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Chapter 3 - Quite the Vacation

The complete story that began in "Wrath of the Bandido Bitch" now has its own story dedicated to itself on HF. A bounty hunter named Quinn finds himself in the middle of a Deadlock Gang operation, then in the middle of a battle with Overwatch. When he and the Deadlock leader fall off the train, they also end up falling for one another. A..

Chapter 3 - Quite the Vacation

Chapter 3 - Quite the Vacation


Sometime in the last hundred years, the United States have been split up into different territories, explicitly divided amongst those who own them. So you have areas such as the Midwest, Northeast, Deep South, and so on referred to as such officially rather than being just a blanket term for certain regions.

Florida has become its own territory, of course.

In the Southwest territory that had once been called Kehoe, a Montana Resort town, Quinn had a log cabin set up in the mountains far outside of it, a little project of his over the last several years with the money he makes from bounty hunting. While it's not a whole lot to look at on the surface, he's made sure to build another floor underground so it can feel pleasant and not so cramped like one expects most one-floor cabins to look. At least when he's underground he'll have a large sense of privacy with nobody to give him any kind of trouble. Since he's been busy bounty hunting, he's had omnics build the place for him, though that also has to do with him wanting to keep the place a secret, that nobody knows that it's his cabin to go to when he finally does retire from the bounty hunting lifestyle.

It's also starting to feel like that time of year for Quinn anyway, where he takes a month break from the hunt so he can recharge his batteries and feel anew when he goes back out. As he steps into the cabin to drop his stuff off, he silently thinks to himself about his future, finally considering going after the Talon operatives and doing something about them that Overwatch can't seem to do; end them. But that will have to wait until he's recuperate, as it's been a long six months for him.

Although, to be fair, the last time he had a 'break' is when he met Ashe once again, dropping off her bike and mutual enemy McCree. He's thankful to have the reward she gave to him, but still can't bring himself to accept the offer of joining her Deadlock Gang. It just isn't his style...

Taking a moment to absorb his vacation setting, getting that nice and cozy feel he had been wanting, enjoying the rustic aesthetic he longs for in his city settings. Then he realizes that he's forgotten the most basic of things if he's going to survive out here in the mountains.

“Food...” Quinn grumbles. He grabs at his stomach, realizing he hasn't eaten since he started his trek to the cabin, and could really use some sort of sustenance to keep himself going. He may be on vacation, sure, but that doesn't mean he intends to slouch off in the next month. Making sure that his security units are in place, given the number of enemies he's made over time, Quinn makes his way to Kehoe, preparing to make a big shopping spree, as he hopes he won't have to make another trip down from the mountains for another month, wishing to enjoy the peace and tranquility of his surroundings.

And as he heads off for town in his souped up SUV, another face watches him leave, her ruby lips curling into a grin. “Okay now...” she says into a communicator, “You know what to do, sugar plum.”


While the trip may have taken longer than he liked, Quinn can at least say he won't be going hungry for a while. Though he may have to work out a little extra each day, given the amount of fat treats he bought himself.

After turning off the security unit that protects his house, Quinn steps inside with his groceries, ready to put them away in his kitchen. As he steps inside, putting his food away, he starts to hear humming coming from the living space, which is of course odd for him. He raises an eyebrow at this, putting a halt to his restocking of food supplies to check it out.  On his way to inspect the room, Quinn pulls out his gun, taped up underneath the buffet set up in the hallway in case of an emergency like this, and puts his finger on the trigger, ready to shoot first. As he pushes his back against the wall before entering the room, Quinn hears the humming, though it's no louder than it was just a moment ago. He has no idea why the noise is there, but he's certain it's human.

Pivoting into the room, Quinn aims his gun at the target...and pauses, seeing who exactly it is that's broken into his house. A familiar face, her trademark hat off her white hair, resting on the coffee table set in the middle of the room. A shot of whiskey is in her hand, with a bottle of Jack Daniels sitting next to her hat. She's looking somewhat different, now that she isn't wearing the trademark outfit, or even a costume to celebrate her birthday, but there does seem to be more to her in terms of changes, but Quinn is too stunned to even think about that.

As her eyes finally take to Quinn's direction, seeing he's still staring in awe with his pistol pointed at her, Ashe smiles, her ruby lips looking as lovely as ever. “Well howdy, stranger,” Ashe says to him, “didn't know when you'd be back.” She gulps down the shot of whiskey, standing up from the couch to stretch her arms out. “Welcome home, by the way. You're looking as sharp as ever.”

Quinn finally snaps out of his trance-like state, putting his gun down as Ashe approaches him. He's at a loss for words, even as his brain resets itself. “Okay...I have questions.” he says.

“Oh, lookit you, you remembered how to speak words.” Ashe says, teasing him.

“What are you doing here, how did you find me, and how did you get in?”

Ashe sighs, shaking her head even as her ruby lips are smiling. “Well those aren't the questions I was hoping to hear, but I'll answer them anyway.” she says with a shrug. “It's like I said a long time ago, partner, I always get what I want, and I've been wanting to recruit you into the Deadlock Gang for some time.”

“Can't take no for an answer?” asks Quinn, crossing his arms at the white haired bandit.

“What part of 'I always get what I want' are you not following here?” asks the bandit, cocking her eyebrow at the bounty hunter before answering his other concerns. “As for finding you, that was a bit harder. You clearly put up false residencies so you couldn't be found, which is smart for someone in your line of work.”

