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Chapter 1 - Falling In Volskaya

The complete story that began in "Wrath of the Bandido Bitch" now has its own story dedicated to itself on HF. A bounty hunter named Quinn finds himself in the middle of a Deadlock Gang operation, then in the middle of a battle with Overwatch. When he and the Deadlock leader fall off the train, they also end up falling for one another. A..

Chapter 1 - Falling In Volskaya

Chapter 1 - Falling In Volskaya


Volskaya Industries, smack dab in the middle of Russia. Of course this would be the place where the things he needed would be located. Then again, with such cold weather he should have known better than to wear a simply outfit and bundle up, but Quinn the bounty hunter is many things, one of them being stubborn.

This all started in his conquest to become the toughest bounty hunter in the world, possibly working his hardest to become strong enough to handle the toughest heroes across the globe. The problem is, in order to do so there's a gun he would need to customize, which in itself isn't easy, though he's a bit of an expert at doing so. The roadblock here, however, comes in the form of the particular components he needs being unavailable for market. This means, essentially, they aren't for sale. He could take on all the bounties he'd like, but he would never be able to use that money to buy the equipment needed for such a heavy upgrade.

So he decides to do the next best thing; steal them.

After seeking out the help of famous hacker Sombra, Quinn would find the parts he needed at the headquarters for Volskaya, only to find right at that time that the components were being transported. Where to, he couldn't say, but he just knows that he needs to be on the train in order to properly find them. After hiding behind multiple shipping crates to ensure he isn't captured, Quinn manages to sneak aboard the train right as it's about to head off, slowly making his way through the various cars until he reaches the specific one he needs, using the hacker's coding to break in. Not a difficult task, even with a cargo train like this moving in motion. At least the tracks are nice and sturdy.

Once he finds the right car carrying the components, Quinn grins wickedly to himself, inspecting the parts he needed. Good shape, right model, looks as legitimate as can humanly be...nothing out of place for such a large manufacturer like Volskaya. Still, for as good as this payload is to him, he can't help but feel somewhat empty handed even with getting what he had been searching for in the first place. Maybe it won't pain him to take a little extra, enough to sell off for his own good fortune.  Having packed up the loot he needs and then some, Quinn makes his way happily off the train car, happy that he could sneak away without getting caught by any of Volskaya's guards.

Then the door opens to the next car, and he stops in his tracks when he realizes what's looming over him; a tall, sturdy omnic that wears a bowler hat atop his head, and for reasons that Quinn finds hilarious, has a handlebar mustache built into his face. Though he's never met him before, his design sounds quite similar to something he'd heard about a long time back...

Looking behind the large android, who has yet to budge from his position, Quinn spots a group of other outlaws setting up a bomb on the other side of the car, the door opened up for them to likely place it on the connectors. Though there's a lot to take in on this, the hunter recognizes the emblem blazed all over their clothing, as the mark of the Deadlock Gang. Once he sees trouble that he'd rather not be apart of, the dark skinned bounty hunter make a quick pivot around, trying to avoid any unnecessary conflict...

Only for the omnic to grab him by the collar of his shirt, tugging him back so hard that he goes flying across the floor, landing just feet before the Deadlock Gang, who had heard the noises behind them. As Quinn tries to get to his feet, grunting from such a powerful toss, he sees one particular person, a white haired witch with a bandana wrapped over her lower face, leering down at him with her shotgun at the ready.

“Well well well...” she says silently. “What'd Bob end up finding on here? Another hero trying to get his glory by catching us in the act?”

As she pulls the bandana off her face, Quinn recognizes the woman immediately, her scarlet lips being the biggest thing to clue him in. Ashe, the leader of this gang, stands before him, with her shotgun barrels staring him down. Quickly, Quinn backs away from the Bandido Bitch, standing up with his hands in the air. The hunter knows better than to mess with someone like her, even with such a high bounty on her head. The pile of bodies that have tried and failed to get her is almost on par with the stacks of money she's worth.

Caught between Bob and the rest of her gang while the white haired bandit keeps her shotgun pointed at him, Quinn hears Ashe cackle before asking the bounty hunter, "So which gang are you apart of? Figured we were the only ones to hear about such a hefty score."

