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Chapter 24 - Out of Hand

A young woman moves to a new spot in the city, and a whole range of possibilities suddenly open in her love life.

Chapter 24 - Out of Hand

Chapter 24 - Out of Hand

A clear picture was all Koko LaBelle was waiting for. She’d become obsessive, and had spent the entire morning researching how best to damp the vibrations she’d encountered from the club upstairs. After finding what she presumed was the best solution, and the appropriate specialty hardware store, she’d successfully completed the installation of new levelling mounts on her coffee table.   

Koko had been frustrated with her work schedule – Sashay, the clothing boutique where she worked the register, had kept giving her the closing shift the past week. The hours kept her from getting home before the music started up at the club over her flat. So Tuesday, her first day off in a week, she’d spent half the day building a system to dampen vibrations on her coffee table. By the time she’d finished, afternoon had rolled around, and she realized she only had a window of an hour or so before doors opened upstairs and the sound system would start up, disturbing everything again.

Her flat, normally well-ordered and adorned in a series of teahouse-themed oriental prints, mostly featuring orchids and butterflies, was currently a mess.  Koko rushed to tidy up her toolkit and the loose scraps of wood strewn about before taking a few minutes to settle, catch her breath, and slow her heart rate. She found it incredibly difficult to calm herself – trying to reach a point where she was as still as the basin of water on her newly stabilized coffee table felt nearly impossible because of her anticipation at reaching out through the ritual she’d been planning for days. She anxiously awaited the opportunity to connect with the man she’d had her anonymous encounter with while disguised at the Cassowary.

She walked herself through the process, trying to take the procedures required as an opportunity to focus and let her jitters fall away. Laying out the doll she’d imbued with the essence she’d collected from her last mark at the Cassowary, she set out a jar of sea salt to help with the conductivity of the water in the basin, and her talisman, which connected her into the abyss, through which the doll served as a tether point – an anchor – back into the light of the world. 

The toolkit and skills at DIY home repair, she’d picked up from her father, a repairman at a parochial school, who could never stomach the shame Koko had brought into his heart, and he made no secret of it while steadily drinking himself to death. The talisman, however, had come from her mother, and depicted the Loa that had empowered the women of her family to peer beyond the world around. When Koko decided she could no longer live her life as Christopher, her father turned his back, but her mother… she opened up a whole world to her that had been kept from the men in the family. The talisman depicted a large sea snake coiled between the roots of a mangrove tree. This was Ghede Toujou, a lost daughter of Ghede Doubye, a spirit her mother said imbued certain people with second sight. 

So now, Koko squealed with glee as she witnessed an image slowly forming in the basin, but her excitement quickly morphed to confusion upon realizing the subject of her ritual did not appear to be a man at all, but rather a fit, petite young Indian woman in workout clothes. The woman’s figure did not betray any evidence of the enormous endowment Koko had encountered during her experience at the Cassowary. Curious to resolve the obvious disparity in appearance between her intended subject and the woman now visible through the basin, Koko attempted to peer around the room in which the woman was working out. She realized there were three other women in the room as her view widened around her focal point.

Koko didn’t see any indication of a man in the room, and the focus in her basin was clearly centered around the Indian girl in the middle of the group. Idly, she rubbed her own groin and wondered if the young woman could possibly be hiding the massive package she’d seen before. Her hands returning to the poppet she’d fashioned, Koko gripped the fabric phallus she’d sewn onto it and drew it upward, simulating the appearance of an erection. She grinned, then gasped as she watched the young woman lose her footing and fall out of the yoga pose she was holding to collapse on the mat below, clearly in distress. 


               “Neena! Are you okay?” Julie cried out, her two friends pausing their activities to see how they might be able to help. Neena had balled up in the fetal position, groaning in what the others assumed was pain. “Did you pull a muscle? What happened?” Julie pressed, kneeling down beside Neena. 

               Neena shook her head solemnly before murmuring in response, “It’s not that. It’s not a muscle, it’s…” she was cut off by a roiling sensation low in her abdomen, and she released a guttural cry as she suddenly rolled from her balled up position to lay flat on her back. “Oh no!” she squealed, looking down helplessly as her endowment inched steadily down her thigh within her yoga pants, straining the fabric as a rush of blood uncontrollably flowed into her massive member. The sensation was unlike any erection she’d experienced thus far, and she stared at her groin in horror as her pole reached full mast, pulling away from her thigh to create an unmistakable tent in the form-fitting fabric of her yoga pants. The flaring, pulsing cockhead and thickening veins were visible through the lycra of Neena’s tights, and she sobbed fitfully as Julie’s friends looked on in awe and confusion, attempting to make sense of what was transpiring before their eyes.

               What scared Neena most of all was the complete lack of control she was experiencing, not just ofver her monumental arousal, but her whole body. She felt pinned to the ground, limbs splayed out like a frog fastened down for a pending dissection. Effectively paralyzed, she could still cry out, fully aware of the scene she was creating in her new friend’s workout class, “I’m so sorry, Julie! I can’t move! What is going on?”

               Tina, the translator, suddenly chimed in with her own question, “What the fuck is going on in your pants? Is this some kind of joke, Julie? Who is this sicko?” She stuck out her tongue, scowling in disgust, but declined to look away, still staring at Neena’s throbbing rod as it strained to break through the in-seam of her yoga pants. Meanwhile, Janey, Julie’s friend from her favorite bookstore, was gawking intently at Neena’s straining groin, one hand clasped over her mouth while her other drifted between her own thighs where she could sense a growing gush of excitement in response to witnessing such a massive phallus right next to her.

               Julie had grabbed a towel from the pile of her belongings across the room, but draping it over Neena’s lap to provide some semblance of modesty was a futile pursuit. It just created an impression of an even larger tent as the terrycloth hung to the floor past Neena’s hips, while the helpless woman cried out. “What can we do to help, Neena?” Julie asked, biting her lip as she stared at her friend’s foot-long appendage, obscured, but obviously present beneath the layers of fabric.


               All the while, Koko looked on through her basin, which remained still, creating a clear image of the situation she’d helpd create. Manipulating the doll, she kept Neena furiously aroused and pinned to the ground. Koko knew she’d seen a lot of wild shit since leaving Louisana for San Francisco, but she’d never seen a cock so big in person as the one she’d be offered through the famed Cassowary glory hole. Discovering it was attached to an extraordinarily endowed young Indian woman was incongruous with everything she’d encountered before, and she was finding it difficult to process. She was still gleefully making the most of a magnificent situation, tugging at the doll as she watched the woman writhe and sob on the floor as her three workout companions struggled to comprehend the scene before them. Koko decided to raise the stakes, sliding the hands of the poppet down along the length of its torso towards its knees.


               “Jesus, Julie! What’s wrong with this bitch?” Tina scowled in a hostile reaction to Neena suddenly tugging down her yoga pants, allowing her rock hard, foot-long erection to spring upward, slapping against her taut stomach momentarily before rearing upright, jutting toward the ceiling like a throbbing, veiny tree trunk reaching toward the sun. 

               “I can’t control it – I’m sorry, Tina! It’s like I’m paralyzed from the neck down, and someone else is moving my body!” Neena tried to explain her predicament, but neglected to answer the most pressing question.

