt sprayed fem-cum wildly as her climax finally hit her at full force, carrying on for several seconds as the brown vixen convulsed and shook. Horas enjoyed her expression as it looked more like an obscene slut than a demonic general with her yellow eyes crossing and a pink tongue wagging out of her mouth.
Pussy juice sprayed out in such an obscene quantity that Horas’s balls were thoroughly coated with the stuff which was quite a feat given their size. Her vaginal walls spasmed wildly, clamping down with enough force that it could crush a normal human cock. But it only made Horas moan in pleasure as he leaned his head back, a form a pleasure that he hadn’t experienced in a long time. A dark grin appeared on his face as something he rarely felt stirred inside him.
Ingrid went limp as her orgasm finally came down, her body shivered as she gasped for air. Already, though, she could feel another climax quickly building as the incredibly hot member inside pulsated against her tender folds.
Her brain felt numb and it was difficult for the hell knight to keep her eyes open but a sudden pressure around her throat caused a gagging sound to leave her lips as she suddenly became aware of her surroundings once more. Her vision was filled with Horas’s visage as a toothy grin spread across his mouth. Once he was sure that Ingrid was fully awake he eased his grip around her throat.
“Hehehe, you little slut. Look at what you’ve done to me.”, chuckled Horas as he shifted Ingrid’s head to look in front of her.
The hell knight’s eyes bugged out as an obsidian horsecock appeared in her view, it’s flared head throbbed angrily as white heady liquid gushed from its urethra, already pouring down its length in absurd amounts. Veins thick as her thumb raced along its length, pulsating as blood pumped through them. Barbs covered the obscenely wide shaft, looking just as menacing as the ones scrapping against her vaginal walls. The massive thing laid against her cock-stretched belly, showing that it was an identical twin in length and girth to its brother that was currently ruining her pussy.
“Your slutty body has gotten me so excited that my other cock popped out. I think It’s only fair that you take responsibility for that.” Horas chided the quivering demoness, throwing her own words back at her from earlier.
“B-but…I…I can’t! I can’t!” Ingrid cried, she knew she couldn’t take them both. The one already inside her stretched her far beyond her limits. She continued to plead with the larger demon, “I’ll…I’ll d-die! I-if you put them…both in me... I’ll die!”
A laugh echoed throughout the alley, the draconic demon amused with her begging. The hand that preoccupied her throat left to cup her chin, gingerly lifting her head back up to face him.
“Oh, sweet Ingrid.”, Horas’s voice sounded soft for once, almost caring, as his other upper hand came up to pull aside the pink hair that stuck her face. But the vicious grin on his face told Ingrid that his intentions were anything but. “That’s the point.”
With that said, the draconic demon’s upper arms left Ingrid’s body, pressing themselves on the concrete floor as he heaved his massive body to standing. The lower clawed hand that was torturing her clit returned to her thigh, firmly grasping the soft flesh. The Hell Knight whimpered as Horas’s movement caused his cock to shift in her body, the barbs pressing into her sensitive, sore walls.
Once fully risen, he brought his upper hands to wrap around her waist and pulled Ingrid’s tiny body up with all four arms. Ingrid cried out as she was once again lifted, squirts of fem-cum shot into the air as a small orgasm shook her form from the barbs scrapping against her tender cunt. Her belly soon returned to its flat and trim feature as most of the meaty log left her cunt.
With only the flared tip left, Horas began to apply increasing force as he tried to pull his cockhead out. Her vaginal lips clung to the obscenely wide tip tightly but their strength was menial compared to Horas's arms. With a little extra force, Horas popped the cockhead out of Ingrid’s pussy with a small gush of thick pre-goo spilling out. Ingrid squealed from the sensation, her pussy squirting another shot of feminine juices all over the already soaking cock. Even with the light fucking Ingrid received, her pussy looked positively ruined as it gaped wide enough for an arm to shove into her with little resistance.
Taking little time, Horas aligned both his massive tools as one pressed against her tight sphincter and the other against her gaping cunt. With his toy properly in place, he removed his hands from Ingrid’s waist to securely wrap around her arms while he shifted his lower hands to wrap around her thighs, giving him the maximum pulling potential.