Quinn laughs, cocking an eyebrow in the Bandit Witch's direction. "I'm not with any gang, ma'am." he says. "Just a lone bounty hunter finding what he wanted, and you're not it. So I'm just gonna be on my way…"

Despite knowing that Bob is directly behind him, Quinn still tries to step around the giant omnic, wanting to get off the train as quickly as possible. But the large robot literally blocks his way, with the clicking of guns coming from behind him. "That's not gonna be so easy, darling." Says Ashe, grinning through her crimson lips. "How do I know you're not just gonna try and alarm someone we were here? You're just as likely to tip someone off, whether you're innocent or otherwise."

With a sigh, Quinn pulls out his pistol, turning back around to face Ashe and her gang as he points it at the white haired leader. This prompts Bob to open his forearm up to reveal rockets underneath, with the hunter waiting for the next move to be made by the group. "I don't wanna fight you, really I don't," says the dark skinned bounty hunter, "But if I gotta go down dying, at least I'll go down trying." There stands the bounty hunter, caught between a rock and a hard place.  Nowhere for him to go, seeing as any route is blocked off. With a sigh, Quinn prepares to pull the trigger, ready to watch his life flash before his eyes…

Until he hears multiple gunshots behind him, knocking the guns out of his hand, and the Deadlock Gang's. Grabbing their hands from the sudden shock, all bodies turn to face the other side of the car, where a familiar outlaw stands, grinning in a cocky manner. This man Quinn at least recognizes, as he had thought the man to be long dead. "Well well…" he laughs. "Ashe, are y'all having a little infighting with this here new recruit?"

"McCree…" growls Ashe. "First off, this punk ain't associated with me. Second of all, how'd you find out about this heist?"

"Let's just say a little Spanish Fly tipped us off, just not directly." McCree says with a chuckle. "Someone 2as using hacker technology, and Athena picked up on it."

Quinn silently curses himself out. He had thought for sure this was fool proof. The Bandit Witch leers at his direction, already furious with his presence. "I'd pop a bullet through your skull right now if I didn't have a vendetta with Jesse." she growls at Quinn.

"Look, I don't like him either, so why not just shoot him?!" Quinn says back. "It's one of him and all of us anyway."

"You'd be surprised…"

"Well,  normally I'd be your only concern," adds the outlaw, "But I've been asked to bring along some help to give them some field work."

Rolling his eyes, Quinn reaches into his pocket and shouts, "Fuck it, if nobody's gonna make a move in doing it myself!" With a roar, Quinn tosses a set of unmarked coins in the air, with the Deadlock Gang watching with perplexed looks. When he aims his pistol, they watch as McCree readies to shoot, only for the hunter's bullets to bounce off the coins in a pattern that hits the outlaw in several parts of his body. Quinn smirks as he watches McCree fall to his knee, with Ashe raising an eyebrow at his actions. "Whattaya say to that, McCreep? Thought you were dead, son, now you oughta be double dead!"

Even as he grunts in pain, McCree manages to have the last laugh, saying to the group, "I'd say.. It's a good thing I got that backup."

In a flash, McCree's body glows with a yellow light, one that slowly heals his wounds in almost no time flat. Quinn and the Deadlock Gang are stunned to see that the outlaw is accompanied by a woman with golden hair and flowing wings as she floats into the car. The hunter recognizes her as Angela Ziegler, code name Mercy, an older member of Overwatch that worked alongside Jesse.

"Just in the nick of time, it seems." Mercy says. "Honestly, McCree, you can be as bad as Genji sometimes when it comes to moving ahead."

"Well, when it comes to Ashe, can you blame me?" McCree asks, tossing his cigar to the ground. "Everyone else on their way?"


Ashe grows angry, furious that the cowboy would even dare to bring support his way. "Goddamn…everyone, and you!" She barks, getting Quinn's attention. "Fucking SHOOT them already!"

With guns aimed specifically at Mercy, the Deadlock Gang all make their shot at the Swiss healer, with Jesse quickly moving in front of her. Thankfully, their shots are deflected back at Ashe and her crew, with Quinn quick to dodge as well. The dark skinned bounty hunter's eyes grow wide when he sees an omnic standing before them, sheathing a large sword back in its place. This pearly white omnic, with his body built to look extremely humanoid with a green visor over its eyes, is new to the hunter, but it didn't matter to him. They should still be an easy fight to deal with.

“Thought you got lost for a second, Genji.” McCree says.

“Apologies,” says the omnic, “I was trying to help our fourth get aboard the train. Her weaponry is not very portable, after all.”

“You could say that again.” adds Mercy.