               “But…why do you have a penis, Neena?” Janey asked, kneeling down beside her to get a closer look at the straining mass of flesh. In contrast, Tina pivoted away, but still stole a glance over her shoulder as Neena writhed on the ground.

why is it such a freaky, giant porno dick?” Tina wondered aloud, her voice dripping with disdain. Neena blushed furiously, sobbing in shame.

               “What kind of porn are 
you watching, Tina!?” Julie teased her friend. This time, it was Tina’s turn to blush.

               “That’s not what I meant! Anyway, you seem pretty cool with this whole situation and completely unphased. Did you know she was some sort of…sexual deviant before you invited her here?” Tina interrogated Julie in return, who rolled her eyes.

               “Seriously? Deviant? It’s 2020, and this is San Francisco. If you can’t handle it, move back to Kansas or wherever,” Julie wave a hand dismissively toward her intolerant friend. 

               “Oklahoma,” Tina corrected her, icily, as Neena continued to squirm on the floor, huffing as she tried to manage her overwhelming embarrassment through an unending wave of excruciating arousal. Her hands pinned flat against the mat, she desired nothing more than the opportunity for release from her current state of both exposure and paralysis.


               Koko was overjoyed – this was turning into the most entertaining situation she’d been privileged to spectate upon in ages, if not ever, and she was debating with herself how long she should carry on. Part of her wanted to induce the young woman to orgasm now, and see how grossed out the uptight Okie would get, but it looked like the mousey blonde was getting curious, so she decided against ending everyone’s fun just yet. All she needed to do now was provide another nudge…


               “Julie, help! This is too weird…” Neena cried.  Her hands were still planted, but her hips suddenly lifted off the mat. With her shoulders, hands, and feet grounded, Neena felt her body begin to swivel from her torso to her knees, causing her enormous penis to start windmilling steadily. From where Janey was positioned, Neena’s pendulous package suddenly came within inches of her face. “I don’t know what’s happening! This has never happened before!” Neena tried to explain. Julie, now ignoring Tina, returned to her neighbor’s aid, trying to determine the best approach toward assisting her.

               “Okay, Neena… what 
can you, and can’t you, move right now?” Julie assessed, trying to take a diagnostic approach toward her friend’s predicament as Janey continued kneeling just outside the range of Neena’s twirling member. Tina, meanwhile, packed up her workout bag, fed up with her friends’ exceedingly high threshold for perverted behaviour. 

               “I can talk, Julie. That’s about it. I’m basically paralyzed from the neck down,” Neena explained.


               Right, thought Koko. I’d almost forgotten, we’ve been having so much fun… she nodded and hummed to herself as she pulled a needle and thread from a well-stocked sewing kit she’d kept under her futon. She waited for the resultant muffling of the Indian girl’s voice as she completed a quick series of stitches across the mouth of the doll. Now, to guide our new friend to completion… Koko thought, turning her attention back to the basin, poppet in hand.


               Neena, suddenly unable to explain her predicament to Julie, felt her heart racing faster. Panic mounted as she wondered how long this episode might last before her release. Janey and Julie now kneeled on either side of her, asking questions she was unable to answer, but as she was horrified to discover, her body would no longer allow her mind any agency whatsoever.

               “Are you in pain?” Julie asked, and Neena, in spite of herself, felt her head nod.

               “What hurts?” Janey asked, and Neena felt her own eyes pan from the concerned gaze of the little blonde to fixate upon her giant, swaying cock. Janey seemed to jump at the cue. “Yeah, that looks like it would be painful – I’ve never seen one get that hard… that big… before…” Janey trailed off, in awe. 

               “I bet I know how to fix that,” Julie mentioned, reassuringly caressing Neena’s cheek. “Wanan help me out with this thing, Janey? We’ve got room for more than two hands here,” Julie drove her point home by gently gripping Neena’s pulsating shaft, only encompassing half of its length in her clasped hands.

               “Um… is that… okay?” Janey asked, looking from Julie to Neena. Again, in spite of herself, Neena felt her head nodding. Finally feeling the touch of another was a welcome sensation, and she thought, after so much paralyzed titillation, she’d be ready to blow immediately. To her alarm, it seemed whatever force commanded the rest of her body was also staving off the climax she’d readily expected. Her hips stopped bucking, settling back to the mat, which allowed Julie and Janey to provide extra attention to her massive appendage.

               As Neena lay silent and immobilized, she felt increasingly dehumanized as Janey and Julie began conversing with each other on the subject of her foot-long cock.

               “Did you know she had this thing when you invited her here?” Janey asked.

               “Oh, yeah! I didn’t expect Tina to get so uptight…” she admitted, glancing at the door through which her friend had exited a few minutes earlier, “…but I also didn’t expect this big fella to be making such a noticeable appearance, huh, Neena?” Julie looked back to her friend, but Neena met her gaze only with tears in the corners of her eyes. The mix of sensations was absolutely excruciating.

               Janey, meanwhile, licked her lips, feeling the continual gush between her legs intensify, “You think… can I?” she asked Julie before wrapping her mouth over the bulbous head of Neena’s cock without waiting for a response.

               “Go for it, I guess!” Julie chuckled. “Let’s make this monster explode!” Julie encouraged the otherwise timid and bookish blonde, as she grabbed Neena by the scrotum, tugging on her swollen balls. Neena tried to let loose a moan of pleasure, but released nothing but a muffled hum. “Yeah, I’l bet that felt good, huh?” Julie cooed, leaning down to kiss Neena lightly across her lips. Neena could finally feel an orgasm beginning to well up from the base of her scrotum, but was unable to warn Janey of her pending climax. While Julie kept one hand clasped around Neena’s sack, tugging continuously, massaging her balls, she’d slipped her other hand up Neena’s shirt, under her bra, and was kneading each of her voluminous breasts in turn, pulling gently on her nipples with her fingertips.

               Julie met Janey’s gaze and grinned the moment she felt Neena’s nuts contract. Saying nothing and smiling broadly, she watched the little blonde’s eyes widen, bugging out as the first blast of hot spunk hit the back of her throat. Unprepared for the deluge, two more jets of jizz shot from Neena’s flaring tip before Janey successfully dislodged the doorknob-sized cockhead from between her lips. A sticky white trail streaked down her chin, and Julie looked on in awe before clasping her own lips over Neena’s tip to capture the rest of her load from splattering across her workout mats. Gulping as fast as her throat would allow, Julie drained every drop she could from Neena’s shaft as Janey watched incredulously, cum dripping from her chin to her chest.

               “That was amazing!” Janey exclaimed, wiping her chin with the back of her hand before licking it clean.

               “If you liked that, just imagine how amazing this thing feels 
inside you….” Julie taunted.

               “Julie! Have you… what about Lawrence?” Janey asked, abruptly taking a judgemental tone – which seemed particularly incongruous to Julie considering her chin was still streaked with cum.

               “Oh, cut it out! Lawrence was there , too. Just don’t bring it up with him, okay? He gets really shy about sex stuff, Janey…” Julie admitted.

               At that moment, Neena gasped, bolting upright. “What the hell just happened?” she cried out, finally able to speak, before collapsing into Julie’s arms, shaking uncontrollably despite being able to move under her own power again.


               Koko, having released the poppet from her grip, had turned her attention towards handling her own meagre endowment. Spending over half an hour titillating herself, peering through the basin into Neena’s life and wreaking sexual havoc, she finally felt ready to pop.

