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A century of isolation can make anyone a little twisted, and Zelda is not immune to going a bit crazy. But with Link's help, and with Paya and Riju going along for the ride, the princess will get to live out her darkest fantasies. [snuff, dolcett, cann] [commission]
Souma has saved the school, and now he wants to achieve the next level of skill. The only way to do that, according to his dad, is to find someone he loves and cook for them. Souma, being Souma, takes this advice and goes well beyond the pale. [Shokugeki no Souma; harem] [commission]
Pacifica invites Dipper and company over for a very special dinner. [Gravity Falls] [dolcett, snuff] [commission]
Here's what you need to know:
The earth is going to be blown up by space triceratops, the turtles, April and Casey are off to space with a cyborg names Fugitoid to stop them.  Their first stop is at a pirate spaceport and the turtles cause a hell of a mess and now have to fight or run.
Rebecca has a reward for the captain of the Straw Hats, in gratitude for the liberation of Dressrosa: a meal he is sure to enjoy.

Spoilers, dolcett, debreasting, cannibalism, vore, gynophagia.
For Boruto's birthday, he gets a very special meal from Sarada and Himawari. [cannibal, dolcett, incest] [commission]
Kazuma has a novel idea to pay off their debts, and Megumin gets passed the buck. She finds she doesn't mind it as much as she'd have thought. [Konosuba] [dolcett, snuff, semi-willing, implied cann] [commission]
Polaris dorm is having a feast, and Megumi and Erina are the "guests of honor". [cannibal, dolcett, snuff] [commission]
Nagi, Hinagiku, and Maria have to pay for a bet foolishly made, and the price might be more than their lives are worth. [Hayate no Gotoku] [dolcett, cannibal, snuff, asphyx, sadism]
Avalanche needs money, and Don Corneo is willing to make a deal. If what he wanted was a whore, Tifa might not have had a problem with it, but this...? [cannibal, dolcett] [commission]
Nico Robin's devil fruit powers find a practical, if morbid use. Commissioned by Oniro. [cann, dolcett, non-snuff]
Boruto Uzumaki will do anything for his wife. And he does mean ANYTHING.

Dolcett, bloodless guro, vore, cannibalism, male victim, snuff, het, hints of incest, yaoi, yuri.
Hermione and Ginny prepare a special meal for their anniversaries.

[cann, dolcett, f/f, f/m, canon pairings]
Kagome is made into a stir fry. What else can you say?

[cannibal, snuff, dolcett]
Due to a bet of uncertain nature with her friend, Karui, Samui finds herself put in an absolutely unbelievable position.

[dolcett, cannibalism, rape, all's well that ends well]
Ikumi "Nikumi" Mito helps Souma with a very special kind of dish. [dolcett, implied cann]
Yuuki Yoshino always knew it would end like this, and she doesn't regret one single thing. It's a fine way to go, really. [Shokugeki no Souma] [snuff, cannibalism, willing victim]
A student helps her teacher test his experimental ovens, which, she soon learns, just happen to be designed to cook girls such as herself.

(M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction)
Mary-Jane Watson tries her hand at acting, in her first and final role as Kirsten Dunst's Snuff Double.

Tags: Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism, Snuff, F/f
A company cookout turns into punishment for a bad-performing employee.

F/F, Snuff, Toys, D/s, Dolcett, Cooking, Cannibalism, Romance
Hinata offers Naruto a special treat after he asks her if she'll let him use her pussy as an edible ramen bowl.

Romantic, cannibalism, Semi-reluctant, Consensual, Oral, Cooking, implied Snuff, M/F, Naruto & Hinata
This was an unfinished story that the great thevisitorblack had posted for anyone to finish.  It really got my attention, so I gave it a try.  I hope everyone likes it.
An eccentric billionaire decides to start keeping (consenting) women as pets.

Note: Whatever the premise might suggest, this story is heavily plot and character driven and I've tried to keep it pretty light.
I couldn’t help myself. Sooner or later, I was going to write a story about a teacher’s pet. Gangbang, bondage, noncon, butt plug, anal sex, impregnation risk, school setting, deep throat.
Sequel to "Liara Offers" Can be read independently.

After the events in the Normandy mess hall, Tali decides that she wants to take Garrus up on his joking request.

Cannibalism, Snuff, Willing, Dominance and Submission, Exhibitionism, Orgasm Control, Public Use, Slave.


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