“For the luvva-...” Ashe groans, finally having it up to here. “Just how many of you are there?!” With a point of her finger, the Bandit Witch shouts, “Bob, DO SOMETHING!” Tipping his bowler hat to her, Bob rushes at the trio of heroes, his fist ready to knock them off the train, only for a large flail to bop him in the head, sending him flying back into the Deadlock Gang. Fortunately for them and Quinn, they move quickly enough that the large omnic doesn't end up knocking them down like bowling pins. Coming from up the rear is a readhead in a compact armored suit, bearing a shield before her with a flail in her other hand.

“God damn...” Quinn says, whistling in an impressed tone. “I dunno who you are, kid, but you're something else with that flail.”

“Thanks.” says the redhead. “You might not know my name, but perhaps you've heard of my father, Torbjorn Lindholm?”

As the Deadlock Gang checks on Bob, Quinn laughs. “You're kidding me. That short stack? That guy's your dad?”

Shaking his head, McCree says silently to himself, “Big mistake with Brigitte there, rookie...”

Still laughing at the visual of someone like a Swedish midget giving birth to someone of her stature, Quinn forgets to put up his guard, getting knocked back by a shield rush provided by the armored redhead. Quinn finds himself floored next to Bob, though he's a bit more nimble in getting back to his feet. Ashe, furious over the continuous interruptions of the Overwatch team, cocks her shotgun as she leers at McCree. “First you tie me up on a payload, steal my ride, and now your damn teammates put my bot out of commission? That's fucking IT, McCree! SHOOT 'IM!”

As the other members of Ashe's gang start to shoot at the Overwatch agents, Mercy and Genji stand behind Brigitte's shield, the cyber ninja tossing his stars at the shooters while avoiding their potential payload. McCree prepares to shoot for Ashe, but Quinn rushes at him, his fist flying for the outlaw's face before he can even fire a bullet. His punch lands directly on McCree, causing him to nearly drop his gun. The outlaw does manage to use it, slapping the barrel against the dark skinned man's cheek hard enough to leave a mark. After rubbing at his cheek, Quinn hops away from another punch from the hero, grabbing his own gun to shoot at Jesse with more range. Six shots are fired, with McCree incapable of of dodging them. He feels nicked by the bullets, thankful that he has enough padding on his chest to avoid an actual bullet through his skin. “Nice shooting...” McCree says with a grunt.

“Thanks.” Quinn says.

“Not fine enough, though.” The outlaw brings his gun up, and hits his shots on Quinn in rapid succession. The bullets hit the hunter successfully, though they don't take him down automatically. The dark skinned man staggers back, allowing McCree some time to recover. Circling his shoulder, McCree says to Quinn, “Gotta admit, you're not as good as I thought you'd be for a new member of the Deadlock Gang.”

“Motherfucker, did I not just say I'm not with her?” Quinn grumbles, reaching his hand out for the fallen coins he had thrown out previously. Using magnetic technology, the coins come back to him, clinging onto his palm, where he gathers them up to toss them in the air yet again. Shooting another ricochet shot with his bullets, they bounce off until they rain down on the outlaw, surprising him with another harsh attack that sends him staggering back now. With another blow to the face, Quinn knocks him back down, forcing the outlaw to stay down, his eyes slowly shutting. Taking a moment among the rest of the chaos, Quinn reaches for McCree's gun, deciding to take it as a trophy for himself.

Just as he manages to swipe the gun from McCree's limp hand, Quinn grunts as something strikes him in the shoulder, forcing him to grab hold of it. Looking at the wall behind him, he realizes just how close he had been to getting hit worse by that shuriken. He then spots the cyber ninja with Angela following behind, gliding after him with a beam of blue energy attaching them together. Even Quinn is smart enough to see what they're doing, and a boosted Genji is not a good sign.

Running past Brigitte as she handles most of the bandits, Quinn finds himself hiding behind a stack of crates where Ashe is, mostly tending to her omnic. Peeking out from behind, Quinn shoots at Genji, who deflects his bullets, and shouts to Ashe, “We should probably hightail it out of here!”

After a short pause, Ashe realizes what the bounty hunter just said, turning her head to ask, “What's this 'we' stuff?!”

“They think I'm with you for some reason, okay?!” shouts Quinn, using his glove to call back his coins. “Lemme try to distract them and you get out first, all right?”

“And when did you become the boss of ME?” Ashe shouts.

