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Leia held many titles throughout her life. Her son Kylo Ren endows her with the one by which she will be most remembered - and all the duties it entails.

Content Tags : BMod COMPLETE CR Ds Fet HJ Inc MC MF Ms Oral Other Slave
An old story I forgot to post years ago.
Meg Turney and Barbara Dunkelman used in a Freeuse office space!
Mei Ling Zhou finds herself on the mountain tops as her quest to find Overwatch research facilities and what happened to them and their data continues. A fierce blizzard hits and she finds a cave where a fire burns and a stranger sitting there next to it.

This was a really fun story to write despite having never played the game and as I kept writing, I really started to like Mei.


Marcella Highthorn (original) © Maxbass
Overwatch © Blizzard Entertainment
A librarian is so frustrated with a stubborn young patron that she can barely keep her hands off of him.  (mF, MC, MD, BBW)
The origin story/biography for the Cobragon, a vengeful Dragon spirit that eventually found itself rooted in my OC Raumba.
During the Tower Of Babel episode, Kallen and Lelouch are captured by the Black king, who is working for the Emperor. Stripped bare-butt naked and completely helpless, the duo find themselves at the mercy of an interracial gang-rape.

Warning: Contains strong themes of Bestiality, rape, gender-swapping, vore, large insertions and utter debauchery!
Mrs Turner is off for work to show a new client a house and hoping to sell it, things turn a little differently than expected when Marcella turns out to be her client.

Marcella Highthorn : Maxbass
Fairly Odd Parents : Butch Hartman
Random stories on a character I have/don't have named Dareigeo. He's cool and I like em, but too lazy to actually give him cemented lore atm as an OC lol. So I'll be writing little stuff with him as though he were part of my cast despite not being a part currently. First few stories will be purely interaction/fighting based.
A collection of random short stories, featuring various different OC's, commissioned by various artists. Warning: Strongly features concepts like: Cuckolding Interracial bimbo gangbang rape bestiality Anal etc.
While two villains make their plans to destroy the Incredibles, Mr Incredible and his kids fight a familiar threat while ElastiGirl is home to hold the fort.

Would say that this is one of the darker stories I have ever written, still hope you enjoy it

Marcella Highthorn (milf) © Maxbass
The Incredibles © Brad Bird
Margaery Tyrell, aka the Smirking whore from Highgarden has a plan to become Queen of Westeros. Together with her hung brother Sir Loras Tyrell, the incestous pair decide to sluttify the various noble ladies, queen's and princess of Westeros.Fair warning: Plenty of Cuckolding/gangbangs/bestiality and nasty sex ahead!
Young Bree and two friends break in to the Principals office and the night takes an unexpected turn.
As things look dark and Masane Amaha prepares for the afterlife when suddenly she gets pulled back by an unknown figure. After a period Masane opens her eyes and finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Marcella Highthorn (og) © Maxbass
Masane Amaha and others © GONZO

Witchblade created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, Christina Z and Michael Turner.
This is a non-con futa on male story.
Lucas starts his college life. His hot next door neighbor speaks Spanish. but he doesn't know Spanish...

Story by Xtina
and Art and character design by Anasheya

Note: if you want to know the translation of the Spanish text, just use your mouse cursor and select the hidden text to the right of the "TL:" Mark (down in the story, NOT in the picture above)
This is a commission based on my original universe of . 

Felicia tries to steal a powerful artifact guarded by a giant sentient spider. It's not her first heist, but if she's not careful it might be her last. Awakened, the creature has very specific plans for her...

This Story follows Sheva Alomar's vacation in the United States. Receiving a distress call from a Native American Reservation, the busty, black BSAA agent answers the call...And soon finds herself on the receiving end of a hung, native american monstercock.

Notice: This is a Halloween story and may contain some disturbing content. Read at your own risk...
Miss Summers walked into the classroom like she owned the school...
Kit and Biggun go to visit an old war buddy of theirs, Bastii. Apparently, she has something special to show the two of them. 

Commissioned by .

Contains: Goblin, Orc, monstergirl, shortstack, breast expansion, cockgrowth, huge breasts, huge cock, excessive cum, titfuck, buttjob, handjob.
- Rape
- Parasite transformation
- Futa transformation
- Incest

Collab with Hobb: //
See the picture! //
Here's a [COMMISSION] all about a talentless prude with zero oral ability, and the crash course in cocksuckery she gets drilled into her during a seasonal stay at a certain scandalous summercamp.

Really it is just 10% plot, 90% gratuitous oral sex.
Marcel is so excited that het gets to meet his favorite daredevil and race queen Honey Splash only thing will go a lot different than he expects it go..

Marcel Highthorn © Maxbass
Honey and Kick Buttowski © Sandro Corsaro
[Anonymous Commission]
[Link Only]
Jessica Nigri is at a local convention showing off her super sexy Blossom cosplay. Overwhelmed by the crowds she slips into a bathroom and finds an innocent shota alone. She playfully teases him and gets the shock of her life when she sees his massive cock. Curious, Jessica finds herself at the mercy of an excitable shota who discovers just how much he enjoys tormenting the busty cosplayer.

Kinks: Dubcon, rough sex, cumplay, victim blaming, painal
A story that goes with this picture.
Set during the events of Mass Effect 2. Dissatisfied with Commander Shepard's sexual prowess, Doctor Liara T'soni contacts Jack, asking her for advice. Ariving on Omega, Liara decides to try some big, fat throbbing alien monstercocks. Wanting to be fucked hard, rough and fast, the busty asari maiden forgets all about her former lover and turns the commander into a pathetic, limp dicked bitch. A patreon story.
[Commissioned by Anonymous]
Sequel to this story about a girl who finds a peculiar sex toy. This time around she takes it for a stroll through the neighborhood with very sticky results. I wrote this last year, but figured I'd post it now that the 3rd story is coming soon...

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