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Companion story to THIS PIC RIGHT HERE

Just a tidy chronicle of exactly how three bitches wind up being converted into live-in cumdumpsters for a battleship full of licentious inmates.
Freeuse Fun with a new hero Magic Marco. Expect tons of cum

This was a commission I did for a friend over on FurAffinity!

It's also an insight to a character will have an erotica expanding on their lore later on this month (On Patreon)!
Marcella finds herself invite to the Dead or Alive tournament but no one explained what the rules of it are. So she makes her own rules o how to go about it so that is more fun for her.

Marcella Highthorn (original) © Maxbass
Dead or Alive © Tomonobu Itagaki and Katsunori Ehara
This was done as a commission for a friend on FurAffinity.
If you like what you read, feel free to commission me or donate via Paypal!
Also Patreon is fine too.

This contains Anthro(Furries) if you're not a fan of that, this ain't for you.
The sequel to An Awakening. A dream revealed the truth. Sasuke is an incubus - a creature of sex and sorcery. His formerly ordinary life will never be the same, but one question remains. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Sasuke/Harem, more details inside.
A Detective Pikachu Prequel Parody commissioned by Noone

Lucy Stevens has her life routinely sabotaged by her sex-crazed Psyduck.
Her pokemon is her master.
Marcella is not in Kansas anymore and find herself tasked with defeating the last wicked witch by the wizard but things do not go exactly as planned when the witch strikes back.

Marcella Highthorn (female) © Maxbass
Wizard of Oz © L. Frank Baum
Things are chaotic as usual at the Fairy Tail guild when a potential new member comes in, things start to chnage quickly

Marcella Highthorn (og) © Maxbass
Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima
Just a collection of prompts that I have also posted to my Tumblr account. More details about how prompts are made and such are available inside the story itself.
Osira has new plans to take her rightful place as queen of Eqypt instead of her sister Opala but Opala and their mother Farah think differently about it. They put the word out that they are hiring mercanries to bolster their army, can one of these mercenaries makes a change to safe Egypt from these warring sibling?

Marcella Highthorn (shemale) © Maxbass
Legend of Queen Opala © Swegabe
Just a short, funny post of my fourth wall breaking Dragon Yuwaku and I talking about some things as we move into 2020. 
In a strange place, at a strange time, the traveler has been afflicted by a terrible curse. Turned into a woman, (s)he must find a way to reverse the process and get back to normal. However, the only path forward requires the sacrifice of other unfortunate souls, trapped in that strange place for the same reasons...

Alex, Sam and Clover get sent to a resort to investigate a possible threat but they find more than they thought they would.

Marcella Highthorn (og) © Maxbass0573
Totally Spies © Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel
Ada Wong is a real transgender. She loves both fucking and being fucked. 

Other characters: Leon Kenedy, Claire Redfield, William Birkin. Will add more if encouraged.

The first chapter features her with Leon in RE2, but i wonder if i should go with canon Leon or a teenager Leon. Please vote here: 

I will start working after finishing Fall Of The Star Guardians.  
During Christmas dinner, while her family enjoys a quiet meal, Linzy gives her mentally challenged cousin the gift of her tight holes. Linzy's a hole for the holidays and she's about to get a gift that'll keep on giving for the next eighteen years!

[Anonymous Commission]

Merry Christmas!
Story goes along with this picture I made

Sweet Sarah wakes up with an early gift she didn't expect
Kate McCallister finds herself stuck at home alone for the holidays, where she experiences a series of absurdly suggestive and embarrassing mishaps.
Little commission from a bit back, featuring the alien cockroach bounty hunter Abyss (as seen here, for example) doing what she does best:
Get into trouble and get stuffed with way too many alien penises.

Alice is totally confused, no clue where she landed but it seems to hurt her innocent eyes nonetheless until she meets a strange cat-like person who points her in the right direction

Malrcella Nightwalker © Maxbass
Cheshire Neko © danadownyourthroat (sl)
Venora © Sienitra (sl)
Alice in Wonderland © Lewis Carroll

Sin'Dorei © Blizzard Entertainment
This is a story that has been in the works for an eternity cause real talk, I just couldn't find the file cause I never properly named it. 
BadOnion Links.
- Elastigirl
- Transformation
- Incest
- Mindbreak/Mind Control
- Impregnation

Collab with Shinzu: //
Goop the goblin invites her adventuring partner, Gilderoy the bugbear, to Celebrate Red Saint Day. Neither know much about the celebration, but they manage to make things work.

Commissioned by
I wrote a story based on the amazingly talented  commission that featuresI had four images to go off of ()

I would highly suggest giving this dude some love. He's constantly pumping out some high quality stuff!!

This was a older commission (August) that I did for a friend.

If you like what you have read, consider supporting me!

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