“It only makes sense,” Quinn says, “given the number of enemies I made.”

Ashe continues, “I do have a wide array of connections, though, and they did eventually get to find you soon enough. Just had to pinpoint which place was an actual place and not just some false hope of finding you out.”

“And then there's the breaking in.” Quinn says with a stern expression, to which Ashe laughs at.

“Technically I didn't break in.” she admits. “The doors were already open when I walked up to the cabin. I just figured you opened the doors up for me, but by the time I got inside I realized you weren't here. So, I figured I might as well make myself at home.” Quinn listens to her words carefully, certain that she's lying about something, though what it was she wasn't truthful about isn't clear to him. He thinks about his security system, and how even if it's not fully installed he still has all the essentials in place, including the access code.

“Bullshit.” he finally says aloud. “You couldn't have known how to get in without an access code!”

“I didn't need it.” Ashe says with a playful shrug. “Someone must've hacked into it instead.”

“Right...I'm gonna look into that.” Quinn heads for his computer, checking it out to make sure it's nothing on his end that went wrong with the security units. After checking the program that runs security for the household, he's stunned when greeted with a purple hexagon-shaped skull candy rotating in the middle of his screen.

“Sombra...” Quinn mutters, raising his fist as he silently curses out the Hispanic hacker.


"What, you don't get so bored you hack security systems for free?" Sombra asks the reading audience. "Try it sometime, it's pretty cathartic. Payment would be nice, but this was so easy it's not even worth the credit."


“Tell me you didn't get her help.” Quinn says, turning his attention back to the bandit.

“Whose help?” Ashe asks innocently enough. “Honey, I only have networks to finding you, not getting into anything else.” Her lips curl in response to that, clearly thinking about how helpful the Hispanic was in getting her into the cabin for her big surprise. As she sees just how angry this whole mess makes him, Ashe says, “My, you're really riled up about all of this. What's got your feathers all ruffled?”

Seeing as the Bandito Bitch isn't backing down from her claims of innocence, Quinn sighs as he runs his palm down his face. “Just...someone messing with me. It's no big deal,” he admits, “I'll just make sure to get them back for it.” As he finally calms himself down, Quinn finally takes a moment to stare at Ashe, realizing that the bandit has changed quite a bit since their last encounter. Her white hair has grown out much longer, going past her shoulders, and she wears nothing more than a white dress shirt and a slim tie, her trademark gear otherwise gone. In place of her usual pants and boots are tight leather pants that cling surprisingly comfortably to her legs, wearing black ankle boots instead of the thigh highs he recalls from their first encounter. Either way, she still looks as stunning as the previous two times they've run into each other.

“You're totally checking me out right now!” Ashe says with a laugh, slapping his bicep without warning. “Even though you're pissed I'm here, you can't take your goddamn eyes off me, can you?”

“No...” Quinn mutters.

“Well, I'm here now. So you got yourself two choices,” Ashe says, raising two fingers up for him, “one, you can kick me out and I go back to my gang, or two, you let me stick around and keep you company until you're willing to join my gang.”

Quinn exhales from his nostrils, staring at the white haired bandit even as he's deep in thought over the matter. “Well...I guess a little company isn't gonna kill me.” he confesses begrudgingly. “But if you're gonna stick around, you might as well help out with putting the groceries away.” With that, he heads for the kitchen, hearing Ashe's boots clicking into the wooden floor behind him. Passing by the door once more, the bounty hunter sees the luggage Ashe had brought, which to him looks to be about five different bags altogether. “How long are you planning to stay?” he asks with annoyance in his voice.

“How many times do I have to say it?” Ashe says, passing by him to help put the food away. “Long enough to get you to join my gang. And considering I plan to do my own laundry, I'll take as long as I need.” As the bandit starts to help put everything away, Quinn goes off to put her belongings over by the couch. Since his bed is the only one, and suited for only one, he figures this is where she'll be sleeping during most of her stay.


After giving her a tour of the household, Quinn and Ashe sat down with a bottle of whiskey that Ashe had brought, going over the last few months of their jobs and what they've been up to. Even in spite of having met twice before now, the idea of Quinn simply shooting the shit with someone that he otherwise would have on his list is still unusual. Perhaps because now that he knows her all too well, both intimately and generally, it's hard to think of such a wild woman doing such bad things. And yet here she is, explaining to him how Bob almost screwed up yet another potential score.

Once the Bandit Bitch notices the time, she sighs to herself, “Dinner time already? Who knew time could fly so quickly?”

“Well there's a lot to talk about.” Quinn admits.

“Right, there's that.” Ashe says, downing another shot before standing up off the couch. “Time to make it, then.”

“Wait, what?”

“You didn't think I'd leave you to do everything while I'm here, did you?” Ashe laughs. “I might as well throw some of my own weight around here.”

“Huh...okay, then.” Quinn says, not at all up for arguing with that. It's nice that Ashe isn't exactly treating herself like a guest in his own cabin, although she probably shouldn't even be here in the first place. Still, given what he knows about her background, Quinn can't help but wonder just how well a cook someone with her lifestyle could possibly be, even if they're as willing to help out as they are.


“So this is a surprise.”

“What is?”

“It's good.”

