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At the school of U.A., every student has what's known as a "quirk," which, for most students, equates to a superpower.  In the case of Toru Hagakure, her quirk happens to be invisibility.  After developing a crush on one of her classmates, she decides to sneak into her dorm room and wait for her, wanting to ask her on a date.  What she discovers when Mina returns is much more than she was bargaining for...

Contains: Parody, Futa, Yuri, Futa-on-female
When Tsuyu's quirk causes her to develop an....interesting appendage, her friend Mina is more than happy to help her deal with it. (breeding, impregnation, creampie, futa, futa on female)
[Persona 5] Lesbian road trip! Well...a trip to Mementos, anyway. The girls all like to get together to unwind, and to get some privacy they talk Mona into driving them around Mementos while they fuck each other silly.

That...that's about it. LOOKIN' COOL SIMPLE ONESHOT SMUT!

[Futa/Futa/F/F, Creampie, Group Sex)
[Persona 5] For the past few weeks, Sae's been hiring a maid that's absolutely awful at her job...but good at getting her wet. It's time for Sae to make her move on Becky, and find out just what the maid is packing underneath that cute skirt of hers! (Spoilers: It's a big ol' cock that's just...just top notch.)

(Futa/Female, Excessive Cum, Maid Outfit)
Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura are just a couple of (dick)gals trying to get fit. Once the blood's flowing and the sweat's oozing, inhibitions loosen, and they fuck harder than any two pornstars on Earth.

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