Horas could feel the Hell Knight shaking in his grasp. Either out of fear or lust, he didn’t care which as he was getting aroused by the action all the same. Slowly, he began to pull her down. The fat orbs of Ingrid’s ass split apart as they made room for the wide meat log pushing into her ass. A pitiful whine left her lips as she felt her tight pucker try futilely to resist the flared cockhead. Her pussy didn’t put up much resistance as the ruined hole simply accepted the girthy shaft, the lips spreading paper thin to accommodate the wide tip. Ingrid gasped as the larger demon pulled her down with more force, popping both flared cockheads in. She already felt like she was going to split in two just from having only the tips in. For worse or better, she could already feel the aphrodisiac pre-goo squirting into her bowels, the pain she felt a few second ago quickly turned into pleasure.
“Pl…please! Don’t!”, the proud and mighty Hell Knight was reduced to begging as she felt yet another orgasm building inside her.
“You better enjoy every second of this fuck, Ingrid...”, Horas said as he ignored the demoness’s plea as he tightened his grip on her body, “…because this is going to be your last.”
Horas’s arms tensed as he slammed Ingrid down, forcing her to take both his rods the hilt. Organs were violently shifted aside or squashed in order to make room for the duo barbed horsecocks that suddenly invaded her body.
All Ingrid could do was gawk with her mouth open, guttural noises escaping her lips, as she saw her belly bulge out obscenely from the violent communion. Her abdomen showed visible signs of strain as it tried to contain the impossibly huge cocks. The flared heads were prominent against her flesh as they had forced their way up to her chest, her huge breasts shoved aside once more as the lower shaft forced its way between them while the upper sat on top of it. Her eyes slowly rolled up to the top of her head as she came, body convulsing as juices sprayed wildly out of her cunt.
Horas took little time as he began his violently conquer Ingrid’s body, barely taking a fourth of his meaty logs out before rushing back in. The brown vixen's large rump rippled every time it was slammed against his pelvis as the barbs on his cocks scraped harshly against the constricting walls around them, threating to tear apart its tight confines.
Ingrid found her voice as she howled in ecstasy, reaching mind shattering climax every time she was forced down to the base. Her head bounced mindlessly as she lost most of her motor functions causing her tongue to wag out of her mouth and animalistic noises leave her lips. The way Horas fucked her body wouldn’t be called sex, it wouldn’t even be called rape. He was simply masturbating, using her like a living fleshlight.
“Ohh, damn! You’re the best fuck I’ve had yet!”, the demon groaned as he continued to dominate the Hell Knights exquisite fuck holes, feeling them wring his cocks for all their worth. All the victims he’d fucked would loosen up almost instantly but not Ingrid. She stayed tighter than a virgin. He wondered if this was the real reason Black kept her around. Smoke left Horas’s lips as he growled out, “Do me a favor and try to survive until I cum.”
Tears and spit stained Ingrid face as she squealed happily in response, her climax refusing to die down. Her drug-addled mind incapable of registering the sheer pain she should be in. Even as her guts were being stirred around, even as the monstrous cocks stretched out her stomach past its limit, even as the barbs dug into her sensitive walls, all of it was simply being transformed into mind-splitting pleasure.
Horas snarled as he felt his arousal building, his cocks pissing out a constant stream of precum. Obscene squelching sounds were heard as demon’s hips collided with Ingrids, opaque liquid squirting out of her cock stuffed holes and making a mess of their crotches. What goo that didn’t cling to their hips and thighs as they wetly slapped against one another poured down Horas’s balls before falling to the ground, a large white puddle already forming between the demon’s feet from their violent ‘love-making’.
Horas felt his balls twitch and spasm, his orgasm slowly approaching. He knew, though, this current method would never get him off as there was only one way for him to cum. A cruel smile spread across the demons face as he releasing Ingrid’s arms, moving his upper hands to firmly grasp her shoulders. He lifted Ingrid’s writhing body off his cocks till only the heads were left in only to slam her down with violent force. Ingrid coughed, spit flying out of her mouth, as air was forced out of her lungs. Horas repeated the horrific process, lifting the twitching fuck toy up before bringing it back down with a thunderous clap. He was no longer fucking Ingrid, he was trying to bludgeon her to death from the inside out.
With eyes rolling up, Ingrid’s hoarse voice cried out as the violent intercourse pushed her orgasm to greater heights, completely oblivious to the demon’s murderous intent. Her pussy sprayed juices with every thrust as her body tried to endure Horas’s homicidal fucking. With his climax on the edge, Horas pulled Ingrid’s twitching body up one last time.
“DIE, HELL KNIGHT!”, the draconic demon roared as he slammed Ingrid down with as much force as he had.
