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To smooth things over between their two villages, Tsunade sends Kushina and Sakura to have a private meeting with the Raikage. Once there, he engages them in a sexual wager that sees both women losing, and then winning, big.

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The Beacon Dance is on, but Pyrrha and Ren's dates are no shows. Jaune and Nora are, instead, enjoying each other's company, with Pyrrha and Ren slowly being swept from each other's minds as things get more passionate. Includes: NTR, smut.

Summary: Sirius wants his godson to experience all that life has to offer, and asks Tonks to help. Hermione is determined to stop it, but will she be able to help herself when she learns what Harry really wants? (Harry/Hermione/Tonks)

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Long before current ages the world was once ruled by demons. However that age soon fell but one demon managed to survive and has risen once again and now is coming back for what is his.. The World.
Ken is a mage in Fairy Tail, and he has gotten his hands on a very special magical tome that can let him rewrite reality. Naturally, he uses this to indulge his fetishes. [anal] [commission]
Set in the Harry Potter universe.
1st person story. (Male)

The story follows Edric Black, a 20 year old born in a post apocalyptic 2090’s who gets whisked away to an altered version of the Harry Potter universe.
Jaune Arc ran a small clinic in Vale offering hypnotherapy to deal with life's woes. Healing comes in many forms and if he takes a little pleasure along the way? Well, that's only fair. It's not like his patients ever complain and he always gives them exactly what they ask for. From showing Ruby just how confident she can be to teaching Weiss how to accept and enjoy taking orders from her team leader. No task is too great and no treatment too sordid.
Summary: Gildarts didn't plan on finding Lucy heartbroken and upset, but after learning that she and Natsu are on break, he can't help but want to seize the moment. One thing leads to another as Gildarts takes Lucy and gives her what Natsu never could. Includes: NTR, Smut, Daddy Fetish.


An amoral young scientist transforms and brainwashes his mother for her own good. Or so he says. Soon, he's transforming everyone in his life into sexy, submissive slaves.

Tags: Mind Control, Age Regression, Bimbofication, Slavery, Incest, Gender Bender, Harem

Some good old roughfuckin' featuring Natsu and Juvia from Fairy Tail.

Years have passed since Tsunade relinquished her position as hokage.  After such a long absence, she decides to come back and pay the village a visit, on a mission to make sure she can steal as many of the kunoichi for her harem as she can.  Starting with her former student, Naruto, and his neglected wife.

Tags: Naruto, Parody, Futa, Futa-on-Female, Cuckold, Futa-on-Male
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Chapter 1: Harry Potter meets journalist Rita Skeeter for the first time.
Chapter 3: Harry privately concedes it is time to swallow his pride and use Cedric's hint.
Themes: Femdom, voyeurism
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Merpeople, Myrtle Warren, Rita Skeeter
Notes: Based on Harry Potter books and films.
Patreon Story Exclusive (The next two chapters of this story will always be available over on my Patreon!)

Themes: Harem, Dom/Sub, Rough Sex, Multi-Themes

Summary: Arc men are not made to be Hunters. Arc men are in fact made to BREED huntresses. But Jaune wants more than that, so he sneaks off to Beacon anyways. How's that going to go for him?

Wayde Amundsen is packing some massive meat with a near limitless appetite for sex. His gay best friend, Tracy, is a kinky nympho. His Calculus teacher is a wanton adulteress. His football coach is a closeted pervert. Their campus is a carnival of degenerate desire. So why is it so difficult to feel satisfied?
Satsuki has a brother complex and a love of booty, and her little brother shares her interests. So she has made this world just for him: a paradise of perfect, plump, and perky asses simply waiting to be spanked, teased, and fucked. [rule 63, dubcon, passive, anal, spanking] [commission] 
There has always been a wizard at the top with a darker side. After defeating Voldemort and saving everyone, Harry, who is a ripped and well-endowed stud, discovers he has a thing for exerting power over others - by humiliating his male companions while making the girls crazy about him.

Commissioned by hentaimaniacogil

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Free Use

Summary: In which Harry wins the war far more decisively than in canon. 

The infamous 'sex wager' Pokemon battle is something everyone's heard of, but you're one of the few trainers going around with the courage to actually offer it, and Pokegirls the world over have lots of differing opinions on such an offer Especially when they lose and you make damn sure some of them pay up. Commission for Yugogon. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
"Netorare Harem? For Naruto Smut? Ground-breaking."

[Naruto] Inspired by other smut, partially-based off of Matt262's works on Pixiv:
Just your average hung Naruto x Harem, with a sprinkle of NTR and Cuckold. Breeding heavily involved. One-shot.

Maledom, Big Cock, Cheating, Cuckold, Rough Sex, Breeding, Creampie, Harem, Orgy.
How would things be different if Korra was a born a male?  In this rule 63 take on things, you'll find out! Enjoy as Korro goes through the gals of Avatar, spreading his seed and building one big, happy family!

Commissioned story! 
What happens when you give a teen porn logic powers without explaining anything? What about if he's in a world where soul reapers are active agents? Will he be able to resi- no, no he won't. He tries, but when there's no consequence to going after each of the impossibly beautiful women, he can't resist.
Set in a somewhat ill defined time in Bleach, this story sees Yoruichi Shihoin struggle to come up with a way to rid herself of her brother's constant horniness and recruiting other women to be his personal 'stress relief'. Her first choice, Soul Society's bustiest blonde bimbo, Rangiku Matsumoto.

Contains NTR, raceplay, absurd sizes, rough sex, incest, and more!

Chapter 2, featuring Orihime, is now up!
Midnight and Mt. Lady find themselves assigned to a young student at UA High to keep him on the straight and narrow and make sure he doesn't become a Villain. Teaching a young boy a thing or two should be easy for the busty beauties, right?

Chapter 2 now up, featuring Bakumom!
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Harry Potter is looking forward to starting Hogwarts in a world with no Voldemort.  He plans on making the intimate acquaintence of quite a few attractive witches.  First up, Pansy Parkinson!

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Harry saved Amelia Bones' life from Voldemort, and she's going to pay that debt the only way she can!

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