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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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A husband and wife have made an appointment with a very particular kind of prostitute, to fulfill his fantasy of watching his wife with another woman.

Set in the 'Blood and Lace' universe.
Haylee is a successful model and aspiring actress. At a party, she meets a woman well outside her social circle, and sparks fly.
Olivia is invited to the Castle of the Duchess. Within she will discover the court of vampires is full of seduction and lust, and what may be considered taboo is flaunted openly.
An Amazonian Centurion is declared a hero after a vicious battle.
Compendio de historias en español para mis amigos hispanoparlantes. ^^

Summary of short stories for people that reads and speaks Spanish. ^^
This novel tells the story of Ilyse, elf Princess of the fallen city of Luxas, seeking justice for her kingdom, and finding sexy adventures in exchange. She won't be alone in this, tho.

Thank you so MUCH to wolfiebynature for inspiring me in trying this. ^^ Check his stories, he's AWESOME!

Tags: fantasy, elves, orcs, fetish, slavery, bondage, tentacles, action, adventure, magic
The sun is about to rise on the 20th Century. A Queen watches as a Parliament gains more power, even as a war is won. A new captain has become a hero to the Nation. The two will share a moment, as the great games of the powerful are played.

Beyond, read short tales of Captain Lauren Blackburn.
The Necromancer Illyria is hosting a Masquerade Ball in her castle. Many are invited, but there is one in particular that the sultry sorceress has her eyes upon. And the mistress always gets what she wants.

A one shot story written for Elwinne starring her OC.
Sarah's bar is close to shutting down for the evening when a beautiful stranger comes in with a limp and asking for a scotch.
Alyssa is a Perfectly Normal and Wholesome mother and wife. Until her son asks her to help him make some money livestreaming.

Contains: M/F, incest, netorare/cuckolding, exhibitionism, mindbreak.
Lea has found herself on the naughty list. But with the portal to Hell opened, there is more than jokes and coal as consequence. A visit from the Krampus will show her the depths of her own lust, and a thrill for the ecstasy of pain.

Set in the Blood and Lace universe.

Heavy leaning on Sado/Masochism
A companion document to Blood and Lace, to be updated with the various characters and notes presented in the story for easy reference.
A guy, his momma, and a walk in the city.
Four soldiers no longer human return from a deployment in the depths of Hell. As new urges send their lives swirling with lust and once forbidden desires, the threat of war looms over them all, ready to pull them back into combat. 
A soldier returns home to her lover
Hi there!

just a quick glimpse of my new illustrated short story, co-written with Voe Grevioux. It's fully written and the illustrations are completed at 70% approximately.
This package will be free to my patreons once it's completed, so if you like my art and stories, feel free to check my page and help me create cool stuff :)

thanks and see you soon !
Young mutant Wingbat has had a crush on the beautiful, quiet X-23 for a long time. Now that he finally has a way to get with her, though, he's not so sure it's a great idea...

Commission for Wingbat.
Mystra the gobliness learns that, sometimes, exorcisms are a lot of fun.

Commissioned by naughty-writing guru Risax, featuring his OC Mystra! Contains bestiality and a whole lot of sloppy fuckin.
Commander Shepard and Tali'Zorah go on a date. It does not end as planned.
An Elven Princess, and a Human Witch Knight take shelter during a blizzard, and find comfort within each other's arms through the storm.
Elina was a devout woman, until a vampire arrives while she prays, and shows her the desires that lurk within the paths of darkness.
 A snippet of my on going story for my Dominion's Chain project. 
- The entire chapter as well as Sinfulwolf's Shackles of Hate story can be found 
A teenage boy's relationship with his two sisters suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable.
The succubus Lyn enters the club Noxturna to meet with a sister demoness, where within thrives the desires of a city hidden away from the light of day.
December 1941; A German Occult program has managed to summon demons from another world. While they wanted soldiers, no one has yet complained about the beautiful succubi that came forth instead.

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