Ingrid mouth gaped open as her body jittered and convulsed from the near bone breaking thrust. Fresh tears streamed down her face as she felt the enormous cocks pulsate through her straining stomach, the sweltering sensation they emitted amplified to near smoldering. The boiling heat from Horas’s cum soon followed as it flooded her insides. The massive demon gripped Ingrid’s curvy body tightly as he came, his massive testicles pumped all that it had into his latest conquest.
If it wasn’t for the mind-altering effect of Horas’s seed, Ingrid would have howled in agony from feeling the blistering liquid flooding her most sensitive parts. Instead, a smile painted her gaping mouth as another powerful orgasm rocked her body from receiving a concentrated dose of Horas’s addicting seed. The steaming goo splashing against her internal walls amplified their sensitivity and pleasure, her brain slowly being fried from the overstimulation.
The massive cocks that outlined Ingrid’s stomach were quickly replaced with his sweltering seed as her stomach was forced to grow. Her painfully cock-stretched uterus expanded further as Horas’s cum belch out of his pisshole like a firehose. Her intestines suffered a similar fate as it was stuffed to the limit with the demons unbearably hot cum.
It wasn’t long until the demonic sperm squirted out of Ingrid’s cock stuffed holes and made an obscene mess of their crotches, the gooey substance painted Horas’s massive, obsidian testicles white before falling to the floor with a “splat”. But it didn’t relieve the pressure as the endless tide of searing cum filled continued to stretch her stomach, already looking heavily pregnant. The white goo rushed deep into Ingrids guts after packing it full, quickly flooding stomach. She coughed as she felt her throat bulge from the boiling jizz trying to escape, tasting the intoxicating seed before it finally reached her mouth and gushed out from between her purple lips.
Ingrid gurgled as thick, heavy globs of pearly cum poured out of her mouth and nostrils in an obscene amount, looking like a perverted water fountain. The thick cream coated her large brown breasts and growing belly, traveling down and falling on the hot, wet ground where a perverse pool of steaming cum had already formed.
Horas’s orgasm seemed to have no end as Ingrid’s abdomen continued to swell, his potency unmatched as for every gallon gushed out of the Hell Knight four more were forced into her quivering body. Her belly button popped outwards audibly as veins visibly bulged around her abdomen, her stomach getting close to rupturing. Her frame trembled less and less before finally going slack as Ingrid's mind finally succumbed to the unending tide. It was only a matter of time before her body followed suit. That time, however, did not arrive as Horas’s Orgasm finally ended.
Horas released Ingrid's broken body, leaving it to dangle on his twin cocks, as he braced a hand against a brick wall to steady himself. A weary smile spread across his face as for once in his life, he felt sexually satisfied. Looking down at Ingrid’s limb body, he was impressed by how swollen her belly had gotten.
The demoness looked like a broodmother, ready to give birth to a fully-grown hellspawn at any moment. Most people he came in would have burst from having a stomach half as full. Despite its fullness, though, he could still see the head of his cocks pressing out against her taut flesh. He ran his lower hands across the swollen mass, appreciating his own virility as he spread the cum around that clung to her belly.
Pulling her head back with one of his upper hands, Horas wanted to see the broken face of the once mighty Hell Knight. He was surprised, however, to find Ingrid was still alive. Her cum coated face showed signs of life as he saw her hanging mouth taking shallow breaths. The glossy and blank expression from her eyes, however, told him that Ingrid’s mind wasn’t as strong as her body, he assumed her brain got fried to a crisp from the intense fuck session.
Chuckling to himself, he released her head to grab the broken Hell Knight by her hair and obscene sucking sounds could be heard as the massive fucklogs were pulled out of her clinging holes. With an additional yank, he was able to pull the heads out of her body, leaving her cunt and asshole gaping wide. Horas’s gooey cock-cream slowly poured out of Ingrid’s broken holes in thick globes, falling to the floor where a perverted lake of his seed had already formed.
Turning Ingrid around, Horas soaked in his latest conquest. By far his greatest victory yet, taking down Edwin Black’s second in command.
“With you out of the way, Ingrid, It’ll be that much easier taking care of that insufferable Vampire, Black.”, the demon sneered at the Hell Knights broken body. He cocked his head slightly as Ingrid made a motion as if she was trying to say something in response. He was somewhat impressed to see that she was still cognitive, her brain still active, if only somewhat.
Humoring Ingrid’s last moments before he kills her, Horas to lean closer to hear what she had to say. His snout inches away from her face, Ingrid’s lips pressed together as she mustered her strength to say something only to surprise him once more as she spat a wad of cum on his face. Horas’s smug expression went to annoyance as he leaned his head back, seeing the hell knight curl her lips into something of a smirk.
