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Chapter 4 - ApollyonXMWarden

A compilation of For Honor smut stories written by myself. Updated infrequently.

Chapter 4 - ApollyonXMWarden

Chapter 4 - ApollyonXMWarden
The warden wakes up to a cold breeze against his skin. He groggily looks around his surrounding only to be greeted by the pitch black abyss. The breeze is light and only comes from in front which means he is in a building. The sound of water on stone answers his question. A dungeon of some type he thinks to himself. His eyes start to adjust to the darkness and he is able to see the silhouette of a door directly in front of him. He tries to move toward the door, but the shackles around his wrists and ankles prevent an movement. He pulls against the shackles trying to break them, but to no avail. The noise however does cause some movement outside the room. He can hear people talking and feet moving, but he can’t hear exactly what they are saying. He listens closer and notices the footsteps are gradually getting closer and the people are becoming louder. He starts to shake the chains again trying desperately to break free. Cold sweat overcomes him as the lock on the door comes free.

The room is flooded with light to the point it hurts the wardens eyes. He tries to open his eyes to get a better look at his supposed captors only to find it impossible. He can only squint as a figure steps in the doorway providing some relief from the light. He lets out a sigh of relief only to suck it back in as he notices the illuminated prison. Above the doorway hangs a banner the warden has long reviled. A sigil of a skull and full helm separated by a long sword going down the middle point first. The sigil is displayed upon a field of black and yellow. The Blackstone Legion. The warden’s previous legion had fallen because of the Blackstone’s and whoever was taken prisoner were summarily executed. The warlord of the Blackstone Legion was supposedly a mythical monster that destroyed everything in its path. Apollyon was the monster's name and she had laid low many a hero, and now the monster stood in front of the bound warden.

“Ah you are finally awake, my dear warden.”

The warden stays silent as the cold sweat trails down his face. The warden tries to avoid eye contact with the warlord. She lets out a chuckle and signals a guard to lit the scones in the room. The artificial light reveals more of the room and allows the warden to clearly see his surroundings. After the last scone is lit the guard leaves and closes the door behind him leaving Apollyon and the warden alone. She walks over to a corner of the room and leans against the stone wall.

“You really did a number on my soldiers. They said you fought like a…” She puts a hand to her face indicating thinking. “Like a cornered animal.” she says this almost mockingly.

The warden visibly flinches at her words.

“It was a good idea that your pathetic legion had. What were they called again?” she says moving to another corner of the room. “The Regal Legion was it?”

The warden darts his head toward her. His helmet hides his face, but his aura can be easily read, and his aura is pissed.

“That was it. I was surprised to learn that there was another reputable warden within that pathetic legion. Who knew Daubeny, the rat that he is, could collect such wolves while I’m left with...with…sheep.” She says disappointingly.

She moves to a corner behind him barring him from looking at her.

“Daubeny has fled and your legion is no more. Normally I would have killed you, but you display the same talent the other warden showed.” She comes behind the warden and places her hands on his shoulders. “You were a wolf among sheep. You belong to my legion by my right as a warlord.” She lowers her head so that she is right next to his ear. “I need you, Luca.” She whispers in a uncomfortably gentle way.

This act of gentleness and knowledge of his name sends a frozen shiver up the wardens spine and causes him to try and break out of his chains again. Apollyon gracefully retreats from the raging warden and back into one of the dimly lit corners. She watches with glee as the warden desperately tries to break his bonds. Like a wolf in a bear trap it will try everything to break free, but it knows its fate was sealed when it activated the trap. After a few minutes the warden tires himself out and starts to pant. Apollyon moves closer to him, but this time stands in front of him. She lifts his head.

“Become my wolf.” She commands.

“Never.” Luca spits back.

She looks him in the eyes and can see the defiance in his eyes. This pleases Apollyon more than Luca would have hoped for. Sheep fold wolves push on forever….or until they are beaten by something greater than themselves. She lets go of his head allowing him to hang it low.

“I see that I will have to persuade you to join in another way.” She says

“Words will never convince me to join a monster such as yourself. If these chains were not binding me I would rip your throat out.” Luca says through his teeth.

