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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Venom vs Trap Spider Gwen. 
Link to art here~
Ashley wakes up to find himself stuck in a difficult situation. The arrival of his sister doesn't turn out to be the salvation he'd hoped for. 

Picture Here!
Story about Zuuri, a half-orc femboy mage~ 

Art here~
A story centring around the relationship between an effeminate teen named Paris and his relationship with his mother. 

Chapter 0 - Caught
The tale of Kyu-T, a rising star in the world of K-Pop and his misadventures both in and out of the limelight. 

Chapter 0 - Prologue
Chapter 1 - Oral Exercises
Chapter 2 - Dressing Up
Rowena seeks shelter in a cave for the night. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize that the cave is home to a few horny Minotaur brothers.
Not really sure if Minotaurs/Werewolves are furry but ya know, better safe than sorry.

"Cocks a Plenty" is a short story I initially wrote, very roughly, for a possible erotic comic I may draw about what happens when the sorceress, Lady Bothria, captures Rowena and allows three of her well endowed pets (Minotaur, Werewolf, and Goblin) to pleasure her. I liked it enough to expand on it a bit and tried my hand at writing a more fleshed out erotic story.

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