Ashe put her fork down, laughing at the unexpected response given to her by the bounty hunter. She hadn't expected that as a reaction, even if she knew he'd be surprised by just how good it is.

“I'm serious,” Quinn continues, “this is some darn fine cooking! I could probably eat more of this if it were there.”

“That's good you enjoy it,” Ashe says, “though you're not the first to be shocked by my skills.”

“I mean, who cooks anymore?” Quinn asks. “I figured rich types like you always have the omnics doing everything. Me, I just take the instant cook meals and microwave it.”

“Well I'm not self-taught, if that helps,” Ashe confesses, “Bob was always there to lend me a hand. Besides, being out in the desert like I am with the Gang, it helps to have that kind of skill, even if I was the one born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”

“At least you admit that much.” Quinn says. Just before he takes another bite of the cooking, Ashe playfully throws her napkin at him over his comment.

After they finish their meal and wash the dishes, Ashe and Quinn casually take a seat on the couch, sharing the wine that the bounty hunter had brought up previously. In the middle of drinking away and chatting casually, Ashe can't help but look on at the hunter's video collection, seeing a number of different titles on the shelf next to the TV. She walks over to study it, raising a particular eyebrow at one of the titles. “Gunslingers, huh?”

Quinn grins, stepping behind her as she continues to look over his collection. “Yeah, you mentioned it last time,” he admits, “I mean it's not...well directed, but it's fine for what it is. Even so, it got me into the western genre, so I thought I'd keep watching.”

“That's fine and all,” she says, studying the case for Tombstone, “just stuns me that anyone is still using disc technology when everything's gone digital as it is.”

“I'm vintage like that.” Quinn says. “Anything you want to watch?”

Looking again at the Tombstone case, she holds it up and says, “How about this?”

“Fine choice.” Quinn says, letting the white haired bandit pop it in.

An hour later, without even realizing it, Quinn finds Ashe leaning over him, her head resting on his shoulders while her hand starts to rub into his thigh. The hunter hadn't even noticed she was doing this, yet hums in a way that sounds pleasurable. After keeping their eyes glued onto the screen for so long, Ashe turns her head to face Quinn, leaning into his neckline to start pecking at his skin. Quinn sighs in reaction, not at all expecting the Bandit Witch to do such a thing. It feels good, though despite having plowed her twice before, he didn't seem to expect this in any capacity.

“What are you...hmmm...” Quinn asks, his eyes shut as she nibbles on his ear. The feeling is wonderful to his senses, causing him to bite his lip in response. Wanting to reciprocate, Quinn reaches out for Ashe's thighs, only for the bandit to grab his wrist and stop him in his tracks.

“Don't worry your little head about me, darling.” Ashe whispers into his ear. “I'm taking charge from here on out.” She blows into his ear afterwards, seeing him shiver in response. Ashe chuckles at his response, repeatedly pecking at his neck line for a good while, hearing him breathe in a way that lets her know she's doing the job right. When she tires of the spot, she moves onto Quinn's ear lobe, her perfect pearly whites biting down on the dark skin of the bounty hunter. She grinds her teeth away, humming in delight as she flicks her tongue at the portion in her mouth. While he may not admit it aloud, Quinn finds himself stimulated by the bandit's touch, though he tries to keep himself calm, as he already feels the rising occur in his loins.

"Well I see someone's happy to see me." Ashe says, reaching for the bounty hunter's zipper. He doesn't even try to stop her, letting her have her way with his schlong as she wrestles it out of his pants, finding it more than halfway to a full erection. Without wasting any time, she leans into Quinn's lap, pressing her lips against his black bell while her hand massages his rod thoroughly. He sighs as the bandit loudly pecks against his tip, her tongue occasionally wagging at it while his precum starts to seep out the slit. Quinn's body jolts from the way her tongue flicks at his sensitive crown, finding it too much to handle. In truth, he's had his cock throbbing for a good portion of Ashe's visit, but has remained calm and collected until this point. Now that she wants control of the situation, he may as well just let her do as she pleases.

Soon enough, her mouth pushes down on his boner, managing to slide it in with ease. She looks up at him as best she can from her angle, seeing him relaxed as his eyes are still shut. She giggles even as her lips remain around him, her laugh vibrating against the erection as she starts to bob her head along the schlong. Quinn hisses as he inhaled, his teeth clenched together as her tongue swirls heavily along the way, feeling every vein that the bounty hunter has.

Quinn could also feel those same veins pumping hard against her inner cheeks, pulsing with blood to keep himself fully erect. His crown also throbs within Ashe's mouth, begging for release while she still toys with him. Grunting aloud, he says to the bandit, "Ashe…I'm gonna cum…"

"Mhm…" Ashe says casually, still sliding her mouth along his dong. For a moment he believes that she hadn't heard him, but she did. She just prefers letting him explode inside her mouth, hungry for his fluids.

"I mean it, I'm gonna cum…" he grunts again, trying to warn her before he goes off.

"Mhm…" Ashe repeats, looking up at the bounty hunter to give him a knowing nod. She pulls back far enough that her lips remain sealed around his tip, her tongue flicking away at the entry to his urethra while she audibly sucks it off. Quinn's body tenses up, gripping the armrest of his couch as his head falls onto the back rest of the couch, unable to hold himself back for very long.