“Just fucking trust me, okay?!” The hunter looks around the car, trying to find anything that can work while he shoots at Genji long enough to keep him back. Thankfully, Ashe uses her secondary gun to force Genji to bounce back as he leaps, which causes Mercy to retaliate and fall back behind Brigitte's shield in the meantime. “Thanks for that.” Quinn says. “Hey, that dynamite, you think I could use it?”

“Might as well,” Ashe says, shooting back at the heroes with her shotgun, “this whole thing's a bust anyway.” With a whistle, one of the members of her gang that's still standing grabs the unignited dynamite, managing to toss it her way before the flail from Brigitte nails him in the head. Handing it off to the bounty hunter, Ashe says to him, “You better know what the fuck you're doing.”

“I haven't let myself down yet.” Quinn says with a cheesy grin. Tossing the dynamite into the air with his coins, Quinn prepares his shot, while Brigitte's the first to spot the explosive. Cautiously, she holds her shield up high enough to block the damage. Mercy keeps her distance, using her Cadduceus stick to ensure the Swedish shield maiden's safety, while Genji hides behind a separate stack of crates himself. The bounty hunter aims his bullets at the nearest coin, watching as they bounce off the unmarked currency, eventually hitting the dynamite. A giant explosion erupts within the train car, blasting almost half the top off, blowing a big enough hole in the hull for them to make their escape. The explosion also sends the standing Overwatch agents tumbling back, their landing cushioned by the safety Brigitte's shield provided them.

With the heroes fallen, Ashe turns to her gang and shouts, “Get Bob and get outta here! We'll stay back in case they get up.” Her crew nods, grabbing Bob's husky metal body and making their way off the train by jumping into the snowy hills below. With the crew gone, Ashe and Quinn finally make their exit, with Ashe ready to jump before Quinn...

"Ryujin no ken wo kurae!" 

Surprised by the shouting Japanese, Ashe and Quinn turn to see a green dragon lunging in their direction, with that being the last thing they see before they end up tumbling down a steep hill, rolling down the snowy blanket while severely distant from the Deadlock Gang.

After having taken such a heavy tumble, both the Bandit Witch and the bounty hunter pass out.


When Quinn awakens, his mind and vision still groggy, he tries his best to recall the events that led to him currently laying atop a bank of snow, while it sleets heavily down upon him. Sitting up, the bounty hunter grabs his head, groaning a she shakes off the feeling of so much pain. He at least wishes that there was a healer of some kind that could have fixed his wounds, unlike McCree...

That's when the memories flash before him. The train, the components he needs for this weaponry, the Deadlock Gang, and of course Overwatch...That makes perfect sense to him, of course. If he had been out here drinking or something, he'd at least remember that much. At least the pain in his head is thanks to a fight and not just a long night of drinking. After he finds his bag of his new belongings not far from him, Quinn checks it to see if anything had been stolen. Thankfully, everything he had taken from the train was there, and nothing was stolen from him.

Likely only because the one person that would have taken it had yet to awaken.

Hearing a pained groan, Quinn crawls over to check on Ashe, who had taken the fall with him after that cyber ninja used that green dragon to attack them. He sees that the snow around her body has turned a deep crimson, a sign that she had been hurt in her fall from the train and its raised tracks. By the looks of it, she had hit a loose branch, with it puncturing her stomach and still remaining stuck in the same spot. She must have been bleeding for quite a while, with only the snow and the chilly Russian air eventually keeping the outpour of blood light.

As Quinn tries to examine her wound, Ashe jumps as she rolls onto her side, finally fully awake. She sees the dark skinned bounty hunter kneeling over her, trying to keep away from him. The pain she feels is too sharp, making even a reach for her gun too much to handle. Seeing the wound finally, the Bandit Witch begins to panic, looking at Quinn with an expression that tells him to not just stand there and do something. Just as quickly as she had awaken, Ashe goes limp yet again, with the bounty hunter concerned for her safety. He didn't want this to be on his hands, after all.

On the other hand, if she were to die of blood loss, he could actually collect that bounty, and become the one to finally claim to have slain the Bandit Witch. But in his mind that would be a lie, as he would know in his mind that he wasn't the one to do this.

Decisions, decisions...


Hours later, Ashe jumps back up, her skin covered in a cold sweat. The last thing she remembers is being out in the cold, her face hit heavily with snow, and a large gaping wound on her torso. She finds herself no longer outdoors, with a roof over her head and the only light source coming from a heated fireplace. She finds that her shirt and vest are gone, leaving only her bra and a bandage wrapped around her stomach, while she still wears her pants, boots, and a blanket over her lower body. She has no recollection of how she could have possibly arrived here, but…

"Good, you're awake."

