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Chapter 0 - Story

Amy Pond always wanted to be snuffed, so when she reports as a Sexy Green-Skinned Alien Snuff-O-Gram to Heather's dorm room for her girlfriend Bill's birthday, she gets exactly what she asked for.

Tags: Amy Pond, Bill Potts, Heather, F/F, Oral, F/F/F, Fingering, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, Roleplay, Dissection, "Xenophilia", Cannibalism, Prostitution, Snuff

Chapter 0 - Story

Chapter 0 - Story
Amy Pond: Alien Slave Girl Snuff-O-Gram
Tags: Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Bill Potts, Heather, F/F, Oral, F/F/F, Fingering, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, Roleplay, Dissection, Costume, Cannibalism, Prostitution, Snuff

Amy Pond always wanted to be snuffed, so when she reports as a Sexy Green-Skinned Alien Snuff-O-Gram to Heather's dorm room for her girlfriend Bill's birthday, she gets exactly what she asked for.


Amy Pond approached what was definitely a college dorm somewhat nervously. She was drawing heads in a way she never had before in her life and underneath the imitation Princess Leia slave Bikini she was wearing, she was absolutely soaking wet from that fact.

Today was her first time being ordered from her company's “special service” catalogue. If all went well, it would also be her last.

Amy shivered as a stiff breeze blew up the amalgam of cloth and metal she was wearing that passed for clothing, brushing past her exposed and inflamed nethers, as well as in between the mostly metal and enamel bra and her puffy currently darker green nipples.

That was the hardest part of this order of course. Not what was waiting in store for her, she hadn't done that yet but she was definitely looking forward to that part. No, the hardest part was soaking for all of last night in a tub full of green food coloring. It probably wouldn't be good for her long term health, but she wasn't exactly worried about that anymore. More importantly, it would be fine in the short term, even edible! And it would stay on until the end of her work today, at the very least.

Now the only part of her not dyed some shade of green was her lustrous red hair, so it made sense that she was drawing gazes, both male and female, as she walked across the university campus as a green-skinned redhead in a metal slave bikini. She was certainly eye catching.

It took Amy almost 10 minutes to find the dorm she was looking for, the dorm whose resident had payed the frankly sort of exorbitant price to order her from the “special service” catalogue her Kiss-O-Gram agency put out. She had to check her instructions again just to make sure she had the right place.
Looking up from the page she'd been given she checked the number on the door. It matched. This was the right place.

Amy knocked on the door.

When the door opened under a minute later, Amy was staring face-to face with a gorgeous college co-ed. Well, maybe face to face wasn't the right term, since Amy was more than half a foot taller than the younger blonde.

“You're Amy, right?” The blonde asked, looking up at her, and Amy couldn't help but notice a star shaped defect in the shorter girl's left iris.

“Yeah,” Amy nodded, drinking in the sight of the girl who would be desecrating her body shortly. “And you're Heather?”

The blonde nodded. She was dressed in a burgundy blouse and black pleated skirt cut to about mid thigh. The colors were probably her way of dealing with the fun they had planned for Amy tonight, though Amy had no idea how well that clothing plan would work out for the blonde. “Yeah, Bill's my girlfriend. She doesn't know I ordered you, so let me explain why you're here, okay?”

Amy nodded, her heart fluttering fast enough in her chest that she wasn't certain she'd be able to tell Bill what was happening anyway.

“You know the rules, right?” Amy asked, because her boss had been very clear about the rules, and how she might not be in any state to explain them after the girl who bought her was done with her.

“Yeah, I think so,” Heather admitted. “You're a Snuff-O-Gram. So we can do anything we want to you tonight, as long as we don't keep you for more than 24 hours, right?”

Amy nodded, swallowing. “Yeah, that's right. You can, you can even take trophies if you want, or snuff me, or eat me,” Amy added glancing at her food-colouring dyed skin, “if you want; but if you leave me alive at the end of the night, you can't keep me around. Playing a bird dressed up as an alien slave girl is all well and good, but real slavery is illegal in Great Britain.”

Heather smiled. “That sounds just fine. I actually didn't realize we could take trophies, I might have to rework some of my plans..." Heather mused. "But don't worry. As I explained in the order, there's absolutely no possibility of you leaving my dorm alive. You're Bill's birthday present and I'm  very  hard on her toys,” Heather added with a sort of lackadaisical grin.

"Well," Amy half-grinned and half-swallowed as she drank in Heather's lustful and somehow menacing gaze; feeling her own nethers dripping at the thought of her impeding doom, "that's what you paid for, right?" she asked, trying to inject an undercurrent of smoke and sex to her voice and mostly ending up with an almost adorable squeak that just made Heather's smile wider.

"That's right," Heather agreed, "and you certainly cost a pretty penny didn't you?" Heather asked, thinking back to Amy Pond's full page nude spread in the catalogue she'd bought her out of. "I just hope Bill enjoys breaking you as much as I'm going to," she added with a small slight grin before stepping aside and beckoning Amy in.

The dorm room was larger than Amy's own during her short stint in college, though still not large by any means. It was beautiful too, with a large double bed just beneath the window at the end of the room, a desk with a book case? book shelf? hanging over it from the ceiling made of a nice dark brown wood. just inside the door to her left was a sink with lovely marble countertops, that sort of jutted out past the sink to become a small eating nook, with a pair of stainless steel stools beneath it to seat Heather and her girlfriend. To her right, there was a bathroom, it looked, clean, if cramped, with all the attendant parts that a bathroom needed, a toilet, a tub, a sink, a medicine cabinet. Nothing particularly shocking really. The dorm was well apportioned, and there was a small throw rug in the center of enough floor space to fit 4 or 5 people comfortably is they sat with their legs crossed. Of course, the room was not empty when Amy entered. A beautiful girl about Heather's age, wearing a pair of jeans and a multicolored vertical striped tank top, was sitting in the computer chair next to the desk, her light caramel coloured hands held behind her back, a sleeping mask over her eyes as a blindfold, and a pair of noise-canceling earphones to keep her from hearing Heather greet Amy outside.

"That must be Bill," Amy observed, her eyes drinking in the other girl who would be snuffing her tonight. The light brown-skinned girl was lovely, with a long but open and innocent face, and a happy expression on her lips. Her hair was in a poofy Afro and she was occasionally twirling her hands behind her and and in front of her as if dancing to the beat.

"That's right," Heather agreed. "And you're her birthday present," Heather added before looking of to the side at Amy with that intriguing star shaped iris. "Nervous?" She asked, curiously.

"Of course," Amy admitted. "I've never done anything like... this, before. My heart is beating like a hummingbird! I don't want to let you, either of you, down."

That wasn't a lie either. Amy wanted to go through with this, that was why she signed up for special services after all. Sure it paid a lot, but what good was money if you couldn't spend it? No, Amy was doing this because the thought of what was about to happen to her was turning her on like nothing else in the world. But, Amy did hope it would be memorable. She wanted to be done in in a way which these two women would remember fondly for the rest of their lives, and if that fondness ended up tinged with enough lust to turn it into fondles? So much the better.

“You won't,” Heather reassured her with a serious look on her face. “You're everything I hoped for when I saw your spread in the catalogue, Bill will love what I have planned for you.”
Amy thought about that spread, she'd never been so excited in her life back then, she'd practically fucked the pole they'd set up for her to dance on as they took photos. She'd seen some of the pictures afterward, but she didn't know which one ended up in the catalogue. Idly, Amy wondered which it was.

“Heather? Is that you?” Bill spoke up, looking in entirely the wrong direction to be addressing them. “Are you done setting up my surprise yet? I wanna take off this mask at some point, okay?”

Heather grinned at Amy. “Okay, go sit over there, on the bed right next to her. And remember, be quiet! I want to surprise her with you, okay?”

Amy grinned back, her heart beating wildly in a mixture of her own nerves and Heather's infectious wry enthusiasm. Amy nodded and headed to the bed taking a seat at the foot, less than an arm's length away from Bill as the diminutive blonde spun her slightly taller girlfriend's chair around to face her, and away from Amy. Amy could feel her arousal soaking through her costume and onto the blanket below, but she didn't say a word. This was Heather and Bill's time now.

Amy watched raptly, unable to see Bill's face as Heather removed the brown girl's headphones. She could hear the faint strains of a catchy song from the 80s issuing from the earmuff-like devices as Heather placed them, gently, on the desk.

“Alright Bill, your surprise is ready, are you?” Heather asked, a lazy half-smile gracing her face.

“Definitely!” Bill answered almost before Heather finished asking the question. “Can I remove the mask?”

“Not,” Heather cautioned straddling Bill's lap on the tiny desk chair, “juuust yet,” she answered, drawing out the second word. “There are a few things I need to tell you first to... to frame it properly,” Heather explained, searching for the right words.

Amy squirmed, gently caressing her own folds with her fingers as she waited for Heather to explain the night's planned debaucheries at Amy's expense to her girlfriends. Amy hoped Bill took it well.

“Well, now I'm really curious!” Bill replied. “Just what exactly did you get me for my birthday, anyway?”

"You remember that conversation we had a week or two ago? After we got chips at that hole in the wall stand and then ate them on that hill while we watched the stars?" Heather asked.

"Yeah, that was brilliant, wannit? What about that?" Bill asked, still blindfolded.

"Remember what we talked about?" Heather asked, leading her lover to the conclusion she was hoping for.

"About fetishes, right? You asked me what my fetishes were, that's why the bondage right here, right?" Bill asked, cocking her head to the side. "Did you get me some sort of bondage outfit?"

Heather looked Amy's way, assessingly. "Well, I can if you want one, but that's not quite what I was driving at. Do you remember asking me about my fetishes?"

