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Big Beaver Lake has a big bully, and he has a big cock
A group of teens break into a popstar's house just to fuck with her shit. 
Black city-boy gets seduced by a surprisingly naughty Amish girl. 
A young stud moves to town and quickly asserts his dominance over a sexy family (Warning: contains bisexual males)
The origin story of Excellia, the Minotaur 
A rogue is hired by one princess to deflower another
Galvyn the Sparrow, rogue for hire, take a job from a buxom sorceress to nab a big magical ball for her. 
Master Sergeant Natalie Jenner of the United Nations Anti-Biological Unit (UNABU) gets stuck on a mission with her annoying ex-girlfriend, and three synthetic organisms called 'prins' which take the form of two horses and a dog. Sci-fi action and fuckery ensues. 
Two sorority houses wage a prank war with increasingly humiliating and erotic results
Mark the Barbarian is captured by a vengeful witch, who makes him her personal fuck-toy. Too bad for Mark, she likes to break her toys. 
The goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite compete to find out who of them is most sexually dominant. Eris, Goddess of Discord, agrees to help. 
River Rollins in a cute, timid boy surrounded by cute girls and lovely women . . . all of whom are getting their brains fucked out by other men. 
The adventures of Sarah Grimlock, futanari backery and farmer
Mark meets Excellia the Minotaur (I thought I had already uploaded this) 
Natalie Jenner must team up with an intolerable rookie to save a young stud from a very certain, very sexual doom. 
Natalie Jenner and her squad take on the Puppetmaster
Busty, black, beautiful police woman tries to bring down a kingpin. 
Busty, black, beautiful police woman tries to bring down a kingpin. 
A group of mismatched, sexy adventurous team up to recover a dangerous artifact. (Commissioned story)
An elite military unit battle an army of rapist clones, and faces treason from within. (Commissioned story)
Sexy stories of a salacious sorceress 
A greedy barbarian meets a tricky monster-girl
A clever barbarian tricks a stupid princess into sucking his cock. 
Welcome to the fucked up future of Climax City
Fairy tale characters fuck and fight each other.

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