He groans as his first string of cum flies from the slit, landing squarely on the bandit's tongue. Ashe hums in delight as she tastes his seed once more, adoring the flavor of his cum as it fills up her mouth. Quinn tries to keep his eyes open, impressed with the way the Bandit Witch keeps her lips tight on his dick, with no sign of his seed spilling out of those ruby puckers. Even as it feels like he's stopped leaking his seed, the bandit gives his member a squeeze, making sure she gets every last drop before removing herself. When she pulls away from his cock, Quinn remains impressed that not a single drop fell from her lips, although he does notice a red ring on his dark dick left behind. "You like that?" Ashe asks, sitting upright.

"Oh yeah…" says Quinn, pushing his cock back into his fly. "But now I'm in the mood for more."

"Are you now?" Ashe asks, cocking an eyebrow at the bounty hunter.

"Hell yeah!" Standing up from his seat, Quinn grabs Ashe and hoists her over his shoulder, picking up the Deadlock leader like she's a sack of potatoes. He carries her off to his room, the woman's legs flailing about as she laughs at his efforts.

"Hey, out me down!" Ashe laughs. "I can walk myself to your room if that's what you wanted!"

"But this is so much more fun." Quinn chuckles, entering his bedroom. Once he places the white haired bandit on the bed, he starts to undress himself, telling his guest, "you undress, too. But leave the boots on."

"Got a thing for my boots, do we?" Ashe asks, teasing the hunter as she lifts her foot up for him to study. She does as she's instructed, removing every other article of clothing save for her footwear. With the two of them fully naked, Ashe lays on the bed while awaiting Quinn to join her, only to find that he's rummaging through his bags, as if trying to find something. "Lose something?"

"Just a sec!" Quinn says, not even looking over at the white haired beauty. "I thought I had…aha!" He grins from ear to ear after finding exactly what he had been looking for, and right away Ashe recognizes the device; a glove that has the same sonic technology to it that her glove from their last encounter has. As the bounty hunter turns his attention back to the guest, he sees that she's in the buff, bar her boots, and rolls onto her back, spreading her legs wide for Quinn.

"Might as well get in there," Ashe says, "Just a simple return of the favor."

Getting on his knees before the bandit, Quinn leans into her muff, pecking his lips against her folds while sipping up any juices that trickle out between them. He hears a happy sigh escape Ashe's mouth, the white haired woman pleased with how he teases her. His tongue does manage to slip between the meat curtains, lapping against her walls while her head rolls around her shoulders, the feeling exhilarating for her. "Ahhh, yeah…" Ashe sighs. "That's it, baby, you know how I like it…"

"I've done this with you twice before," Quinn says, briefly removing his tongue from her snatch, "I had better know how you do." Ashe laughs, but only briefly as his tongue slides back inside her, picking up right where it left off. He swirls it around inside the tunnel, causing his white haired beauty to giggle as it massages her internally. When he hits a rather sensitive area inside her body, she can't help but squeeze her thighs together, getting the bounty hunter's head as well. Quinn doesn't mind the pressure of her lovely legs pressing into him, as this is all for her pleasure, after all.

When he's had enough of a taste of her pussy, Quinn takes his glove and places it atop his hand, flicking the sonic device on as it starts to vibrate thoroughly. He watches as the bandit bites down on her lower lip, eager to feel it inside her while the bounty hunter puts it to good use. After sliding it between her folds, Quinn almost jumps as Ashe squeals, jumping from the sudden vibrations that cause her to jolt. She giggles from how it tickles against her cavern walls, all while Quinn is amused at how over the top her reactions seem. Perhaps she's more sensitive than he previously believed.

To add to the fun, Quinn decides to move his fingers around, pulling them in and out of Ashe's tunnel while she breathes heavily. She tries to keep up with the rate at which the glove vibrates, with the bounty hunter's fingers starting to pick up speed as his knuckle jam against her folds. Biting down on her ruby lips, Ashe rolls her eyes back as she grabs her breasts, kneading into them while her legs move about, trying to find comfort until she finally climaxes.

"Oh fuck…" Ashe says with an exhausted voice. "I'm getting close, Quinn. I'm so close. I'm almost…there…keep going…" As she hums in a high pitch, Quinn does as the bandit asks, going hard and mean against her muff until her juices start to splash out. The white haired woman squeals as she finally hits her orgasm when the dark skinned man hits her spongy area, causing her to erupt against his fingers. He watches as the stream of fluids escape from inside her, splashing onto the sheets and leaving a dampness on them. Ashe cries out through her teeth, biting her knuckle as she continuously relieves herself on the bed.

When she finishes, Quinn laughs, turning the glove off before slipping his covered fingers from her snatch. "I take it you enjoyed that?" he asks with a grin.

"Fuck yeah…" Ashe says, relaxing from such an experience. "But now…I'm pooped…"

"Yeah…kind of the same." Quinn says, wiping his forehead off with his arm. "Kind of a long day with all the travelling."

"You said it." Ashe laughs. "Come on, get in bed with me."

"While it's drenched like that? You'd rather not let me get some clean sheets?"

"I've slept in worse," Ashe assures him, "don't worry about it for now."

As he shrugs, Quinn takes his naked body and lays next to Ashe, who snuggles up with him like he's a giant teddy bear. As she smiles warmly, she rolls her body against his while he remains on his back, leaning in to nibble on his ear. Too exhausted to say much to her, Quinn slowly starts to fade into slumber, thinking about how interesting this day became after her unexpected arrival.

