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Rakked's Story Index!

Blog Entry: Rakked's Story Index!

Blog Entry: Rakked's Story Index!
Posted by: Rakked
Posted: March 15, 2013, 3:52:04 PM
Updated: May 31, 2014, 7:08:43 AM
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My catalog of work here is getting larger and larger, and I realized that the disorganized nature of the "Stories" tag might be a little intimidating/uninviting to new readers. So, I present... An index! 

The categories overlap some, obviously.

*$10 Commissions!*

Check 'em out! - So far we've got a BUNCH of Harry Potter, some Lara Croft, some tentacles, some Pokemon, some time-stop, some incest and bestiality... something for everyone, really. Even some Belgariad!

*Marienne's OCs!* 

Dr. Marienne Silverleaf is the reason I'm posting on HF; I loved the character so much I just had to write a story about her, then I wrote about Queen Alistia, and Liz Misery, and Bobbi the Trap, and I had to post them here. So if you love my work – thank Marienne! 

Marienne's Customer – Dr. Marienne Silverleaf made a leeeeetle mistake while under the influence of a frog-man's hallucinogenic cum, and she has an irritated and horny customer to... deal with. Oral, fucking, cumplay, gokkun, straight shota. 

Queen Alistia and the Prince of Sorcerers – The foundations of Queen Alistia's power are as shaky as her ridiculous rack. When the Prince of Sorcerers invades, she will be sorely tested. And fucked. A lot. Like... just so much fuckin', I can't even tell you. Oral, anal, gangbang, straight shota, bestiality, cum-guzzling, a trap, a little incest... Hell, I probably forgot some! 

Cinnamon Rolls – Liz Misery is a rocker who drinks cum on stage and slurps down sperm on camera for her band Jizzbucket. It's been a year since she's had a cinnamon roll with actual frosting. Can she get one? Gokkun, cum on food. 

Bobbi Gets Busted – Bobbi the Trap was caught masturbating. Now his mom's gotten a wicked little device to make him stop... but it might do the job too well... Orgasm denial, ball-busting. 

Bobbi the Trap and the Soccer Team - Bobbi is fed up with being called a sissy all the time just because his mom makes him dress like a girl! He challenges the soccer team's captain to a game to prove he isn't a sissy. What will happen when he wins? Spoiler alert: He's gonna get raped. Rough m+/m rape. A collaboration with the Red Dakkar.

Mark the Adventurer meets Queen Alistia - MarkyDaySaid's meets Marienne's . That's really all you need to know!


A lot of these will include some incest and bestiality, but I like having them seperate. As you can see, I adore fantasy and fairy tales. 

Princess Gwendis and the Blessing of Cum – A fairy's poorly-worded blessing leads to an elfin princess's deliriously depraved cum-guzzling antics. Oral, gokkun, equine cock-sucking, a little incest.
Gwendis 2: Sir Samuel's Sexy Bitches – Princess Gwendis's insatiable thirst for jizz has started a bit of a trend among the nobility – a trend Sir Samuel's sweet daughters and sex-craving wife are more than happy to get in on. Bestiality, incest. 

Kitten Loves Cream - A continuation of Princess Gwendis and the Blessing of Cum, starring Sark the orcish tavern keeper, now fled from the justice of Prince Andor, and Satsuiki's catgirl OC!

Elf's Wedding – Poor Melina is getting ready for her wedding with her handsome fiance Jareth when he breaks some bad news to her... and then breaks her. Rough sex, enslavement, bestiality, choking. 

Jareth's Centaur – On a visit to his friend Jareth's estate, Duke Marley has a pleasant interlude with his enslaved sister, and he and his stallion join Jareth in breaking a lithe centauress to the saddle. Incest, horse-on-centaur, Jareth you monster >.< 

Helena's Vacation – Helena is a bored, hot college girl who dreams about minotaur cock. On a vacation to Crete, she gets what she wants. Oral, anal, minotaur fuckin'. 

Tinzey's New Tattoos – Tinzey Sandreel wakes up from a wicked drunk covered in slutty tattoos, with all her clothes stolen. Will she be able to make it to a wizard to get them removed before something irrevocable happens? Fucking of course not. Oral, anal, gangbang, public.

The Dangers of Bathing in the Woods – A cute elf maid goes skinny-dipping and attracts the attention of some orcs and their wolves... Rough, dirty fucking ensues. Oral, anal, bondage, bestiality, gang-bang. 

The Big, Bad Wolf and the Boy in Red – A dark, atmospheric M/m fairy tale. Bestiality, anal, soft vore.

Ten Minute Fairy Tales – A collection of brief, chipper stories about fairies, witches, and talking animals I wrote to cheer up a friend. Non-fatal swallowing, lots of sex.

Veterinary Care – A short, humorous story about a dragon with a problem and a sexy veterinarian who helps him out. Oral, swallowing.

Delivering on the Full Moon – Who on earth orders five gallons of steamed rice delivered on the full moon? A horny, hungry werewolf. Bondage, anal, implied vore (not of heroine). 