               Since her encounter with Neena (
now, she finally knew her name, she realized), she’d wanted to learn more about the owner of the delectably sizeable sausage she’d had the privilege of sucking upon.  Knowing the joy – enraptured, orgasmic joy – she’d brought to that woman caused her to stare down at her own endowment, surprisingly girthsome (given her tall, willowy frame), which was perhaps four inches in length. She had never felt confident enough to even attempt to please another woman with it, even in the days when she’d still been presenting herself to the public as Christopher, and she longed instead for true feminine depth to experience the pleasure she knew she deserved – depth enough to accommodate the lengths of someone like Neena.


               Neena, meanwhile, had retreated back to her apartment, thoroughly in shock. In spite of every situation she’d founder herself in over the past week she’d largely been able to keep herself anonymous, or she’d been able to confine revealing her new attributes to those she knew she’d wanted to share her experience with. Now, some random translator from Oklahoma knew she had a giant cock, and had seen it throbbing, exposed, becoming disgusted by the very idea of her. It nauseated her almost to the point of throwing up, and even curled up in a blanket with a cup of tea, she couldn’t seem to stop her mind from racing over the possible ramifications. Her cavalcade of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of her text notification on her phone, and she swiftly turned her attention from her most recent moment of social trauma. But as she saw who had texted, her heart quickly sank from its anxious flutter. 

               Rick: Hi Neena! Rick here – I thought about it, and I know how we can make everything square between us.

               Neena wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone else at the moment, but she was still curious to find out what sort of idea Rick had in mind as a fitting payback for her theft of his big fat dick last week. 

               Neena: How?

               She texted in reply, but kept it brief.

               Rick: Come by my place ASAP and I’ll explain everything. You already know where I live. ;)

               Neena huffed loudly, though no one could hear her frustration. It was almost 6:45pm, and after her overstimulating workout session, she had no interest in leaving her apartment. She simply wanted to read a book, fall asleep, and hopefully track down some hint as to the cause of her paralysis and loss of control.

               Neena: Can we do this tomorrow instead? It’s been a loooooong day, Rick…

               Neena objected, but Rick replied almost instantaneously. 

               Rick: Neena, I just booked an 8pm spa appointment. Come over – I want to explain a few things, and I want to provide you with a good opportunity to relax.

that sounded more appealing, and almost motivated Neena to pull herself out of bed. She looked back at the time, quickly calculating how long it would take to get over to Rick’s. 

               Neena: Fine, see you at 7:15.

               Rick: Great! I’m looking forward to it! 

               He wrote back as if she had any real option to avoid participating. Rick wasn’t more than a mile away, but she had to drag herself out of bed first. Chugging her tea, she threw on some sweatpants, this time abandoning the idea of concealing herself, both because Rick already knew what she was dealing with, and given the reality that Tina saw her exposed, she decided to go forth with greater disregard than she ever had before.

               Stepping out of her apartment, it was an odd sensation to feel nine inches of flaccid cock swinging freely as she sauntered down the sidewalk. She’d gone from scoping out the size of mens’ packages to keeping track of the eyes of pedestrians gazing toward her own. She smirked as she strolled west toward Geary Street at the edge of the Tenderloin. Out in the open air as the sun was setting, she was finally feeling liberated in a way she hadn’t thus far. She’d been too drained before she left to properly conceal herself, and she was no longer in the mood to weather the responsibility of being herself in the face of an uncaring and poorly informed world. Julie had her back, and Janey had seen her, plain as day, and responded with kindness, fascination, and titillation of her own. She had never felt more accepted, and she wanted to carry this into her interaction with the public now more than ever. Her newfound confidence and public presentation was giving her pause as she turned the corner, as she’d caught more than a few stares drawn her way, with all of them angled south of her waist. Her sports bra and sweatshirt seemed to be enough of a deterrent from her chest catching attention, but there was no hiding the bounce of her package as it swayed in opposition to her stride.

               It wasn’t an issue she had to worry about for long, though, as she’d reached Geary Street, and found herself buzzing at Rick’s door. Finally stationary, able to press herself against the door frame, she was ready to confront whatever her co-worker had in mind as an option to settle the debt she owed him from last week.

               “Hey Rick, it’s Neena. Are you there?” Neena padded back and forth impatiently as she waited for a reply.

               “Heeey Neena! Come on up. The number is 912 I’ve been wating for you,” Rick crooned through the intercom as the buzzer sounded off and the lock released.

               Heading into the lobby, Neena suddenly began to feel self-conscious about her state of exposure, as she knew Rick would be acutely aware of her situation once she stepped inside his apartment. Fortunately, she was able to avoid passing anyone in the elevator on her way up to the 9th floor. She felt fortunate, as she was starting to throb again in anticipation of seeing Rick. She had made it to his building with the utmost of confidence, but as soon as the elevator doors shut, she was overcome with a sense of reticence. She had little time to ruminate on the root of her misgivings before the doors separated, and she could hear music down the hallway, faintly emanating from Rick’s flat – it sounded like a Tame Impala track. She’d never 
truly been inside before, but as she rapped upon the door, and after a few bars of the song elapsed, the volume dropped out and the threshold cracked open. 

               “Heeeey! Neena! Welcome…uh, back, for the uh… first time, I guess!” Rick conceded, given that she’d never physically been in his actual apartment. He glanced down at her outfit as she stepped through the doorway. “Hangin’ loose today, huh? You must be feeling daring…” Rick inferred.

               “Um… not really. It’s just been… a really long afternoon, and I didn’t have the energy to mash my body into something more presentable,” Neena admitted. Rick was wearing a plain, navy blue t-shirt, and she couldn’t help but notice the obvious, prominent bulge of his 10” cock through the thin fabric of the running shorts he was wearing. It looked even more pronounced than it did through the pants he normally wore to the office, and she tried to peel her gaze away from his groin, but it was difficult. “It looks like you’re ehm… bundled up pretty tightly though,” she noted. 
Yeah, it definitely looks bigger… she thought.

               “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing about the whole underwear situation?” he inquired, ignoring her comment on his appearance for the time being. Neena caught a glimpse of her reflection faintly in the window, the night sky of the city stretching out beyond. The imprint of her flaccid cock snaking down the pantleg of her sweats 
was conspicuous, and she felt more self-conscious about putting herself on display now that Rick was commenting upon it. 

               “I suppose it depends on the day. Right now, I’m doing…very little,” she conceded.

               “Okay, that’s good to hear! Come this way. There’s something I want to show you before we go down to the spa…” Rick prompted Neena to follow, leading her into his bedroom. Neena paused on the threshold, looking from Rick to his tidily made bed, and back to meet his gaze.

               “Rick, maybe we should talk about what you had in mind for…uh… me making up for what I did before we do anything else?” she suggested, hesitant about going further. She had no idea if he expected some sort of sexual repayment, and she realized she’d set a precedent when she’d last visited him as they slept. She’d tried to put him at ease, but now, she was waiting to learn his intentions for her, and was now the one feeling ill at ease.  

               “Sure, that’s fine. I hope you can keep an open mind, though, Neena…” Rick said, wandering into his bathroom. She felt a pit of dread in her stomach. 
What kind of weird stuff is he into? Neena was left wondering.