The next month, or however long she'll be here, is going to be quite interesting…


"A date?!"

"Sure, why not. Might as well treat you after dinner last night."

After nine in the morning, Quinn had been able to wake up first, treating Ashe to a breakfast of bacon and eggs as they sit at the table in some comfy pajamas. While she did have some stunned surprise over how he made them after the microwave comment the previous day, this news from the bounty hunter seems to shock her even more.

"I suppose you're not at all worried about being caught with me?" asks Ashe. "You realize I've got my reputation as it is."

"Like that stopped me before." Quinn chuckles. "I got your bike back from the so called good guy, didn't I?"

"You did," Ashe says with a nod before chewing on more bacon, "But even then things were rather intimate."

"True. But this time we might as well make some kind of spectacle out of it."

"Not without the right outfit." Ashe tells him. "I'm gonna have to go into town for that."

"You can take the SUV if you want."

Ashe cocks an eyebrow at this offer. "You're sure about that?"

Quinn laughs, "What else are you gonna do, steal it? You still have all your suitcases and stuff."

"Might as well take you up on the suggestion then." With the offer in her mind, Ashe starts to eat more quickly, curiously eager to go to town for the sake of some new clothes. While Quinn thinks to offer her some cash, he stops himself, realizing she likely has enough of it for herself as it is.

In the time that Ashe leaves for town, Quinn takes to cleaning up the cabin, settling himself into his new homestead as he had intended early the previous day. Given he's not the only one sticking around for the remainder of his break, he figures that he may as well go about dusting things off as well. There's still some sawdust left over from when the omnics built the walls and such, so that needs to go as well.

By the time he finishes, Ashe returns with his keys, dropping them onto the buffet in the hall. “Keep yourself busy?” Ashe asks, finding the bounty hunter resting on his couch.

Quinn nods, his eyes shut as he prepares for a nap. “Cleaned up and stuff, that's about it.” When Ashe comes into the living room, he opens his eyes, seeing the things she picked out just for the evening; a dress, concealed inside a white plastic bag, and a shoe box, big enough to fit a pair of boots inside. “So what'd you get?”

“That's a surprise for later.” Ashe says, winking as she heads for the bathroom, leaving them there for the time being. “And if you find this and try to peak, don't be surprised to find a hole in your head.”

“I'd know you're there,” Quinn admits, “but I'd rather not have the cabin end up looking like swiss cheese in that bout anyway.”

After Ashe hangs the dress on the shower curtain rod and leaves the boots by the sink, she smirks to herself as she heads upstairs to the bedroom, putting away one more bag that she had concealed under her coat...


That evening, the pair head into town, prepared to have a wonderful dining experience. While they drive to the restaurant in his SUV, they still look rather classy otherwise. While Quinn sports a suit and tie that he mostly owns for carrying out certain bounties, he can barely keep his eyes on the road while driving. He keeps looking over at Ashe, who wears a black strapless gown that shows her cleavage rather well, and knee high heel boots that go well with her outfit. She also sports her trademark cowboy hat, something that the bounty hunter never thought could finish off the ensemble, but somehow makes it work quite well.

“Like what you see?” Ashe asks, smiling at the hunter.

“A little too much.” Quinn says with a chuckle. “Although I think I'd be better if the view on my dashboard were a little less.”

“Why whatever could that mean?” Ashe asks, ignoring her boots as she rests her feet on top of his dashboard. Quinn smirks, aware that she's messing with him now that she's aware of his love of her footwear.

After parking in the lot to the restaurant, Ashe and Quinn head inside, with her arm wrapped around his. As they're led to their table, they ignore the looks that they get from the other patrons dining, whether it's due to how Ashe looks in her gown or the fact they recognize one or the other due to their professions. While they may not pay the others any attention, Ashe still smirks, enjoying the eyes that are drawn onto her.

After their orders are taken, and their champagne is served, Quinn finally breaks the ice on a matter that's been on his mind since her arrival. “So, about your being here...?”

“I've already stated my reasons why, Quinn.” she says, taking the first sip of her bubbly drink. “I want you to join me.”

“I've heard you already,” Quinn says, “but I prefer being my own boss. I'd rather self-employment than working under someone else's thumb. Even if that thumb is attached to some pretty hands...”

“Are you lusting over my hands now?” Ashe says, keeping her laughter down to avoid further attention from the patrons.

Ignoring her comment, Quinn continues, “The point is, as great as it would be at your side, I'm too comfy with how I am now. So I couldn't join the gang.”

“Well, technically you wouldn't be joining the gang.” Ashe states. “You'd be joining me. And even if you weren't keen on being an underling, I wouldn't keep you there the same way I have Bob or anyone else. You'd be more like my co-lead. And if things go according to plan, you'd help me lead the Southwest territory too.”

Quinn's eyes widen at this statement. “I'm sorry, what?”

“Oh, did I forget to mention that?” Ashe asks casually. “My mistake. So, I suppose I should start by talking about...this...” She waves her hand over her face, which Quinn can't take his eyes off of anyway. “So, some time back I decided to steal and use some of that slow aging tech from that angel lady when we first met.”

“Doctor Ziegler?”