Ophelia Teke's Dreams Come True - Ophelia Teke is a spoiled little rich girl who gets introduced to the pleasures of being fucked and bred by orc cock. A prize for RevenantMuse for winning my name-guessing contest in Princess Gwendis and the Blessing of Cum ^^

Skybound - Planet Skybound is home to some strange, strange tentacled creatures who love to implant their eggs in human females! Commissioned by sonadora33. Tentacles and alien impregnation abound!

Don't Talk to Princesses! - I recently , and this is a celebration of my first milestone! ^_^ It's a humorous erotic fantasy story about a young dragon and a determined princess that I think you’ll really get a kick out of.

Kazdar the Grim and the Tower of the Elf MILF - Kazdar the Grim has determined to scale the mightiest tower of the ancient elven kingdoms and plunder its treasures. Some treasures take more plundering than others. And as every good barbarian knows, a MILF is the greatest treasure of all.

Orc and Elf: Meeting in the Middle - Rusgo the orc and Kellodar the elf have been hired for a job by a curvy halfling woman, but they just can’t get along until she decides to get to the bottom of their grievance once and for all. She’s more than happy to be the bridge between two cultures. And in the end, the solution is simple: they team up to stuff her hot little bod with their giant cocks.

Down and dirty animal fucking. I <3 it. Lots of this in the Fantasy area, as well ;-) 

Hannah's Misadventures in Dogsitting – Sweet, innocent Hannah somehow always winds up on her knees for a nice, hard doggy cock. Poor thing. She starts something of a trend in her neighborhood... Dogs, F/F, light submission. 

Don't Wear a Skirt to a Dog Show! – A Choose-Your-Own Hannah's Misadventure! 

Musking Lady Valerie – Lady Valerie has been sentenced to the dirtiest, most humiliating punishment imaginable for a noblewoman: She's scented with musk and thrown to a pack of big-dicked dogs in the front of a crowd! Doggy gang-bang, enslavement. 

Stacy and Debbie and Karl the Horse – Stacy and Debbie fuck Karl the horse. Don't expect a lot of plot. F/F, horse fucking. 

Mrs. Sanderson Takes the Knot - Inspired by the amazing Ninja Kitty! F/dog, F/m, mother/son incest.

Meg's Boyfriend - Jess has the hots for her sweet, shy coworker Meg, but Meg has a boyfriend... A big, strapping, canine boyfriend. FF/dog, canine dominance.

These are all harem stories, in a way. They were all tons of fun to write. Enjoy! 

Pheromones and the Millers – A favorite of mine. Bobby Miller tries out a new product, with delightful results for his mother and sister – hot, incestuous fucking. Mother/son, brother/sister, harem. 

Cute but Stupid – A young man lures his busty sister into sucking his cock. When he pushes it, he gets more than he bargained for, in a big way! Also, pretty fucking funny if you ask me. Brother/sister, aunt/nephew, mother/son, spanking, oral, anal, harem. 

Stepmom Blues – Trophy wife Bunny Malone was left almost nothing by her rich, dead husband, so she turns her wiles on his young son. It... doesn't turn out how she wants it to. Stepmom/stepson, brother/sister, oral, anal, harem. 

Mark Becomes King – Prince Mark has been away from the capital for three years, fighting as a knight on the borders. When his father dies, he returns home to a sister, aunt, and mother, each with their own goals, each uncertain how he has changed. Brother/sister, nephew/aunt, mother/son, submission, light spanking, harem. 

Lydia's Big Gulp – Lydia is talked into a bet by her sister - if Beth Ann can fill up a Big Gulp mug with cum, she’ll drink it; if she can’t fill the mug, Beth Ann buys her a new bicycle she’s been wanting. After draining the guys at the party they’re attending, the mug isn’t full. Fortunately, the party is in a barn, and not all the boys there are human…



Bambi's Revenge – The Great Prince of the Forest just lost his wife to a hunter's bullet, and he isn't going to take that lying down. Well, he is. Sort of. Lying down with the hunters' wives. Fucking them, that is. 

Taking Belle – A brief snippet about Belle and the Beast. Short, sweet, sexy. 

Marguerite and Max – Technically a Little Mermaid story, but there's a sad, sad tale behind it. Check the comments for the background; enjoy Max fucking a French maid.  

Harry Potter- 

Firenze's Lesson – Luna Lovegood and a small group of other schoolgirls sneak into the Forbidden Forest to get a private lesson from the gorgeous centaur Firenze. 

Hermione's Time-Travelling Hippogriff Ride – Just what it says on the tin. Hermione finds a way to have some “quality time” with Buckbeak before his execution. 

Hermione and Luna and Fluffy – I'M BAD WITH NAMES OKAY. Some luscious schoolgirl canine cock worship.

Horsecock Harry and the Twins' Plan - A commission from the amazing Cypher3au; the Patil twins and Hermione enjoy some "quality time" with Harry's giant cock.

Star Wars -  

Aayla and Bly – Aayla Secura gets some well-deserved relaxation with Commander Bly. Happy ending! Prequel time period, obviously. 

Truth in Advertising – Commission for phoenix. A sexy courier finds her picture plasted over an advertisement for prostitutes, and takes issue with the advertiser. But if it's true, she can't really complain, can she? Hypnotism, mind control, public gangbang. Old Republic. 