“Let's put that to the test shall we?” She says mockingly.

The warden for the first time looks at her confused. His confusion does not subside as she uses the keys to unlock the bindings on his ankles. She moves behind him to unlock the shackles around his wrists, but stops halfway through.

“I take it you are honorable enough to not attack me as soon as I free you.” she says.

“What do I look like? A Blackstone?” Luca responds mockingly.

She allows herself a flat chuckle and finishes freeing Luca. He stands up and rubs his sore wrists. She stands up and moves in front of him. Apollyon is tall, measuring up to the average lawbringer, but Luca is taller by at least four inches. Size however, as Luca realizes, means nothing to the mother of wolves who barely notices the gap.

“If words will not persuade you. Then you shall join me by force of will.”

“And how do you suppose you’re going to do that, Mother of Wolves.”

“Like this.” She says removing the straps holding up her chestpiece. It falls to the ground with a heavy thunk revealing the breasts of the wolfmother. While not enough to feed the pack they could feed one or two pups.

“What of the rewards for winning? I refuse to partake if we are just fighting for your pleasure.”

“How about this. If you win I will let you go unmolested, and as a bonus I will grant you one wish. Of course it has to be within my power to do.”

“And if you win?”

“You join the Blackstone Legion. You pledge to serve me until death and not to question my judgement. You will also follow all of my commands without question.”

“Rules of the contest?”

“We fight as wolves. No armor. No weapons. Just what nature provides us. The winner is the one left conscious.”

Luca nods and starts to remove his own equipment. His chestpiece follows Apollyon’s and thunks to the ground revealing his musculature that could give a raider a run for its money. Next comes the greaves which both warriors removes at the same time. While her breasts were meager one could see how she reared so many wolves. Her ass is plump, but is covered in muscle just like the rest of her body. Her snatch however remains a mystery being covered by a standard issue Blackstone loincloth. Luca removes his greaves greeting Apollyon's eyes with his standard issue Regal loincloth. It however barely hides his sidearm whose size seems to be bursting from the cloth. They lock eyes as they remove their shoulder and arm plates silently judging the others bicep size and musculature. Luca reaches to remove his helmet.

“You can keep that on.” Apollyon says.

Luca nods. Both warriors stand across from each other so close that they are basically touching. Their eyes locked on the other and they stand silent for some time. Out of the blue Luca throws a quick jab at Apollyon's head. She dodges backward narrowly avoiding it.

“You are fast for you size wolf.” she says coyly.

Luca says nothing placing his hands up in front of his face. He forms fists in both his hands and takes a boxers stance. Apollyon lets out a breathe and copies the stance. She rushes forward keeping her head down low. Luca responds with a low uppercut trying to force her to flinch. She stops immediately in front of the punch which ends up going straight into the air throwing Luca off balance. She presses her advantage and lands a right hook into his body. Luca takes the punch wholeheartedly and locks Apollyon's right arm against his side. He lifts his left fist and throws a jab at her head. She counters it by using her left fist and punching him in his stomach. The sudden punch cancels his jab forcing him to reel which loosens his grip on her right arm. She uses her foot to crush his and throws a kick into his side. He blocks it, but the power of the kick breaks his guard anyway. His body leans down to the side. Apollyon takes advantage of this and throws another kick, but this time to his head. Luca grabs her leg and with all his strength throws her toward the door. Her body slams against the door as Luca takes a knee. He takes deep breaths as he tries to recover. His breathing picks up again when he sees Apollyon get up, brush herself off, and crack her neck as if nothing happened. Luca stands back up and again goes into boxer stance. Apollyon sighs.

“Time to finish this” she says confidently

This time she takes a pankration stance. This stance confuses Luca as it leaves a lot of openings and does not give off an intimidating aura. Luca takes the initiative and opens with a headlong charge, arms blocking his chest. Apollyon lets out a deceitful chuckle as she dodges his charge and goes for his legs. She throws a heavy kick to his knee dislocating it. He falls to the ground grabbing his knee in pain. She takes the initiative and puts him in a arm lock trapping his arm. She proceeds to dislocate his shoulder causing Luca to let out a howl of pain. She drops the shoulder and puts the other arm in the same lock.