Hearing the voice, Ashe hops up from her spot on the wooden floor, using the blanket to cover up her upper body. She goes to reach for a gun as she sees the dark skinned bounty hunter, whose name she didn't quite catch, sitting on a couch as he fiddles away with some gadgetry. Unfortunately for her, the weapons are on the other side of the room, and she's in no condition to rush over for them. She can barely move after that tumble off the train, and the wound isn't exactly doing her any favors, either. She leers at Quinn, who seems oddly casual for being in the same room…or cabin, as it appears to be…with someone as deadly as her.

"It looked like you might not ever wake up," Quinn adds, "seemed like you stopped breathing for a while."

Instead of a more proper greeting, Ashe asks of the bounty hunter, "Where the hell are we? Where'd you even find this place?"

Quinn shrugs, focusing on his tinkering instead. "Dunno, I just kept carrying you because you obviously needed help, found this little wooden shack, got some med packs and first aid, and here we are."

As she moves, Ashe hisses while she grabs her wrapped up injury. "Well those med packs must be outdated, because they sure as hell ain't kicking in yet!"

Sighing to himself, Quinn grabs one of the small containers off the table he works on, tossing it over to the injured Bandit Witch. It lands on her lap, at least allowing her to grab hold of the medical device to at least numb the pain. "Better?"

"Better." Ashe replies, feeling much more refreshed. "Stupid angel woman has to hog the best healing tech for herself…ain't fair."

"I was thinking the same thing." Quinn says with a smirk. "Maybe you should consider getting one in your gang."

"Know any?"

Quinn shakes his head. "If I did I think I'd be palling along with them."

"Figures as much." grumbles the Bandit Witch, slowly rising up to her feet. "Seems like all the good healing people are nothing but goody two shoes, always looking out for others but not ourselves."

"Pfft, I'm not exactly you, either. I just go where the money is."

Feeling much better, Ashe finds herself able to walk properly, still holding the blanket over her upper body. Sitting next to Quinn, she asks him, "So lemme guess, you're the bounty hunter type."


"And you know I've got a hefty bounty on my head."

"Yup." Quinn nods, still focusing on the tinkering.

"You could have left me to die, collect the bounty, and live rich and wealthy as ever."


Still perplexed that she's even sitting next to this man, her heart still beating, Ashe asks him, "So why in the name of Hell, Texas aren't you taking advantage of this injury?"

"Because first off," Quinn starts off, "It doesn't seem like a fair fight. Second, somehow I'll end up being the one dead while you get to leave with your body in tact and no bounty collected…trust me, you seem to have that kind of luck…"

"Sure wish that luck were around during moist of my heists." scoffs Ashe.

Quinn continues, "Third, human decency. Not gonna harm someone when they're already down. Fourth, and I hope you don't take much offense to this one, but you're quite the attractive woman. Can't bring harm to someone as pretty as you."

The comment brings a blush to Ashe's cheeks, the Bandit Witch covering them up quickly to avoid allowing the bounty hunter to see her in such a defenseless state. "That's surprisingly kind of you." she says. "But I'm not all that great. Look it me, I'm 39 and over the hill!"

"You sure as hell don't look 39." Quinn says, finally glancing at the white haired gang leader. "You don't exactly have wrinkles or anything like that."

"Boy, I take good care of my skin." Ashe says with a quick leer. "Never gonna understand people that think just cuz I'm near forty I gotta look it. If I look fine for my age, they need to get over it and worry about something more productive with their lives."

"…I see I touched a nerve. My bad." Quinn says apologetically."

After some time has passed, Ashe finally glimpses at the components the bounty hunter had been messing with. She recognizes at least one thing in his hands, however. "Is that McCree's gun?!"

"Yup," Quinn says with the biggest grin a man could have, "I took it off him after I knocked him out. Figured it's gonna make for a nice centerpiece to a new gun I'm modding."

Ashe cackles, "I wish I could see the look on his face when he sees that pistol of his is missing."

"Like I care!" Quinn says with a scoff. "I got a boatload of reasons for bot liking the guy. None of them personal, but I especially think if it weren't for him we wouldn't be here right now."

