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Tales from Glory's Hole is a series of episodic stories set in the fantasy land of Sombfal. Every chapter puts you across the bar in Glory's tavern, listening to the busty dwarf telling you about another thrilling adventure!

A collaborative effort between myself and the amazing artist Cholie, every chapter comes with associated art. You can support us at
[Santa-themed] Merry Christmas, everyone! This year I got you a depraved, double-length story about a futa Ms. Claus doing simply *horrible* things to one of her elves!

(NTR, Futa/F, Deepthroating, Rough Oral Sex, Cum Inflation)
[Frozen/Tangled] Elsa and Anna are seeking a trade deal with the nearby kingdom of Corona, run by the eccentric Queen Rapunzel.

The Arendelle sisters are going to have to jump through a few hoops (and suck a few dicks) to get what they want!

(Gangbang, Teasing, Threat of incest)
[Pokemon] Ash just won the Alolan championship, and it's time to celebrate! But he's not the only pro in the family, and while Ash is cheered on by the crowds Delia pulls Wicke into a storage closet for some private celebrations.

(Futa/F, Public Sex, Curve appreciation)
Stories set a long long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...

To keep my HF stories tidy and in the same category, I put my most popular story on Ao3 (Restless in Space) in the same space as a joke story about Rey fucking a fishman.

Yep. I am going to hell and deserve to lose all my patrons.
I have been playing Tales of Berseria in my spare time to turn off my brain in between class work. I felt like I needed to write at least something to flex my proverbial writing muscles while I'm busy in class. Berseria has some serious EDGE in a funny way but it gave me ideas for the lewdies so I just had to do it to 'em.
[Carmen Sandiego] When Tigress steals a piece of movie history, it's up to Ivy to chase her down! Can the scrappy girl from Boston catch the stealthy super thief before she escapes?!

Yeah, actually, but only because Tigress wants to be caught. Turns out the two have been secretly seeing each other for some time now, and while Ivy wishes her girlfriend would be down for some sweet handholding and cuddling, Sheena is allllll about the rough sex. Relationship woes!

(Futa/F, Rough Sex)
[Final Fantasy X] As the reader, you lay back and enjoy a slow, sensual blowjob from Final Fantasy X's Lulu.

An old story of mine, originally written under the pseudonym Take Me New. When I say old, I mean we're looking at 2002ish.

(M/F, Blowjob, Snowballing, Seduction)
[Breath of the Wild] Oops, Link got caught trying to sneak into the Gerudo Village! Instead of throwing him out, the guards turn him over to Ashai, who is teaching a class about how to win a man. 

Naturally, it turns more into a class about what it looks like when four Gerudo futas gangbang a twinky little fuckboy.

(Futa/M, Gangbang, Spitroasting, Large cocks)
I'm not sure if there's enough material to work with in a full-length story about Indivisible so I experimented a bit and wrote out a short tweetfic. I've never written in that format before but I believe strongly in the ability of creative constraints to create new and interesting work!

So, yeah, copied here in entirety is the 44-tweet-long story featuring Ajna and Thorani.

I hope you enjoy it!
[Persona 5] After their romantic opera date, Ren and Sae return to the older woman's apartment to continue their evening. Sweet, tender, and romantic - that's what this story's all about!

(M/F, Romance, Vanilla, Sweet)
[Fire Emblem: Three Houses] The Adrestrian Empire has succeeded! Under the guidance of Edelgard Fodlan has entered a whole new era of peace, although she will not rule alone.

Newly wedded to her former professor, Edelgard is looking forward to her honeymoon night with the woman she loves!

(F/F, Romance)
[Mass Effect] Liara's love for Commander Shepard is immense, is her guilt. For some time now she's led a double life: by day the diligent and loving partner to the galaxy's greatest hero and by night the depraved, worthless cocksleeve to the sadistic Miranda Lawson.

Liara would do anything for her beloved Shepard...but she'd do even more for the Cerberus scumbag that only sees her as a blue piece of meat to wrap around her perfect, plump dick.
[Frozen] Anna misses her big sister terribly. All she wants is to spend some time with Elsa, to finally FEEL like sisters again! But it doesn't matter how much she begs...Elsa never opens the door.

What Anna doesn't know is that when she's sleeping, Elsa has started to drop by to visit her...and have a little fun with her incredibly deep-dozing little sister.

(Futa/F, Incest, Noncon, Sleep Sex)
[Steven Universe] Jasper's been really struggling since the Diamonds made peace with Earth. With no other gems to relate to, she's managed to find some solace with a very unlikely source - her new boyfriend, Greg.

The ol' Universe charm strikes again!

(M/F, Romance)
[Borderlands] Pandora was the greatest thing to ever happen to Moze - all because she met her girlfriends. Together she, Tiny Tina and Gaige are a special group of demolitionists, blowing up bandit camps in between wild threeway fuck sessions. RESPECT THE BLAST BABES, NARCS!

(F/F/Futa, Humor)
[She-Ra] Hordak has a temper, but that's just because he never figured out how to get rid of all that excess energy! When Entrapta suggests he takes a brain break, his confused reaction leads to her dropping to her knees to show her how a REAL scientist clears their head!

(M/F, Blowjob, Cute)
[NetFlix She-Ra] Bow and Glimmer are eager to bring Adora into the bedroom with them, but unfortunately all Adora knows about sex is the mean, hardcore rough stuff they do in the Fright Zone! Can her two precious cinnamon roll friends show her that it's better to make love than fuck?

(F/F/M, Humor, Threesome, Romance)
[Spider-Verse] Spider-Gwen's been caught! Bound to a table in Olivia Octavius' lair, the heroic young woman has to endure the abuses of four very active tentacles. Will she be able to endure the mayhem sowed by this frizzy-haired villain?!

(F/F, Tentacles, Rape Play)
[World of Warcraft] Jaina Proudmoore enjoys a rare, lazy afternoon relaxing...while getting a loving blowjob from her mother.

(Futa/F, Oral, Incest)
[Three Houses] After their little spat during their B support, Mercedes and Annette need some help getting along. Thankfully, their teacher knows just the thing to encourage them to get along: dick.

(Futa/F/F, M/F, all kindsa stuff! Light-hearted smut.)
Overwatch is weird. No, not the setting or the story behind it. The Game. Why would Junkrat and Zenyatta team up to defend a payload delivering an EMP to omnics on King's Row?

The most obvious answer, of course, is that they are in a video game. Not only do the characters involved know that they are in a video game, but each of the 337+ skins have their own quirky personality.

Let's see what happens whenever you're NOT in a game fighting over some irrelevant capture point in Hanamura...
Austin Results is a successful company with a very generous rewards package for employees - if they do a good job, they might get to fuck their outrageously hot demon boss!

(M/F, Demoness)
Sexy stories set in various places across time and space. History is my jam and I find there are a lot of opportunities for interesting tales to be told throughout the ages that you couldn't do in a fantasy, contemporary, or sci-fi setting.
This will be where I post all of my commissioned work. If you're interested in that sorta thing, I would first strongly ask you to consider checking my Patreon first. The Lecher tier entitles patrons to a request for every month they've signed up, which can be way cheaper! It has its pros and its cons, but you should know your options.

If you want to just talk, you can contact me on the HF discord. Just look for Erotica!

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