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Favorite Stories (16)

Jaune unlocks a Semblance that seems at first glance to be useless. A little aura transfer, a warm sensation and a faint pink glow. It doesn't seem to have much effect on Yang in training, even if she started to act a little unusual. His mind - and Yang's - soon change when late night training turns to exercise of an altogether more enjoyable variety.

Commissioned work
Summary: King Jon and Queen Daenerys need an heir, but the queen is barren. Their solution: Jon impregnates seven women, one from each of the Seven Kingdoms. And the queen is there to personally oversee each impregnation.
Content Warnings: Cousin Incest, Aunt/Nephew Incest, Brother/Sister kink, Femdom

The commissioner of this fic is focusing on other things and has left it up for adoption. If anyone wants to take over commissioning it, contact me.

Themes: Loving Sex, Ritual Sex, Reincarnation

Summary: In which an OC reincarnated into the Wizarding World finds a few significant changes from canon. Least of all is Hella Potter replacing Harry Potter as the Girl-Who-Lived and the Savior of the Wizarding World.

Patreon Story Exclusive (The next two chapters of this story will always be available over on my Patreon!)

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Multi-Themes

Summary: Featuring a Jon Snow with more dragon blood in him than canon. Not quite mad, but certainly carrying himself with more confidence and royal composure than one would expect, he can't help but draw the eyes of women, both noble and not, everywhere he goes.

Jon Snow has a list. He made it while Catelyn Stark was sucking his cock, hidden under a table. A list of women. Cersei Lannister may not have planned to have Jon Snow thrusting into her cunt while her son Joffrey was banging against the door, demanding to know what was going on, but she'd certainly loved being crossed off that list. The second, third, and fourth time as well.


Favorite Authors' Recent Submissions

"Hunter of Huntresses? I haven't heard that title in a long time"

I thought I could write this in 12 hours as a new year's gift to rwbysmut4life (who propagated Horse Faunus Jaune) and all the people on his discord server community (except Sandkings321 because he plagiarized me before). It's a month late because I got too attached to it, and made it go from 4000 words to 10000. Enjoy.

Literal Interracial, Big Tits, Big Cock, Maledom, Minor Cheating, Race Kink.
"Uh, might seem pretty rapey in some parts, and pretty anti-lesbian. Read at your own risk, I guess."

[RWBY] AU, In which a couple of kemonomimi bitches learn their place in Remnant, for world peace. Unfortunately, most of the fierce Faunus women still need to be tamed––a process which a few hung human males would enjoy doing to the fullest.

Literal Interracial, Big Tits, Big Cock, Fictional Racism, Maledom, Dubious Consent, BDSM Tropes, Corruption.
"How many military movie names can I parody? Let's find out."

[RWBY] Sort-of AU, in which some slutty human women start riding some big Faunus dick. Let's see what sort of debauchery shall be discovered in the upper echelons of Atlas' military and society.

Winter Schnee x OC. There's going to be a lot of Faunus OCs.

Literal Interracial, Big tits, Big Cock, Animal Penises (without actual animals), Maledom, Dubious Consent, Pining, Excessive Swearing, Fictional Politics.
"NTR? Lemme copy-paste some hentai plots, brb."

[RWBY] Jaune cucks people. 'Nuff said. This series will update irregularly, so whenever I feel like it. Just expect some unconnected stories regarding Jaune + NTR plot every now and then.

Maledom, Big Dick, NTR, Netorare, Cuckold, Cheating, Open Relationship, Breeding, Rough Sex.
[RWBY] Peaceful AU. Kali and Ghira, two alphas, are set to be mated. They both intend to smoothen the bumps in their unorthodox pairing. Inspired by Aestheticc-Meme’s artworks, part of the  #LetGhiraFuckHisWife campaign. One-shot.

Big Cock, Big Ass, Maledom, Femdom, Implied Fetishes, Scratching, Breeding, Hate Fucking, Loving Sex, Married Sex, Teen Sex, MILF, DILF.


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