"So true." Ashe laughs, stretching her arms out. With her back arching, the Bandit Witch pushes out her chest, finally getting the dark skinned bounty hunter's attention, his eyes glancing at the way her body moves. Once she sees his gaze, Ashe stares back at him with seductive eyes, her arms moving behind her back to undo her bra. "Well, you did me quite a few favors between keeping my ass alive and knocking McCree on his ass. And anyone that can make an enemy out of Jesse…they're certainly a friend of mine." After she removes the cups off her breasts, Quinn is treated to a delectable surprise, one he hadn't thought he would experience during this series of unfortunate events; pierced nipples from a nice, firm pair of breasts. He licks his lips at the sight of the barbell piercings, watching as the Bandit Witch holds them up from the underside. “You know, given the cold air outside, I don't think we'll be leaving for a while. Maybe it's just best you and me cozy up, hm? I could use some extra heat myself.”

As if leaving all subtlety behind, the white haired bandit grabs Quinn's wrist, slowly bringing it atop her breast to get a good feel for her barbells. The dark skinned bounty hunter grins, kneading his finger tips into her mounds, watching as she relaxes from his touch. His mind wanders, giving into her temptations. After all, considering how much he had gone through just to get to where he is now, being able to modify the weaponry with a hero's gun and his components, he deserves to treat himself to some of Ashe's bounties.

Scooting closer to her pale, exposed upper body, Quinn leans his head into her breasts, his tongue sticking out as he flicks away at the pink nubs, often hitting the cold steel barbells that cause the Bandit Witch to seethe through her teeth. Pulling the bounty hunter in by his head, she pushes him closer into her breasts, his voice muffled as he feels himself smooshed in. He enjoys the close warmth of her bosom, proud that the gang leader has become comfortable enough around him to finally expose her upper body like this.

While his lips are preoccupied with her nipples, Ashe takes his hand once more and moves his fingers across her well toned torso, leading them down to the hem of her pants. After allowing them to slide through and feel the tuft of hair underneath, the Bandit Witch starts to undo her belt buckle, then unbutton her pants to allow the bounty hunter better access to her snatch. With less clothing in the way, Quinn is able to move his fingers over her clit, hearing Ashe moan with delight, her body stiffening with her legs squeezed together. The thighs keep the dark skinned man's hand at her crotch, allowing him to rub away at her genitals for as much sexual stimulation as he can provide.

“You've definitely been with a woman before, haven't you?” purrs Ashe, her fingernails resting on Quinn's neck to give him a light scratch. The feeling of her nails brushing on his dark skin sends tingles down the bounty hunter's spine, causing him to shiver lightly.

“I've been with girls, miss.” Quinn says, briefly removing his lips from her pierced nipples. “I can't say I've ever been with a woman before.”

“That's what I wanna hear.” cackles Ashe, allowing Quinn to place his lips back on her breasts. She moans loudly, her head slowly rotating clockwise as his fingers continue to rub at her clit, slowly making their way down the the entrance of her vaginal cavern. She hears the bounty hunter suckle her nipples, while his teeth bite down on the piercing, causing a reaction in her hips that bucks them against Quinn's fingers. After he massages her folds for a while, the bounty hunter finally injects his fingers inside of her tunnel, causing the Bandit Witch to sigh refreshingly. “Mmmph, it's been so long since I've had a good touch like that.” she says. “I'll barely even let any of my boys get a look at me, let alone get this close to my body.”

“That so?” asks Quinn. “Aside from your bodyguard, what'd you call him? Ah, anyway, they're all kinda dim. That's why you're the one in charge, right?”

“So true.” sighs Ashe, petting his skin. While she enjoys the way his fingers move about her snatch, rubbing against her fleshy cave to arouse her, she wants Quinn to feel a sense of satisfaction as well. Soon she taps her finger against his neck, getting his attention once more. “How about I see what you're packing now, hon?”

As if eager to show off his best weapon, Quinn rests one knee onto the couch while he undoes his attire, with the white haired bandit using her fingers to stimulate herself in his place. After he drops his pants, Quinn hears a whistle from the gang leader, who stares at his rod for the length and girth. “That work for you?” he asks.

“Very much.” replies the Bandit Witch, scooting over on the couch as she leans into the bounty hunter's crotch, resting her crimson lips around the shaft. Her tongue flicks away heavily against his crown, humming as she feels the precum escape his slit. She swallows every drop that he releases, her lips moving slowly towards the base along the boner, while Quinn simply exhales his breath. Though he keeps her hands off her, the bounty hunter watches as she swallows his shaft with incredible ease, amazed at how she can take him in without choking or gagging on his girth. Once she reaches the base of his chocolate colored cock, she remains there for quite a long period of time, the breath from her nostrils against his pelvic region while her tongue swirls along the flesh, coating it in her saliva as best she can.