"Oh!" Bill realized. "This is about your snuff thing, isn't it? I told you I'd be open to it if you got the right hook, love. Might be fun to try it together, right?"

Amy withdrew her finger from beneath her costume. From the sound of it, she was going to be introduced very very soon.

Heather grinned, and though the grin wasn't cruel, it was certainly wicked. "I know," Heather agreed, "and that's why..." she slowly pulled off Bill's blindfold, "I want you to meet..." Heather sidled off of Bill's lap and turned her around, "Amy!"

"Oh my gosh! She's green! Is she an alien? No wait, that's daft. Alien's aren't real. How's she green then? Did you paint her?" Bill ran a finger up Amy's thigh to check for any paint. It came back dry. "Not paint then, what is this?"

Amy glanced at Heather, but the diminutive blonde shook her head.

"Amy, is an Orion Slave Girl from that Sci Fi show you love so much. I bought her at an auction, and we can do anything we want to her."

That wasn't strictly true, Amy thought to herself, but as long as Amy didn't end up surviving the night that slight untruth about her purchase probably wouldn't matter.

"Anything we want?" Bill asked, clearly excited by the prospect.

"Anything." Heather agreed.

"Even snuff her?" Bill asked, sending a tremor down Amy's thighs

"Anything," Heather repeated.

"And she's okay with that?" Bill asked Heather before realizing what she was doing and turning to Amy instead. "And you're okay with that?"

Heather nodded her head when Amy looked up.

"I am," Amy admitted. "I'm actually looking forward to it," the redhead added, shifting aside the red loin cloth of her costume just enough so that Bill could see the absolutely soaked green visage of her treasure that lay beneath.

"Wow! And she's green everywhere!" Bill exclaimed in shock. "This is amazing!" Bill remarked. "You're amazing!" She added, looking Amy directly in the eye as he said it.

A silence filled the room as she stopped talking, but Bill was completely undeterred by it as she spoke up. " do we do this, her, you?" She asked, addressing Amy directly on the last line.

"Well," Heather began, stroking Bill's shoulders as the darker skinned girl watched Amy cross and uncross her legs, "since we have a real live Orion Slave girl, I thought we could start with a little... inspection to tire her out, followed by a dissection to do her in," Heather grinned lazily, sending a shiver down Amy's spine. Amy knew she wasn't going to survive the night, but hearing it stated so plainly, and with so much enthusiasm... that was something else.

She bent over to reach beneath the desk and grabbed a clear plastic baggie. "I raided the bio lab yesterday, so I have everything we need to examine the specimen."

Amy stared in a mix of excitement and fascinated horror at the contents of the bag, she could see several pairs of forceps, some wickedly sharp looking scissors, a pair of scalpels with a few replacement blades in sterile packaging, a medicine dropper, a plastic ruler, six T-shaped pins, and two pointy needles of metal on plastic handles, one bent and one straight. From the dissections Amy remembered having to perform in Secondary school, that bag contained absolutely everything the pair of girls who had bought her would need to rip her apart and study her.

"Then what?" Bill asked, literally on the edge of her seat. She wasn't the only one, from her angle on the bed Amy could see that Heather had even more hidden beneath her desk, a large almost two liter bottle of Stolichnaya vodka, raspberry flavoured. Amy wondered if it was for her to drink, or to be used on her. She could just imagine how painful it would be if they poured it on her to 'sterilize her' while they carved her apart.

"Then," Heather replied to Bill's query, "if our guest is still with us, she can join us for dinner. I've planned a meal of freshly harvested slave girl filet with a side order of whatever else looks good when we dissect her, and seasoned with whatever I can nick from the cabinet in the dorm kitchen down the hall."

Amy's cunt clenched when she heard Heather's plans for her pussy. Her instructions had mentioned that whatever she used to dye her skin had to be safe to eat, but Amy had assumed those instructions meant that Heather and her girlfriend planned to eat her out, not actually use her... what had Heather called it? Her filet? As a romantic dinner for two.

"You want to eat her?" Bill asked, her eyes wide staring at the area between Amy's legs where she'd gotten a flash of the Snuff-O-Gram's now green cunt. It was covered by her loin cloth once more, but now that Bill knew her girlfriend's plans for the area she wanted to see it again, for herself. "Is that safe? How are you even going to cook her? You're not planning to cook that in the kitchen, are you?"

"Of course not," Heather reassured her girlfriend, and sending mixed feelings through her purchase. "That's why I got this hot plate," she added pointing to a hotplate sitting on the eating nook, "and that pan," she added pointing to the pan above it.

"You really have thought this out, haven't you?" Bill asked. "Amy isn't a real Orion slave girl, is she?"

Heather produced a pair of scalpels from the clear baggie with a quick flourish. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there, Bill?" She asked.

Bill swallowed deeply. "And she's okay with it?" The brown girl asked.

That was a loaded question, wasn't it? The truth was, Amy wasn't 100% sure. The thought of being snuffed was so indescribably erotic, even now that Amy's fate was pretty much an inevitability; but, the reality of it... seeing the tools that Heather had produced, looking at the hungry expressions on Heather and Bill's faces... it was sending chills of fear down her spine! Still, Heather had bought her for a purpose: to make this Bill's best birthday ever! And Amy had never left a customer dissatisfied as a Kiss-O-Gram, and she wasn't about to start now on her last night on Earth.

Amy looked to Heather to see if she should answer. At Heather's nod, Amy reached below her loin cloth once more and dipped both fingers into her absolutely sopping wet cunt before drawing them back out again, slick and shiny. "I want you to use me," Amy admitted, wiping the shiny evidence of her arousal around her throat like a necklace. "I want you to break me, and... fuck... god help me, I actually want you to eat me too!" Amy paused, gasping. "It's your birthday, Bill. I'm your toy to play with however you want," Amy admitted as sexily as she could manage. "Even if you want to break me. I'm yours Bill, Heather bought me for you. If you want to snuff me... if you want to eat me... I'm fair game." Amy admitted, sending shivers up and down Bill's spine.

Amy was pressing all of Bill's buttons, the almost caramel colored girl had a fetish for the strange, the bizarre, the extreme. She thirsted for new experiences, lusted for them really, and pretty young white girls, well, formerly white girls, were definitely her type, even if it looked like Amy was taller than her by a few inches. Seeing her here, offering herself up on a silver platter for Bill to explore in ways Bill never thought possible... that was the sexiest thing Bill had ever seen. Having her do it while dressed as a combination of both of Bill's earliest childhood Sci Fi jilling off fantasies? Heather was the best girlfriend ever to do this for her.

"Alright," Bill said, firming her resolve. "Let's do this."

Amy and Heather both grinned. Amy's nervous, Heather's hungry.

"Alright Amy, I want you to give Bill your sexiest dance. I want her jilling in her jeans, and then I want you to remove those jeans."

"What!?" Bill squawked at that last part, but Amy was already in action. Rising from the bed in one smooth motion, Amy stepped to the open area of floor before her and began to writhe to an unheard melody like a belly dancer, her flat tummy undulating and turning as her golden bikini offered tantalizing flashes of her green pussy with every twist and turn.

Bill was quickly enthralled, as Amy danced for her. The redheaded green girl was incredible. Lithe, tall (at least compared to Heather), clearly a skilled dancer, and not just resigned to Bill and Heather killing her later, but actually getting off on it! She was like some sort of alien snuff slut from Mars, and Bill was actually looking forward to ending her like she so clearly wanted her to.

Amy danced into Bill until she was practically sitting on the other girl's lap, straddling her with her legs on either side of the chair, grinding her barely covered butt into Bill's jeans, her own, barely covered crotch less than a handsbreadth from Bill's own.

Amy could see Bill's arousal rising as she bucked and gyrated in the brown girl's lap, but no matter how close she got, Bill wasn't touching her.

Honestly? It was kind of cute. But Amy hadn't signed up as a Snuff-O-Gram for cute.

Amy leaned in and suckled a bit of Bill's earlobe, her hot breath cascading over the sensitive channels of Bill's ear. She could feel Bill buck in surprise beneath her, but the frizzy haired girl wasn't drawing away from the intimate act.

"You know, this isn't a lap dance at a strip club," Amy whispered, her lips releasing Bill's ear. "You can touch me... if you want to."

Bill's eyes widened. "I can?" She asked, shocked.

"You can," Amy nodded. "You can touch me anywhere you want to." Amy leaned back. "My breasts," she explained giving her shoulders a small wiggle to emphasize the area. "My hips," she offered, grinding them into Bill's lap as she rode her, her hands on Bill's shoulders to steady herself. "Or even," she paused, her eyes flicking down to the junction between her thighs, "lower..."

Bill glanced at Heather to make sure it was okay. Her girlfriend responded with a reassuring half smile and an encouraging nod; the equivalent of saying "knock yourself out" for her petite blonde beau. With Heather's easy approval, Bill acted on Amy's suggestion, pushing her red loincloth aside to reveal the Snuff-O-Gram's shaved bare green pubic mound.

"Like what you see?" Amy asked sultrily as she ground her viridian lower lips into the crotch of Bill's jeans, leaving the fabric moist with her arousal.

"Are you green everywhere?" Bill wondered.

"Wouldn't it be more fun to find out yourself?" Amy proposed, reaching down to spread her lower lips for Bill's newly questing fingers to enter.

Amy gasped as the pads of Bill's digits hit her inner walls. "Yes!" She cried out, her inner passage yielding easily to Bill's intrusion. "Just like that!"

