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Commission Info

Blog Entry: Commission Info

Blog Entry: Commission Info
Posted by: TheOrcKing
Posted: June 13, 2018, 7:30:37 AM
=Commission Info=

If you are interested in commissioning some writing, I consider offers on a case-by-case basis. Real life is incredibly busy because I have very serious health problems and I am a full-time student. Also, every time I stop to work on a story for someone else, it takes away the time I have to work on my personal backlog of stories.

That being said, if you want to inquire about a commission, please send an email to "> and include a description of what you want. A basic premise and types of sexplay you want to see, as long as it adheres to the content rules below.


What I won’t do:
Underage Sex
Non-Erotic Torture
Game of Thrones porn
8 Million Orgasms in a row
Stories where every single chapter has multiple gangbangs

There may be other restrictions, depending on the work proposed.

What I do Specialize in:
S&M Stuff (Not your 50 Shades of Bullshit variety either.)
Fantasy Settings

Hit or Miss- Parody Porn. I can write you porn about your favorite characters be they from movies, tv, comics, video games, etc. But only on a case by case basis. I get around, but if I don’t know enough about the characters I don’t have the time sit down and watch 13 episodes of a show to capture them or the setting. But it doesn’t hurt to ask, if you want something that boils down to FanFic, please feel free to inquire. (As stated above, absolutely no Game of Thrones.)

=Rates, Fees & Payments=
All payments are in US Dollars via Paypal (Do not send me money until I tell you to, the email address above is not my payment address, if your commission is accepted you will receive a link to my paypal account.)

Please see the links below for work samples of previous commissions. Additional examples are in my profile, please feel free to peruse them.


$50 for a one-shot
This is a single chapter story, self contained with some plot, setup and sex scene. Averages between 10-20 typed pages. Specific number of pages are not guaranteed. See examples below. This fee is non-refundable, unless I am unable to complete your story request or something else unforeseen comes up.

$10 portfolio fee.
If you want the story for private use there is a fee. I have no problem with private commissions, but my portfolio is basically a resume, so if you want to keep the work off my resume, I require the $10 fee as compensation. Most commissioners like their work shared, if you don’t pay the fee, then you agree to have it shared on my personal website, Literotica, Tumblr and and whatever other platform I choose. You will of course be given credit as the commissioner and your generosity in sharing the work with the public will of course be acknowledged.

$10 editing fee.
I will edit the story after completion, free of charge, However, if you request multiple changes, especially outside of the scope of what was originally agreed upon or changes that would alter the content of the story, there will be a minimum $10 fee, the fee will increase depending on the complexity of the changes.

$20 more sex please! fee.
This fee is charged if you request additional sex acts added to the story outside of the scope of what was originally agreed upon. Sex scenes are time consuming to write and the hardest part of any manuscript, requesting sex scene on top of sex scene on top of sex scene makes my job more difficult as I try to avoid being repetitive. Also the more shit you try to jam in, the more the quality will drop.

I reserve the right to refuse edits outside of the scope of agreed upon content.

*Full length novels

$600 minimum starting rate.

I can write you a multi-chapter story like Gemini Strike, the price scales, depending on content (complexity) setting and the number of chapters desired. If there is an issue or you decide to bail, I will refund 25% of the starting rate. This is because my ideas are my currency, I won't spend weeks of my life developing a world, setting and characters just to have the commissioner pull out. In the event the commissioner wants to bail, there will be a 25% refund ($150) the rest is a development fee that is non-refundable for the work I put in to develop the setting and characters.

=Refund Policy=

The only exception to the refund rules are if I am unable to deliver the content agreed upon. (IE something comes up that keeps me from finishing the project, in which case a full refund or a refund based on the amount of work completed will be issued.) When I say shit is non-refundable, it isn’t to rip you off. I won't take the money and run, if there is a serious issue on my end I will happily issue refunds based on the situation. (I’ve issued full refunds after putting 30 hours of work into a project, in those circumstances, I am the one getting fucked, not the customer who gets 30 hours of work plus a refund.)

If you think the fees are too much, I will not lower them. As it is they are already too low, I do this out of the kindness of my heart. I was charging $20 for commissions, if I put 30 hours into it, that averages out to $1.66 an hour. Would you work for $1.66 an hour doing complex work that requires talent and skill? I didn’t think so.

Also, in the erotic publishing world, the starting ‘shit wage’ that is considered barely livable that I have been paid multiple times for writing a novel starts at about $8,000 per manuscript. Most writers wouldn’t take that unless they had to, so charging you (to start with at least) $600 is a steal. It is more to make my skills more accessible to the general public than to make a profit.

The $10 portfolio fee applies as well.

Editing fees are scaling but will only be charged if you request significant alterations outside of the content that was agreed upon.

=Misc Info=    
Page counts, word counts and delivery dates are not guaranteed. I do schedule my writing time daily and I work every single day for a fixed amount of time. I have serious health issues so the only time I don’t write is if something health related comes up. (Which sadly does happen, I can’t write if I am in the hospital or laid out, screaming in pain.)

I am happy to provide samples of the work in progress periodically, under certain conditions. Prior to starting on your commission, i will have gone back and forth with you to discuss every aspect of the story you want, if for some reason I am lacking information, I will ask for it and I will do my absolute best to deliver the content you asked for.

That being said, I’d rather you wait until a chapter is finished to read it (this is your choice obviously) so as not to ruin the experience of reading it. The only issue I have however, is that a customer will ask for a work in progress and then keep requesting changes to the content outside of the scope of what was agreed upon.

This is what happens when you try to read a story and instead of waiting for it to finish, try making shit up to be added on the spot rather than following the plan already laid out. If this happens, you will be charged a scaling editing fee for the course corrections.

=Previous Commission Samples=

Club Glitter (One Shot)

Fallout 4: Twisted (One Shot)

Happy Birthday Mike (Stacked One Shots)

Star Wars: Phasma’s Daughters (One Shot)

Star Wars: The Futa Awakens (One Shot)

Gemini Strike (A Futanari Space Opera - Full Novel)

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