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Chapter 39 - Huniepop: Audrey x Reader

An archive of all the prompts I've written for Tumblr (). 

Chapter 39 - Huniepop: Audrey x Reader

Chapter 39 - Huniepop: Audrey x Reader
Prompt, Reader x Audrey: It's been a few weeks since you and Audrey began your relationship. The two of you have been fucking like wild animals day after day, and it's gotten a little exhausting. So after some hesitating, Audrey suggests something a little slow and more intimate as a change of pace (with the threat of breaking your dick off if you tell anyone it was her idea). While enjoyable and very fulfilling, it isn't too long before both of your libidos kick into overdrive once more.

You wince as Audrey’s hand wraps around the base of your dick, quickly relaxing as you realize the surprisingly soft grip, her face mere inches from yours. Being in compromising positions like this was a rare thing - you often wound up dominating Audrey after a matter of minutes whenever you two were in bed after all - but even more surprising was the kiss she planted on your lips, sensually pressing her tongue against your mouth.

“Remember what I told you. If you tell anyone about this, then your dick’s gonna…” And there came the rough treatment of the dick you were used to, the sudden pressure on your cock only reminding you of Audrey’s threat: if the two of you were going to do something like this, then you couldn’t tell a soul, lest Audrey make you unable to fuck anyone ever again. Thankfully you were relieved by her grip loosening, her already wet cunt pressing up against the tip of your dick.

“As long as that’s clear, then… ugh… I-I love you~!” Audrey proclaimed loudly into your mouth, saying the words that were often reserved for the point in sex where she was thoroughly delirious. In tandem, as an obvious attempt to avoid you dwelling on her words, she promptly dropped her hips, sinking onto your throbbing dick.

Although Audrey was a virgin when you two had initially had sex, your relationship that could only be considered one in the loosest sense of the word had evolved into near-daily frantic poundings (normally at her bored request whenever she was sufficiently in private). Her insides had quickly memorized your dick, wrapping around it and clinging with every thrust, blatantly bordering orgasm after a few seconds of bouncing on top of you.

You finally returned the uncharacteristically needy kiss, your tongue teasing Audrey’s before entering her mouth, your hands sliding down her body to lightly squeeze her ass. She moaned out into your mouth, drooling lightly as she rhythmically bounced her hips, shaking them occasionally on your dick.

This change of pace, while unfamiliar to you and your dick, was even better than you were initially anticipating, so it was no surprise that after a few minutes of this, you felt your orgasm overpower your body. Grip tightening on Audrey’s ass, you pinned her down to the base, your dick beginning to pump thick, gooey strings of cum into her awaiting depths. The sensation of your climax brought Audrey to her own, her body collapsing on top of you as she dumbly drooled into your mouth.

“God, you can’t even manage to satisfy me before you cum?” Audrey scoffed as she recovered from her orgasm, obviously trying to ignore the fact that she was just clinging to your cock desperately as she climaxed. And her irritated tone of voice made it more than obvious that she had forgotten all about your agreement, back to her usual bitchy self.

It wasn’t like that was a problem for you, though, your hands shifting up from her ass so you could hold onto her waist, flipping her over so she was pressed against the bed, your cum-covered cock still forced into her cunt. You could tell she was about to comment on the sudden change, but you decided to shut her up before she could reach that point, grabbing onto her wrists as you began to pump inside of her, with the blatant obvious of making her incoherent.

Audrey’s head lolled backwards slightly as she was taken off-guard, her light figure bouncing as you began to pound her, your dick striking her depths, especially since you hadn’t lost any of your hardness with your first climax. While most girls would’ve been asking you to slow down already at this point, Audrey only fought back, her legs wrapping around you to encourage you to pound her harder, faster.

“Come on, don’t tell me your dick got soft from that? I know your cock can’t handle me, but hurry up and go faster!” She barked out the orders to you, as blunt as always. You obviously weren’t just going to let her have control like that, beginning to speed up the tempo of your thrusts, hips smacking together. As much as she attempted to keep up her attitude, you weren’t hesitating anywhere near enough to allow her to speak, her voice being cut off by sloppy moans, gasping for air as you fucked her roughly into an orgasm.

Her body shook, convulsing around your dick as she squirted, riding out her messy climax. A puddle of cum had already began forming on the bed, below Audrey’s ass, but it was only becoming more noticeable as her juices ran down her pale rear, messily smearing onto the sheets. You weren’t about to cum and give her the satisfaction of knowing her orgasm was what drove you to climax, pounding as hard as you could, blatantly overwhelming the girl beneath you.

Her moans became far more incoherent, sputtering out as she tried her hardest to beg for you to slow down, even though both of you know there was no chance that would happen. You lost track of time with your thrusting, but it couldn’t have been too long until you felt her squeeze down yet again, indicating her third orgasm for the night as you hit climax in retaliation, slamming balls deep inside of her, your dick beginning to pump even more cum inside of her already filled insides, her arms wrapping around your back as she moaned out, clinging to you as you gave a few thrusts even as you came.

Several hours later the two of you passed out, Audrey’s cum-stained tits cutely grinding up against your chest.


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