"Are you enjoying yourself? Playing with your food like this?" ” Amy asked as she gyrated on Bill's lap amid the black girl's inquisitive ministrations; squeezing her cunt tight around Bill's fingers when she reached the word food. Because Amy certainly was. Heather's plans for her had been wriggling into her brain ever since she first heard them, and the thought of this gorgeous pair of lesbian co-eds splitting her pussy as a romantic birthday meal was just... ungh! Exquisite!

Bill had never had a lot of experience with women. Heather was her first serious girlfriend, actually. She'd never really gotten a lap dance before, much less one from an Orion slave girl, and she'd certainly never gotten to finger the dancer during it! She was having the time of her life as Heather watched her in obvious approval, and her only problem was wondering just how Amy had ended up so completely green! Even the inside of her gorgeous pussy was stained green! How did she do it?

Amy was nearing release and she planned to go for it. After all, she might as well get the most joy she could out of her cunt before Bill and Heather took it from her.

Amy bucked and gyrated as she bounced on Bill's fingers, nearing ever closer to the inevitable finish line.

Bill had never seen anything like this! Finger-fucking a green-skinned girl (her skin couldn't actually be green could it? But there wasn't a trace of pink to be found...) who her girlfriend had bought to snuff for her birthday!? This whole experience was so far out of her realm of reference that basically the only thing Bill could really do was go with the flow.

Amy ground against Bill's lap as the light skinned brown girl pumped her almost caramel colored fingers in and out of Amy's tender green snatch. It sort of amazed the redhead that the food coloring wasn't running given how absolutely soaked she was, but that thought quickly faded as the orgasm her body had promised her crashed in on her like a tidal wave.

"YES!!!" Amy shouted, loud enough to be heard at least three rooms away through the thin university dorm walls. Her hips bucked wildly, clamping down so hard on Bill's fingers that the birthday girl almost thought the redhead might break them! Her golden bikini bounced hard against her newly green tits, tapping them hard with each new bounce. Amy threw her head back, giving a full-bodied purr, a lustful mix of moan and groan and growl in an almost indescribable noise that up till then Bill had been certain could never come from a human throat. Bill still wasn't certain it had.

Her arousal spent, for now at least, Amy collapsed bonelessly backwards onto Heather's bed. Her gorgeous straight red locks splayed around her head like a shimmering auburn halo. Her chest heaved, panting with exertion, sending the golden trim of her costume's bikini top pumping up and down almost hypnotically. Her legs were splayed, but her loin cloth had fallen back into place as she fell, so despite Amy's position, her modesty, what little there was, was preserved.

"So, Bill?" Heather asked, her hands on her girlfriend's shoulders. "How do you like your birthday present?"

"Well, it seems great so far, but I haven't really unwrapped it yet, have I?" Bill grinned enthusiastically.

"Would you like to? Or do you want to see it unwrap itself?" Heather asked mischievously.

"Now that's a great question, innit?" Bill agreed. "But, honestly? As much fun as it might be to see my present unwrap itself, unwrapping your presents is half the fun of getting them," Bill grinned as she got up from her chair, the crotch of her jeans noticeably soaked with a combination of her own and Amy's Juices.

Amy quivered on Heather's bed as Bill approached her with an eager gleam in her eyes. Heather herself was watching from off to the side, at an easy angle to see everything, but seemingly determined not to interfere despite the longing in her own mismatched eyes. Amy wondered how long that determination would last, especially given that Heather had produced two scalpels from her baggie earlier instead of one.

Carefully, Bill reached for the simple clasps the golden bikini bottom resting on Amy's green-coloured hips. The costume looked expensive, and it was. Having nothing else worth spending her money on given her impending fate, Amy had splurged on the last outfit she would ever wear. The bikini wasn't completely gold, that would be too soft to wear and too expensive for even her to manage with all her remaining wealth, but in the week since Heather had placed her order for her, Amy had used the combination of her payment, her savings, and the money she'd been saving for rent to purchase a move accurate 24 karat gold-plated slave girl Leia costume. She hoped Bill and Heather enjoyed it once they were finished with her.

The clasps came apart easily in Bill's nimble fingers, leaving the bikini bottoms in place, but in two separate pieces, front and back.

Climbing up onto the bed, Bill straddled Amy's bare green belly, still wearing her own tight jeans. She stared down at the redhead as she leaned over, placing both hands flat on the bedspread, one on each side of Amy's head at about shoulder length apart to frame her emerald-coloured face.

Bill smiled, and leaned in to steal a kiss from Amy's pouting lips; pushing her excitement into Amy like the hot breaths she left on the redhead's lips.

"You know, we're gonna dissect you right? You strange, green colored girl," Bill asked smiling.

"I know," Amy nodded breathlessly.

"I still can't believe you're okay with that, though," Bill insisted, somewhat incredulous.

"It's sort of a shock to me too," Amy admitted with a blush, her cheeks darkening a bit in response. "My pussy's going to end up on your plate once your done with me," Amy shivered in arousal, "do you have any plans for the rest of me?"

"The rest of you?" Bill asked as she reached behind the redhead's back to undo her golden bra.

"You can keep souvenirs if you want," Amy explained. "I can't exactly stop you."

"But do you want me to?" Bill asked. "And what do you mean by souvenirs anyway? Mounting your head on a plaque like I'm some sort of big game hunter and you're some innocent doe I shot?"

"Yeah, you could have me looking down from the wall at the foot of your bed every night while you shlick it if you want. Or... you could make a pair of thigh high leather boots from my legs. I bet you'd look incredibly sexy in green leather," Amy admitted, imagining the girl straddling her wearing her legs as a pair of boots as she cracked a riding crop against her leather-covered thigh.

"Blimey, you really are getting off on this," Bill realized as she finished unhooking Amy's golden top.

"I really am," Amy agreed.

"Must be a real alien," Amy could hear Bill muttering to herself. "No human girl would happily snuff it like this, would they?"

Amy didn't reply, not wanting to disrupt Bill's fantasy.

Her fingers trembling, Bill removed Amy's gold-plated bra, exposing her modest and equally green coloured breasts beneath. All was still for several seconds as Bill stared down at her prize. Her alien slave girl's breasts were topped with the puffiest pair of nipples that Bill had ever seen and in am instant, Bill was overcome with a need to lick one; to suck on it like a baby with a bottle.

Amy shivered as Bill bent down, her hot breath playing across her bosom. In the blink of an eye, she could feel Bill's lips engulf her left breast, nearly swallowing her puffy green nipple.

Amy's eyes rolled back in her head as Bill began to suck, her light brown fingers questing below the red loincloth attached to the bottom of her costume as Bill searched for the slick treasure at the junction of Amy's thighs.

"Ungh!" Amy moaned as Bill's finger slipped inside her once more, the darker girl's lips and teeth and tongue playing a symphony in pleasure with her puffy green dyed nipple as the lone instrument.

Bill pulled back, staring at the unblemished green tinge of Amy Pond's areole. This wasn't makeup, and it didn't feel like paint, so how was she green, actually, why was she still green after the thorough sucking Bill had given her puffy green nip?

Despite her earlier intent, Bill hadn't actually gotten a clear look inside Amy's cunt. Now, with Amy laying on the bed, her legs spread and her feet hanging as her knees bent over the edge, now might be the best chance she'd have to get a proper look, at least before dinner anyway.

Amy shivered as Bill shimmied down her body, knocking the front of her unhooked bikini bottoms free with her jeans-clad ass. Amy watched, helpless, as it clattered to the floor. It felt as if she were pinned, a feeling that soon became reality as Heather climbed up on the bed to hold her hands in place.

"Don't worry," Heather whispered. "You're doing fine," she grinned a little half smile that never seemed to be cruel, but somehow seemed to relish Amy's planned fate anyway. "I've even thought up a couple of trophies I wouldn't mind taking from you," Heather confessed. "Those puffy nips of yours would look great topping the thumbsticks of the controller Bill gave me for my birthday," she added with a glance over at her desk, where a forest green gaming controller sat next to a keyboard and a mouse.

The shade of the controller wasn't exactly the same shade as she'd dyed her own skin, but it was close. Close enough to fit, and just visible enough to stand out. Amy could just imagine the way that Heather's thumbs would dig into her nipples as they stretched over the thumbsticks like a lewd tea cozy. She could just imagine Heather playing game after game, slowly wearing through her tender nipples with pressure and time until finally they'd need to be replaced. She could almost imagine Heather taking her nipples off the thumbsticks and carelessly tossing them out. Her nipples laying discarded in the trash a year or two hence, worn out and ruined, having served their purpose. Ungh! The thought alone almost had her cumming a second time!

“You're amazing...” Amy heard Bill pronounce as the frizzy-haired girl slid off the bed and between Amy's knees. “God, even your lips are green...” Bill continued, reaching out to spread the slight cameltoe of Amy's cunt.

Amy could feel Bill's fingers as they teased across the slight ridge of her inner lips where they protruded from her puss. She could feel Bill trace the line framing the entrance to her snatch from the bottom, all the way to her clit, hidden as it was beneath its tiny hood. Bill peeled back the hood and Amy could feel her hot breath as she bent in for a closer look.

“You're even green there!?” Bill marveled in amazement. “You aren't really an alien, are you?” she asked.

Amy shook her head with a mischievous grin, glad that all the hours she'd spent soaking in food colouring overnight had borne such fruit. “I can't tell you that,” Amy admitted, not wanting to taint Bill's fantasy one way or another, “but feel free to keep looking. If you can't figure it out from just looking, there's always my dissection too,” Amy paused, “Not to mention a taste test after that.”

“Blimey!” Bill exclaimed. “I could see your pussy clenching when you talked about me dissecting you!”

