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Hello there gentle Gents and lusty Ladies!

Commission Status: CLOSED

*Pricing ~ $5 /1k words

The name is Flame Arrow, put together per HF rules. My biggest purpose on this site is to upload all the lewd stories that continue to pervade my underdeveloped mind whenever I watch fictional female characters across all of media. And I do mean all of media.

If you haven't guessed from the few stories of mine you've read, I tend to write outside of vanilla, unless requested. Reason being is this is fiction, where anything is possible! If I wanted vanilla, I wouldn't be in the category of fiction. Also, I enjoy my porn with a bit of plot. Not a massive amount, just enough for you to contextualize why Zelda is taking a Moblin through the backdoor or Bayonetta started to enjoy being on her knees.

All that said, I do enjoy some variety in my stories, and a part of that is having the readers decide where it goes, or at least what chapter comes next in my longer tales. And, again, I do like to write at length.

If you want to read my stories or look for commissions/polls, be aware I can write in about anything, as I am NOT opposed to getting into a new fandom to make the best smut! That said, I can write well in the following off hand.

·         Zelda                           ·         Real life (Mythology)     ·         Dragon Ball                 ·         Metroid
·         RWBY                         ·         DC                                 ·      Mass Effect                   ·         My Hero Academia
·         Marvel                         ·         Ah! My Goddess
           ·         Undertale                    ·         Bayonetta
·         Final Fantasy I-XII       ·        
Avatar: TLA + LoK        ·         Steven Universe         ·         Pokemon
·         One Piece                   ·         FATE

All that said, if you feel like deciding where my stories go, or even line yourself up for a commission, look for my patreon below and enjoy my stories that come. In more than one way~


Favorite Stories (4)

When an overly cocky Hilda -- brash and rude in the wake of beating Team Plasma and the Elite Four of Unova -- treats you like garbage in response to a friendly challenge, you decide to make a wager on the result of the match that results in her being your helpless fuck slave for a night.

Reader/Hilda.  Commission. 
Ruby Rose (from RWBY), is unwillingly(?) signed up for an extended stay in the Slut Life CYOA.  She'll be exposed to all sorts of monsters and men, and all of them want a piece of her.  How will she cope with her new hypersexual surroundings?
Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill), Weiss Schnee (RWBY), and Pharah (Overwatch) go head-to-head-to-cunt-to-ass-to-mouth in an interdimensional slut-off. Surely they'll get along and make it a fair fight...right?
Tifa is pretty good at taking care of herself, but a customer with some unusual gear manages to catch her off guard with some fancy new hypnosis tech.  It doesn't take him long to get her thinking of sucking cock for money as a worthwhile career shift. 

(Twitter poll fic.) (Hypnosis, mind control, spirals, subliminal messaging, cock worship, blowjobs, noncon to dubcon.)


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Allcreation103 on August 15, 2019, 12:30:35 PM

Allcreation103 on
Allcreation103I have a fandom I want a Commission for, but it’s not listen in your description. If your not interested then that’s fine. It’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by the way.

FlameArrow on August 15, 2019, 12:48:49 PM

FlameArrow on
FlameArrowI should be able to do sufficient research on it. I am familiar with Xenoblade one, as I know Shulk (FEELING IT!). If its a deep involved story... maybe not. If its scene or character interaction specific, I can likely investigate enough to do it. I did such for Nami and One Piece.

Please email me if you want to start a conversation and get some details.

Allcreation103 on August 15, 2019, 12:52:49 PM

Allcreation103 on
Allcreation103I already commissioned a story from you. I’ll wait until your done or is it possible I can have a second slot?

FlameArrow on August 15, 2019, 1:26:02 PM

FlameArrow on
FlameArrowWait, you did? I don't recognize your name and it's not coming up in my emails. What was the email address, or just send me another to confirm.

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