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A Christmas story that tells of a wolf girl named Sierra coming home after two weeks to celebrate Christmas with her cat wife, Krystal. While it's a very romantic evening upon her arrival, Sierra is amazed by the special strapon device her partner made for the occasion.
Taking place in the third chapter of "The House That Byleth Built", we see just what exactly Jeralt was up to with his apprentice, and just what caused her to cry out like that.

Spoilers: Sex happened. :P
Misato turns to Rei for suggestions in making Shinji a more obedient pilot. To the scientist's surprise, the recommended direction goes more perverse than she intended, but everyone enjoys themselves in the end. 
After finishing off some monsters in the forest, Olga and her servants relax their minds and bodies, having a few drinks that lead the break into an interesting direction.
It's Hallow's Eve on Eon, and the trio from HELIX are all dressed for a big event at the casino. However, the twin Daevahs Whisper and Static are also present and undercover, yet neither party is aware that they're about to get it on with their enemies!
A story taking place in the decades after Junkenstein's Revenge, where the witch still haunts the forest and has made her presence known once again. An offspring of the outlaw from the original stand against her and Junkenstein has agreed to rid the villagers of their witch problem, but he must especially be careful of the huntress and possessed armor that the witch has made her new servants. 
At a Halloween party thrown at the school, Jataro is convinced by the bullies to join some of the girls at the pool, only for Masaru and Nagisa to lock him in and steal his leather mask. The girls that are there are frightened by his presence...but happy to give his cock some much needed pleasure.
A one-shot story where Moira and Widowmaker kidnap Brigitte on her way to a Halloween party, looking to corrupt the Swedish girl back at Talon. And what a treat they have in store for her...
A tentacle girl invades the room of a young woman who is unable to sleep, but can't move. Luckily for the woman, Miss Nilla and her tendrils have just the cure for her.

UPDATE! You can hear Miss Nilla read this story !

Happy Halloween!
Another Life is Strange story where Max and Chloe are turned on by a sudden pool of pig cum laid out by some transformed boars who can't help but breed the two girls in an effort to get revenge on society for making them like they are.
Two guys walk into a costume store for last minute Halloween costumes. When they find something they like, it ends up being a trap that transforms them into latex slaves that please the next set of customers; amazon futanari.
The queen and princess of Arendelle are throwing a Halloween celebration, but Elsa is still nervous being around Anna's larger bust, as she grows feelings over her younger sister. It's not helped that she's made a habit of stealing her panties, especially ones that are essential to her Halloween costume...
As Leonie's boyfriend, she's confided in you her interests in playing the role of your pet, and you her master. There's some discussion over the matter at first, but eventually you both manage to reach an agreement, and some fun is had, uninterrupted. Well, mostly.
When Batgirl grows bored with a stakeout mission, she finds ways to entertain herself, including playing with her body. However, the more aroused she gets on a nightly basis, the more lewd her thoughts and curiosities get. Perhaps she's starting to like this new experience? 
When a student is turned down by Satsuki for recommending a particular club, the class president has her world turned upside down, with the worst part being that she doesn't even know it. Not even her sister Ryuko is aware. Something is off, though. Could the president of the Mind Control Club know anything, or will he be too busy playing with their rears?
After the rescue for Han failed, Leia is forced to play slave to Jabba, practically bowing to his will. That includes, naturally, using her alluring body in that sexy slave costume to please him whenever he wanted. Commissioned story.


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After it becomes abundantly clear that Marianne needs to be cheered up, Raphael has the solution: Fuck the depression right out of her! (WARNING: Contains extreme fetishes and kinks, reader discretion is advised.)
After the days of King Arthur, a village has created a ritual where young boys become men upon its completion. Unfortunately for one such bookworm, he ends up lost and discovers where Morgan LeFay has ran off to. Though he thinks he can slay the witch, he soon realizes just how in over his head he is...
A story for DefiniteSin's Disastrous Events world.

After the events of their last universe travel, the HELIX agents find a Tier II Daevah attacking the base, with Catastrophe being the first to fall to her...cuteness? Careful, she's much more dangerous than she appears!
A collection of all stories chosen through the $10 Patreon prompts, where I select one prompt and write a short story off of it.

If you'd like to suggest a prompt, please be sure to check my Patreon in the story links!
After Commander Shepard and his girlfriend Tali are contacted by their old friend Jack to help rescue some students and stop Cerberus, the biotic is captured in an attempt to free her pupils. Now she and the commander are forced into having sexual intercourse or be obliterated by the forces. And Tali watches...
After an odd encounter at the cemetery, Ai-chan thinks that her odd situation has been left there, only to discover an odd feeling rush over her when she gets home. The ghost that groped her at the graveyard is still haunting her, eager to have a little fun with her J-cup breasts and curvy body.
Now eighteen, Ash and his friends decided to go to the beach, a secluded area owned by Misty's sisters. What they didn't expect was for Jessie of Team Rocket to be there, nor her new beau and his huge wang that puts Ketchum to shame.
Edelgard prepares to battle her old classmates at Gronder after the skip, luckily she has her old professor at her side. As it turns out, however, he's kind of a dick, especially in regards to their relationship with one another.
A trainer by the name of Jason encounters an Ace trainer, Dillon, who has an unusually rare Pokemon just walking around casually. While Jason is initially attracted to the Mewtwo for its oddly feminine build, he still feels a strong desire to plow its brains out...even as Dillon seems more relaxed around him.

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