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Callie couldn't believe the text she woke up to find.
Various tiny stories using the 2019 prompt list, because I looked at all the things I have to do and decided this was a good opportunity to practice my flash fiction because I am profoundly stupid.

Wish me luck.
The Flesh Pits are Shang Tsung's personal laboratory. But what if they were more... seductively accurate? And profitable, don't forget profitable. 

For just a few paltry Koins, have the most beautiful of Kombatants grant your every desire... well, within reason...
[NetFlix She-Ra] Bow and Glimmer are eager to bring Adora into the bedroom with them, but unfortunately all Adora knows about sex is the mean, hardcore rough stuff they do in the Fright Zone! Can her two precious cinnamon roll friends show her that it's better to make love than fuck?

(F/F/M, Humor, Threesome, Romance)

Themes: Pokemon Fucking, Tit Fucking, Rough Sex

Summary: A trainer gets in over her head in Mt. Moon, only to be saved by a dark-colored Nidoking. But there's something off about this Nidoking beyond his coloration and his presence on Mt. Moon. Something... special.

Austin Results is a successful company with a very generous rewards package for employees - if they do a good job, they might get to fuck their outrageously hot demon boss!

(M/F, Demoness)

Themes: Corruption, Dragon Sex, Master/Slave

Summary: In which a Dragonborn manages to escape Helgen... but not Alduin's clutches.

People come from every corner of Azeroth to see Sirae dance. It’s not for her dancing itself, no matter how enthralling she is. It’s more for the encore.

Anonymous commission
Tyrande Whisperwind is wise, powerful, well-respected, supremely athletic, and built like a fertility goddess. Bennie’s just a clever gnome with one phenomenal trait. Well, okay, two phenomenal traits. But her mind-control device is the important one.

Anonymous commission
A young writer falls under the sway of an older woman.
Ren Amamiya is happily employed as Mitsuru Kirijo's "secretarial assistant."  What this means is being arm candy by day and her thoroughly submissive whore at night. 

(Commission fic.  Femdom Mitsuru, extremely submissive Ren, some BDSM vibes but without any actual bondage/pain play.  Rough anal.)

Themes: Rough Sex, Primal Sex, Dom/Sub

Summary: An OC finds himself in the body of a wolf faunus, smack dab in the middle of a forest on Remnant. Only thing is, he's never consumed a single ounce of RWBY, and wouldn't know what it was if it bit him in the nose. As it turns out, he and Ruby are going to do a lot more than bite each other's noses...

Tharja tries to set a magical trap for Robin to ensnare the woman she loves and leave her inflamed with desire -- but catches Panne instead.  Now she's at the mercy of a taguel woman with a need to breed caught in something worse than a heat.

(Commission fic.)  (Futa, lesbian, eventual threesome, dubcon, noncon, aphrodisiac stuff.  Futa Panne and Robin, not Tharja.)
Collab with AwesomeOrange! Link
And here it is, the Tifa story I had you all (I am fucking in shock seeing almost 300 people vote, I can't thank y'all enough!!) vote on to decide how it would go for everyones favorite big tit Tifa.

She got the usual VF treatment but I won't spoil too much here.


Fun fact: I used all her Limit Breaks in the story.
Meet Brigitte Lindholm, the young and dashing new face of a new Overwatch-organization. But what should you do if you join a group of exceptional heroes after the last battle has been fought?

Well, grow yourself a cock and get laid of course!

Will Brigitte be able to withstand the temptations? Or will she fall victim to her own lust?

Let's find out!
Tannis never thought she'd actually find a way to be happy in Pandora, but as it turns out...all she needed was a family. Things started to get better for her after she adopted Gaige and Tiny Tina, and the three enjoy a unique relationship. Nobody said you have to be sane to be happy!

(F/F/F, Adopted Incest, Romance)
Most families have one.
A party of four, seeking prestige. A trio of friends, seeking wealth. A set of partners, seeking justice. A solitary outsider, seeking family. Their goals all coincide in the shadow of a fallen warlord, and only they can stop his plan to reshape the world before it begins.
This one is short and sweet I think

Themes: Furry, Loving Sex, Divine Sex

Summary: A guy unlucky in love finds himself in a shrine to Amaterasu. He beseeches her for her aid... and the wolfish goddess likes him praying to her enough that she decides to give him a SPECIAL sort of answer in return...


Themes: Rough Sex, Alien Sex, Breeding

Summary: Miranda finds out that her sister has gone missing before Shepard manages to secure her loyalty. As such, she goes looking for Oriana on her own, and ends up meeting with a Batarian Slaver, all by her lonesome. Luckily for her, he's a bit of a human fetishist... and she IS the perfect human specimen.


Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Psychic Powers

Summary: Through a variety of events, Jean ends up stranded in the Savage Lands. Luckily, she's not alone...

[Zelda] Finally, Link's about to offer his body up to Sheik. He's eager to be threaded by the mysterious warrior, but in order to keep her subterfuge going Zelda has to rely on a blindfold and a strap-on to maintain the illusion and meet expectations.

(M/F, Pegging, Deception, Blindfolds)

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