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Comic moves to permanently

Blog Entry: Comic moves to permanently

Blog Entry: Comic moves to permanently
Posted by: TotemPole
Posted: October 11, 2018, 2:25:41 PM
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Hey guys!
You might have noticed I haven't been uploading stuff to hentaifoundry for a long while.
Thing is, I run 2 webcomics that both have their own websites and Patreons and update twice a week. That's 2(comics)x2(updates)x2(websites) = 8 posts a week. That's on top of other work and a podcast and I simply had enough of making posts everywhere to also update Hentaifoundry, which on top of everything doesn't let us upload more than 3 pictures a day.
Since the comic is free at anyway and you're free to use adblock to stop ads there if you like, I'm not going to upload any more chapters of the comic here.

This way I'm likely to return to posting art to HentaiFoundry, since visiting this page will no loger make me feel guilty :P

Sorry to everyone who liked reading the comic on HF- but you weren't getting new pages here anyway, so I guess it's fine.

I'll be uploading art, sketches and covers for Cummoner (or other comics).
Thanks for reading!

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