“Sure, her.” Ashe says, not at all concerned with names. “But basically, that. I've been at this bandit thing longer than you'd think, but by now I'm getting a little bored about it. And I seem to remember you saying something about me trying to be governor for the territory, or at least talking about how I might as well wield some power since the police are in my pockets as it is, and I thought, why not go through with it?”

“That's quite ambitious.” Quinn says, never expecting the bandit to actually go through with such a suggestion. “So you're just, you're gonna go for the office?”

Ashe nods, “Yup. It's gonna take some time to get the plan to play out, but I know it'll get pulled off well in the end.”

“Uh huh...and this has nothing to do with the fact that it may take the bounty off you once and for all?”

She shrugs, “Maybe, maybe not. Though given the plans I have I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to put one on me anyway while I run the place.” She pauses for more champagne. “Although let's be honest, such a job is gonna be stressful as fuck, and I don't think I can handle it on my own. So I figure it best to have someone work with me, both in the territory and the crew, and we can do well with things from there. What do you say?”

There's a pause from the bounty hunter as he hears her out, processing what she's offering him. Sure, he's used to being his own man, but to be at Ashe's side over the territory as she rules it? It's a bit much for him to answer on the spot.

Fortunately for him, their meals arrive in the nick of time, prompting Quinn to say, “Let me think it over just a little.”

Over the course of the next few minutes, Quinn and Ashe sit silently while they dine on their meals. Ashe keeps her eye heavily on the dark skinned bounty hunter, often hiding behind the rim of her hat as she looks down at her plate, eating away at the meal she ordered. All the while Quinn looks around himself, deep in thought over the matter of her offer. To him, it's a drastic change in lifestyle, meaning he'd probably be able to live a bit more wealthy while having some sort of underlings to slap around in a manner similar to what she does with her gang members. At the very least, he can retire from hunting bounties all the time, even if he hasn't managed to get the big kills like he wanted off of the Talon agents...

With their plates finally clean, Quinn finally prepares to speak, downing his last bite as Ashe waits on with eagerness in her eyes. “'s an interesting offer.” is all Quinn has to say about it. “But what I don't get is why, of all people, you'd want me to be at your side. I think your butler's a little better in that regard than I am.” Ashe laughs, but Quinn continues. “I'm serious. Like...we've played around once or twice, thrice if you count last night...”

“Four times if you're lucky tonight.” Ashe says, cocking her eyebrow while smiling with glee.

Quinn pauses, hearing those words knowing that he's going to have something one way or the other tonight. “Okay, but...that's been it. We aren't business partners, we were literally on different sides of a track our first time, so I can't see why of all people you'd want me as a co-leader.”

Holding her champagne glass up, Ashe sighs, reaching it out to Quinn for a potential toast. “Let's just say for most of my life I've been getting by on my wits. Not a lot of planning comes around until they start acting up and telling me to go a certain way. And those wits, they keep nagging me about you. So if I've gotten by on just wits alone, following them to you, then the fact they tell me you're a good bet is all I need.”

As her hand remains out, the glass tipped towards him for that toast, Quinn sighs, thinking that there really is nothing better than that in his life. Grabbing his own glass of champagne, the bounty hunter taps the rims together, saying to his white haired beauty, “I'm in.”


When they return to the cabin later that evening, Ashe gets frisky with the bounty hunter right away, pushing him against the wall of the hallway while she presses her ruby lips onto his, Quinn stunned by her sudden signs of affection. “How much champagne did you have again?” he asks, having her lips off his long enough to ask.

“Not enough to get drunk.” Ashe says with a laugh, hugging the bounty hunter tightly. “Mmmmh, I'm just happy that we finally have this union! You and me are gonna rule over the Southwest territory something fierce!”

“Once we get there...” Quinn says. “Come on, I think I know where you want to go.” Grabbing her by the hand, Quinn leads the bandit to his room, helping her onto the bed. Once she's laying down, he lies atop her, pressing his lips against hers while she hums in a drunken delight. Still sober enough to know what she's doing, Ashe returns the favor, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as they hold one another close for their comfort. They breathe heavily through their nostrils, their mouths open wide as they push their tongues against one another, the bounty hunter especially looking to place dominance over the bandit. Once she feels his erection pressing against his suit's pants, Ashe shoves Quinn off of her, smiling at him as she starts to remove her dress.

“What do you think you're doing?” she asks playfully, slipping the gown off from her chest as it drops to the bed. Wearing only her boots, she kicks it off from there, reaching over to the night stand to pull something from the drawer.

“What do you think? I thought we were making love.” Quinn says.

“Oh, we most certainly are.” Ashe replies, naked atop his bed. “Did you forget what I said last night though? I'm the one taking charge here.” She removes her hand from the drawer, pulling out a black harness with a ten inch silicone cock attached to it, causing Quinn's eyes to grow wide with shock. He had no idea she's into that stuff, though considering how into her boots he is, it's not too much of a stretch for her to share something so kinky with him. Her eyes direct right to his pants, noticing that his bulge doesn't die down, instead seeming to push harder against the fabric. “I'm not hearing a no.” she says, placing the harness on herself.

“I just didn't think you were into that.” Quinn states, finally snapping out of it to pull his pants off.

“You're surprised?” Ashe laughs, putting some lube on the toy cock. “Have you met me?”