Breeders for the Hive – Commission for sonadora33.Two hot Sith chicks get an... unusual request from a Killik hive as part of their negotiations. 

Misc. Parodies - 

Never Say No to Panda – Vicky the lawyer learns why it's best not to refuse Panda. Public fucking, humiliation, bestiality. 

Love Under Ice – Katara and Zuko bond while trapped in an ice cave. Sweet lovemaking. Kinda unusual for me... 

Chel in the Temple of the Horse – Road to El Dorado's Chel bones down hard with Altivo the horse. 

Sauron and Morgoth – Really, Mairon and Melkor, since it's before their name changes. Short work, not super sexual, but erotically charged. M/M. 

Breakfast with the King – A guro story starring the Burger King. Some F/F. Just... ugh. I hate myself sometimes.  

Selene, Werewolf Breeder - Selene from Underworld in a werewolf gangbang.

Jenny and the Pleasure Web - a series of connected stories about sleek, sexy robot babe Jenny Wakeman, from My Life as a Teenage Robot. Has a crossover with Mega Man, because Quick Man is a sexy beast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Cocks for All! - A collection of TMNT 2012 stories, mostly disjointed. It's got Donnie/April, Leo/Karai, Raph/Karai, and April/all Turtles. I'm slowly forging this into a coherent series involving April becoming a fuckdoll for the whole turtle crew.

Fluttershy's Amphibian Friend - the Newtralizer from TMNT 2012 finds his way by dimensional accident into a surprisingly pleasant land. Goofy pairing, but tons of cum, and I think you'll like it.

Hope Estheim Becomes a Man - Hope has been living with (and fiercely crushing on) Lightning since the events of Final Fantasy XIII. He's growing up, and he desperately wants her to see him as a man and a lover. This is how that comes about. No knowledge of the game required.

Rakked's Mass Effect Stories - All of my Mass Effect stories can be found here.

Garruk Wildspeaker: Respite from the Hunt - Garruk Wildspeaker, feral huntsman and planeswalking sorcerer, seeks respite in a friendly temple from his endless hunt and the deadly curse in his veins. He fucks a centaur and a dryad.

Raven vs. Basketball - Trapped in the Mad Mod’s sinister school, Raven finds herself facing off against a team of basketball players with only one thing on their minds: giving one young superheroine the gangbang of her life.

Fluttershy's Stuffed Shorts - Rarity and Fluttershy have fun with Fluttershy's giant futa cock. Lots of cum ^_^


Becoming Daisy – Jenny buys a bra from the wrong store. Mind control, transformation, bimbofication, lactation. 

Valentine's Day at Precinct 69 – It's Valentine's Day, Officer Sally Jones' first day on sample collection! The precinct's budget has gotten a lot bigger since the instituted their new DNA sample collection program... Oral, prostitution, cum, policewoman. 

Study Time with Audrey and Sandy – Sandy is a shy college girl with a huge crush on her futa classmate Audrey. But she's got a plan...   

Danni Boy and Howitzer Rose - How will sweet little trap Danni react to sexy futa Rose's lewd offer? F/m, anal.

Fistful of Baht - A young lady is mistaken for a prostitute and decides to go along with it for fun…

Fan Lottery Winners! - Mini-Commissions given as prizes for various fan lotteries.

Rakked's Christmas Charity Drive! - I wrote more than 12,000 words in two days for charity. Whew!

Bree's Tryout Turn-Out - I'm gonna cut to the chase here. A cute little trap gets his ass railed by an entire squad of futa cheerleaders.

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Thirty monster girl stories in thirty days. Check 'em out! Something for everyone.

*Fun with OCs!* 

Royal Lust and Divine Debauchery - Hathor, cow-horned fertility goddess of Ancient Egypt, wants a vacation. The minotaur demigoddess Queen Excellia is more than happy to take over... especially when she meets Farah, the mother of the queen... Commission from ashraam.  

The Mystery Hunters Get Porked - Anna-Sophia, Natsumi, and Ariela are on the trail of a schoolgirl-nabbing pig spirit. Will they succeed in ridding Benzaiten Academy of the big-dicked supernatural menace? Or will they end up getting porked? Commission from Pantboy.

Felicity: Boyfriend Practice with a Tentacle Monster - Some sweet, hot consensual tentacle lovin' starring rainbow-flyer's OC Felicity, with a badass piece of fanart by rainbow-flyer herself!

Thistle the Faerie- 

Mrs. Rakked's OC. These stories were gifts from me to her, and she wanted 'em posted, so here you are :-) 

Reya and Thistle – Reya the swordswoman comes across a long, lean, sexy elf shackled to an enchanted post way out in the wilderness. The conditions for his release are... unorthodox. Well, it's better than kissing a frog. Oral, fuckin', dragon! 

Thistle Steals a Kiss - One morning, Thistle stole a kiss. He traded the kiss for a flower, the flower for a cane, the cane for a cloak, the cloak for a bucket, and the bucket for a kiss. Oral, fucking, fairies.

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