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Intro into meeting Eve Kincaid
this is about the effect seen in the giddy up comic and can be used in role plays and story`s and other comic`s
it was written by me and spell checked by marcella ​//
This bunny is cute, curvy, and above all, she calls the shots!

[*]bondage (kinda)
[*]furry fucking goodness

Special thanks to Mknightium for the use of his OC, Skarb!
You're the best <3
Contains loads of cum, love and loving, occasional fights which may get graphic, and much more of the stuff you love!

Special thanks to Mknightium for his OCs, Skarb, Para, and Twa'Lok!
2nd scene i ever thought up for Ava

Hope you enjoy

Look for the 3 corresponding pix in my gallery

Your critiques and comments are welcome.
Your Likes & Faves even more so

"Lots of cum, inflation, fucking, and cute vixen bubble butt action!"
[*]Working on a chapter 7
[*]Please leave suggestions for future chapters or editing existing chapters
Special thanks to:
aniteku (for chapter 6)
Karla, as usual, heads over to her job at the research facility, but little does she know that she's about to get a very "special" promotion.
[*]Thank you arturparasito for the inspiration you gave me for this story! Chica, eres el mejor!
[*]Credit for the picture of Karla goes to arturparasito.

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