               “Lately, I feel like my mind has been blown open 
for me,” Neena revealed. 

               He continued talking while Neena heard him rummaging around in the bathroom drawers “Well, it’s healthy to make a habit of expanding your mind, and other things…” he insinuated, returning from the bathroom with a long, clear plastic cylinder in hand. “Ever seen one of these before?” he asked.

               “I don’t think so. What is it?” Neena asked, trying to get a better look at the item he now held up for her to view. It had what appeared to be ridged black rubber at the open end, and a tube at the other end, capped with what looked like a turkey baster bulb. 

               “It’s a penis pump, Neena. I’m not sure it’ll fit properly on you, but there’s only one way to find out,” Rick explained. Neena’s mouth gaped open, and her heart began to race again. 

               “I don’t know if I’m comfortable using…that, Rick…” Neena objected, her hesitance showing. It reminded her a bit of the sphygmomanometer

               “Neena, we’ve got about half an hour before we head down to the spa. You said you wanted to make things right between us – make up for what you did to me. This is all I’m asking, okay? Can you just humor me for the next couple hours, and if you don’t like it, we never have to talk about it again,” Rick detailed the terms of his request. Neena felt squeamish and uncomfortable, but she realized, this was by no means the farthest she’d been outside her comfort zone in the last week, and she sighed, deciding to get everything over with.

               “Sure, Rick. Show me how to use this thing,” she conceded, and was surprised to see how quickly his excitement mounted. He seemed…giddy, almost? She tried to put her finger on it before it dawned on her, “Rick, have you been drinking?”

               “Oh, absolutely!  What do yooouuu do after you get home from the office, anyway?” Rick asked. 

               “Before last week, I would’ve been able to confidently say my evenings consisted of doing yoga, reading a book, and trying to enjoy whatever time I had alone,” Neena reflected upon life before her Aunt Priya had planted her wholly disruptive gift in the back of her closet.

               “And since last week?” Rick wondered, taking Neena by the hand before tugging her into the bathroom.

               “Uh, I…I’ve been…I’ve been trying to get a…a…a handle on having a giant p-p-penis, Rick,” Neena stuttered, trying not to stumble as she found herself in front of a steamy, fogged over mirror. “What are we doing in here?”

               “Take off your clothes, Neena,” Rick commanded, with a wave of his hand toward the shower.

               “Rick, I really… I’m not in the mood right now,” Neena protested.

               “This isn’t about sex, Neena. The pump works best with water. I want to show you how it works before we head out, okay?” Rick explained. Neena was wary, but she slowly pulled her sweatshirt over her shoulders, crossing her arms  across her chest, her sports bra and sweatpants remaining. “Well, you a third of the way there…” Rick egged her on, flipping the shower back on and setting the water temperature.

               “Alright, just give me a second, okay? I’m just… trying to process everything,” Neena implored. 

               “Are you alright? What exactly happened? I know we don’t know each other very well outside of work and our few, uh, personal encounters, but… you seem way more… I dunno… drained and on edge than normal,” Rick observed. Neena nodded in agreement before proceeding to remove her sports bra, allowing her sizeable breasts to fall free. Rick was immediately distracted from his previous line of inquiry, “Daaaayuuuum…” he slurred, and Neena watched his bulge stir and strain in his shorts in response.

               “Focus, Rick. Are you going to show me what you want me to do with this contraption, or what?” Neena snapped, trying to draw Rick’s attention back to the task at hand. He smirked and winked back at her, and then reached into the shower, holding the tube upside down so it began filling with water from the shower head.

               “Yep, sure. Step in whenever you’re ready!” Rick said, encouraging his co-worker to take the plunge. Neena was feeling the same state of reticence she’d spent her entire life being familiar with. Nothing was ever stable, she realized, and her sense of finding her footing would always be ephemeral. 

               “How is someone supposed to be ready for something like this, really?” Neena asked rhetorically, as she slipped her sweatpants down to her ankles and kicked them off towards the doorway. Rick took a sharp breath as he saw her flaccid cock hanging almost as large as his own member was able to stand while erect.

               “I don’t know if I’m ever going to get used to seeing you like this,” Rick admitted, his bulge throbbing further as Neena stepped into the shower. Obviously, up until this past week, she’d thought Rick had it all figured out, but now she realized he might have been just as insecure as she was, in certain ways. Clearly, he didn’t feel big enough, despite everything he’d been granted by nature.

               “Well, if we’re on even ground after this, then is there any reason for you to see me naked again?” Neena asked, feeling exceedingly self-conscious. She realized it helped not to look Rick in the eye, and stared at his swelling package, which, in turn, stirred blood to flow towards her own loins.

               “Never say never, Neena,” Rick teased, smirking to his co-worker as she grabbed hold of her shaft with both hands, quickly massaging herself towards full mast. “Hey, you don’t need to be rock hard to use this thing. Just try to get yourself at least halfway there…” Rick instructed her matter-of-factly, and Neena gripped firmly, trying to tug more blood into her shaft. It felt bizarre to have someone watching her stroke herself, but it certainly didn’t hurt when it came to encouraging her arousal.

               “Is this good?” she asked, her cock now semi-hard, jutting outward from her body, almost perpendicular with her hips, where she now rested her right elbow, tightly gripping the base of her shaft as completely as she could with her left hand.

               “We can certainly find out!” Rick said, turning the pump towards her outstretched penis, slipping the rubber mouth over her cockhead. 

               “Whoa, okay… that’s not what I expected…” Neena cried out, but Rick only responded by turning off the shower.

               “Just wait until you feel the suction, Neena. There’s almost nothing like it. Can I ask you something?” Rick paused, waiting to proceed with his line of inquiry.

               “Um, sure?” Neena assented, while Rick handed her a towel.

               “You said… this whole, thing of yours… is new. You… you’ve only had it for just over a week – haaave you had anyone suck on it…yet?” he asked, while Neena wrapped the towel over her shoulders, keeping her hips free while Rick now turned to work his hands on her.

               “Oh, uh… yeah,” Neena’s memory quickly flashed through all the experiences she’d had, and she declined to mention how much time she’d spent sucking on it, herself. She felt it throb within the tube, and as it visibly twitched, hardening further, Rick elected to ease the tube down the length of her shaft. 

               “Then let me know how this feels by comparison, okay?” Rick said, finally pushing the tube of the pump down to the base of Neena’s cock, pressed flush against the flesh between her hips.

               “Oh, god! That’s… weird, Rick,” Neena exclaimed.

               “I haven’t even added any suction yet. Just wait a sec,” he noted, pausing to squeeze the bulb at the end of the tube. “Let me know if it starts to feel tight. If you’re not careful, you can overpump, and it can hurt if you overdo it,” Rick warned.

               “Ohhh, oookaaaay… That’s… that’s definitely 
not the way a mouth feels,” Neena moaned, and she was stunned when she looked down to see her cock suddenly fully erect within the tube, nearly pressing against the outer walls.

               “Alright, I figured this might happen. You’re probably about as big as this thing can handle,” Rick explained.

               “And what do you mean by ‘overpump,’ Rick?” Neena asked with immediate concern.

