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After a failed assassination attempt against Kitana, Mileena returns to Shang Tsung's island with a captive from Earthrealm. However, that failure is not met with the lenience Mileena had expected....

[Sheeva/Mileena/Sonya] [doublecock] [titfucking] [double blowjob] [anal/DAP/TAP]

(This story's canon blends design and story elements of MK9 and MKX)
Commission from shazam89. After securing the Purgatory Bar on the Citadel for a one night bash befitting the Pirate Queen of Omega, Aria T'loak invites Shepard and his female crew for a private grand opening. Everything is on the house. But there are certain... stipulations that each person must follow, designed specifically to put one quarian dickgirl through a night of sexual hell. Or, if not hell, at least Purgatory.
Don't have time for a long drawn out story? Then you need Quick Fics! Get your fap on fast-style with these short single scene smut-fics suggested as prompts by readers via my  
Welcome again, adventure fans! A little work to accompany This glorious image . Marienne Silverleaf takes on the jungle! Be sure to Vote in the new 
Blood elf huntress Evyline enters the Hijacked Portal and infiltrates a Legion ship... but the portal closes behind her.

[Futa(many)/F] [double/triple anal] [vaginal] [double-cock] [blowjob] [titfuck] [r43p]

Written for my page.
Collection of connected stories from the Mass Effect universe. Except a fuckload of buttsex.

[Story written for my page]

ch.1 - Tali/Liara/Samara [futa(x3)] [frot] [anal/DAP] [paizuri]
ch.2 - Miranda/Aria/asari [futa(x5)/F] [anal/DAP/TAP] [hotdogging]
Characters from video games, cartoons and anime are presented with a reader-chosen rod and told to get to get their slutty mouths to work.

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Set in the "A Quarian's Duty" universe of Mass Effect. EDI's got a poppin' body with legs for days and an ass that will not quit. But she's still a virgin, and with Joker's medical condition, she needs a practice penis to calibrate her holes before she accidentally breaks Joker's pelvis. Now where can she find someone with a dick who will let her collect hours upon hours upon hours of data?

Oh. How about that quarian pervert in Engineering?
The term "firepower" means different things to different people. Between Zarya and Widowmaker the debate takes on a more carnal tone as both demonstrate the advantages of their respective positions with their own bodies.

(futa/futa, masturbation, toys, bukkake)
After years of exclusion, the epicenter of the Nintendoverse is forced to face a foe that it could never have prepared for -- the flagship newcomer known as Bayonetta. Now wearing the Master Hand as a glove, Bayonetta conquers the arena at the center of the multiverse, reshaping it in her own image.

Now, alongside seven other characters from five other franchises, Samus Aran -- stripped down to her zero suit -- is introduced to this new... "style"... of sportsmanship.
On a routine mission, Samus Aran finds herself infected with a symbiotic parasite that puts her in quite an... awkward... situation. Returning to find out what happened, she finds herself faced with a familiar associate.
A story about a girl and some other girls. Dicks are often involved.
Dicks for days, like.
This story is about a futanari protagonist who gets in a lot of trouble for thinking with her wrong head.
Commissioned(!) story featuring friendly neighborhood Eyline Avari finding herself knee-deep in all sorts of trouble. Who knew?
Commission from veroa. Tali longs to be free of her suit. While on her Pilgrimage, she discovers a way to strengthen the quarian immune system using krogan DNA. It's her quarian duty to try this new procedure, but can she live with the side effects?
Veronica Marsh is the newest student of Coxswell University. College life can be really hard for one of the few girls in a mostly futanari school.
An opening fiction introducing one of my longest standing and most developed characters, Marino Vega, Her adventures, conquests and search for self and splendor.
Christine is sucked into dark corridors and tempted by dark denizens. Her only hope of escape is YOU. Navigate Christine to the end of the house`s perverted labyrinth, or abandon her to her doom as one of The Maze`s growing number of victims.
A genius apprentice sorceress. An innocent farmboy. A summoning spell gone horribly, wonderfully wrong.

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