“That is why I'm here,” Amy agreed. “I hope you're not planning for me to survive the night,” she added, almost purring as she felt Bill begin to tease apart the petals of her sex. 

Amy's cunt was, in Amy's own opinion, her best feature. Two perfectly rounded lower lips, swelling into a soft mound with a small but visible ridge of inner labia between them. It was cute, with just a hint of seduction to it, ans she absolutely loved it. Amy loved to admire it, she loved to play with it. She loved the way her inner lips clung together as they ran the course of her mons before stopping at the hood that hid the bright red pleasure button she regularly enjoyed stroking.

Of course, Amy's pussy had changed now from its usual appearance. Normally Amy had a strip of red fur, almost like a landing strip running straight down her mound to stop at her clit, but given her clients' plans for her... filet, Amy had shaved and waxed almost as soon as she got her orders; it wouldn't do to get hair in the birthday girl's steak, after all. Another large change was its hue, thanks to her extensive preparations the night before, every single millimeter of Amy's snatch was bright, Orion Slave Girl green.

"You're even green inside!" Bill explained as she pulled open Amy's pussy to peer into its depths. "How is that possible?" Bill wondered aloud. "I mean, you're definitely wet enough down here that any paint would wash right out..." Bill trailed off as she tried to figure out what was up with the 'alien' she was about to dissect.

Amy knew exactly how she'd managed it, of course. It hadn't exactly been cheap to fill her bathtub full of green food colouring even after finding a place that sold it by the gallon instead of the liter. It had ended up costing Amy almost 500 pounds, but it wasn't like she was going to be able to use that money after tonight anyway, so Amy didn't mind spending it. She didn't mind spending hours completely submerged in the bath, her eyes closed, breathing through a snorkel as she held her pussy open for the green dye to penetrate her very nook and cranny. She'd spent an incredible amount of time covering her hair in paraffin wax so that it wouldn't be dyed with the rest of her body, and an equal amount of time playing with herself beneath the green tinged water of the bath, all in the service of this moment here, with one of her 'clients' staring up at her snatch from off the edge of the bed and wondering if maybe she wasn't actually an alien after all. Amy certainly felt like it was worth it; not that she regretted those hours spent relaxing in the warm bath water with nothing to do but play with herself as she imagined her inevitable dissection. She hoped that Bill and Heather were enjoying her efforts just as much as she had...

"You're not really an alien, are you?" Bill asked, unable to figure out another explanation for the green hue of Amy's treasure.

"You know, there is one way to find out..." Heather stepped up and spoke softly into Bill's ear.

Amy shivered as she caught the hints that Heather was dropping for her lover.

"There is?" Bill asked.

"Well, I did promise you an alien dissection. That'll tell you one way or another, right?" Heather smiled her same lazy half-smile. "And... our little alien has clearly been looking forward to it..." the star-eyed blonde added, her mismatched eyes flicking to Amy's clearly aroused slit, already tinted a darker green by the increase in bloodflow to the site. Amy's snatch looked almost... hungry. It was drooling with arousal; wet and shiny; the perfect specimen for the night's planned dissection.

“I wonder what she tastes like...” Bill inquired. “You reckon she tastes like broccoli or something?” Bill paused, looking up at her girlfriend, “I mean, I don't mind if she's a plant girl that tastes like broccoli, but, I'd like to know if we're having meat or salad tonight, you know?” Bill asked.

“You'll find out eventually,” Heather laughed. “But... If you're feeling impatient, you can always have a taste test now. Give you something to compare it to after I finish frying it up?”

Amy's cunt clenched at the suggestion, not just of Bill having a quick lick, but at the thought of having her pussy fried up like a common order of fish and chips. She couldn't help but imagine her greatest treasure, glistening with oil, wrapped in newspaper and surrounded by fried chipped potatoes as Heather handed it all to Bill to snack on while they strolled through the campus below. God! The thought of it was... It was incredible!

“Can I really?” Bill asked, not quite sure what to make out of her girlfriend telling her that she could eat another bird out if she wanted to.

“It's fine,” Heather assured her. “She's your present, you can play with her however you want to. It's not like she's making it through the night, right? You're just playing with your food.”

“Right,” Bill nodded in agreement. “It's just like sampling the cookie batter before it's done, isn't it?”

As Heather nodded, her darker-skinned lover leaned in, her breath ticking the soft green lips of Amy's well-dyed pussy. Amy couldn't stop herself from trembling as Bill inched closer, her eyes wide as she sated at the treasure laid out before her. Bill had never really stopped her exploration, so Amy's sex was spread out before her like a flower, the inner walls, just as green as the outer walls, if of a different hue, sparkled invitingly in the harsh fluorescent light of the college dorm. Bill could see Amy's passage pulse gently with each beat of her heart. Her curiosity was beginning to consume her, and honestly? Seeing Amy spread out helplessly on the bed before her like this was incredibly sexy. Both of them knew that it wouldn't be long before Bill started to dissect the redhead, but Amy was being so obedient that if Bill didn't know better she'd have assumed the other girl was a blushing virgin, eager to be deflowered.

Actually... “Are you a virgin?” Bill asked, her face mere millimeters away from her prize. 

Amy couldn't help but shiver as Bill's breath tickled her splayed inner passage with each new word she uttered. A virgin? Well, Amy wasn't inexperienced but technically...

“I've used some toys... But, I've never actually gone past tops and fingers, if you know what I mean,” Amy admitted.

Bill nodded, accidentally rubbing the tip of her nose into the little light green hood hiding Amy's clit. She blushed, embarrassed, but then she remembered just what she was about to do to the girl in front of her and pulled herself back together.

“Just a bit of nipple pinching and some fingers down your pants then?” Bill nodded, understanding. “Did you know our little alien was a virgin when you bought her, Heather?” 

“I did not,” Heather grinned. “But I'm certainly not disappointed. Is this her first time being licked too?”

Amy blushed, but nodded. “No one's ever kissed me down there before,” Amy admitted, excited by the thought.

“No worries,” Heather reassured her. “Bill's a master of the Aussie kiss. Show your toy just how good you are, Bill.”

Bill knew her cue when she heard it, her tongue  striking out with a deft precision to dive into Amy's carefully spread folds. She could feel the redhead squirming beneath her fingers, lips, and tongue and she savored the girl's taste. Salty, with a hint of copper; not unlike her own girlfriend Heather's, once she was off her cycle. Amy certainly tasted human, and she was certainly reacting to Bill diving into her muff like a human, But Bill wasn't ready to call the case solved just yet. The black girl's tongue darted to Amy's bean, sending a shudder up and down the redhead's spine as Bill's tastebuds slowly slid over the Jewel of Amy's sex.

“Mmm... You're awfully...” Bil's speech paused as she pulled one of Amy's lower lips between her own, “sensitive down here, aren't you?” Bill inquired. “I can't imagine how that'll feel when we slice you up,” Bill admitted, trying to just make conversation, but inadvertently voicing what was on her mind instead.

“I'm a bit scared,” Amy admitted, trembling, and not just from Bill's expert rug-munching. “But mostly? I'm looking forward to it.”

“To becoming food?” Bill asked, honestly curious.

“To all of it. I wouldn't have agreed to this if I didn't want to be snuffed,” Amy admitted.

It had been her dirty little secret for so long, the way she thought about being carved in half by a slowly approaching laser bean after watching a Bond flick, playing with herself even as she imagined herself strapped helplessly spread-eagle on a table, unable to escape her fate. Amy's dark secret had kept her from love. How could she explain to a boyfriend why the folder on her computer that was full of porn was full of drawings and comics and stories of girls being snuffed? More than half of them redheads, like her? How could she explain that imagining her own demise was the only thing that really got her motor running and ready to play? In a way, this was freeing. A chance to make her dreams, her darkest fantasies come true. A chance to give two young lovers the romantic date she'd always wished for, to be snuffed, to give up everything for a pair of strangers she didn't even know. Was it any wonder that Amy was so excited? The image of her quivering quim, sizzling on the hotplate by the sink wouldn't leave her mind, and it hadn't even happened yet!

“Have you- Ungh! thought of what you're going to do with me, … you know, after?” Amy asked out of morbidly curiosity, clearly struggling to piece two words together as Bill went to town on her fanny.

“That boot idea of yours was really sexy,” Bill admitted between licks, and Amy couldn't help but picture the almost caramel skinned girl wearing her legs as a pair of thigh high dominatrix boots. “You think your arms would make a nice pair of gloves to go with them?” Bill asked, immediately sending Amy's mind to dirty places as she pictured Bill wearing her new Amy-skin boots and gloves ... and nothing else.

“Nnnngh! Definitely!” Amy agreed.

“And I still have a use for those nips of yours,” Heather admitted, “And Bill might have been joking about mounting your head on a plaque, but I'm certainly willing to see how you go with the rest of my furniture. I'd have you stuffed in a permanent O-face.”

“God!” Amy panted under Bill's oral onslaught. “Anything else?” she practically whimpered, so close to release, but inching ever closer with each new souvenir that the couple admitted to wanting.

“Well...” Heather drawled. “I do have some plans for this area here,” Heather admitted tracing a lazy squiggle across Amy's pubic mound. “But that'll depend on what shape it's in after we're done snuffing you.”

This last tidbit of information was just too much for Amy to stand. Against her will, her quim clenched down on Bill's deft tongue, arousal and satisfaction spilling from her pussy to coat Bill's lips and fill the black girl's mouth.

“Mmmm...” Bill grinned like the cat who caught the canary. “Definitely a meat dish, and tender, too,” Bill threw out as she withdrew from her resting place between Amy's green thighs.