               “Well, here… come out to the other room and sit, and I’ll show you…” Rick explained, squeezing the bulb and leading Neena out of the shower to his bedroom. “Here, ease back. We’ve got about twenty five minutes, so please, take it easy, and take everything in stride, yeah?” Rick suggested, setting the stage as he tucked a couple of throw pillows between Neena’s legs, which pressed against her weighty scrotum and angled the pump back towards her navel slightly. 

               “It…it’s important to keep the angle juuuust riiiiight to avoid losing pressure, you know?” Rick slurred, attempting to coax Neena into the optimal position to maintain the suction he was creating. He squeezed the bulb again, asking, “how does that feel?” 

               “It’s weird, Rick. It’s tight, and I can feel… I can feel a few bubbles running along my shaft. It tickles a bit…” Neena noted. Rick frowned slightly, then pushed down on the tube, fixing it more firmly against her pubic bone. He gave a couple more squeezes of the bulb, and Neena gasped, the tension now palpable.

               “That should do it, yeah?” he looked to confirm he’d created a seal at the base of her shaft. “I’m really glad I get to do this with you, Neena,” Rick continued. “I’ve… I’ve been doing this for years, almost every day, but I didn’t know how to share this with anyone…” he leaned back, lightly gripping the bulb as the tube extended. His other hand lightly cupped his bulge, running his palm over the weight of his package. “Honestly, it would’ve just seemed a bit… I dunno, gayer than I’m accustomed to, but with you… this is an experience I never thought I’d be able to share with an… another… a… a woman,” he sputtered out, clearly getting emotional.

               “Oh, err… I can see how…I can see how that is an understanding you might arrive at. I mean, this…” Neena tried to find the right words, and thought a bit about her experience with Carlo, which had started under the guise of an entirely male relationship. “Yeah, this… I… uh… this is definitely not your quintessential, male, homoerotic scenario. I don’t know what I am now, but I don’t feel quintessentially anything. I’m trying to figure out what I want to be,” Neena tried to explain her personal position, but as she searched for words, she felt less sure of herself than ever. Here she was, in a co-worker’s flat, letting him affix a contraption to her penis, which she had no business having in the 
first place. She’d turned her whole life upside down in the span of less than a single menstrual cycle, and now she was comparing dicks with an alpha-male yuppy, and she was coming out on top. 

               “Whoa, look at that!” Rick pointed out her tremendous growth. Neena realized she was finally at full-mast, approaching the engorgement she’d experienced during her episode in Julie’s class earlier. “So you were asking about overpumping…” Rick began, giving the bulb another tentative squeeze, “…this is is what happens when you overpump…” he said, presaging the reveal of his package. 

               “Gah! Rick, why is it so… so… lumpy, a-a-and bloated? You look deformed…” Neena gasped as she finally saw Rick’s cock unfurled. “It 
definitely didn’t look like that…last…last time I saw it…” Neena acknowledged. She glanced back at her own cock, which now looked as swollen as it had 
earlier, and she wondered what would cause the same sort of appearance Rick was now sporting.

               “Yeah, it’s fluid retention. It goes away, and right now, I’m just easing it back a bit before we go to the spa. Don’t worry, though. You’ve only got like, another twenty some minutes to go. This sort of thing doesn’t happen unless you go for hours,” he explained.

               “So wait, have you just had your cock stuck in this thing since you got home for work?” Neena wondered. 

               “Uh, yeah. Pretty much every day. I’ve got this down to a routine,” Rick mentioned, carrying a sense of pride in his voice, giving the bulb another couple squeezes

               “Ahhh! That’s probably enough for now, Rick,” Neena protested. She could feel the tension in the tissue of her cock swelling, and looked at the blood vessels on the tip of her penis engorging. 

               “Just wait… watch this…” Rick cautioned her, before gripping the tube with both hands and drawing it slowly upwards, as if he was stroking her cock hand over hand, but only making contact with the tube. Neena moaned at the added pressure. 

               “This will help accelerate the process. Controlled pressure. How does it feel?” Rick asked.

               “I…I like that. That’s nice,” Neena sighed, smiling as she watched Rick coax her cock to grow. She leaned back and let him tug at her for what seemed like an endless series of ministrations, taking a moment to squeeze the bulb every minute or so. The swelling in her loins was unlike even the growth she’d experienced when drawing away size from others during her nightly exploration. “This… it feels so tight… I’m… I feel like I want to come, but can’t quite get there…” Neena tried to explain the sensation, and Rick nodded along, fully understanding her new relationship with her size. 

               “It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Pushing your boundaries… Just wait for the weight of it. A few more minutes and we can take this off, and then you can spend the next hour 
really relaxing,” Rick beamed, and returned his attention to her member, now bulging beyond its normally vascular appearance to take on a much more bloated, smoothed surface. 

               “Why are you doing this, Rick? Why with me, why like this?” Neena peered back at him, but kept getting distracted by her engorged flesh now stuffing the plastic tube to capacity.

               “I didn’t realize until all of this happened, but you reaching out, making me question myself – taking everything before giving it back – you… you make me feel…less…less alone, Neena,” he confessed.

               “What about Rachel? I thought you two…” Neena interjected.

               “She doesn’t care about me. Our relationship is hip deep. That’s it. Anyway, I haven’t heard from her since Friday, and from what Eve said, she might’ve bailed out on the office anyway. What reason does she have to stick around? I’m not a reason. I’m a distraction,” Rick trailed off, his hands stroking almost on autopilot, before startling himself back to attention. “Shit, what time is it? You’re already packing this tube. Let’s get you dried off and dressed and head down, yeah?” Rick decided.

               “Whatever you say. I’m at your beck and call tonight, it would seem,” Neena took his hand and waddled toward the bathroom, the pressure now feeling extreme after over twenty minutes of suction swelled her member beyond the size she thought she was bounded to.

               “Okay, step into the shower, and let’s get this off…” Rick instructed, offering Neena his hand as she stepped over the drain. He hit the release valve, and Neena gasped as she felt the pressure abate, her cock suddenly contracting, but still filling the breadth of the tube. She panicked when she felt herself getting stuck within the cylinder.

               “What!? Why can’t I get it out, Rick!?” Neena cried. Rick clasped her shoulder in as reassuring a manner as possible.

               “Just… ease. Ease back, Neena. I don’t know everything you’ve got going on in your life, but clearly, you need to find a state of ease. You have nothing to worry about, okay?” Rick comforted her, holding one hand at the base of her cock while he slowly rocked the pump back and forth, tapping the release valve as he gently pulled.

               “Ah…ahhhhh! Oh, Rick! E…e…easy!” Neena gasped as she felt her swollen shaft slip free from the tube. 

               “Good girl…” Rick cooed, kissing her lightly on the ear as she finally caught her breath. Grabbing at the walls of the shower, she gripped the towel tightly the moment Rick handed it back to her. “You did really well for your first time. I wasn’t so composed the first time I tried it,” he pointed out.

               “Thanks, I guess…” she murmured. 

               “How does it feel, Neena?” Rick gestured with his eyes towards Neena’s still-engorged package. Unable to restrain himself, he reached out and batted at her dangling shaft, watching it sway back forth, slick and slightly bloated from the pressure it had sustained for the last half hour.

