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Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Plot Heavy

Summary: In which Taylor, trapped in the locker with all that disgusting filth, somehow summons an entity from outside of her world to save her. Needless to say, Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, is far from amused. At least at first.


Themes: Bimbo Sex, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: An AU ending of the Futurama Episode "Fry and the Slurm Factory". In which, the effects of being dunked in Royal Slurm are more prominent for Leela than first expected. Her mutant biology reacts in... odd ways to the Royal Slurm.

A sexual anthology where the girls of persona 1-5 act like sluts and/or become one by the monsters, or villains. No romance, NTR, or ships. Just the girls of Persona getting fucked, being slutty and/or broken into sluts in the sexual anthology by whatever I feel like or my patrons vote for. 

After Jaune asks Pyrrha to help him impress Weiss one too many times, Pyrrha hatches a plan to show Jaune what he's been missing out on all this time, via a new... training initiative. And if Jaune should become hooked on her during it? Well, that's just a risk he's going to have to take. It's time to show him once and for all why they call her the Goddess of Victory. Commissioned by Darkkseid.

Themes: Rough Sex, Furry Sex, Breeding

Summary: In which a half-Leithan (massive lizard centaur with six legs and two dicks) named Aathan gets in over his head just a tad... and enjoys it, every step of the way.

An anthology series where the girls of Naruto get fucked. No NTR, no ships, no romance. Just the girls of Naruto getting fucked, being slutty and/or broken into sluts in the sexual anthology by whatever I feel like or my patrons vote for. 

Poll Winner

With Ichigo away at the Soul Society, Kon is left in charge of his body. He uses this chance to fuck Orihime, Ichigo's girlfriend, and taking her virginity. Includes: NTR.

The problem with Semblances is that people came to rely on them, and that you never knew what you were going to get until you got it. Jaune's Semblance allowed him limited control over women, or so he thought, but a single mistake combined with a lack of understanding on how far his Semblance went, causes a cascade effect that will change his life forever. Will involve Beacon and canon characters only from (approx) chapter 5 onward.
Jaune has been working out for a while with his team trying to improve himself further at Beacon. He doesn't believe in the results until a certain workout with Nora becomes a little bit too 'intense' for either one of them. Now Jaune has a new workout that he is enjoying greatly. 
After another rejection by Weiss, Jaune seeks advice from Nora on what he ought to do. Nora's advice is unconventional, and didn't help him much with Weiss, but it sure helped take his mind off the pain of rejection. It's good to have such a wonderful friend.
After finally earning a date with Weiss, Jaune is prepared to pull out all the stops to win her affection. Determined to prove once and for all that she will be happy with him, that he loves her with all his heart, he's prepared to do anything, even if it means forcing her to see how much he loves her. She'll see that they're perfect together. And then... And then she will love him. Commissioned Work.
Yang has a difficult fetish. For a while, she's been able to satisfy herself enough. This time though, she needs someone to beat the ever loving tar out of her, and Jaune is the first person she saw. Time to see if he's up to the challenge.

An Anonymous Commission!

Themes: Rough Sex, Bondage, Pizza Delivery

Summary: A Pizza Delivery Girl makes a late-night delivery to a handsome man in a nice, suburban neighborhood. Seems perfectly safe, so why not step inside for a moment, right? Except all is not what it seems...

(Requested by Anonymous)

One rich nerd is happily married until his sexy wife surprises him a proposition: A wife swap! This black hunk might be every bit as a mucho compared to him, but the white nerd does have one tiny secret.

Contains: Sexual content, Racial themes, Stereotypes, NTR and Impreg.
After getting its face smashed in by All Might, the powerful Nomu creature didn't exactly vanish. Free of its master's commands, the Nomu no wonders the city. Looking for any lovely ladies to entertain its lust. MHA

Tags: Monster-on-girl, rough sex

This will be a place where I will share the 1k prompts for my 5$ patrons. 

Deciding the war-torn world needs to repopulate, Aang and company come up with a way to make certain woman impossibly more fertile than before. The first person to receive this blessing is none other than Azula herself.

Suggested and voted for by readers on my .

(Contains mindbreak, gangbang, hatesex, incest, body mod, breeding)
In order to ensure the continuation of sentient life throughout the multiverse, prime specimens have been gathered in this facility with one purpose only: to breed like rabbits. [futa, yuri, incest, impreg, monster girl] [commission]

Themes: Rough Sex, Alien Sex, Breeding

Summary: Miranda finds out that her sister has gone missing before Shepard manages to secure her loyalty. As such, she goes looking for Oriana on her own, and ends up meeting with a Batarian Slaver, all by her lonesome. Luckily for her, he's a bit of a human fetishist... and she IS the perfect human specimen.

Midnight and Mt. Lady find themselves assigned to a young student at UA High to keep him on the straight and narrow and make sure he doesn't become a Villain. Teaching a young boy a thing or two should be easy for the busty beauties, right?

Chapter 2 now up, featuring Bakumom!

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Psychic Powers

Summary: Through a variety of events, Jean ends up stranded in the Savage Lands. Luckily, she's not alone...

A grumpy man and his partner are security guards for an expensive museum. Of course, once the former got left by himself and found non other than Rouge the Bat barging in afterwards. It would be a bad day. But once he caught the bat, someone’s going to have much needed fun.

Contains: Sexual Content, Rape and Human male on Furry female.
Offered an unusual proposition by his sister and her wife Jaune rewawakens old feelings of taboo incestuous nature for his sibling Saphron. Little did he or Saphron know that Terra is aware of that feeling being mutual and decides to make Jaune a true member of their little family after getting him to knock her up.
Being flung across from her own universe Kushina winds up a fish out of water in a modern world, namely landing in Tokyo. Making use of her ninja skills to give herself shelter and an identity she winds up staying for a little while until noticing the anomaly that is a perverted boy with demonic powers. Both of which happen to entice her quite a bit, and for a woman being deprived of sex Issei Hyoudou looked that much more appealing.

Themes: Doll Sex, Magic, Inanimate Objects Animated

Summary: This is probably one of the weirdest thing I've ever written. As you can likely tell by my difficulty coming up with proper 'themes' for this piece. In which a dude makes high quality dolls, and then they come to life and one gets fucked. Here's the I was given for this. Enjoy!

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