As she pulls her head back from the shaft, a string of saliva sticks between her lips and the tip, with a streaked circle having formed along his member. The white haired Bandit Witch licks the strand off, breaking the tiny bridge between them. After staring up at Quinn with her eyes, Ashe gets off the couch for only a brief moment, fully removing her pants to reveal her full naked body. After kicking them off, only her boots remain on, with the dark skinned bounty hunter keeping his gaze on them. “That's a pretty design you got on them.” he says.

“Don't be so modest.” Ashe says, laughing as she pushes her palm against Quinn's chest. After the bounty hunter ends up on his back atop the couch, the white haired woman crawls on, raising her backside up for his view while she lowers her head onto his shaft yet again. Rather than fully encompassing his pole in her mouth, she prefers to lick the bottom side slowly and methodically, while the bridge of her nose rubs up against the tip with each upward lap. When she reaches the crown with her salivating tongue, she circles around the dark nub before slowly sinking her teeth into the soft tissue, watching Quinn's face contort, his eyelid flickering as she sees him try to fight off showing off his enjoyment of her actions.

After letting her lips suckle on the tip a while longer, Ashe pops it from her mouth, shifting her body around on the sofa until she's kneeling atop Quinn's body, the bounty hunter watching as he breasts bounce slightly with her movement. Sticking her ass back against his cock, the Bandit Witch coos as it rubs between her cheeks, getting nice and stiff within her crack. Her boots make slight noises as she slowly rises and falls, her ass bumping against the bounty hunter's cock repeatedly, aiming to get him at his stiffest while her own saliva coats her crack. She smirks while she hears Quinn breathe heavily, his hands clenching into fists while he tries to hold back the temptation to grab hold of her. It amuses the Bandit Witch, seeing him feel so beneath her, though she would admit in her head that she does merely have that presence to her.

“You want it bad, don't you?” Ashe asks with a breathy voice. She leans into Quinn, her breasts rubbing against his chest while the pierced nipples glide across his dark skin until her face meets with him. “You want me to let you ride my pussy out, don't you?”

“Yes ma'am.” replies the bounty hunter.

Her body shifts back yet again, with Ashe sucking her lower lip when she feels the tip rubbing against her vaginal folds. Her eyes roll back as she pushes her hips down against his crown, grunting when it finally pops inside her cavern. The Bandit Witch rolls her eyes back, feeling the bounty hunter's shaft stretch her out as it burrows inside her body, while Quinn watches on with surprise as she was able to guide his cock inside her without use of hands. That, to him, is truly how a woman is compared to the many girls he's been with. Truly experienced enough to get it in like that.

Kneeling upright over his body, Ashe grinds her hips atop Quinn, his shaft shifting around inside her tunnel. Squeezing away at her pierced nipples, she watches as the bounty hunter continues to restrain himself, keeping his hands off her pale body. "Lighten yourself up, pal," Ashe says, grabbing Quinn by the wrists to place his hands on her hips, "if I'm letting you fuck my pussy, you've already got every right to touch me."

Nodding to the Bandit Witch, Quinn runs his hands over her lower body, getting a feel of her skin. Her body is nice and smooth, with nary a wrinkle in place. The bounty hunter hears her sigh as his thumbs run over her pelvic bone, watching as she cups her breasts. Her thumbs press down on her barbell piercings, Quinn watching as they disappear into her soft pale skin. As his rod continues to move about inside her muff, Ashe starts to growl while her eyes roll back into her head. "Mmmph, it's so nice, how your cock moves inside me." She says, resting her hands on the bounty hunter's chest. "Haven't had it this good in a long time."

"That's good to know." Quinn grunts, feeling his member throb away inside the Bandit Witch. The dark skinned bounty hunter, feeling his lust for her rising, sits up as he tries to lean into Ashe, lips ready for a quick peck…only for the white haired gang leader to press her finger against his nose, pushing him back down to his position.

"Nah uh." Ashe says, wagging her finger at the dark skinned hunter. "I got the high road here, cowboy. What I say goes." Her hips begin to buck hard against Quinn's shaft, feeling his grip on her hips tighten as he tries to restrain himself. She's aware of the twitching inside herself, knowing the bounty hunter is trying his best to hold back. The white haired bandit purrs, pleased with the way Quinn reacts to her actions. The best part, for her anyway, is that she isn't even trying her best to toy with his mind.