“Impressive, slut. Apparently, your title of Hell Knight is well earned, at least.” Horas huffed as he unceremoniously dropped Ingrid on the ground. Her heavy belly wobbled as she fell on her back, body splayed out on the cum soaked floor.
Her face was suddenly pressed into the creamy floor as Horas stomped on her head. She didn’t feel any pain nor pleasure from the action, though. She felt nothing as her entire body felt numb. Her brain had already shut off most of her senses to preserve itself from the onslaught of pleasure she felt earlier. Of course, this meant she was powerless to protect herself. She felt the pressure on her head increase as Horas applied more weight to his foot. She was going to die but, at least, she would die with some dignity intact.
“Personally, I would love to fuck you to death but I have some very important matters to attend to. So, this is goodbye, Ingrid. It was fun while it lasted.” Horas said as he lifted his foot, aiming to bring it down with as much force he had possible.
Ingrid shut her eyes, waiting for the killing blow. A heavy thud was heard as she only assumed was Horas’s foot crushing her head. She wondered if she had died, darkness still filling her vision as she had yet to open them, almost too scared to do so. Slowly, though, she did and what she saw surprised her. Her vision was filled with Horas’s head detached from the rest of his body with a look of shock painting his face.
“TR-TRAI…”, the decapitated head tried to say something before it expired, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. The head soon decayed, collapsing and turning into ash. Ingrid wondered what had killed Horas and if it was friendly.
“Oh dear, looks like General Horas has died.”, Ingrid heard a raspy voice say, the sound alone sent a chill up her spine. It didn’t sound like a man’s voice but it didn’t sound like a woman’s either. Ingrid felt sick from hearing it and could only wonder what kind of creature could cause such a sensation from its voice alone. She didn’t have long to wonder as a tall, wiry creature coming into her view as it kneeled down beside her. Its body looked something like a mass of writhing, silvery tendrils. It even lacked a face.
“Oh my, Ingrid. You look like a mess.”, the wiry creature said. She didn’t know exactly where it came from, though. The voice continued, “Well, you seem busy so I’ll keep this short. My name is Urdok and It looks like Master Edwin Black is missing a General. I would greatly appreciate it if you would put my name forward.”
Ingrid would have looked shocked if wasn’t for the fact that everything felt numb.
“I can see that you don’t really believe I’m worthy of such a position but don’t worry, I have one hell of a résumé.”, the silvery creature continued as something bulged out against its shoulder. The bulge traveled its way down its arm till reached its hand.
The tentacles representing its hand gave way to reveal a phone. On it was a video that was playing of Ingrid having sex with the anti-demon hunter. It seemed that this Urdok creature recorded the entire event that unfolded. Ingrid couldn’t respond in her current state but understood quite clearly that she was being blackmailed.
“With a bit of editing, this could easily look like you just throw yourself on any human you come across.”, Ingrid could hear the arrogance dripping from the creature’s voice. Completely incapable of responding, she could only glare at the tentacle like creature to the best of her ability.
“Hmm, it looks like you need some time to think about this.”, the mass of tentacles stood up and walked out of her voice. “Don’t worry, I’ll see you again when you’re more decent and then we can discuss about my promotion.”
Ingrid was left there to lay in Horas’s cum. She could feel her senses coming back and with it a dull pain and aching soreness. If it wasn’t for the fact she was so exhausted, she would have been furious. She didn’t know what that creature had in store for her beyond his initial demands. But knowing demons, she would have to prepare for the worst.
Author’s note: So first time writing a story ever was at least over a year ago and it was about Hell Knight Ingrid and her getting raped by a four-armed dragon demon. I didn’t have to drive to finish it and I just dropped it. I was kinda afraid to come back to writing this story again because I thought I would end up repeating the past. Glad I didn’t.
This time I was really…aggressive with my fetish. Stomach bulges and cum inflation. Pure domination. I feel pretty happy about most of the sex scenes but I will admit I don’t like the plot all that much. I probably could spend a little more time coming up with something better but I already spent a few weeks writing this so I’m kinda done. Plot is just not my strong suit but I’ll continue to try work on that.
I think I’m gonna drop the whole writing a template for my stories before writing it. I ended up writing in the middle of the story instead of at the beginning because I really wanted to get into the sex scenes involving Horas and Ingrid. It was rather weird and janky. So next story, I’ll just write the story without any template.


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