               “Uh… really, really good. You were right – really heavy. It’s like... just more than before. Like more of myself is in my cock. My weight feels rebalanced a bit,” she pondered, trying to assess the changes in herself. As she dressed herself, she realized how much bigger she actually looked once she got a glimpse of her sweatpants in the mirror. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to go home like this – I look like I just robbed a deli, Rick… What about the spa?” Neena wondered aloud, beginning to panic.

               “Neena, don’t worry about the spa. You said you’ve had a rough afternoon – just look forward to a happy ending for the evening, yeah?” Rick reassured her. Neena’s eyes widened as she finally understood what he’d put her up to.

               “Oh… oh, no, Rick. Not that. I can’t do that. Tonight? Really?” Neena’s heart began racing again. She’d never before been to a massage parlour for a hand-job, for obviously reasons. She was feeling incredibly exposed now, with her straining, bulging cock expanded beyond its ‘natural’ limits, creating a massive impression in her sweatpants.

               “Listen, you don’t need to do anything except relax. No one is going to push your boundaries. You get what you want, as far as you want it to go, okay?” Rick raised his hands, trying to clarify. “What I do, and what you do – they don’t have to be the same thing. All I wanted… everything I had in mind to square us up and get us back on the same page, I just wanted to share this with you…” Rick explained, sounding a bit disappointed by her lack of excitement as they walked toward the front door of his apartment. Neena could tell how lonely this man was, and at core, she might’ve felt a bit more receptive if she hadn’t already gone through having her agency stripped from her by forces unknown in front of perfect strangers earlier in the day. 

               “Yeah, I get it. I…I could really use the opportunity to decompress, actually. You’re sure that’s all this is?” Neena asked. Rick shot her a sly thumbs-up.

               “Of course. They know me there. Don’t even stress it, Neena…” Rick attempted to calm his jumpy co-worker. 

               Rick had thrown on a pair of track pants before they’d left, and as they stood in the elevator heading towards the lobby, she tried not to smirk over the fact her bulge was noticeably bigger than his as she compared the two.

               “This place…it’s literally just around the corner. I’ve got a membership here, so don’t be surprised if 
they act surprised that I’ve brought someone else. I made a ‘couples’ booking, but I doubt they’re expecting me to come down with a woman, considering how they normally, uh… handle my bookings,” Rick explained. Neena was simply reeling at learning all these sordid facts about Rick, whom she’d never previously attributed any inner life to whatsoever. I guess it’s not fair assuming he doesn’t have his own quirks and issues to deal with… she thought. 

               “Sure, I’ve got it. So… membership, huh? How often are you here, anyway?” Neena asked, not trying to pry, but curious about Rick’s habits.

               “At least once a week makes it worthwhile. I mean, you know the office – it’s stressful. The massages alone are worth it, but… everything else? It makes things all too simple,” Rick justified his behaviour. “Just enjoy the hour. I’ve already paid for everything,” he brushed off her critique.

               “That was kind of you – I obviously owe you one, still, huh?” Neena pointed out. Rick waved away her concerns.

               “Just… enjoy things, okay, Neena? You seem so uptight all the time,” Rick gave her shoulder a playful squeeze.

               “Just…behave yourself, or maybe I’ll steal your cock for good this time, huh?” Neena retorted, giving his bulge a squeeze of her own. As the elevator stopped and the doors opened, she released her grip.

               “That’s not funny, Neena…” Rick implored, woefully, the color draining from his face. They stepped out into the evening air, but Rick hadn’t been exaggerating – the spa was quite literally around the corner, only about fifty feet away just around from the mouth of the alley.

               “This looks seedy, Rick,” Neena observed, bathed in the pink and blue neon from the entrance lights, which cast a slight glow out onto the sidewalk of the main street.

               “It’s meant to. Enjoy it!” Rick joked, but clearly meant it. The name on the sign was Hibiscus Moon Spa, and clearly benefitted from being slightly off the beaten path. Rick held the door for Neena as she walked in, and found herself standing at a counter which was tended by what appeared to be a Chinese woman in her mid-50’s. She smiled warmly, but her welcoming grin was belied by a stern gaze. 

               “Evening, Mr. Kincaid. When I took down your booking for two, I did not expect a… lady friend,” 

               “Good evening, Mrs. Lin. Yes, my friend here 
desperately needs to relax. I think an hour here would be very good for her. Are Jade and Mai available?” Rick inquired, peering around the corner past the lobby. Neena found it very odd observing Rick in this state – at the office, she’d always found him to be confident, collected, and it generally irritated her how in control he seemed. But now, she’d describe him as almost giddy. He was like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, which seemed all the more incongruous to Neena, given he’d just explained that he comes here at least once a week.

               “Yes, I told them you’d made an appointment, and they’re waiting for you. Please, head down the hall, third door on the left,” Mrs. Lin gestured past the desk, and Neena followed Rick through a set of curtains into a green hallway, made all the more vibrant by the green glass shades on the lighting fixtures mounted along the walls opposite doors into the spa rooms. Neena wasn’t quite sure what to expect by the time they’re reached the third door, as the first two were closed, but she was pleasantly surprised to see a well-lit, tidy room with two beds arranged parallel to each other. She was also pleased to see two women, each around her age, maybe a bit older, holding towels in their outstretched arms for each of them. 

               “Thank you, Jade. It’s good to see you again,” Rick greeted his masseuse, taking the towel from her hands. Jade was by far the bustier of the two, with a longer face, and kind eyes.  He glanced across to the other woman, “This is my friend, Neena. She’ll be joining us for a much needed massage. I’m sure it will be a memorable occaision,” Rick introduced her.

               “You must be Mai, then?” Neena inferred. She smiled and nodded as Neena took the towel, quickly letting it unfold and cover her swollen groin before either of the ladies saw what she was smuggling in her sweatpants.

               “That’s right. It was nice of Rick to bring you to see us. Why don’t you both get changed, and we’ll be back in a moment to take care of you?” Mai said. She was willowy, with full lips despite her thin frame. Both she and Jade were adorned in stereotypically Chinese dresses, fastened modestly at the neckline, but cut well above the knee. From their outfits alone – a far cry from the loose fitting scrubs of massage therapists at more…clinical…spas – it would have been obvious what sort of establishment Rick had dragged her into had he not already prepped her for the experience.

               Rick had already wrapped his towel around his waist and was already stripping out of his clothes. “So what do you make of this so far? Mai seems friendly, right?” Rick grinned at her, eyeing her up and down, but Neena was distracted, looking over the decorations – landscape scrolls, bathhouse scenes – mounted on the walls, “Neena, they’ll be back in a moment. You should, uhh… disrobe and get yourself ready,” Rick urged luridly. 

               Neena’s heart was already racing a bit at the prospect of being in a seedy place like this, and her mind was flashing back to the Cassowary. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew she wasn’t quite ready for it. “Yep, I’m getting there, Rick,” she issued a hasty rebuttal, and pulled her sweatshirt and sports bra off with one swift motion. She wrapped the towel around her chest, folding it into place, and proceeded to pull down her sweats.

               “Um, it looks like your towel is a little short, there, Neena,” Rick nodded toward Neena’s knees as he climbed onto the table, laying down and . Neena could feel open air on the tip of her cock, which was clearly hanging below the hem of the cloth. Hanging up her clothes on the nearby rack, she wracked her brain over how to avoid mentally scarring these two unassuming masseuses. 