Some time passes, and the two are now standing by the fireplace, with Ashe's hand resting against the wall as she allows the dark skinned bounty hunter to take her from behind. Quinn holds her leg up to allow himself better access to her snatch, while the Bandit Witch wraps her other arm around his shoulders for support. Even as his cock thrusts into the older woman's muff, the gang leader is the one that takes the lead, pumping her pelvis down against his shaft. The dark skinned hunter's other hand squeezes into her ass cheek, feeling the firmness of her rump. The bandit's backside squishes down against Quinn's groin, who takes pleasure in the sounds of her slapping against his hips.

"Oooh, fuck, that feels good, right?" Ashe asks, hissing through her teeth. Quinn feels her fluids dripping down his cock, though it feels much more solid than he anticipates, reminding him of a lubrication. Then he reminds himself that women do this when aroused. "Your cock feels nice and cozy inside my snatch, doesn't it? You like how I squeeze down on that big black cock of yours?"

"I didn't know you…nff!" Quinn bites his lower lip as Ashe squeezes her walls down on his rod, causing the bounty hunter's body to tense up. His veins pulse against her cavern, as if demanding release, while her juices continue to trickle around the member for better lubrication. The Bandit Witch cackles, enjoying every moment she spends teasing the man that saved her from near blood loss.

Soon the pair return to the sofa, with Ashe riding atop Quinn once more. The position has changed, as now Ashe stands between the bounty hunter's legs, while the dark skinned man lays back with the Bandit Witch in control of her movements. She still juts her hips against him while his rod moves about, massaging her cavern walls while her juices continue to drip out between her folds, creating a puddle that forms on the sofa. The cum makes a trail on the dark shaft, trickling down his scrotum and dripping onto the couch from there. Her thighs slap hard against his body from this angle, assuring her dominance over the bounty hunter for as long as she can.

That's when it happens. Quinn grips Ashe's cheeks as tightly as he can, growling through his teeth while the Bandit Witch immediately removes his cock from her snatch, kneeling before him to use her hand to stroke the cock. She uses an aggressive speed to ensure that the bounty hunter hits his peak, laughing as she awaits the inevitable eruption. She watches on with wide eyes as his sperm shoots out of his slit into the air, strings of semen flying about. The bandit is careful to aim it towards Quinn's body, his milky loads spreading onto his abs while making a mess in the process. When the cum dies down, Ashe locks lips with the tip once again, savoring the salty flavor of his semen as it coats the nub in his fluids, merely wanting to taste his load without injecting the whole of it inside her body.

But the Bandit Witch isn't finished just yet. Standing over the bounty hunter, Ashe rubs away at her snatch, fingering herself quickly until she needs her own release. Quinn watches on in surprise as her fluids start to splash out of her like a fountain, with the gang leader growling while her cum flies everywhere from such a frequent amount of rubbing at her genitals. She roars loudly, pulling back on her clit as she squirts her fluids out onto the tired Quinn, his torso soon coated in her liquids as she sprays them out, watching as he lips slowly curl up on the sides, seemingly pleased with her work.

Soon Ashe collapses on top of Quinn's body, the dark skinned bounty hunter wrapping his arms around her as she cozies up to him. It seems to merely be on instinct with the Bandit Witch, rather than anything he may have done to please her. Soon after, they end up passing out, likely still tired from the previous battle. They both are just thankful to have the energy for a quick little moment like this.


Quinn snorts himself awake, finding his body still bare several hours later. He sees that Ashe has left him, looking around the room to find that the Bandit Witch is already dressing herself back up. Once she looks in his direction, the white haired bandit chuckles. “Good, you're up now. I was thinking maybe I'd leave you behind to get back to wherever on your own.”

After rubbing his eyes open, Quinn asks in a groggy manner, “What's that supposed to mean?”

“I got a call from my crew,” she says, handing his clothes back to him, “and told them where we're at. So they'll be on their way. Figured I might as well invite you on board. Beats the hell out of forcing your way through this cold neck of the woods.”

After he dresses up, Quinn grabs the tools he had used to rebuild his gun, including what remains of McCree's pistol. “Much appreciated. I figure from there I'll just head off on my own.”

“On your own, hm?” she asks. “You sure you don't wanna be apart of the Deadlock Gang officially? We could use another helpful hand.” Approaching Quinn, she runs her fingernails under his chin. “And I could use an actual helping hand as well...”

With a chuckle, Quinn merely replies, “I'll give it some thought. But thanks.”



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