“Enough you win!” Luca yells at her.

She let go of the arm which then proceeds to fall right next to Luca’s face. She stands up and dusts herself off. Luca turns himself over so that he faces Apollyon. He breathes heavy and Apollyon can still see the defiance in his eyes. She smiles under her helmet.

“No I haven’t.” she says coyly

She dives on top of him wrapping her hands around his neck. She begins to choke him. He tries to get her hands off him, but with one arm out of commission and the other weak it is an impossible task. Consciousness starts to fade as she puts more pressure on his throat. He grasps at her wildly trying to get her off, but it makes him weaker and only hastens the process. She leans her head in so that their helmets touch.

“You’re mine.” she whispers to him lovingly.

Those words activate something in Luca and he throws another last ditch punch that ends up connecting. It loosens her grip on his throat and he takes in a liberated breath before coughing. His victory is short as Apollyon again throws her hands on his throat this time putting her whole body into it. Curious enough Luca does not resist this time around which throws Apollyon off guard. She tries to look him in the eyes, but his eyes keep on avoiding hers. She looks behind her.

“Oh” she says slightly surprised.

Apparently the feeling of being choked and the body of the Wolf Mother was enough to cause Luca’s sidearm to want to go to battle. The tip and shaft have escaped his underwear and lay flat against his lower stomach. His weapon throbs with anticipation with only the slightest amount of precum escaping his weapon. She turns her attention back to his face. She leans in again unfearful of another attack.

“Do you want me to take care of that.” She says seductively putting her finger on his shaft and just ever so gently trailing it up the length of it and flicking the tip.

“Yes.” Luca says defeated.

“You don’t sound like you do.” She flicks the tip again.

“Yes, I’ll do anything.” He says almost begging.

She lifts her loincloth to reveal her snatch. She leans back granting Luca a full view of it. She shoves it in his face.

“Prove it.”

Luca uses his good arm and lifts his helmet just enough to stick his tongue out. His tongue almost makes contact but he hesitates. His eyes light up in defiance again.

“No. Never. You won’t win this way!” He shouts. It sounds less directed at Apollyon and more to himself.

“I'm proud of you my wolf, but you will be mine.” she says seductively as she turns her body and rests her plump ass on his face.

She rips off his underwear allowing his cock to stand at full mast at a sizable six inches. She wraps her hand around the girthy cock and starts to slowly, almost painfully slow, stroke it. Her hands are rough and calloused, but unfortunately for Luca that’s exactly what turns him on. He can feel his end coming, but refuses to go quietly. He shoves his tongue into her exposed asshole. This startles Apollyon, but she counters by stroking faster. Luca counters by using his good hand to squeeze her ass. She laughs.

“Do you truly think you can make the Wolf Mother cum? Let me show you how much of a pup you are.”

She lifts her helmet and shoves his cock in her mouth. Luca expected this and responds by pumping her mouth like a tavern wench. What he did not expect was what her other hand would do. With her other hand she reaches for a place between Lucas ass. This confuses him at first, but the sudden orgasmic feeling that came when she found what see was looking for answers his question. This surprise feeling throws Luca completely off guard and he shoots his load straight into Apollyon’s uncomfortably welcoming mouth. Usually a typical tavern wench wouldn’t be able to hand a load from Luca in one go. Apollyon however was a warlord of the Blackstone Legion and she swallowed everything. His cock goes flaccid as he takes heavy breaths. She rises up, wipes her mouth and turns her body back around so that her ass lays on his flaccid cock. She puts her hands on Luca’s face and puts her head next to his ear.

“Welcome to the Blackstone Legion, my Wolf.”

His cock becomes erect again.

"Still some fight in you?" she says slightly surprised. "Worry not you will be mine and I have the all the time in the world to "convince" you." She says coyly as she brushes his helmet.


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