Bill's face was smeared with the redhead's arousal. Her mouth practically glistened in the light. But the only thought Bill gave to her appearance was a quick lick of her lips.

“Are you ready to start the dissection?” Heather asked, placing her plastic baggie full of tools on the bed next to Amy's hip.

“All that exercise worked up an appetite,” Bill admitted. “So I'm pretty eager to get started if that's okay with you two,” Bill offered.

Heather nodded, but Amy just blushed, before reaching down to spread her own petals to make them easier for the couple to access.

“That seems like a pretty firm answer to me,” Heather admitted, looking at the blushing redhead in front of her, her nipples practically turgid with arousal.

Amy nodded, her blush turning her green stained cheeks a slightly darker shade. She shivered as Bill picked a T-pin and pulled on one of her viridian outer lips.

"Well then," Heather announced with that same almost malicious half-grin. "Since you haven't done a dissection since secondary school, do you want me to walk you through it?"

"I could use a little help, yeah," Bill admitted, eyeing the assorted teasing needles and T-pins warily. "Bio was never my best subject."

"You're off to a pretty good start," Heather admitted, as she watched her darker-skinned lover pulling one of Amy's nether lips to the side and holding a T-pin at the ready. "Let's finish pinning that lip in place so we can get a better view," Heather suggested, grinning.

Amy could feel the almost aching tension in her loins as Bill tugged on her cunt lip, trembling, she did her best to brace herself for the pain she knew was about to be inflicted upon her.

Bill looked at the pin in her hand. It locked wickedly sharp, and long. Could she really use it on the trembling green-skinned redhead before her? She stared at the pin, then back at Amy. Despite her obvious uncertainty, Amy's petals were slick with arousal, and she certainly wasn't objecting to Heather's plans for her; in fact, just moments ago she was in enthusiastic agreement with them! Amy still clearly wanted to be dissected, despite some newly-discovered reluctance; so the question was, did Bill really want to dissect her?

It was a question Bill didn't think she'd be asking herself today, but here she was, and the question was now a literal matter of life and death; for the redhead laying before her anyway.

Did she want to dissect Amy? Did she want to snuff her? To eat her, her filet?

Heather certainly wanted her to. Bill had the impression that Heather had barely given a second thought to the thought to the possibility of not snuffing the vivacious redhead! But she wasn't Heather. Amy was her birthday gift. Did she want to snuff her?

Bill's eyes dragged over the supine form of the girl in front of her, her green chest heaving, her nipples bobbing along with her breath, her legs splayed, her sex spread. Amy looked incredible. She probably wasn't a real alien, but the steps she had taken to look like one were comprehensive enough that Bill couldn't really say for sure. She wanted to be snuffed, was eager for it. The redhead was absolutely fine with dissecting her, she seemed almost uncomfortably aroused by the thought of Bill and Heather eating her filet.

Honestly it was kind of hot, but it was also what was causing Bill's dilemma in the first place; if Amy didn't want to be snuffed then there would be no issue with what to do with her. But, now?

Bill's eyes traced the curve of Amy's green hips, the slick luster of her sex, She could feel the redhead's pulse racing rapidly against her fingers through the flesh of Amy's lower lip. Bill saw every millimeter of the gorgeous redhead in front of her and imagined what it would feel like to tear her apart, inch by inch, to feel her squirm beneath her fingers as she began her investigation, she imagined how her sex would taste once Heather finished frying it for them, aided by the several licks she'd just had at Amy's treasure mere moments ago. Bill could feel her own sex growing hotter by the second as she imagined what she'd do to the trembling redhead in front of her, and she made her decision.

“Unnngh!” Amy cried out as Bill ran the T-shaped piece of metal through one of the petals of her sex, pinning it into the muscles of her upper thigh.

Heather's fingers dipped below the edge of her skirt as Bill pierced the redhead's pussy. She'd forgone any sort of underwear today, and she was glad for her decision to do so as her fingers touched the almost searing heat of her own sex, gently pinching her own labia in the same place as Bill had punctured Amy.

The pin felt like a thin dagger had been stabbed through her pussy lip and into her thigh, and with every trembling movement of her leg Amy could feel the metal pulling against her flesh. It felt like nothing else Amy had ever experienced before, painful of course, but also exciting in an indescribable way that you really had to experience to understand. It was more than just the sensation of the pin moving inside her, piercing her labia and fixing her lower lip firmly against her thigh, it was what it represented. Despite the pain, or maybe because of it, Amy felt like her sex was a butterfly, mounted for display: a feeling that only strengthened as Bill pulled on her other sexlip and pinned it to her remaining thigh.

Bill pulled back to admire her work. Amy's green-tinged cunt was splayed open, fastened in place by a pair of T-pins, one pierced through each of her lower lips. Between the permanently spread petals of Amy's muff. Her exposed cunt was almost throbbing, dripping wet with arousal and just as green as the rest of her. With every trembling motion, every beat of her heart, the inner passage of Amy's pussy pulsed like it was its own unique organism; the familiar sight of another girl's honey pot rendered strange and alien by the pigmentation found within.

Heather couldn't help but admire the sight as well. Not just Amy's splayed snatch, but the sight of her girlfriend, Bill, beginning to snuff another girl. The sight of bill driving those pins into Amy's lips and thighs, knowing that they'd be feasting together on the other girl's was just so incredibly hot. Heather could barely control herself as her hand sped up on its own; she certainly couldn't give a thought to instructing Bill as to what to do next.

"Ungh! Ah! Like- Ungh! What you see?" Amy half-moaned, trying to speak through the sudden cornucopia of sensations assaulting her. She could see Heather eagerly finger-fucking herself behind Bill, but her angle to the birthday girl was obscured by the gentle curve of her own currently-heaving, green breasts.

"You're amazing," Bill admitted, secretly glad that Amy was still okay with being dissected, even after Bill had stabbed her through the flaps of her fanny, twice! "I can't wait to get to the bottom of you," Bill admitted before trailing off "even if I have to tear you apart..." she finished, her voice much softer by the end of it.

Amy heard it anyway. "Don't worry about tearing me apart," Amy encouraged. "That is what I'm here for," she admitted. "It's your birthday, and I'm your present. I just want you to enjoy playing with me, even if you end up playing hard enough to break me."

"You mean, even if you don't survive?" Bill asked, despite knowing the redhead's answer.

Amy lifted one of her hands from where they lay above her head and brought it down between her legs. Her twat was still aching, almost burning from the combination of pain and need, but the pain she felt only served to make Amy Pond even more aroused. With a flick of her wrist, Amy began to force her fingers inside her bared cunt, first one, then two, then three, then her pinkie, leaving her thumb to rub the clearly attentive bud of her clit as it bulged beneath it's cute little hood.

"As long as you have fun snuffing me?" Amy replied. "I'm sure I'll have just as much fun being snuffed by a pair of sexy college coeds like you and Heather," Amy insisted, spreading her slit with her fingers to reveal the green inner depths of her treasure before pulling them free with a wet squelch, and wiping them somewhat dry on top of her pubic mound, leaving visible, shiny, traces of the act behind.

Bill swallowed. She'd never seen anything so effortlessly sexual in her life. This was a step beyond just 'okay' with being snuffed; Amy was eager for it, she seemed to crave it! And heaven help her, Bill wanted to give the redhead what she wanted.

"Really?" Bill asked wide eyed.

"You were staring at my clit earlier, weren't you?" Amy asked. "It's hidden behind my hood, right?"

Amy didn't even wait for Bill's response before continuing. "If you want a better look at it you can use one of those teasing needles to pull the hood back," Amy offered. "Or you can just cut it off," she added in her sultriest voice.

"You mean the hood, right?" Bill clarified.

"That too," Amy offered with a grin, making perfectly clear that that wasn't what she had initially meant.

Bill swallowed nervously as she picked up the pair of teasing needles from the dissection kit, one bent and one straight. Amy's offer to slice off her clit danced before her eyes. It was tempting. Bill was sure she was serious, too. So, why was she resisting?

Bill paused and put one of the teasing needles back down, replacing it with the scalpel instead.

Amy wanted her to have fun, right? In that case, there was no really point in holding back, was there?

Amy's eyes widened as Bill approached with a bent teasing needle in one hand and a scalpel in the other. Her heart thudded in her chest as she brought the tools to Amy's defenseless green sex; and she couldn't help but shiver when the cold metal of one of the tools touched the little hood hiding her clit.

Amy couldn't see which tool it was, but Bill certainly could as she used the teasing needle to pull the cute little flap of skin hiding Amy's clit upwards and out of the way. Amy's button was green, just like the rest of her. It was also adorable, and Bill couldn't resist the urge to lean in and place a soft little kiss on the tiny bud, sending almost electric shivers up and down Amy's spine in the process.

Carefully, so as not to harm Amy's nub, Bill teased it out of the way of her clitoral hood before bringing her scalpel to bear.

Amy had to stop herself from seizing up as Bill began to remove the tiny scrap of nerve filled flesh from her body, leaving a tiny red line behind where the hood had been, and her clit completely exposed to the open air but still mercifully attached.

Seeing an opportunity, Heather reached forward, grabbing a medical eye dropper from the dissection kit with one hand, she managed to open a bottle of low quality but high alcohol vodka between her legs using the other.

“We don't want dinner getting infected,” Heather explained, interrupting the moment Bill and Amy were sharing as she filled the eye dropper up with cheap vodka from the bottle and leaned forward to squeeze a few drops out onto the wound that Bill had inflicted upon her present. 