               “How am I going to keep this thing out of sight for the next hour?” Neena asked, less expecting a useful response from Rick than reasoning out loud for her own sake.

               “You’re not, but I’m looking forward to seeing you try,” Rick teased. Neena fumed, but as she laid down on her own table, she decided the best option was to tuck her pumped, plump, flaccid shaft up along the length of her abs, laying atop it as it throbbed and hardened beneath her. Now that she was in position, she was terrified to move and inadvertently reveal her massive endowment to Mai and Jade when they returned.

               She didn’t have much time to dwell on her concern, as the two women returned and began their massage session.

               “This is Neena’s first time, so she’s probably really knotted up from years of being uptight,” Rick teased. Jade chuckled as she started in, kneading Rick’s shoulders with her fingertips, but Mai leaned close to Neena’s ear. 

               “Is there any place in particular you feel you carry your tension?” she asked, and Neena paused to actually consider what normally gave her trouble when trying to stretch during her yoga sessions.

               “Actually, under my shoulder blades, towards my spine. I definitely feel it more on my left side than my right side, but it’s there, and I can’t seem to relieve the tension on my own,” Neena detailed her issue, and Mai began working her over. It quickly became apparent that she had skilled hands, as Neena was groaning and moaning within moments in response to her touch. She caught a glimpse of Rick smiling across the room from his table, and buried her head, blushing, as he lazily winked at her. 

               All was well for the next forty minutes, until Jade and Mai each produced a pillow and prompted them to turn. Rick didn’t hesitate, rolling over, with his semi-hard, overpumped cock flopping conspicuously under his towel to the edge of his hip. Jade cooed expectantly at the sight, and looked across to Mai, who smiled knowingly. They’d both had their turn looking after Rick during his many previous visits, and they knew what to expect from one of their best clients. 

               “Miss, could you please turn over?” Mai asked, but Neena remained fixed in position.

               “I’m fine like this, I think. Thank you,” Neena stayed face down on the table, terrified about rolling over and exposing her quickly hardening cock. It was now nestled between her breasts, and despite the last fifteen minutes of Mai working the muscles of Neena’s legs, sweeping as high as her upper thighs, Neena had been able to avoid any unexpected encounter with her male genetalia. 

               “She’s a little shy. Don’t be scared, girls, but Neena here has a surprise for you, and it’s even bigger than mine,” Rick tantalized, eliciting looks of confusion from both Jade and Mai. 

               “So this is what you wanted, huh? And you promise, we’re even after this, Rick?” Neena turned her head to face her co-worker, who looked bemused and calm, his package swelling under his towel, hands resting under his head.

               “Absolutely,” Rick agreed. “Get ready, girls…” he forewarned Jade and Mai, but Neena gripped the towel to her body, and as she struggled, she was able to turn her body without revealing anything to the others in the room, as her sizeable chest currently kept the towel raised enough from her abs, the snaking length of flesh resting upon her stomach wasn’t clearly visible to Mai. 

               “Okay, I’m ready, Mai. You can continue,” Neena nodded slightly, hoping she’d avoided a potential uproar over her confusing anatomy.

               “Aww, that’s no fun…” Rick griped. He called Jade close, and began whispering in her ear, She gripped the base of his shaft through the towel, and looked across at Neena with a devilish grin on her face. Mai began massaging Neena’s head expertly, but Neena’s attention was on Jade as she pulled Rick’s wallet from his track pants and handed it over. Rick produced two hundred dollar bills, and Jade took them both, passing one to Mai.

               “What’s that for?” Neena asked, suddenly nervous again.

               “For their patience and understanding,” Rick clarified. Jade unfastened the clasp holding her dress closed at the neck, proceeding to undo the rest of her top, revealing her pert, alabaster breasts, pink nipples erect.  Neena’s eyes widened, and she felt her cock throb in response, which alarmed her further, as she was barely managing a precarious balance between staying concealed and popping a foot-long erection in front of these two women (and Rick).

               It was a battle she was losing, and as Jade pulled the towel free from Rick’s lap, his bloated cock throbbed in response, arching upward toward Jade’s inviting lips. “Oh…oh no!” Neena cried, realizing her own shaft now loomed even large, dislodging from it’s position tucked under her breasts, and springing upward.

               “Whoa!” called Rick, looking over as Mai’s jaw dropped, stunned by the sudden emergence of Neena’s huge penis beneath the towel. “Hey, I warned you, Mai. Why don’t you show her how to relax now that she’s finally dropping the whole modesty charade?” Rick suggested. Mai nodded, but still looked wary as she gripped the hem of the towel, slowly sliding it down Neena’s torso, first revealing her breasts , which visibly jiggled with each halting breath Neena drew. Mai continued pulling on the towel, her eyes widening, jaw still gaping, and she let out an involuntary squeal as Neena’s bulbous cockhead came into view. Quickly snatching away the towel, the squeal turned into a scream as she witnessed the full scope of Neena’s big black cock swaying upward, hardening with each beat of her heart. Plump from the pump, the veins along Neena’s cock weren’t as pronounced, but it looked thicker than normal, and she felt the strain from the stretched tissue as it reached its full size. 

               “Too big!” Mai cried, and Jade stopped, staring at Neena’s huge erection, even as Rick continued lightly thrusting his own overpumped cock between her tits, which he was now pressing together with his hands. He paused for a moment to look at Mai’s reaction, and chuckled.

               “I really wish I could capture this moment on film, but I know how you ladies feel about cameras in here…” Rick acknowledged, wistfully. “Mai, I think you’ll find Neena has plenty for you to work with…” Rick nodded, before turning back to Jade, caressing her hair as she nibbled on the tip of his dick while he rubbed himself between her tits.

               “You… what’s going on? Woman, or man, or what?” Mai asked Neena, peering around her cock to stare incredulously into her eyes. Neena’s cock responded by throbbing even harder.

               “I’ve… got…I’ve got both,” Neena explained, and cupped her right hand under her balls, lifting them to reveal her womanhood. Mai cried out again in shock before quickly regaining her composure.

               “So what you want?” she asked, plainly, trying to get back to the task at hand.

               “Um, I don’t know… I’ve never done this before…” Neena equivocated, suddenly blushing, even as her cock strained upward, the shaft glistening and thick from its time in the pump. Mai walked to the table in the corner, her gaze never leaving Neena’s shaft, as if looking away might allow it to vanish before she looked back. Oiling her palms, she returned, and with both hands, lay a light grip upon Neena’s turgid flesh. 

               “Want me to suck?” Mai asked?

               “Uh…ehm, yes, please…” Neena assented, and Mai wrapped her full lips over the tip of Neena’s swollen member, her tongue flitting playfully in within Neena’s slit. 

               Mai paused for a moment to ask, “You want me to touch here, too?” punctuating her question by lightly grazing Neena’s clitoris. Neena beamed at the sensation, looking forward, nodding eagerly. She realized she had the opportunity to take advantage of what she’d gained from Mindy Mirage, and now was as good a time as any to enjoy it.

               “Your whole hand – it will fit,” Neena urged, and Mai’s eyes widened again as she began to work her fingers within Neena’s depths. It wasn’t long before Mai’s mouth had encompassed the first six inches of Neena’s shaft, and she’d sunk wrist-deep within Neena’s pussy, pumping her fist deeper and deeper. Rick was stunned by the scene, gawking at Mai working over Neena before Jade gave his bloated shaft a firm bite.