“Fair enough.” laughs the bounty hunter, removing his coat and shirt next. With his body bare, Quinn crawls onto the bed, getting on his hands and knees as he prepares to take Ashe's cock.

“I hope you've had some experience with this before.” Ashe laughs, rubbing the tip against his asshole, watching it pucker as she tries to slide in.

“Actually, this is my first time.” Quinn moans, rolling his eyes every time the bandit pushes her cock against his backside.

“In that case, it's a good thing I lubed this up.” she laughs. “It's about as thick as your dick.”

Before he can ask if that's intentional, Quinn squeaks when the toy rod finally makes its way up his butt, the crown pushing against the inner cave as the rest of the rod starts to penetrate his anal entry point. She chuckles as his back arches in response, while his rod throbs from the slow push the bandit makes inside his body. Ashe gives his dark backside a slap, which causes him to jolt from the surprise, yet he remains where he is, on his hands and knees while her dildo slides into his anus.

As he grips onto the bed sheets with his fingers, Quinn sucks on his lower lip, looking back to see just how much of Ashe's toy cock is inside him. While it feels like it's going a far distance up his butt, it looks to only be at the halfway point. And with the knowledge shared with him by his white haired beauty, he starts to wonder if this is how she feels anytime he plugs her up with his dick.

Once her cock is inside him, Quinn takes a deep breath, as her hips and the base have made it all the way to his dark ass cheeks. As if adding to the matter, there are balls plastered into the silicone member's mold, which pushes up against his taint. While he's lucky they don't go down to his own sack, it's still something he'll be feeling in the meantime.

The cock doesn't feel too bad inside Quinn, he admits, as the lube does help him somewhat. It still strains against his walls, especially over the prostate within. As Ashe backs her toy rod out of his butt, she slams it back against his cheeks, hearing the grunt from his clenched teeth as he feels the full thrust coming from her hips. The impact of her crotch hitting him allows Quinn to feel the full force of the balls on the dildo as they slam against his taint, hitting a rather sensitive area for him. The bandit laughs, finding it sweet how the bounty hunter takes her rod, not at all complaining about its thickness.

"You like that?" Ashe asks, brushing her finger over his bare back. "Or do you just like it when I do it to you?"

"Since you're the first to do it, I guess a little of both." Quinn groans as Ashe repeatedly slaps her hips into his dark backside, feeling his rectum loosen up the longer she goes with it. He's amazed at the way he bucks into him with such experience, rocking against him while attempting to push her penile-shaped toy further into his corn hole. She only wishes she could be under him while she plows away, watching his dick grow out of pleasure from penetration while it swings about in the air.

The longer they go, the more relaxed Quinn gets with his situation, the toy dong feeling much more smoothly against his prostate and anal cavern. There's a few times where he clenches his sphincter down on her toy, but that seems to only be so he can make it all feel better against his insides. His cock continues to bounce underneath him, just as stiff as the silicone device his white haired lover has inside him currently. He laughs, wondering if Ashe had actually made a mold of his member when he wasn't looking. It can at least make sense in why she would say it's as thick as him. He can certainly feel his own length, considering how deep it gets within him.

Soon, Ashe leans over Quinn, wrapping her arms around him from behind. She laughs as she continues to drive the dildo in his ass, though a bit more slow in her rhythm. "So how much are you enjoying this, Quinn?" Ashe asks him in a seductive tone.

"Its crazy…" Quinn groans. "I never thought I'd be in this position before."

"Then I bet you're glad you know me." Ashe says, rubbing her fingertip along his chin. "We can get into all sorts of kinky shit together." 

"I think I'd like that…" says the bounty hunter, grunting even as he laughs.

Ashe leans into Quinn's ear, biting down on his ear lobe as she had the previous evening. This relaxes the bounty hunter for a while, allowing her to nibble and grind lightly on him while she puts more power behind her hard thrusts, slowing down the tempo just a little to do so. She rubs her hand over his throat, massaging his Adam's apple before running both palms down his chest. The bandit rubs her hands along his masculine build, knead into his strong, well built chest like he would her breasts. She even brings her thumbs against his nipples, pushing them in to hear the trembling groan escape his mouth, pulling the sheets out of place in response.

"Well that was a hard yank, wasn't it?" Ashe says, resting her cheek against his. "You must really like how I press into those, don't you?"

"Yes…" Quinn says silently, exhaling his words.

"Well we might have to change positions for a little." Ashe says, patting his rear end. "This is more tiring than I thought."

The bandit and the bounty hunter do so, with Ashe pulling her toy cock out of Quinn's ass beforehand. She lays on top of the bed, her back on the messed up covers while her boots remain on her feet. The bounty hunter takes a moment while his white haired love lubes her dildo up just a little more, his asshole flexing after receiving such a stretch from the device. Ashe just looks on, amused by his reaction to taking something up the ass for the first time in his life. It still feels rather sweet to her, knowing that she's the first to have ever penetrated the bounty hunter.

When he's ready for another round, Quinn crawls on top of the pale skinned bandit, his cock rock hard as it points in her direction. He takes hold of her rod, guiding it into his asshole for another round. As it enters his rectum, Ashe tries to keep a straight face, watching as his expression looks tense taking it up the butt for a second time.

"You look like you weren't expecting that!" Ashe cackles.