“Gnnnrgh!” Amy grunted as the vodka hit the wound like a vial of liquid fire spilled directly  on her nerves. The vodka dribbled over down her clit, across her thighs and over her splayed lover lips, thankfully missing her puncture wounds as it dripped down her thighs and onto the bedspread below.

The pain was terrible, but the way that Heather's eyes lit up watching her as she frantically tried to keep herself from squirming made Amy remember why Heather had inflicted it. She knew, even before Heather had hired her to be Bill's birthday present, that there would be pain. It seemed rather petty to fault the blonde for enjoying playing with the toy she'd bought her girlfriend in the way it was meant to be played with; even if it had nearly brought Amy to tears in the process.

“Alright,” Bill asked, the inseam of her jeans growing damper by the second, “so what next?”

Bill wasn't sure if the question was directed at Heather, or Amy, or both, but she wasn't disappointed in the answer.

“Next?” Heather replied. “You have to get a closer look if you want to figure out if she's human or not, right? Why not slice her open from here,” Heather poked a finger directly into the top of Amy's cunt, her nail poking into her green clit, as she pressed the area beneath her forceful digit, “to here.” Heather continued, drawing her finger up in a straight line from Amy's crotch until she reached the top of Amy's pubic mound, half-way between the upper tip of the Redhead's cunt and her belly button.

Bill hesitated. 

“If you don't want to use a scalpel, I do have a pair of scissors you could use.” Heather offered, “One snip and she's be open for inspection,” Heather added, pantomiming the act using two of her fingers.

It was tempting, Bill thought, shoving the lower blade of the scissors into Amy's sopping green cunt while the other hovered menacingly above the outside of her pubic mound. Slowly moving forward until Amy's clit hit the middle of the shears and she clamped down on the grips, slowly slicing the other girl's clit in half before repeating the achievement with the rest of Amy's slit until she could peel Amy apart all the way to her Cervix and look inside.

'Very tempting,' Bill thought to herself. 'But first? There are a few things I want to do to my gift before I break it.'

Bill waved away her girlfriend's offer, leaning down instead. “You know, I've always wanted to fist another girl,” Bill admitted, catching Amy's hazel eyes with her own. “Heather's kind of small, and I don't want to hurt her, or tear her, or break her if something goes wrong accidentally,” Bill explained. “But you're going on the menu before the day ends anyway, so even if I damage you a little, or break your minge, it doesn't really matter, does it?” Bill asked curiously.

Before Amy could answer she was already removing the T-pins from her present, freeing Amy's newly-pierced lower lips to creep back into placed, punctured and slightly stretched, but not really much the worse for wear.

Amy's heart was racing. Fisting!? She's played with a few toys before, but nothing as large as a fist! Pussies were supposed to be able to stretch, but would that be enough to accommodate something that large?

Bill wasn't exactly waiting for a response however. Mimicking Amy's own earlier actions she inserted her fingers one after the other into the virgin sex-worker's eager muff. First her index, then her middle, then the pinkie and the ring in quick succession, leaving her thumb outside to give Amy's newly bared clit a quick rub for luck before that finger too dived into Amy's soft, warm, and incredibly wet snatch.

Slowly, bill Squeezed her fingertips together inside the redhead until they formed a sort of beak, and then slowly but surely she began to wiggle inside, pressing gently but firmly until the tips of her knuckles were firmly engulfed in Amy's ravenous sex.

It was slow going, even with how absolutely soaking wet Amy's pussy was. Bill's hand curled into a fist pretty much naturally as it slipped into the green depths of Amy's folds, millimeter by millimeter.

Amy couldn't help but groan in pleasure as Bill's fist slowly spread her muff to lengths she'd never been stretched before. Her cunt ached, especially where the other girl had punctured her lower lips, but the sensation of being stretched by another girl's hand was almost indescribable! She could feel Bill's knuckles rocking slowly up and down inside her body as the black girl tried to force her fist further and further inside of her.

For Bill, it was absolutely incredible! The feel of the warm folds of Amy's sex enveloping her hand, the soft caress of her fanny around her knuckles to half way down her hand, a feeling that was growing as she steadily drove her hand even further into the depths of the green-skinned redhead. Seeing Amy writhe in pleasure as she fucked her, feeling her around her, hearing her mew and moan and grunt and groan as Bill played her like a piano using just one hand... It was almost breathtaking.

Amy was close now, so close! She'd never been stretched like this before, never taken anything like as large as Bill's fist before! With every touch, each slight movement it felt like Bill was on the edge of tearing her apart! But that moment never came; only wave after wave of seemingly endless pleasure. Her mind fogged with the immensity of it. She could see the fingers of Bill's free hand massaging the top of her pubic mound as the younger girl tried to slip her fist inside her even further. She could feel bill's fingertips pushing firmly against her skin as her fist traveled beneath them, like two twins separated from each other by her body.. She gasped, cumming for the third time of the night, but unlike the prior plateaus of pleasure she had reached, this time the sensations never stopped, they kept climbing and climbing, higher and higher like they were scaling an endless peak!

Neither girl knew how long it took for Amy to finish cumming. Wrapped in the moment they lost track of time, Amy cumming, and Bill enthralled by the sight, until they both came back to their senses with Bill's fist swallowed all the way up to her wrist by Amy's supple and welcoming cunt.

The two girls stared at each other, neither one quite sure what to do next. Bill into Amy's naturally green-tinged hazel eyes, and Amy back into Bill's own dark brown pair.

The moment was perfect, Bill leaned forward and with her hand still lodged in Amy's sex, she pressed her lips gently to the redhead's own green-tinged pair.

The kiss was soft and tender, but Amy's heart was racing just as quickly as it had when Bill had declared her intention to fist her. Bill drew her in, somehow; and Amy knew that if the two of them had met in different times that the probably could have fallen in love. But the kiss broke, and just like dreams eventually end Amy was left panting on the bed, her legs aching, her twat straining around the girth of its invader; her only connection with another human being.

“Oh. Wow...” Heather chimed in from the seat where Bill had been sitting earlier. Her dress was hiked up, her pussy slick and blushing, her fingers gently rubbing her with her lower lips, and a growing wet spot on the cushion between her thighs all giving testimony as to what Heather had been involved with while Bill and Amy enjoyed each others bodies. “You know Bill, if fisting is even half as much fun as our dinner made it look, I'd be up for trying it out.”

Bill smiled. She'd enjoyed fisting Amy the most out of anything so far that day, and she was happy that her adventures in fisting weren't about to end just because she and Heather planned to snuff her toy.

“That's amazing!” Bill enthused as she slowly withdrew her hand from Amy's aching and well-used cunt.

Amy felt like she'd just run a marathon, she was almost completely exhausted as she lay there, panting uselessly on the bed. She could barely lift her head to watch as Bill went back to massaging her from the outside in to get her to relax so that she could withdraw her fist. The feeling of indescribable fullness left her, slowly, and squelchingly as Bill withdrew her fist, her smooth-skinned knuckles drawing the occasional squeak and moan from Amy's well-used frame.

Bill's hand was completely soaking wet with Amy's arousal when she finally pulled it free. “Heather, can you get me a washcloth from the loo?” Bill requested. “There's no way I can hold the scalpel with my fingers this slippery,” Bill added in explanation.

“No problem,” Heather grinned, walking the couple of meters needed to retrieve the miniature towel and handing it to her girl. “We wouldn't want you to slip and cut something you shouldn't after all,” Heather joked.

Bill wiped her hands mostly clean of Amy's arousal, leaving them the soft and damp but ready for the next step. 

“Actually, what was the next step?” Bill wondered aloud as she picked the scalpel back up.

Heather was about to speak up when she caught a glimpse of Amy's hazel eyes widening. She leaned back, tangling her fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic bush and letting the green-skinned snuff toy talk instead of interrupting, eager to see what the 'alien' girl would suggest.

Amy blushed lightly at the question, her cunt still aching pleasantly from the abuse that Bill had put it through. The next step? That would have to be... “Well, this is a dissection?” Amy asked, more to remind herself of the facts at hand than for any confirmation. “So, unless you want to just carve out my twat and start dinner?” Amy added with a shiver. “Then the next step would be slicing me open to see what's inside, right?” Amy asked, a quiver of fear underpinning the almost lustful hope present in her words.

Bill blinked. That would be the next step wouldn't it? Bill half swallowed as she stared at Amy's bared green pubic mound. Everything up till now, the fisting, unhooding her clit, it had all been survivable. This next step could be too, whether for a human girl or an alien chick, but... with Heather and maybe even Amy herself egging her on? It probably wouldn't be. She wanted to do it. After getting to fist her, Bill's slit was dripping wet with arousal at just the thought of doing more! But, something held her back; some hesitance or moral qualm that she wasn't even sure was right...

"And you're okay with this?" She asked the green-skinned girl before her. "Being dissected, I mean? Having me cut you up?"

"You mean, am I okay with reducing me to nothing more than memories, trophies, and souvenirs? With you dissecting me? With you offing me for your own enjoyment just so that you and your very sexy little girlfriend can take my pussy as a romantic birthday meal?" Amy asked almost innocently as she imagined just how sexy Bill would look in the thigh-high boots and shoulder length leather gloves Heather planned to make from 100% pure 'alien' leather.

"You already asked me earlier, remember?" Amy's hazel eyes gazed back full of fiery arousal. 

"Yes," Amy declared. "Please..." she begged. "Snuff me."

Bill's heart pounded in her chest at Amy's heartfelt plea. She couldn't understand the girl, no, the alien, sprawled helplessly in front of her; her green twat dripping on a lurid display of just how eager Amy really was to be dissected. Bill couldn't understand her, but that didn't mean that Bill couldn't give her what she wanted.

