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Nana Shimura, still the active wielder of One For All, saves Midoriya from the sludge villain. Afterwards, thanks to the unintentional awakening of the quirk he didn’t even know he had, she desperately wants him to breed her. (Izuku/Nana Shimura)

The Grapist has some fun with Momo's newly discovered love of big dicks. (My Hero)

Themes: Mind Break, Humiliation, Master/Slave

Summary: A Cardin-centric story. In a Remnant where every woman is one humiliating experience away from becoming little more than a giddy, happy cum dump... the girls at Beacon are in danger of becoming property every single moment of every single day.


Themes: Oral Sex, Humiliation, Alien Sex

Summary: Based on this picture by InCase. In which Rey would never have survived on Jakku as just a scavenger. She would have starved a long time ago, if not for The Box.

[My Hero Academia] Self-conscious over the way that Mineta pervs out on all the other girls in her class, Kyoka hatches a plan to put her firmly in his mind, but it backfires when he reads it as a come-on and she finds herself unable to resist when she sees what he can offer her. Commission for simo09
The Batman is dead. Leaving behind a long career filled with many friends and even more foes, Barbara Gordon steps up from being a mere apprentice to the Caped Crusader to being Gotham's leading protectorate. Soon is she to discover though how very grim the city can be, and the villains certainly enjoy having a pretty face around...
Just a collection of prompts that I have also posted to my Tumblr account. More details about how prompts are made and such are available inside the story itself.

Themes: Rough Sex, Fucked Silly, Violence

Summary: In which King Theon Greyjoy of the Iron Isles takes his Ironborn Fleet over to Essos for a pleasure cruise, and in the process ends up sacking Pentos. By the end of it, Viserys Targaryen lays dead at his feet... and Daenerys Targaryen becomes his salt wife. 

Cardin finally manages to make his move to steal Pyrrha from Jaune.

If you like what I do and want to support me, please consider pledging to my
{Commissioned by anonymous}

[My Hero Academia] 

Uraraka Ochaco is an extremely clingy girlfriend, constantly fretting and getting jealous over her boyfriend, Deku. He was now the strongest hero on the planet was frequently away on missions. After rumours begin to spread about Deku dating Hatsume Mei, Uraraka believes the noise and decides to have an affair with Kaminari Denki to get back at him.

Contains - Netorare, Anal Sex, Creampie.
Summary: Daphne is cursed during the Final Battle, leaving her unable to have sex under pain of death. Her boyfriend Harry stands by her side, and swears he'll save her no matter how long it takes. (Daphne/Harry)
Content Warnings: Loss of Virginity, Anal Sex

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Minister Daphne Greengrass always gets what she wants. Tonight, she wants to take a handsome young Brazilian stud back to her office for a private afterparty. (Daphne/Harry/Original Male Character)

This fic was written on commission.  If you'd like a commission of your own, get in touch!
After a wager goes sideways, Daphne finds herself having to spend a whole day as Harry's sex toy, even in class, and Harry is determined to break down her cold act to get to the girl beneath who wants to give in to the sexual tension between them as bad as he does. Anonymous commission.
My Hero Academia story commissioned by anonymous.

While on patrol, Ochako is ambushed by a nomu. She doesn't have the strength to take him on, but a true hero improvises! The question is, will her plan work out as she intended?

Content warning: Rough sex, anal, bulging, creampie

Themes: Mind Control, Rough Sex, Domination

Summary: In which Dudley Dursley is given a chance to go back and have his way with the wizarding world. Of course he's going to take it.

Themes: Omnipotence, Mind Control, Dom/Sub

Summary: In which a young man is gifted omnipotence and dropped into the DC Universe. So, he decides to have some fun with things... starting with Supergirl.

Themes: Rough Sex, Monster Sex, Mind Break

Summary: In which Batwoman walks right into a trap and gets blindsided. At least she figured out where Spoiler and Black Bat both got off to...

Themes: Rough Sex, Mind Break, Breeding

Summary: Based on this picture by Sabu! In which Zelda gets captured by a bokoblin and slowly broken by his big fat cock over time.

Uravity realizes she can't defeat the Nomu on her own, so she decides to keep it occupied by any means necessary until help can arrive. (Uraraka/Nomu)

Content Warnings: Interspecies (Human/Nomu), mild dubcon/reluctance, ATM

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Buffy tries to get on Snyder's good side, only for it to massively backfire... and yet, when all is said and done, she couldn't be happier.


Themes: NTR, Race Play, Humiliation

Summary: In which Rias finds herself forcibly summoned to a basement, where the life of one of her peerage is threatened. In the end, she has to do what they say... for Gasper's sake.
Bi-Weekly poll-requested stories about one character in a kinky situation.

Want to know how Tifa makes an extra buck to keep the 7th heaven open? Curious of Mina's acid can be an aphrodisiac? Or maybe you just want to see Miranda getting the treatment she deserves.

Want to know more? Come inside and found out!

Updates bi-weekly.

Kyoka Jiro wakes up somewhere unfamiliar...

Kinks: mind break, hypnosis, drugs, forced kissing, breast squeezing, spanking, hair pulling, cum drinking, nipple teasing/licking, name-calling, ahegao, blow job

sex position: ballet dancer.

Themes: Mind Control, Time Travel, Rough Sex

Summary: In which Drakken transports his mind from the future to the past, finding himself back in his younger body with a full life's worth of memories to tell him exactly what he needs to know. It's time for Dr. Drakken to get his.
Summary: The story of an innocent girl’s (FemHarry’s) journey into a slutty woman. Learn about the slutty adventures of Harri and her friends.
Beast, Tent, Trans, Gender Bender, Cross-dressing, f/m, m/f/m, f/F, f/M, Minor, Anal, Het, FemSlash, Rape, Incest, Oviposition
Story starts during the Chamber of Secrets but will cover earlier and later years of Harri’s life as well.

(Re-post under different Username)

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