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I take Oluo camping in my huge SUV. He's taken out of his dimension and into a more modern world. Then I bone him. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

I wrote up the outline and handed it to SuccubusMikasa, who put it all together in elegant writing form! Permission to post here, as well.

Early interactions with Oluo as my superior, before it really turned into a formal relationship. Sneaking around to meet him after dark by some BUSHES & STUFF and no time is wasted. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

I wrote up the outline and handed it to SuccubusMikasa, who put it all together in elegant writing form! Permission to post here, as well.

It's not like you can't have a wank to what I've already provided anyway, is it?  :V
A story done by the amazing and talented . All the story, the theme and plot is his :)

Here Alexandra (sexy character) and Neira have some interesting moments on the Neira's bakery "Bun in the Heaven".

Hope all you readi t and love it as much as I did [img]NaN[/img]

And again thanks to much to Cold and Icey for doing this amazing story 
About my OC Neira.

Updated fixing orthographic errors and adding a way better description of her appearance paragraph done for the amazing Ruinfield (we is a real amazing writer and great guy)

Added a few extra info about some of her friends with lore in common.
Sadly I cant add all her friends (or give a proper description or the sheet will be a large story)

Also anyone can add Ruinfield to skype and ask him for write.

Rowena seeks shelter in a cave for the night. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize that the cave is home to a few horny Minotaur brothers.
Hello, do you want to know what it is like to be a demon's pet? Let me tell you my story. Ah, I am not what you might expect.

I know I already have two other stories to continue, but I feel kinda stuck on them, and still feel like writing, so here is another story.  
The story tells the journey of Lisy, a knight forced to run away from the Kingdom.

contains some (rough ?) fight sequences (not related to the sex scenes) as it takes place in a fantasy like world
Eva wrote in a diary when she was a teenager. She used to write all her thoughts and doubts in it, as well as her sex experiences. At that time, she didn't dare to confess anything to her friends.
    Now that she is a young woman, she wouldn't expect to have any of these issues again. However, everything changes when she meets that intriguing man, forcing her to open her diary once again.
crossposting here BCUZ i do what i want.  *sassy finger snap*
Not really sure if Minotaurs/Werewolves are furry but ya know, better safe than sorry.

"Cocks a Plenty" is a short story I initially wrote, very roughly, for a possible erotic comic I may draw about what happens when the sorceress, Lady Bothria, captures Rowena and allows three of her well endowed pets (Minotaur, Werewolf, and Goblin) to pleasure her. I liked it enough to expand on it a bit and tried my hand at writing a more fleshed out erotic story.
This story will probably count as bizarre here, because it's pure vanilla. If you are bothered by a lack of throbbing shemale dicks, reverse gang rape or anthropomorphic octopus love, this isn't for you. It's also kind of boring, probably.

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