With her hands now dried on the washcloth her lover had brought her, Bill had no trouble at all lifting the scalpel to begin her work.

Her grip was firm as she drew the scalpel across the alien girl's pubic mound, feeling the blade drag a bit as it sliced through flesh like pulling on a zipper.

"Nnngh!" Amy grunted as the searing sting of the scalpel opening her up hit her. She struggled to stay still, a task made easier when she noticed that heather had secured her hands beneath her knees.

"Don't squirm," Heather admonished. "I can give you something to distract yourself with if you want?" Heather asked, almost completely rhetorically as she lifted her bared and pouting slit over Amy's clenched lips.

Amy opened her mouth, panting heavily into Heather's rose colored sex, her vision blocked by the soft pale globes of Heather's pert butt as she felt Bill begin to reach around inside her.

The sensation was almost indescribable, feeling Bill's fingers clasp around her waiting womb, the moisture from her own arousal stinging the edges of the incision Bill had made as they rubbed against the brown girl's questing wrist. This was what she had been bought for, Amy realized, not as a sex toy to lick and fuck but as an experience, an alien dissection; vivisection really.

“Is that her womb?” Heather asked her lover her as if to emphasize Amy's revelation.

“It looks like it,” Bill agreed. “Seems almost human, doesn't it?” she asked, intrigued. “Of course, the rest of her does too a bit, so just shows what I know.”

Amy gasped into the musky folds of Heather's sex as Bill squeezed her womb in her hand. “You sure this'll feed both of us?” the frizzy-haired girl asked. “It seems rather small.”

“Not by itself,” Heather admitted grinding the petals of her sex into Amy's pert young lips. “But we'll be cooking her filet as well,” the dirty blonde-haired girl reassured her lover. Savoring the feel of Amy's tongue as it began to probe her aching slit.

“And what should I do with this,” Bill paused, and Amy could feel the black girl's fingertips stroking one of her ovaries, “these?” Bill corrected herself. "Should I cut them open?" She asked, and Amy felt a sympathetic twinge as her body reacted almost subconsciously to the near certain prospect of future pain. Her tongue dove into the soft pink folds of Heather's snatch, searching every nook and cranny of the star-eyed girl's sex as she sought to drive herself to distraction and avoid the fate she could no longer see coming. Amy wanted this; dear god did she want this! But no amount of desire could stop her own instinctive reactions to the pain being promised.

"Well, it is a dissection," Heather drawled with a sultry half smile. "Wouldn't want to leave the work half done, right?"

Amy couldn't see Bill nod, but she could hear the telltale scrape of metal on metal which could only be the pair of scissors opening in preparation to meet her ovary.

Bill stared at the thumb-sized organ between her fingertips. It was soft and pliable, and she could feel the alien girl that her girlfriend had recruited squirming beneath her with every touch. Bill couldn't help herself. She pushed her own quivering sex against the smooth surface of Amy's bared upper thigh, grinding her lips against the redhead's supple flesh.

Careful not to cut herself, Bill brought the scissors that had been included in the Dissection kit that Heather had brought her to bear on Amy's vulnerable ovary and began to cut.

Amy's pained reaction was almost completely muffled by the lips of Heather's aching twat, but Bill could feel the way the green girl's leg tensed up beneath her as she snipped her eggsac in two, being careful not to drop either of the pieces.

"I never expected it to be so small..." Bill admitted looking at the two halves of Amy's cleaved ovary before setting them down on her belly.

"Unnnngggh! What do you want to do with them?" Heather asked as Bill picked up Amy's remaining ovary, thoroughly enjoying the way that Amy was using her tongue in an attempt to drive them both to distraction.

Bill paused, not quite sure. She was definitely enjoying the process of the dissection, but she didn't exactly have plans for afterwards.

"Not sure," Bill admitted. "You have an idea?" Bill asked, fairly certain from the look on Heather's face that her lover did.

"Well, usually people preserve specimens from dissection don't they?" Heather asked, bending down to pick up a particularly large necked bottle of Vodka. "Why don't we?" She asked, picking up a ruined half of Amy's severed ovary and dropping it into the Vodka with a cute splash. "Vodka's not exactly traditional, but this is a high enough proof it should work. We can display it in the bookcase; our own pair of pickled alien ovaries," Heather suggested.

"Damn," Bill realized. "That's kinda hot."

Amy clearly thought so too given the way that her whole body was trembling at the pronouncement, one of her hands slipping free from beneath Heather's knee and sliding down to play with her already abused folds.

"Let's do it," Bill agreed, picking up the other ovary half and dropping it in the bottle before taking up her scissors once more and quickly snipping off Amy's remaining ovary without even bothering to cleave it in two first.

Amy's body barely knew how to respond to the pain that shot through her womb and into her stretched and battered twat. She was barren now; spayed, like a pet cat. Bill had destroyed any chance for her to have children out of nothing but an almost childlike curiosity as she dissected the alien her girlfriend had gotten her; and while the pain was still shocking, the knowledge that this incredibly sexy nubian lesbian was destroying her bit by bit was making Amy's cunt drip with arousal.

With a soft splash Bill dropped Amy's last remaining ovary into the bottle of vodka and sealed the top tight.

"That'll do for now," Heather assured her lover. "We'll get a nicer container for them tomorrow."

Of course, Amy wouldn't be around to see what sort of container they decided on by then, hell, with Heather covering her face as she was, Amy couldn't even tell what sort of container they had right now! Her cunt was dripping wet, even with the lingering, aching pain of having her ovaries snipped from her, and Amy could feel her entire body practically thrumming in excitement!

Bill reached down through the cut she had made in Amy's body and tugged at the base of the green-skinned girl's womb before bringing the scissors to bare just behind Amy's cervix at the entrance to the now-useless organ.

Amy let out a low and throaty moan as the dual blades of the dissection kit scissors bit into her sensitive flesh, shearing her womb away on one smooth motion.

Heather shuddered, cumming over Amy's green-stained face as the redhead moaned into her folds. This was everything she could have possibly dreamed about when she thought up Bill's birthday gift. Having a girl writhing under her in a heady mixture of pleasure and pain as her girlfriend took them apart like a high school science experiment... Feeling the redhead shudder and quake as Bill dissected her, all three of them knowing what her fate would be, but the girl laying there, eager and unafraid... It was everything she'd fantasized about! Her climax ran through her like a bolt of lightning as she reached down, forcing Amy's face into her folds, grinding her petals against her lips! On and on it went as Bill placed Amy's womb on the redhead's stomach, the pink a vivid picture against her green skin.

“Oh! It's green inside too!” Bill announced, pulling the entrance open with a pair of forceps. “You can't paint in there... I... She really is an alien, isn't she?”

“Yes! Yes!” Heather cried out mid-climax, the only other person in the room completely muffled for her pleasure. It wasn't meant as an answer to Bill's question, but her girlfriend took it as one anyway.

“Holy! Cor! That's... Thank you so much, Heather!” Bill cried out suddenly hugging her girlfriend from behind in sheer love and wonder.

Amy smiled as she basked in the warmth of the two lovers enjoying her body. This was what she wanted when she signed up as a snuff-o-gram, for someone to use her, to enjoy her. She wanted to give someone an incredible experience they would never forget, and laying beneath the pair of lesbian lovers as they embraced each other? Amy knew that even if they called everything off right now and she somehow survived this, that she had done just that. Of course, Amy had no intention of that happening. Giving the girls a special night to remember was one thing, but she had heard their plans for her, and she knew that something even more special was yet to come.

It felt like several minutes until the girls ended their embrace, but Amy continued her appointed task all the while, licking and savoring the taste of Heather's arousal from her tender folds until the hug finally broke.

“You ready for the next part?” Heather asked with a throaty grin, but the question wasn't directed at her.

“Of course!” Bill answered readily. “All this dissection work is making me hungry.”

“Then you're in luck,” Heather laughed as she climbed off of Amy, leaving the freckled, green-skinned girl's face covered in her arousal as she maneuvered herself closer to her beautiful young girlfriend. “It's time to harvest her filet.”

Amy swallowed heavily. This was it! She could survive her womb being taken, but this... this was permanent. This was... would be... fatal.

They'd paid for her, she had signed a contract. Legally, Amy couldn't back out. And... beneath the rush of fear that that thought provoked in her in the face of Bill and Heather's plans for her? Amy realized... she didn't want to. She wanted these girls to ruin her! To snuff her! To take trophies! Her sex was positively dripping from the mere idea of it!

Bill searched out Amy's gaze to make sure that she was okay with this, and Amy met it with a large welcoming smile.

“I hope you've enjoyed me so far,” Amy half-asked as she stared back at the dark skinned woman whose present she'd become. “And... I hope you enjoy your birthday dinner too,” Amy confessed.

“Bill wasn't sure what to say in response. Seeing the alien girl surrender like this, seeing her give herself over completely to Bill's pleasure and enjoyment... It was... incredible. Was this why Heather was so fascinated by snuff? If it was... Bill couldn't exactly blame her. There was a heady jolt of power muddling her mind just from the thought of it! Actually snuffing this girl, this alien girl that Heather had bought for her... Actually eating her sex?

“I have,” Bill admitted. “And I'm sure your pussy will taste just as lovely!”

The smile that graced Amy's lips at that was one of heartwarming gratitude. She was glad they were enjoying her, enjoying destroying her... and the alien girl clearly, truly hoped that they'd keep doing it.

Taking that as her cue, Bill picked up the dissection shears and looked to her girlfriend for guidance.