"I thought it'd be easier the second time!" Quinn grunts, slowly pushing down on the toy until his asshole reaches the base. This time the balls are right against the start of his crack, which might not feel as bad compared to how they rested against his taint.

"Now start bouncing." Ashe says, grinning from ear to ear. Quinn does as he's asked, grunting as the toy pushes against his prostate as he rocks his hips against the shaft. He takes deep breaths while his cock throbs, bouncing around as he uses his kegel muscles to flex on the dildo. Ashe keeps her eye on his cock, watching it rise and fall as if it goes along with Quinn's breathing patterns, while his sack rests atop her harness. The bandit knows she's going to be in for a show, as this is the first time she's let anyone sit on her like this for a good pegging.

Ready to go, the bounty hunter bounces with more effort on Ashe's toy dick, the bandit keeping her eye on his rod as it bounces in place. His scrotum hit against her harness, though not so hard that it hurts anything. She sees the expression of pleasure in Quinn as his eyes shut, breathing through moans of delight as the dildo brushes up against his prostate. He bites on his knuckle, grinding against the dildo while Ashe grips onto his hips to keep him from bouncing too far up. That doesn't stop him from bouncing against her body, his cock throbbing as it swings forward with his thrusts against the toy.

After a while the bandit notices the way Quinn's dick throbs, twitching at her as she stares right down the barrel. She can see just how eager he is to cum, even as she feels he can try to go just a little longer atop her. She's curious to see how much time he can spend on that dick before cumming without her assistance. She wants to touch his prick, yet prefers to watch him go.

Soon Quinn leans over Ashe, resting his hands on her breasts while he gives him a similar treatment by kneading into her melons, watching the bandit hum in delight as he touches her chest. He gives her nipples a pinch, her eyes rolling back from the tweaking he delivers to them. All the while Ashe tries to push one of the straps of her harness against her snatch, using it to rub herself to orgasm. While she enjoys giving pleasure to the bounty hunter, she wants to enjoy it in a similar manner. When it creates friction against her folds and clit, the white haired woman is ready to get things fully in motion.

After that, Ashe starts to thrust her hips upwards against Quinn's ass, hearing them slap together while the bounty hunter's face tenses up once more. His eyes lock onto the smirking Ashe's, his veins pulsing as they continue to pump blood in order to keep him stiff. She can hear his breathing grow heavier as he closes in on her face, his cock throbbing as it begs for release. Ashe's expression is quite similar, as the strap has managed to squeeze between her folds, arousing her through friction. She times it just right, giving Quinn one more hard thrust to push against his prostate and get him to reach his peak.

Quivering in place, Quinn groans as his seed blasts out of his cock, white streaks landing atop Ashe's torso as it gets as far as the underside of her boobs. He grabs hold of his dick, groaning loudly as he furiously releases his seed on her pale white skin, the Bandido Witch watching on in amusement. However, she manages to squirt out as well, her fluids dribbling against the strap between her folds while she wraps her arms around Quinn, bringing him close for one more long kiss, her ruby lips meeting with his. Even after they've both experienced the joys of climax, they can't help but show their passion and respect for one another, embracing in the heat of the night.

Despite his size, Ashe manages to roll Quinn over, her toy popping out of his anus while she presses against him, leaving the cum squished between their bodies as it sticks to the bounty hunter's skin.

"So that must've felt good." Ashe says, cuddling the bounty hunter.

"Yeah, it was." Quinn responds, wearing a great big grin. "Too bad I didn't make you cum."

Ashe scoffs playfully. "You'll have plenty more chances to do that." She replies, pecking his nose. "Unless you always want me to plow your fluffy rear."

"I say we switch on occasion." Quinn replies.

"Good…" she says with a yawn. "I think I'll let you know how this plan of mine works out in the morning…"

"Yeah, that was exhausting." Quinn laughs.


"…that was exhausting!" Quinn says, wiping his forehead down.

"I'll say. I knew governing was tough, but who knew we'd have to meet that many people over an inauguration dinner?" Ashe asks, plopping down at her chair behind the governor's desk.

Some years have passed by after that evening, with Quinn and Ashe successfully taking over the territory. A proud moment, to be sure, and at least for a while it will take the bounty off her head. The two have certainly dressed the part, with Ashe sporting an elegant two piece dress while Quinn wears a light black coat, leather gloves that have openings for his fingers, a white button down that resembles the attire of the 1800s, pants made from a similar fabric as his longcoat, and a leather cumberbund..

"At least the festivities are done and over with." Ashe sighs, using her hat to fan her face. "Now we can move onto the good stuff."

"Now hold on a second," Quinn says, stepping behind the desk with the new governor, "What kind of good stuff are we talking about? You mean setting up the rules with the police, showing the lower politicians who's boss, or…?"

Looking out the window behind her desk, Ashe tries not to laugh, seeing as the sun is setting in the southwest. "You know goddamn well what I mean by good stuff, you."

"Just making sure." Quinn says, shrugging at the former bandit. "I'll go meet you in the master suite."

"Why not just do it here?" Ashe asks in a seductive tone. She grins at Quinn as he turns arpund, reaching into the drawer of her desk, pulling out a rather familiar harness for the retired bounty hunter. "I'd rather we christen this office instead."

Smiling at the white haired bandit, Quinn starts to remove his pants, ready to go another round with the new governor.



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