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Chapter 59 - Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer) - Facial/Anal/Ass to Mouth

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Chapter 59 - Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer) - Facial/Anal/Ass to Mouth

Chapter 59 - Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer) - Facial/Anal/Ass to Mouth
Prompt : Jessica Nigri. Just JESSICA NIGRI. We need more fics of her being fucked around by her fans in her costume

So far the con had been going great. Jessica Nigri had had a chance to catch up with friends made in previous years, snagged some neat merch from the dealer’s room, and of course rocked her sexy bod in a couple of her different costumes. For day two she had opted to wear her Savage Lands Rogue outfit. It was little more than a few scraps of yellow and green cloth making up a worn and torn tanktop and the barest tatters of flaps to preserve her nether regions modesty. Topped with a red wig with a white patch in the front she was near the spitting image of the X-Men character and so achingly sexy that nearly every guy (and some of the girls too) who looked at her did a double take.

She was talking with one of her friends when suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning to look at who it was she saw a fairly standard con sight. The overweight nerd in a black anime shirt. She was about to excuse herself from whatever he might have to say when he uttered the magic words. Leaning in close enough that only the two of them could hear it he muttered the following.

“Cosplay is consent.” Her expression changed immediately. A grin broke across her lips.

“It certainly is.” She nodded. With that she excused herself from her previous conversation as the husky guy drug her by the wrist. They crossed the hall and he pushed her on through the door straight into one of the convention center’s men’s rooms. She didn’t actually recognize the nerdy guy specifically but she’d not really been able to keep track of all the guys she’d fucked in her con gangbang premier porn shoot (see previous story here: // So that didn’t surprise her. He’d barely gotten her through the door when he began to paw her body hungrily. His hands were all over her, caressing her smooth stomach, cradling her curvy hips, and fondling her oh so delicious tits. His hands dipped under the fabric of her tanktops and lifted it enough so that he could get at those amazing nipples of hers. As soon as they popped out he dove on one, wrapping his lips around it while he teased the other with his hand. His large body pressed her into the wall next to the urinals as he ground up against her.

Jessica gasped as she felt him turn his attention to her huge knockers. She could feel his erection already growing in his pants and her hands dipped down to loosen his belt as he went at her. As she freed his cock from his boxers she began to stroke it eagerly, urging it on to full erection. His lips trailed up her neck, tasting her flesh as he moved up to plant a sloppy wet kiss upon her lips. His tongue invaded her mouth as he moaned into their kiss in response to the stroking of his eager dick. Jessica met his tongue with hers, only breaking off the kiss when he pulled back for air.

“Tell me what to do! Make me do it!” Jessica gasped out as she jerked his cock faster and faster.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock!” He put his hands on her shoulders and forced her to the ground. Jessica knelt there looking up at him as she began to lick the tip of his dick with rapid repeated strokes. She worked her way form tip to base and then delved beneath to explore his hairy sweaty balls. The taste of his musk as she lapped and sucked on those large round orbs got her so wet she could hardly stand it. Working her way back down she dove on his cock with abandon, sucking and slurping noisily as she bobbed her head up and down. He put a hand in her straw blonde hair and fucked her face hard and fast. Instinctively she put her hands behind her back, holding her wrists as she was guided up and down his pole till it was forced down he throat and she was coughing up spit that wound up rolling down her chin. She loved how aggressively he drilled her gullet, the sensation of his balls slapping up against her chin really got her going. Her lips formed a vacuum seal around his cock as he pounded away at her face until he couldn’t take it any longer.

Pulling back at the last second he unleashed a tsunami of jizz all over her gorgeous face. Super thick cum strands blasted out to spray her, leaving a mess all over. Her thick black mascara immediately began to run as the goo dripped down across her face. She couldn’t help herself and licked her lips, getting a taste of the potent seed he was spilling out onto her flesh. He grabbed his cock in his hand and made sure to dash every last jet of it right onto her upturned face. The last drops she darted in to lick up, her tongue teasing the tip of his cock as she gobbled them down like the cum hungry whore she was.

At that point Jessica stood up, her face utterly devastated with his heavy load. She’d be forgiven for assuming that was the end of it since he’d have to have drained his balls to coat her that well. She was mistaken however as he gave her another order.

“Into that stall, hands up against the wall and bend over. I’m going to fuck that ass!” Jessica nodded, scampering over into the stall he’d indicated. There she put both hands up against the wall and spread her legs wide. He flipped the scrap of fabric covering her glorious ass and revealed the tightly clenched pucker hiding beneath. He spread her cheeks to get a better look and teased it with a finger. This was met with a whorish moan from Jessica. He grinned and put his still erect prick up against her backdoor. He pushed in slowly yet firmly until he felt the tip of his dick begin to sink inside her. Jessica shifted her weight from foot to foot as she grew accustomed to the sensation. Once her asshole pulled tight again as the entire tip disappeared inside her he gave a good hard thrust of the hips and drove several inches deep up her shitter.

“Ohhhhh! Fuck!” Jessica cried out in shock at the sudden entrance.

“Holy shit that’s tight! I’m going to give you the whole thing!” He began to thrust in and out, driving more of his pecker up her tailpipe. Jessica’s amazing rack bounced and jiggled wildly beneath her as he claimed her butthole for himself. He reached down to grope her tits, squeezing and fondling them as he drilled her ass as hard as he’d fucked her face.

“You like that! You like that up your ass! Don’t you! Don’t you!” He pounded her so fast his hairy nuts were rocking back and force slapping up against her smooth plump cunt as he cored out her backdoor.

“Fuck yes! Pound that slutty fucking asshole! Give it to me! Give it all to me!” Jessica’s words were surrounded by her moans and shrieks of pleasure as he reamed her ass. Not to mention the loud slapping sound of flesh and the wet splorching sound of his cock ravaging her tight little hole.

“I’m gonna cum right up your fucking asshole!” He grunted as his cock exploded with an eruption of cum even more powerful than the last. Thick goopy seed blasted out into her bowels, painting her insides white with his sticky jizm. Jessica came to the sensation of having all that hot ball chowder unleashed inside her, her juices spraying out onto the toilet below her as she let out a string of oh gods at hyper speed. She felt her knees grow weak as his cum began to spill out around his thick cock and dribble down across her ass and the back of her thighs. She slumped down to the floor, his cock pulling out of her ass as she took a seat on the dirty bathroom floor. He shoved his cock up against her lips and she thought nothing of it, immediately diving on the cum coated member and sucking it clean again. Only once she’d finished up with that task did he lend a hand and help her to her feet.

They stood in the men’s room, before the mirror where Jessica could see her cum soaked face. She thought for a moment about using the sink and some paper towels to clean up when he gave her one last command for day.

“Don’t even think about touching that. You’re going to wear my gift for the rest of the day. You’re not allowed to clean up until you go back to your room for the evening.” He grinned and held open the door for her.

Jessica nodded. She had a panel to conduct in an hour. That was certainly going to be interesting.


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