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To prove your worth to the fertile deity Mermother, you agree to test yourself by filling your condom inside her.
After a long and nasty history (in my fiction), Tifa Lockheart and Princess Peach clash for one last time in the NES wrestling ring. It's time for an all or nothing cage match for the title!
A human man dating a fairy gets an offer to join in an orgy of tiny women eager for a piece of his giant human junk.
A young man is chosen as the sacrifice to Baba Yaga the witch, sent to be the ancient old crone's private lover to save the village.
WARNING: includes sex with very old, actively disturbing-looking witch
An agent of a government agency for tracking monsters tracks his first contact with a den of kobolds, finding that a gap in their English lands him as their new favorite mate.
After buying the new Wrestlemerica game, a guy makes his own character for story mode. The weak but suddenly awakened lady wrestler decides that she'll win and impress him no matter what by abusing the game's many glitches and bugs.
A series of essays written by a college student explaining the monstergirls of the world. Semi-reliable canon used for my series of ghetto goblin/modern monstergirl setting of stories.

List of said stories here:
After the brutal events of Danganronpa, the girls find themselves in Hell with a new contest set before them; kill each other before they're boiled by the steaming waters they're left in.
A boy gets lost in the mountains, only to be found by a massive hermit of a woman who takes him under her wing. Can he survive her aggressive affection?
Two long-time friends and rivals clash at their gym in an up-close and intimate showdown to wear the other down through sex or raw strength. Whichever gives first.
The stories of the MMMA league and the modern monstergirls competing in it. In particular, one Lix "Rat" Ratita shows that the curvy, horny little goblin can hit a lot harder than she looks.
When someone takes the job as night watchman at an animatronic pizza place, he finds that the strangely well-made robots get bored at night. They're more interested in some adult company for a change.
A goblin monk, warlock, fighter and paladin join forces as slutty adventurers taking on another sexy quest.
In a dystopian future, society segregates and specially breeds humans into their social roles. A pair of thinking caste (aka super nerds) are selected to be put through the mandatory and regulated mating process.
A bunch of female toys get into a fight over who gets to be their kid's favorite, trying to sabotage each other to rig their chances.
A guy finally orders his perfect waifu catgirl, only to find that she's much more casual about all this than he expected.
A woman's love for Christmas gets her selected as the Silent Knight, a magical girl as the physical manifestation of Christmas. All she has to do is maintain her sex drive to keep everyone who wants her power at bay.
Sexy gamer girl adventures starring the awesome OCs of Nuclear Wasabi and some other awesome characters (with their permission of course). Sexy ladies involved in the fighting game community get into raunchy bets, embarrassing situations or just having some fun with their fellow gamers.
A merger between the video game wrestling leagues leads to various rough and sexy matchups of mismatched fighters.
A chubby, Asian ganguro girl in America makes her own fun as she sexes up customers and anyone else who comes her way.
A mysterious fog rolls in and Haruka finds herself in a fight for her life against a duplicate of herself.
Years after they met, Vanellope decides to show Wreck-It Ralph how much she's grown up since leaving Sugar Rush.

FAIR WARNING! It has some pee/watersports, and Vanellope is 18+ at this point. She just doesn't change because videogame's don't age
Bayonetta and Palutena get into a feud over who is sexier. Luckily, Pit arrives to act as their judge/target.
Two lady wrestlers enter a boxing match, just to discover one of them has a fetish for boxing gloves.
A goblin college student convinces her teacher's aid to engage in her interspecies fantasies... by drawing him into a study session and logical debate.

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