               “Ow! Hey there, take it easy,” Rick reminded Jade, grabbing his shaft at the base and batting her in the face playfully.

               “You! Stop watching them. Look at me!” Jade demanded, smooshing her tits together around his cock and licking the tip of his cock. 

               “I’m ready to watch you swallow my cum. You ready to swallow my cum?” Rick taunted the young woman. She stared back at him intently, sucking harder on his knob, nodding in consent. “Good… I’m almost there. You almost there, Neena?”

               “Ohhhhhh…Rick, this is sooooo good…” Neena crooned, all while Mai worked her over, inside and out. 

               “I’ll take that as a yes. You ever see anything like that, Jade?” he asked his masseuse, and she didn’t break the grip of her lips on his shaft while shaking her head. “Me neither. It’s pretty amazing, huh?” he agreed. Jade nodded again, squeezing her tits harder around his shaft. “I’m almost there…” Rick prepared himself, grabbing hold of Jade’s hair with both hands as she continued sucking. “I’m cumming!” he hollered, holding her head in place as his balls contracted and jets of spunk shot through his shaft to splatter agains the back of her throat. Jade slurped down everything she could, expertly inhaling between gulps, pulling Rick’s cock from her throat when she felt his orgasm finally subside.

               “Thick Rick…” she said, wistfully. “Next time, you need to fill me,” she wagged a finger at her client, accusatorily. 

               “Next time, I promise,” Rick agreed, smiling, as he caressed Jade’s cheek with a finger. She, in turn, grabbed his cock at the base, squeezing tightly, tugging along the whole length to the tip, before placing her own finger at the tip of his dick, sweeping up a final dollop of jizz to plant on her tongue. “You can have my undivided attention, I swear.” He swivelled off the massage table, and collected his clothes, but before getting dressed, he wandered back around to stand beside Neena, his slick, bloated shaft now less than a foot from her face. “I’m surprised by how long you’ve lasted, Neena, honestly. It looks like our hour is about up, though,” he said, checking the time on his phone. “Can I?” he asked Jade. She shrugged, smirking. “Say cheese, Neena!” Rick goaded Neena, pulling up his camera.

               “Oh, Rick! No!” she cried out, but as the flash enveloped her, she felt herself summarily enveloped in a wave of pleasure. Gushing, her vulva quaked in orgasm, which set off a wave of euphoria spreading up into her manhood. Mai reacted quickly, able to feel Neena’s vaginal muscles contract, and she clamped her lips tightly as she could over Neena’s cockhead, hoping to prevent her from spraying a giant load all over the massage table. “Unnngh…ffuuuccccccck…” Neena grunted, overwhelming Mai with the amount of jizz she let loose. Mai gulped twice, then sputtered, her full lips parting, a trail of cum slipping free. She reached out to catch it in her hands, but Neena’s spunk kept surging forth, semen trailing slowly down her shaft toward the table. 

               “Aaaaaand, now we’re even,” Rick decided, hitting the stop button on his recorder before moving to get dressed. Neena sprung up, her orgasmic bliss abruptly cut short as she scrambled to see what Rick had done.

               “Rick, let me see,” she demanded.

               “Don’t stress it, Neena. You look great,” he raised a hand, trying to calm her. “Wonderful performance, by the way, Mai. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon,” he complimented the beautiful young masseuse, who was now preoccupied trying to wipe up all of Neena’s cum. 

               “I’m not worried about how I look, Rick. That wasn’t part of the arrangement. Delete it, okay?” Neena tried to bargain with him.

               “I didn’t consent to you ‘borrowing’ my dick for a week, but that didn’t seem to factor into your decision-making process, did it?” Rick glowered at Neena, and her gaze softened. “Consider it both a memento 
and an insurance policy, alright?” Rick reasoned, “…in case I ever find myself coming up short again.”

               “If you ever show that to anyone, Rick, I will leave you dickless for the rest of your life,” Neena vowed.

               “Point taken,” he conceded, before turning to Jade and Mai. “Ladies, thank you for another exceedingly memorable evening. I’ll see you both soon, I’m sure,” he added, and they waved idly, still stunned by the whole exchange, as Neena and Rick exited, pulling on their shoes.  “I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, Neena,” Rick started, but she rushed to the the lobby. 
Maybe, she thought, if I hadn’t already gone through this sort of involuntary public display today, I’d have been a little more receptive…Rick didn’t know that, because she hadn’t told him, but it wasn’t really any of his business, either. She’d put herself entirely at his mercy, and he clearly had a scenario already planned out in his mind, and she’d agreed to be a willing participant. At least, Neena realized, I know him. I’ve seen who he is, what he does, and that… that means we’re eye to eye. 

               “Yep, it was something else, so thanks for that. See you at work, Rick,” Neena said, curtly, as she departed from the spa. 


What is going on here!? Neena wondered, finally putting distance between herself and the Hibiscus Moon Spa. Since the moment the workday finished, it had seemed like other people had been having their way with her body. She’d felt completely out of her own control, in both a social and literal sense. She didn’t blame Julie for what happened, since her intentions were clearly good, but she must’ve known a wardrobe malfunction of that order was possible, if not likely. And Rick? What a position to put her in… she’d had no idea he was so… depraved, but at the same time, he seemed incredibly at ease with both being able to objectify himself and separate his penis from his person in the course of being entirely transactional about the pleasure he sought. 

Admit it, you liked the way they reacted, Neena forced herself to acknowledge the titillation she felt while operating under Rick’s guidance through the evening. She reflected on the swollen sensation of her flesh. She took a moment to revel in the extra weight she felt along the length of her shaft, and she realized it served as a fitting reminder for the growth and self-exploration she’d been able to experience. It was different than when she’d gained size from another – instead of feeling her boundaries increase, Rick had shown her the potential to coax her cock past whatever “natural” boundaries she set for herself. As she recalled watching it swell and thicken within the huge tube, her arousal began to mount. I’m definitely buying a penis pump… Neena decided, trying not to tent herself up with another erection as she walked the remaining blocks home wearing only her sweatpants to conceal herself.

I also definitely need to figure out who the hell was in my head earlier… Neena reminded herself as she finished reflecting upon her time at the massage parlor. She was struck with horror as she suddenly thought of the prospect of Martin Shadley turning her night of spying on him against her, but the whole experience of paralysis, the force at work on her body, didn’t seem to originate from the same place as what she’d sensed in Shadley’s bedroom. I know how I’m spending my night, at least, Neena thought, walking back briskly as she tried to shake the chill from her spine.   

Less than half an hour later, she was back behind closed doors, trying to relax in her apartment, despite the churning she felt in her stomach as she went over the events of the evening in her mind. In the course of less than six hours, she’d ended up exposing herself to a whole room full of people…twice. She’d fixed some cheese and crackers for herself, but was too distracted by thoughts of how she’d handle seeing Rick at the office the next day to properly focus on her food, and before long, she felt exhausted as the psychologically taxing experiences of the day caught up to her. 

Time to get some answers… she resolved, meeting her own steely gaze in the bathroom mirror as she brushed her teeth, preparing for a night of sleep she couldn’t fathom would end up being particularly restful. 


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