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Continuing Incestibles?

Blog Entry: Continuing Incestibles?

Blog Entry: Continuing Incestibles?
Posted by: HallowGazer
Posted: June 20, 2019, 8:15:03 AM
Updated: June 20, 2019, 8:19:30 AM
the tl;dr upfront: I'm close to finishing the colors of the remaining 5 pages.
I won't continue the comic beyond that.
Truth be told, I've been having second thoughts about the comic for a while.
Some time ago, I noticed people started uploading the b/w-comic pages on other porn-sites (no doubt after I said the project is on hiatus). Which wouldn't be an issue in itself, but I noticed that google no longer autocompleted my username for a while and the comic shows up way too frequently on search-results.
I mentioned before that I'm aiming to work in comics/mangas for a career and I finished my original comic-pitch and sent it out to several publishers not too long ago.
Now, the Incestibles comic can still be found on page 1 when googling my username. So any editor will easly find this when looking me up online.
Basically, the comic was distributed too much and I'm deeply worried an Underage/Incest-related comic would severly damage any professional reputation I could ever hope to build.
For at least a few of you will be disappointed and for that, I apologize. Maybe you've already expected this, given the long wait-time.
I recognize that is on me and I should have thought this through from the beginning instead of setting ambitious goals and high expectations.
What's left is to express my gratitude to MightyMoosifier for writing the comic and helping me out big-time with the colors. Everything you did get to see of this comic was only made possible by her collaboration.
Sorry again, guys.

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