“Okay,” Heather smiled as she took Bill's hand in hers and guided it to the entrance of Amy's sex. “Since I have plans for what to do with her, we need to do this carefully. Can you cut from right here, to the incision we made to pull out her womb? Right up the middle...” Heather coaxed her girlfriend.

Amy couldn't help but shiver in response. She could see where heather had positioned bill's scissors. More than that, she could feel it! The metal pressing right up against the sensitive nub at the top of her cunt! They wanted to cut her-

“Right through her clit?” Bill clarified as she stared at the protruding nub she'd unhooded earlier.

“Exactly,” Heather nodded with a smile. “Just like I said before. Just cut from there, all the way up to and through her cervix to the cut we made earlier.”

Heather made it sound so simple! So easy to cut through the most sensitive part of her body and destroy her womanhood... And... for Heather and Bill... It would be wouldn't it? It wouldn't be hard for them at all... But for her...

“I'll hold her in place for you, Heather declared as she moved her hands across Amy's hips to make sure she wouldn't wriggle free or otherwise disturb the cut that bill was about to make.

Bill nodded. “Well, if you're sure?” she confirmed. Heather nodded back. “Then here I go.”

Amy shivered as Bill opened the blades wide, carefully maneuvering the lower blade inside her still somewhat stretched-out cunt. She watched the upper blade as it moved up her body, the cold steel touching her inside and out... not cutting yet. Just... threatening her.

Bill was entranced as she stared at the brutalized alien girl before her. They'd taken her womb, her ovaries, they were about to take her cunt.... and still Amy looked like nothing so much as a freshly fucked co-ed ready for the next go around. She was... amazing. And Bill knew with a certainty that there was no way she'd ever be forgetting the alien girl that Heather had bought her.

“Please...” Amy begged as she waited for Bill to destroy her womanhood completely and utterly, “take it...”

“You heard her,” Heather smiled languidly. “Go ahead...”

Bill shoved the lower blade of the scissors deeper into Amy's sopping green cunt while the other hovered menacingly above the outside of her pubic mound. Slowly moving forward until Amy's clit hit the middle of the shears.

Amy could feel the cold steel of the razor sharp edge as it pressed against her clit, the pressure squeezing it as Bill began to slice her open; starting with her helpless, sensitive clit.

“Well? Are you going to make her beg for it?” Heather asked as Bill paused, the edges of her blades pressing against Amy's tender sex both from the top... and from within; their junction almost, but not quite slicing into her tender nub.

Bill paused, taking a deep breath to brace herself, savoring the moment. The tension in the room was palpable, and just as the cute alien girl lying helplessly in front of her opened her mouth to beg... Bill clamped down on the grips, slicing the other girl's clit in half with a single motion before following through, with the rest of Amy's slit; the blades carving her apart until she could peel Amy's bisected cunt apart all the way to her Cervix and look inside.

Amy gasped, the words she was about to say stolen from her as the pain of her battered and broken body hit her all at once. Her sex throbbed with arousal, her clit thumping thunderously in her brain as the pain and pleasure intermingled in her mind until there was no difference at all between the two. She came, but with her cunt cut apart she couldn't quite manage to squeeze the way she was used to, everything was different, wrong in a way that was oh so wonderful!

Bill was overcome with delight as every one of Amy's green folds was exposed to open air. She leaned forward, seizing her lover's lips in a fiery kiss as Amy began to bleed out in earnest below them.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Bill praised as she broke the kiss. Amy was bleeding out, red blood, like her own. She could almost imagine that the alien beneath her was a real girl, another human being whose life she had ended, if not for her peculiar hue. “This was... We snuffed her!” Bill cried out in jubilation.

“Yeah,” Heather smiled slyly. “Isn't it wonderful?” Heather grinned as she moved between Amy's legs, grabbing the scalpel.

“You mind If I do this part?” Heather asked. “I know you're hungry, but I wanna make sure we don't accidentally damage her to the point that we can't use her to make you a sexy set of slave-girl panties...”

Bill's eyes widened at the image the thought of wearing someone she actually knew, even if she hadn't known them for very long. Someone she'd... someone she'd actually snuffed. There was no way her cute Orion snuff slut was going to survive what she'd done to her. Not with the way she was gasping and moaning unable to even struggle to save herself, her life's blood flowing out of her onto the floor.

Amy was wrapped in exquisite agony, the world seemed fuzzy and far away. Her body was ruined, and she could tell she was dying. It was every bit as sensual as she'd imagined. Murdered, used, snuffed... All for nothing more than the fleeting pleasure of a pair of college co-eds; only one of which really knew just who... and what, she was.

Amy's eyes were filled with tears, she was moaning in anguished ecstasy, trying desperately not to move her hips as Heather slid the scalpel into the meat of her twat and began to carve it away from her, leaving her skin pristine and untouched. She was dying. Heather and Bill were killing her. Had killed her. She couldn't survive this. She was a broken toy. Dinner.

The edges of her vision were fading to black as she felt the scalpel tear through her most precious place, harvesting her meat, carving up her pussy for the romantic dinner that Heather had planned for her girlfriend.

The pain was agonizing! It was intense! Impossible to ignore as Heather cut her meat free, placing it atop her already stolen womb. Amy could barely focus, she could barely think! Words passed through her without any meaning. Sexy. Bacon. Perfect. Tender. Cunt. Fillet. Panties. Meaningless words that Amy knew all meant her, but... couldn't quite grasp.

Heather was methodical as she carved out her prize, separating Amy's meat and stacking it for cooking.

“So do we just leave her?” Bill asked, engrossed by the still-cumming snuff-o-gram's final orgasm. 

“Why not?” Heather asked. “She can watch, if she lasts long enough. See how tasty she was,” Heather finished with a soft smile at the green-skinned redhead writhing on the bed.

Bill nodded. Her gift didn't look like she'd last anywhere near long enough to watch them enjoy the fruits of her sacrifice, but... it didn't hurt to let her try.


“A package came for you,” Heather announced, as she carried in an impractically large box wider around than her torso.

Heather knew what was in the box of course, she'd ordered it specially from a company suggested by the snuff-o-gram agency when she'd placed her order for Amy Pond a few weeks ago. They certainly did fast work, and Heather was hoping that their work was good as well.

Amy hadn't managed to hang on long enough to watch them eat her. She expired as Heather was soaking her filet in soy sauce and warming up the hot-plate. It was kind of a shame, but at the same time, Amy's death made the cunt-steak dinner Heather had planned even more intimate. It was just her and Bill, with no one else watching them. Amy of course had been wonderful throughout, the perfect Snuff-o-gram seamlessly becoming the perfect dinner. Her ovaries hung in a jar on their shelf labeled “Alien Sex Organs”, preserved in the batch of vodka that they'd opened up that night.

The box in Heather's hands? That would be the rest of her.

“Is that what I think it is?” Bill asked, an almost childlike eagerness gripping her. Bill felt like a kid on Christmas, ready to rip into her presents to see what she'd been given.

“It is,” Heather smiled softly as she placed the box onto the bed. The bedspread was pink now, They hadn't exactly rushed to do the laundry after Amy was snuffed, and that meant that the stains had never really quite come out. Neither Bill nor Heather minded though. The soft pink color was a palpable reminder of that night, and Heather at least got wet just from seeing it on her bed. She was pondering getting matching sheets.

Bill wasted no time grabbing the scalpel to cut through the tape and open the box. She'd been waiting a week for this, and she wasn't about to wait any longer.

“Oh!” Bill gasped as she got her first glance of what lay inside.

Heather peeked over her shoulder, grinning. Amy's head, still dyed green, had been well preserved before being mounted on the beautiful dark cherry-wood plaque. Her eyes, now glass replicas, were half rolled up in her head, her mouth open in a way that perfectly captured the Snuff-o-gram in a perpetual final orgasm. It was perfect, and Heather wasted no time lifting it from her girlfriend's hands to mount on the wall. She's already put in the mount for it a week ago, and Amy's head fit perfectly onto it, staring at the couple from the far end of the room past the foot of their bed. Heather was certain that Amy's expression would be more than enough to fuel their passions on many warm nights to come.

“Are these?” Bill asked uncertainly pulling a small plastic case no bigger than her own thumb from base to tip out of the box. Inside?

“Thumbsticks, for a game controller. Remember? We promised her that's what we'd do with her nipples.”

Bill nodded, setting the case aside. Heather played far more games than she did. Though... with these new thumbstick covers... maybe that would change?

Finally, Bill reached the real prize in the box, withdrawing a beautiful pair of green leather boots and opera-length gloves. Their source was obvious; the familiar freckles faintly dusting their length testifying to the material used to make them.

Bill set them aside and pulled the final piece of the outfit free, a pair of green leather panties, cut open from clit to top and laced together again with grommets and black leather laces that Heather had made sure were from the same source as the rest of the garment, just dyed for proper contrast. There was a bow over the clit and below it? The edges of Amy's own pussy lips, perfectly preserved and untouched. The final pair of grommets rested next to the ruins of Amy's clit, the black leather laces tied between them in a bow.

“Oh wow! This is...” Bill trailed off at a loss for words.

“Amazing?” Heather asked amused. “I told you it would be. Try them on.”

The panties slipped on easily, the laces barely needing any tightening, Bill's dark skin and soft bush showing through the gaps at the front, Amy's preserved lower lips teasing her own with every step. The boots followed, then the gloves until Bill was completely naked but for Amy, her bare breasts exposed, her pussy peeking out from her panties, and her legs and arms completely enclosed in the remnants of another girl.

“You know,” Heather began with an interested leer, “leather needs to be broken in to be comfortable, what do you say we start that process?” she finished with a meaningful nod towards the bed.

Bill smiled. “You read my mind.”

The End


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